[Top 5] Terraria Best Weapon Types That Are Great

Let the weapons hit the floor!

Terraria prides itself on its ludicrous amounts of weapons. Name a weapon type, Terraria probably has it! If anything, the game has too many weapons which can sometimes deter players on which ones to choose from. Fear not, for we have created the perfect list for you! Here are our top 5 Terraria best weapon types!

5. Whips

Just like Indiana Jones!

Whips are just a recent addition to Terraria, being added only when 1.4 was released. They're a summoner-type weapon that allows the class to deal damage without relying on their minions. In addition to this, the whip can also add multiple options to the summoned minions, including setting enemies on fire or inflicting poison on them.

What's great about whips:

  • Allows the Summoner class to deal direct damage
  • Adds buffs and other effects to your own summoned minions

More information on all existing whips: Link

4. Summoning weapons

Used to summon friends from other planes!

This weapon type is the other piece to the Summoner equation. These tools allow the player to summon minions to do their battling for them. There are a vast number of minions in Terraria including slimes, bees, swords, and so much more!

What's great about summoning weapons:

  • Allows the Summoner class to deal direct damage
  • Adds buffs and other effects to your own summoned minions

More information on all existing summoning weapons: Link

3. Magic weapons

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo!

Everyone wants to try to cast magic at least once. Good news for you, with the number of magic weapons in Terraria, you can fire them all once and still take a hot minute. Magic weapons are simple. Use them and your mana gets depleted. 

What's great about magic weapons:

  • Magic has one of the best DPS weapons in the game, only hindered by their extreme mana usage
  • Has a huge diversity including debuffing and sentry weapons

More information on all existing magic weapons: Link

2. Ranged weapons

I shot the sheriff! But I didn't shoot the deputy!

Ranged weapons are more than just bows and guns. They're everything that can dispatch enemies from a mile away. Terraria gives ranged class users the option to mix and match their weapons with various ammo for different effects. Want your bullets to home? Use Chlorophyte Bullets. Need infinite piercing? Use Jester's Arrows. The possibilities are endless!

What's great about ranged weapons:

  • Take your enemies out from a distance

More information on all existing ranged weapons: Link

1. Melee weapons

Look ma! I can juggle!

The melee weapons in this game range from cool swords to absolute jokes. Terraria has everything from the Excalibur to a Banana. Although you'd hate to get hit by the latter, it has proven to be a deadly weapon to mobs and bosses alike. Most melee weapons restrict your range to only a few blocks, but there are a few, including the Zenith, that allows you to slash from across the screen.

What's great about melee weapons:

  • Home to the Zenith, the most powerful weapon in the game

More information on all existing melee weapons: Link


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