[Top 10] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Weapons (And How To Get Them)

The Eye of Cthulhu staring in fear at a powerful gun.

When you are thrust into the vast and dangerous world of Terraria, you are equipped with little more than a stubby, pathetic Copper Shortsword. This obviously won't protect you from even the weakest foes. So, we will explore 10 fantastic weapons that will help you conquer Pre-Hardmode.

10. Trimarang

The Trimarang shredding through the Eye of Cthulhu.

The Trimarang, which was just introduced in the 1.4.4 Labor of Love Update, is a potent weapon for the Melee class at the beginning of Pre-Hardmode. The Trimarang can be a challenging weapon to acquire because it is made from the Ice Boomerang, Enchanted Boomerang, and Shroomerang. However, the grind will be worthwhile, because this weapon absolutely shreds early-game bosses like the Eye of Cthulhu and King Slime.

You can toss up to three high velocity boomerangs at once when wielding the Trimarang, as the name suggests. The weapon has a respectable 21 base damage and a fast use time, but its piercing ability is its true selling point. This enables it to rip through hordes of enemies at lightning pace.

The Trimarang's crowd-control feature does wonders in a variety of circumstances. The Trimarang can quickly dispatch the Goblin Army by piercing through their masses of soldiers. It also dispatches the servants of bosses such as the King Slime and the Eye of Cthulhu with ease, making it a monster of a weapon early on.

What Makes the Trimarang Great:

  • High crowd control capabilities
  • High DPS
  • Strong against early bosses


  • 21 base damage
  • 22 use time
  • 11 velocity
  • 3 knockback

How to Get It:

To obtain the Trimarang, you must first obtain the Enchanted Boomerang, Ice Boomerang, and Shroomerang, which are found in Gold Chests, Ice Chests, and Mushroom Chests, respectively. To find these, you need to venture underground. Once you’ve obtained the aforementioned weapons, you can craft them into the Trimarang at a Workbench.

9. Beenades

A beenade shown exploding next to Skeletron.

In the late stages of Pre-Hardmode, you are faced with the tough task of overcoming the nightmarish monster known as the Wall of Flesh in order to break out of this stage of the game. Various tactics can be used to deal with this boss, but none are as swift and effective as Beenades.

Beenades are consumable ranged weapons, although they are a viable option for any class. They are ideal for dealing with The Hungry, Leeches, and the boss itself, since when they are thrown, they explode into a swarm of bees that deal significant damage to both single targets and groups.

What Makes Beenades Great:

  • Incredibly high DPS for the stage of the game they are obtained in
  • Easy to obtain
  • Fantastic at dealing with crowds and bosses


  • 12 base damage (per bee)
  • 6 velocity
  • 15 use time
  • 15-25 bees released
  • 1 knockback

How to Get It:

To obtain Beenades, you must go into the Jungle, find a Hive, and kill the Queen Bee. Be sure to prepare for the fight beforehand, as it will be difficult without preparations. Up to 30 Beenades can be dropped in Normal Mode, and additional Beenades can be made using Bee Wax, which the Queen Bee also drops, and grenades, which can be purchased from the Demolitionist NPC.

8. Amazon

The Amazon, a yo-yo named after its home.

Some of the strongest weaponry for the game's early stages is found in the Jungle biome early on in Pre-Hardmode. One of these weapons is the Amazon, which has the potential to be the best melee weapon at this time because of its ease of acquisition, high damage, range, and 'cheesing' capabilities.

The Amazon is a yo-yo weapon, which are universally constant hitboxes attached to a string that follow your cursor. The Amazon is the greatest one you can get at this point because it deals a powerful 18 damage that keeps hitting the targets it is directed at for 8 seconds until you have to draw it out again.

This yo-yo is excellent in many different scenarios. It is a potent weapon against the Eye of Cthulhu, dispatching it more quickly than most melee weapons available prior to defeating a boss. Due to its aforementioned 'cheesing' capabilities, it also performs well in regular gameplay. Yo-yo users frequently surround themselves with blocks, leaving a one block gap for the yo-yo to pass through, allowing it to harm enemies while preventing them from hitting you.

What Makes the Amazon Great:

  • Easy to obtain
  • Useful against the Eye of Cthulhu
  • ‘Cheesing’ capabilities


  • 18 damage
  • 25 use time
  • 16 velocity
  • 8 second duration
  • 3.75 knockback

How to Get It:

To obtain the Amazon, you must venture into the Jungle, and obtain 8 Rich Mahogany Wood from Jungle trees, 2 Stingers from Hornets, a Vine from a Man Eater, and 3 Jungle Spores. These items can then be crafted into the Amazon at an Anvil.

