[Top 5] Terraria Best Arrows And How To Get Them

Holy Arrows vs The Destroyer

Bows are great, but you can’t shoot stuff without arrows! It’s easy to ogle at a bow’s stats but forget to bring ammo to go along with it. But which of Terraria’s 14 unique arrows are the best when it comes to taking down your enemies? Find out in our Top 5 Terraria Best Arrows and how to get them!

5. Frostburn Arrows

So, do you freeze or do you burn? Or is it an icy burn?

Early-game bows are useful, but only to some extent. There are certain things that you just can’t beat with regular wooden arrows, even when using a Platinum or Gold Bow. Wooden arrows can be combined with torches to make Flaming arrows, but use ice torches and you gain Frostburn arrows instead. Add ice blocks to your torches and you’ll get probably one of the best DPS arrows you can get which will carry you towards early hardmode. 

What’s good about Frostburn Arrows:

  • Deals an extra 8 damage per second for 3 seconds (33 damage when Oiled)
  • Stops enemy health regeneration

Frostburn Arrow Stats:

  • Damage: 9 
  • Knockback: 2.2 (Very Weak)
  • Velocity: 3.75

How to get Frostburn Arrows:

Guide on how to get Frostburn Arrows


4. Jester’s Arrows

Getting hit by this is no joke, get it?

One of the weaknesses of early ranger weapons is the lack of piercing for good crowd control. These arrows are your best bet for multi-segmented mobs and early-game bosses such as the Eater of Worlds. Although it is a bit costly to craft, it definitely packs a fearsome punch.

What’s good about Jester’s Arrows:

  • Fires in a straight line and is not affected by gravity.
  • It has infinite piercing and only stops after a duration has passed.
  • Is still viable in hardmode.

Jester’s Arrow Stats:

  • Damage: 10 
  • Knockback: 4 (Weak)
  • Velocity: 0.5

How to get Jester’s Arrows:

Guide on how to get Jester's Arrows


3. Holy Arrows

I feel so blessed!

Holy arrows are considered to be one of the most unpredictable sets of arrows in Terraria. They feature a unique mechanic wherein they shoot down falling stars as the arrow makes contact. Although it might have a few drawbacks, including the accuracy of the falling stars, the arrow packs a wallop whenever it hits. It is highly effective when fighting a large group of mobs when coupled together with fast-firing bows such as the Phantasm.

What’s good about Holy Arrows:

  • Falling stars do tons of damage
  • High impact damage on its own

Holy Arrow Stats:

  • Damage: 13 
  • Knockback: 2 (Very Weak)
  • Velocity: 3.5

How to get Holy Arrows:

Guide on how to get Holy Arrows


2. Ichor Arrows

Don't ask what that yellow thing is...

Another bane of rangers is the ability for arrows to have armor penetration, which is why debuffing ammo like the Ichor arrows is a good set to always have in your character’s inventory. The versatility of being able to reduce the armor of enemies, including some bosses, is a great asset in the game.

What’s good about Ichor Arrows:

  • One of only 5 sources of the Ichor debuff
  • Reduces armor by 15 for 10 seconds
  • High base damage

Ichor Arrow Stats:

  • Damage: 16
  • Knockback: 3 (Weak)
  • Velocity: 4.25

How to get Ichor Arrows:

Guide on how to get Ichor Arrows


1. Endless Arrow Quiver

Nothing bad with some plain old wooden arrows.

The best kind of ammo is one that never runs out. This is why it’s always in your best interest to keep your arrow stock in check. Good for you, this quiver is always full. Although it only contains the regular wooden arrows, the sheer utility of infinite ammo makes it the best.

What’s good about the Endless Arrow Quiver:

  • Never worry about forgetting to bring enough arrows
  • You won’t run out of ammo mid-fight

Endless Arrow Quiver Stats:

  • Damage: 5 
  • Knockback: 2 (Weak)
  • Velocity: 3

How to get the Endless Arrow Quiver:

Guide on how to get Endless Arrow Quiver


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