Terraria Best Class - Which Should You Play?

Summoner class vs The Golem

Terraria is a game full of combat and magic. You can play as anything you want in this game with almost no repercussions. The most common style of playing, however, focuses mainly on ‘class’-based setups. These include the basic categories which are the Tank, Damage, and Healer classes. These classes can further be classified into four: the Melee, Ranger, Mage, and Summoner classes. With all these many options, you may be wondering which of these classes is the best. That’s why we made this list about the best Terraria class and which you should play!

4. Summoner Class

My pets are legendary!

Summoners are one of the most uncommonly chosen classes in the game, pre-1.4 patch. This is due to the lack of direct damage that the class can do. With the Journey's End patch, the summoners gained a new whip-type weapon, but it's not a considerable change to warrant a higher ranking in our list.

What the Summoner class excels in:

  • Deals tons of indirect damage
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Decent debuffs with whip rotations

Pick Summoner if:

  • You like to prioritize dodging
  • You love having minions around
  • You’re a support main

Summoner Details and class builds:

Class setups - Official Terraria Wiki

3. Mage Class

Look at all the pretty colors!

Mages are one of the most versatile classes in the game. They can do extreme DPS and have builds that enable you to heal your teammates. Overall, mages are good for clearing waves of enemies and melting bosses.

What the Mage class excels in:

  • Deals massive damage to crowds and bosses
  • Can switch to a healer-type class
  • Most powerful mage weapons have built-in homing

Pick Mage if:

  • You like to crush your opponents with magic
  • You love to have an unreasonable amount of weapons equipped

Mage Details and class builds:

Class setups - Official Terraria Wiki

2. Ranger Class

Stay away from me!

Rangers have a very difficult time when it comes to outputting damage. They have the disadvantage of having to choose between rockets, bullets, or arrows. Jokes aside, the Ranger class is the best when it comes to single-enemy obliteration. All their weapons focus on rapid-firing ammo that shreds anything it comes into contact with.

What the Ranger class excels in:

  • Single target damage with bullets
  • Crowd control with rockets
  • Arrows are a balance between both
  • Some armors provide stealth (better damage while staying out of battle)

Pick Ranger if:

  • You like to deal damage while staying out of trouble

Ranger Details and class builds:

Class setups - Official Terraria Wiki

1. Melee Class

Duke Fishron sashimi, anyone?

The melee class is one of the most beginner-friendly classes that anyone can choose from. It has high defense, health regeneration, and weapons that go so far that it's a joke they're still considered melee. They're also home to the strongest weapon currently in the game, the Zenith.

What the Melee class excels in:

  • Has the highest DPS out of all the other classes with the Zenith
  • Versatile in both short-ranged and long-ranged combat
  • Health regeneration, high defense, and lifesteal weapons make the class very tanky

Pick Melee if:

  • You like to deal explosive damage and fight toe-to-toe with your enemies

Melee Details and class builds:

Class setups - Official Terraria Wiki


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