7. Boomstick

The Boomstick, shown in its home of the Jungle.

Early on, the Jungle is home to a variety of potent weaponry, as was previously mentioned. The Boomstick is another of them, and it's located in Ivy Chests. It is a shotgun that discharges powerful spreads of rounds in keeping with its name.

With its spreads of three to four bullets per shot, the Boomstick is a very potent weapon for the Ranged class. One shot from the Boomstick can do up to 56 damage, which is astonishingly high for Pre-Hardmode. Since each bullet does 14 damage, each shot can do up to 56 damage, and that doesn't even take critical hits into consideration.

Naturally, this powerful shotgun is useful in many situations, but in order to fully tap into its potential, it must be fired up close so that all bullets connect. However, it may be employed at a distance to efficiently combat larger opponents like Skeletron, the Eye of Cthulhu, and the Eater of Worlds. All throughout Pre-Hardmode, it can be used very effectively. Though, once Meteor Shots are accessible, be sure to replace the weak Musket Balls.

What Makes the Boomstick Great:

  • Massive damage in one shot
  • Useful against crowds when Meteor Shots are used
  • Great longevity
  • Only consumes one bullet per spread of bullets


  • 14 damage per bullet
  • 3-4 bullets per shot
  • 5.35 velocity
  • 40 use time
  • 5.75 knockback

How to Get It:

The Boomstick can be obtained at a 22.5% chance in Ivy Chests. These are found abundantly in the Underground Jungle, and will be easier to locate with Spelunker Potions.

6. Snapthorn

The Snapthorn at its full length.

 The final weapon native to the Jungle that we will be discussing is a strong whip for the Summoner class obtainable before any bosses: the Snapthorn. The Snapthorn is naturally at its strongest when paired with minions, but it can hold its own against bosses by itself, too.

The Snapthorn deals a lot of damage for a weapon that is so simple to obtain, and on top of that, it poisons opponents and grants the Jungle's Fury buff, which invigorates attack speed. This combination of buffs and debuffs makes it a consistent damage dealer.

This weapon is useful in many situations. By itself, it is mostly useful against single targets such as the King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu. But, when paired with minions such as Flinxes or Vampire Frogs, it becomes a monster against crowds as well.

What Makes the Snapthorn Great:

  • Consistent DPS due to debuff
  • Grants the Jungle’s Fury buff
  • Decent range
  • Strong with fast minions


  • 18 damage
  • 1.5 knockback
  • 30 use time
  • 8 velocity
  • 6 summon tag damage

How to Get It:

In order to obtain the Snapthorn, you must venture into the Jungle and obtain 15 Stingers, 3 Vines, and 12 Jungle Spores. These can be crafted into the Snapthorn at an Anvil.

5. Vampire Frog Staff

The Vampire Frog Staff in the backdrop of a Blood Moon.

The Vampire Frog, summoned by the Vampire Frog Staff, is arguably the best minion for summoners in Pre-Hardmode. These minions move quickly and do great damage.

Its ease of acquisition and high damage make it a top choice for Summoners early on. It deals hefty damage quickly, and when paired with the Snapthorn or Spinal Tap, it becomes even stronger.

Naturally, the Vampire Frog Staff can be used almost anywhere during Pre-Hardmode. It can even be used effectively against the Wall of Flesh in the hands of the right player, and is strong against crowds as well.

What Makes the Vampire Frog Staff Great:

  • High DPS
  • Great with any whip
  • Massive longevity


  • 11 damage
  • 10 velocity
  • 5 knockback
  • 10 mana cost

How to Get It:

In order to obtain the Vampire Frog Staff, you must first wait for a Blood Moon in game. When it comes, you need to grab a fishing rod and fish, waiting for a Zombie Merman or Wandering Eye Fish to spawn in. These enemies each have a ⅛ chance to drop the weapon.

4. Vilethorn

The Vilethorn, fully extended.

The Vilethorn has always been a great option for the Magic class. It is easy to obtain, having a chance to drop from Shadow Orbs, and consistently inflicts piercing damage on foes.

The Vilethorn is a staff-type weapon that sends out a lingering, piercing hitbox which hits multiple targets at once. As a result of this, along with its hefty damage, it is a great weapon for combatting large enemies.

