[Top 10] Terraria Best Mounts And How To Get Them

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Terraria is not just about boss fights and building. There are plenty of things to explore and equipment to find. A great example would be the vast array of mounts you can collect throughout the game. With more than 20 different options, it's hard to figure out the best one. Here's our top 10 Terraria best mounts and how to get them.

10. Toy Tank - Santank

Christmas is coming

The Frost Moon is one of the more frustrating events in Terraria, but it's also one of the most rewarding. One of the best loot in this event comes from the Santa-NK1 miniboss, and believe us when we say it's pretty darn cool. The Santank is summoned using the Toy Tank item and offers enhanced mobility while looking dashing to boot.

What’s good about the Santank:

  • Decent horizontal speed. Offers an extra jump

Item Description and Stats:

  • Shoots at enemies automatically
  • Double-jump
  • Reduces Fall Damage to 1
  • Max Speed (mph): 41
  • Jump Height: 12

How to get the Toy Tank:

  • Drops from Santa-NK1 during the Frost Moon event


9. Ancient Horn - Basilisk

Excuse me! Coming through!

Collision damage is one of the most worrying things when riding a mount. The Basilisk is a good choice if you just want to ram through enemies. It increases your base acceleration while damaging anything it touches at max speed. Your base jump height is also increased while on the Basilisk making vertical mobility viable while on this mount.

What’s good about the Basilisk:

  • Decent horizontal speed. Offers an extra jump
  • Increased acceleration speed.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Fast movement speed
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Double-jump
  • Increased jump height
  • Charging through enemies inflicts summon damage
  • Reduces fall damage by 80%
  • Max Speed (mph): 41
  • Jump Height: 28

How to get the Ancient Horn:

  • Drops from the Basilisk enemy


8. Goat Skull - Goat

This ride is GOAT!

The Goat mount is the next best ride after getting tired of the Basilisk. It offers better stats overall and can be considered a direct upgrade. If you find yourself lacking speed, get this sweet ride.

What’s good about the Goat mount:

  • Direct upgrade to the Basilisk

Item Description and Stats:

  • Fast running speed
  • Double-jump
  • Deals summon damage to enemies on full running speed
  • Reduces fall damage by 80%
  • Max Speed (mph): 61
  • Jump Height: 39

How to get the Goat Skull:

  • Drops from the Wall of Flesh in Master mode.


7. Blessed Apple - Unicorn

Who said something about rainbows and unicorns?!

You might have played through the Hallowed biome and found a strange-looking apple at one point in time. The Blessed Apple drops from all Hallowed enemies in older versions and is easy to overlook if you're not careful. It boasts the same stats as the Goat while offering faster dashes when double jumping.

What’s good about the Unicorn mount:

  • Has the same stats as the Goat mount but can be obtained in non-Master mode worlds.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Fast running speed
  • Double-jump
  • Deals summon damage to enemies on full running speed
  • Reduces fall damage by 80%
  • Max Speed (mph): 61
  • Jump Height: 48

How to get the Blessed Apple:

  • Drops from the Unicorn in the Hallowed biome


6. Dark Mage’s Tome - Book

Anything is possible with a book in hand

They say that books have the power to make impossible things happen. In this case, it IS the impossible. The Dark Mage's Tome is an easy item to obtain pre-hardmode and is very useful at that stage of the game. It provides you with the ability to glide over short distances while canceling all fall damage.

What’s good about the Book mount:

  • Obtained in pre-hardmode Master difficulty
  • Has very high mobility for a pre-hardmode mount

Item Description and Stats:

  • Limited flight; fixed maximum altitude
  • Cancels fall damage
  • Max Speed (mph): 41

How to get the Dark Mage’s Tome:

  • Drops from the Dark Mage during the Old One’s Army event in Master mode


5. Witch’s Broom

Accio Firebolt!

This mount is something that's taken straight out of a fairytale. The Witch's Broom is an excellent flying mount that offers enhanced mobility with infinite flight time. Unlike other mounts, the Witch's Broom does not make your character sprite larger and maintains the player's 3-tile height.

What’s good about the Witch’s Broom:

  • One of the faster flying mounts
  • Relatively easy to obtain

Item Description and Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • 3 tiles high
  • Unable to descend through certain platforms
  • Max Speed (mph): 46 horizontal, 41 vertical, 62 diagonal

How to get the Witch’s Broom:

  • Drops from the Mourning Wood miniboss during the Pumpkin Moon event in Expert mode.


4. Hexxed Branch - Tree

This is some LotR right here.

Riding a tree is every nature-lover's dream. Terraria makes this dream a reality by giving you the Tree mount. It offers you one of the fastest ground movement options that damage enemies upon contact.

What’s good about the Tree mount:

  • Offers the highest ground speed
  • Damages enemies when running at full speed.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Extremely fast run speed
  • Deals summon damage to enemies on full running speed
  • Max Speed (mph): 81

How to get the Hexxed Branch:

  • Drops from the Mourning Wood miniboss during the Pumpkin Moon event in Master mode.


3. Drill Containment Unit - Drill

Bzzt Bzzt. Drill go wrrrrrrrrrrr.

The Drill is by far the most unique ride in Terraria. It offers excellent flying mobility with the ability to dive underwater. It also has a unique ability to mine blocks while mounted and is considered one of the strongest pickaxe power items in the game.

What’s good about the Drill mount:

  • Fast flying speed with mining capabilities
  • Can be used in liquids.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • Mines terrain
  • Cannot use items while mounted
  • Max Speed (mph): 31 horizontal, 41 vertical, 51 diagonal

How to get the Drill Containment Unit:

  • Crafted from a variety of bars from pre-hardmode to post-Moon Lord


2. Cosmic Car Key - UFO

To infinity and BEYOND!

If you're looking for a balanced flying machine, this is for you. The UFO mount offers a significant increase in flying mobility while allowing the use of items. You can fight bosses without worrying about your wing's flight duration. It is also not a difficult thing to obtain as the Martian Madness event can easily be farmed.

What’s good about the UFO mount:

  • Balanced flight speed
  • Easy to obtain

Item Description and Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • Dismounts in liquids
  • Max Speed (mph): 41 horizontal, 41 vertical, 58 diagonal

How to get the Cosmic Car Key:

  • Drops from the Martian Saucer during the Martian Madness event


1. Shrimpy Truffle - Cute Fishron

I hope the Duke doesn’t mind.

Duke Fishron is an intimidating boss to fight. Most Terraria players even opt-out of fighting it entirely. Despite that, the Duke offers one of the best mounts in the game. Cute Fishron is fairly mediocre when used regularly but can be a menace under the right situation.

What’s good about the Cute Fishron:

  • Is deadly fast under the right scenario
  • Offers the fastest flying speed in the game
  • Speeds up when you’re in danger

Item Description and Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • Damage/movement bonus in liquid
  • Slows down when on land
  • Max Speed (mph): 33 horizontal, 41 vertical, 53 diagonal
  • Submerged Max Speed (mph): 82
  • 67 mph speed if health is less than 50% or 6 seconds after touching liquid
  • Slows down to 5 mph when touching blocks

How to get the Shrimpy Truffle:

  • Drops from Duke Fishron in Expert mode


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