[Top 10] Terraria Best Accessories For Summoner And How To Get Them

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Summoners have seen a lot of hate all throughout Terraria’s history. They have always been squishy and a bit difficult to master. If you’re starting a summoner playthrough, it’s best if you have the best equipment to unleash your full potential. Here are our Top 10 Terraria Best Accessories for Summoners and How to Get Them.

10. Charm of Myths

I need healing!

Survivability is one of the top priorities of summoners at any point in the game. This is why the Charm of Myths is a great addition to the summoner’s arsenal. It adds a good amount of health regen while reducing the Potion Sickness debuff, enabling you to use health potions faster.

What’s good about the Charm of Myths:

  • Getting faster heal cooldowns is necessary to stay alive as a squishy class

Item Description and Stats:

  • Provides life regeneration (1 hp per second) and reduces the cooldown of healing potions by 25%

How to get the Charm of Myths:

Guide on how to get the Charm of Myths


9. Volatile Gelatin

Now comes in 'Sugar Free'!

Fighting off hordes of enemies is not a summoner’s strong suit. This is especially true since you don’t really have a way to “shoo” off enemies that get too close. That is why the Volatile Gelatin is a great addition to your player as it shoots off projectiles that protect you when things get too dicey.

What’s good about the Volatile Gelatin:

  • Defends you from enemies that get too close
  • Great for farming the Dungeon as it has very good knockback for countering Bone Lees

Item Description and Stats:

  • Releases volatile gelatin periodically that damages enemies
  • 65 Damage, 7 (Strong) knockback
  • Fires every 0.833 seconds (50 ticks)

How to get the Volatile Gelatin:

Guide on how to get the Volatile Gelatin


8. Spore Sac

Literally a sac of spores

Another option to get enemies off of your tail is the Spore Sac. This ingenious accessory spawns flying spores around the player which deal massive damage on enemy contact. You won’t have a problem dealing with mobs getting too close with this thing on.

What’s good about the Spore Sac:

  • Excellent for keeping mobs off of you
  • Spores home in when enemies get too close

Item Description and Stats:

  • Summons spores over time that will damage enemies
  • Deals about 400 damage per second
  • Passes through walls and inflicts the Poisoned debuff
  • Can only spawn near blocks or background walls

How to get the Spore Sac:

Guide on how to get the Spore Sac


7. Avenger Emblem

Best served cold!

Now that we have the defensive accessories out of the way, let’s move on to boosting our damage. The Avenger Emblem is a good one for this due to the simple fact that it adds 12% more damage for all sources. We don’t even need to upgrade it to the Destroyer Emblem as Critical Strike chance does not affect minions. (Except when using the Kaleidoscope whip)

What’s good about the Avenger Emblem:

  • Percentile damage increase means it’s useful all the way to post-Moon Lord.
  • Stacks with other emblem accessories.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases all damage by 12%

How to get the Avenger Emblem:

Guide on how to get the Avenger Emblem


6. Summoner Emblem

When they need to see your Summoner ID

Although the upgraded Avenger Emblem is on this list, the basic tier-1 Summoner Emblem ranks a bit higher. The specialized charm adds a total of 15% extra damage from minions and sentries without any downsides. What’s there to hate about that?

What’s good about the Summoner Emblem:

  • Pure damage, baby!

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases minion damage by 15%

How to get the Summoner Emblem:

Guide on how to get the Summoner Emblem


5. Pygmy Necklace

The only necklace you'd ever need

The Pygmy Necklace may be the first Hardmode accessory you’ll find that’s specialized for summoners. It’s very easy to get as you can just purchase it from the Witch Doctor at night after beating Plantera.

What’s good about the Pygmy Necklace:

  • Extra minion slots are always worth it for summoners

Item Description and Stats:

  • +1 Minion Slot

How to get the Pygmy Necklace:

Guide on how to get the Pygmy Necklace


4. Hercules Beetle

Comes with a live beetle!

Alright, we’re getting to the good stuff. The Hercules Beetle functions just a bit better than the Summoner Emblem but is also a part of a crafting tree for the best summoner accessories. It adds extra knockback so things don’t suddenly swarm you when you’re vulnerable.

What’s good about the Hercules Beetle:

  • Flat damage increase means more damage
  • Keeps enemies away with knockback

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases minion damage by 15%
  • Adds 2 to minion knockback

How to get the Hercules Beetle:

Guide on how to get the Hercules Beetle


3. Necromantic Scroll

Authentic dark arts scroll

This is the second item that combines with the Hercules Beetle which doesn’t give that much in terms of damage but adds an extra minion slot for more chaos. The Necromantic Scroll is the better choice since more minions equal more damage. Although, you’ll want to get two of these. You’ll see why in a bit.

What’s good about the Necromantic Scroll:

  • Adds more minion damage and an extra minion slot

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases minion damage by 10%
  • +1 Minion Slot

How to get the Necromantic Scroll:

Guide on how to get the Necromantic Scroll


2. Papyrus Scarab

Get some glue with your beetle and dark arts scroll

The Papyrus Scarab is the combined form of the Hercules Beetle and the Necromantic Scroll. Although its damage bonus is still the same as the beetle’s, the extra minion slot is enough to keep this accessory on your list.

What’s good about the Papyrus Scarab:

  • Bonus damage to all summoner weapons including whips
  • Stacks with both of its ingredients for maximum power!

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases minion damage by 15%
  • Adds 2 knockback
  • +1 Minion Slot

How to get the Papyrus Scarab:

Guide on how to get the Papyrus Scarab


1. Worm Scarf

Exotic scarf made with the finest material

The Worm Scarf is a best-in-slot item that works for almost all situations. The damage reduction you get from this bad boy makes it viable to use for any class in the game. You also get this very early in the game in Expert mode, what else is there to think about?

What’s good about the Worm Scarf:

  • Damage reduction is key to survival

Item Description and Stats:

  • Gives a 17% reduction to all damage taken.

How to get the Worm Scarf:

Guide on how to get the Worm Scarf


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