Since it pierces, one of the major uses of the Vilethorn is against the Eater of Worlds. This weapon has always been a go-to for this boss, since it can hit many of its segments at a time, killing it quicker than many other magic weapons. It is also strong against the Eye of Cthulhu, since it can kill its servants while damaging the boss itself.

What Makes the Vilethorn Great:

  • Piercing damage
  • Shreds through the Eater of Worlds
  • Great for crowd control
  • Goes through walls


  • 10 damage
  • 1 knockback
  • 10 mana cost
  • 28 use time
  • 32 velocity

How to Get It:

In order to obtain the Vilethorn, you need to be in a Corruption world. If you are, head to the Corruption and break a Shadow Orb. It will have a chance to drop the weapon, but be careful, as the Eater of Worlds will spawn if you break three orbs.

3. Hellwing Bow

The Hellwing Bow, in the depths of Hell.

The Hellwing Bow is a bow obtained late in Pre-Hardmode, but don’t underestimate its worth. It is an incredibly strong Ranged option against the Wall of Flesh, and is useful in the earliest stages of Hardmode, too.

This bow is different from traditional bows. Instead of firing arrows, it replaces them with flaming bats.that pierce and do a lot of damage. The piercing ability naturally makes it strong against the Wall of Flesh, and against crowds such as the Old One’s Army.

What Makes the Hellwing Bow Great:

  • Piercing
  • High DPS
  • Strong against the Wall of Flesh


  • 22 damage
  • 5.5 knockback
  • 13 use time
  • 6 velocity

How to Get It:

To obtain the Hellwing Bow, you must first obtain a Shadow Key from a Golden Chest in the Dungeon, which becomes accessible after Skeletron is defeated. Once you’ve obtained the key, you can unlock the Shadow Chests in the Underworld. Each one has a chance of containing a Hellwing Bow.

2. Water Bolt

The Water Bolt, right on top of the Dungeon.

The Water Bolt is the most iconic Magic weapon in Terraria, and rightfully so. Its bouncing and piercing projectiles do wonders against a variety of different enemies once it is obtained.

As stated previously, its slow-moving projectiles bounce off of walls and pierce through enemies. The projectiles can bounce up to 5 times if in an enclosed space, allowing them to hit the same enemies multiple times.

Despite being obtained late in Pre-Hardmode, it is incredibly useful in multiple situations. Like the Hellwing Bow, it is strong against the Wall of Flesh. Its piercing and bouncing abilities let it tear through the Hungry and hit multiple parts of the boss. Also, it is a strong crowd control option.

What Makes the Water Bolt Great:

  • Piercing and bouncing
  • Multi-hit potential
  • Great in enclosed spaces

High DPS Stats:

  • 19 damage
  • 5 knockback
  • 10 mana cost
  • 17 use time
  • 4.5 velocity

How to Get It:

The Water Bolt is obtainable in the Dungeon after Skeletron is defeated, but not from chests. Instead, it is found on bookshelves, and you have to break books until you find one.

1. Night’s Edge

The Night's Edge being swung by a powerful Terrarian.

The Night’s Edge is arguably the most iconic weapon in all of Terraria, and its fame is matched evenly with its power. It is an incredibly powerful Melee weapon, and is by far the strongest sword in Pre-Hardmode. On top of that, in the recent 1.4.4 update, it was buffed to even greater heights.

The Night’s Edge was formerly a normal broadsword, but with its buffs, it now creates a massive damaging arc around the player when swung. This deals an absurd amount of damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be caught in it.

Due to being a broadsword, the Night’s Edge automatically comes with piercing capabilities. This makes it very useful in many different situations. It is useful against the Wall of Flesh, and can last into early Hardmode as well. On top of that, it can be crafted into the True Night’s Edge in Hardmode.

What Makes the Night’s Edge Great:

  • Piercing
  • Massive area of damage
  • Massive base damage


  • 42 damage
  • 4.5 knockback
  • 21 use time
  • 5 velocity

How to Get It:

Being such a powerful weapon, the Night’s Edge is notably difficult to obtain, but it is worth the work. You must obtain the Light’s Bane or Blood Butcherer, which are crafted from Demonite or Crimtane Bars respectively, the Blade of Grass, which is crafted from materials found in the Jungle, the Volcano, which is crafted from Hellstone Bars, and the Muramasa, which is found in Golden Chests in the Dungeon. These four powerful blades can then be forged into the Night’s Edge at a Demon Altar or Crimson Altar.

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