[Top 10] Best Terraria Accessories and How to Get Them

Best accessories in Terraria
The different character classes in Terraria

The massive RPG/sandbox survival game Terraria has something for everyone, for almost every type of gamer. No matter if you like action, exploration, awesome weapons, magic, or terrifying bosses, this game’s got you covered.

In order to make your character stronger, you must obtain some of the many accessories available. Each accessory adds something to your character, whether it’s increased melee damage, increased movement speed, time of day, DPS (damage per second) tracking, or increased mana, accessories play an essential role in crafting the strongest character possible. 

Take a look at some of the best accessories the game has to offer:

10. Lightning Boots 

Like the very boots worn by Hermes, the messenger of the gods, the legendary Lightning Boots will carry you through the wind like lightning itself. 

This accessory grants the player insane movement speed and allows the player to cover great distances much faster. Like the Hermes Boots, the Lighting Boots also allow you to fly a short distance. Obtaining them can certainly take some effort, but it is well worth it.

Lightning Boots stats:

  • Allows flight
  • The wearer can run incredibly fast
  • Grants an 8% speed bonus
  • Increases player’s movement speed to 34 MPH, which is very fast (can be measured with the Stopwatch accessory)

How to get Lightning Boots: 

  • Begin by finding the Aglet accessory, found in chests on the surface
  • Travel to the Jungle to search for Jungle Shrines. You will hopefully find the Anklet of the Wind in a chest in one of these shrines
  • Fish for the Sailfish Boots or look for chests underground with the Hermes Boots inside of them. 
  • After destroying a Shadow Orb/Crimson Heart, defeat a Goblin Army when it invades. Afterward, search for the Goblin Tinkerer underground and purchase the Rocket Boots and Tinkerer’s Workshop from him.
  • Craft the Lightning Boots at the Tinkerer’s Workshop and you’re done!

9. Magic Cuffs


The Magic Cuffs are an essential accessory for mages, especially those who gear more towards combative magic. The Cuffs increase your maximum mana by 20 points and restore mana when the player takes damage, making it very useful in boss fights when the player finds themselves suddenly out of mana.

Magic Cuffs stats:

  • Increases maximum mana by 20 points
  • Restores mana when damaged

How to get Magic Cuffs: 

  • Unfortunately, the player may need to create a second world if theirs does not already contain a Corruption biome. If you do not have a Corruption biome, simply create a small world (make sure to specify Corruption) and travel to its underground Corruption. 
  • Break any Shadow Orbs you can find, and you will most likely obtain a Band of Starpower.
  • Next, search the underground and cavern layers of your world for chests and gold chests. You will likely come across a Band of Regeneration if you are diligent.
  • Once you have obtained both of these items, farm zombies at nighttime to obtain a shackle. This item is fairly easy to obtain.
  • Combine all three ingredients at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Magic Cuffs.

8. Charm of Myths

Similar to the Magic Cuffs, the Charm of Myths increases life regeneration and reduces the cooldown time of healing potions by 25%, making it very useful for warriors. This item is a must-have for those looking or better protection.

Charm of Myths stats:

  • Increased life regeneration
  • Reduced cooldown for healing potions

How to get the Charm of Myths: 

  • This accessory can be crafted by combining a Band of Regeneration and a Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Search for chests in the cavern layer or in Living Mahogany Trees in the underground Jungle. The Band of Regeneration can be found in either of these places.
  • Once your world has entered Hardmode, search for Mimics (monsters that disguise as chests) deep underground and farm them for the Philosopher's Stone. Mimics have a 14.29% to drop the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Combine these two ingredients a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Charm of Myths.

7. Mana Flower

The Mana Flower is another essential accessory for magic users. This awesome item automatically consumes mana potions for the player when their mana runs out, meaning that if you have a bunch of these potions stacked up then you can continuously use magic weapons without worry. The Flower also decreases mana usage by 8%. Additionally, the Mana Flower’s effect stacks with other related items that reduce mana cost. Not bad at all.

Mana Flower stats:

  • Automatically consumes mana potions when mana is depleted
  • 8% reduced mana usage

How to get the Mana Flower:  

  • The Mana Flower can be crafted by combining a Nature’s Gift and a Mana Potion.
  • Begin by traveling to the underground Jungle and looking for a tiny blue flower. The flower can be found growing on Jungle grass. Simply harvest the flower with any tool or weapon and you will acquire a Nature’s Gift.
  • Combine the Nature’s Gift with a Mana Potion at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.
  • If you do not already have a Mana Potion, simply take a Glowing Mushroom and two Lesser Mana Potions and combine them at either a table and bottle or an alchemy table.

6. Paladin’s Shield

The Paladin’s Shield is a symbol of might and strength, a relic of the ancient Paladins of the Dungeon. It is a perfect choice for a warrior, as it grants an additional 6 defense and also negates knockback. When the player’s HP is at 25% or above, the Shield deflects 25% of all damage dealt to nearby players back to the Shield’s owner, making it a great support item in multiplayer.

Paladin's Shield stats: 

  • Absorbs 25% of damage dealt to nearby players on your team
  • Grants an additional 6 defense
  • Negates knockback

How to get the Paladin's Shield:

  • The Paladin’s Shield is a post-Plantera item, meaning that all three mechanical bosses must be defeated in order to summon Plantera.
  • Once you have defeated this boss, travel to your world’s Dungeon and search for a rare Paladin. This enemy has a 13.56% chance to drop the Paladin’s Shield.

5. Warrior, Summoner, Sorcerer, or Ranger Emblem

There are four emblems dropped by the Wall of Flesh boss: The Warrior, Summoner, Sorcerer, and Ranger Emblem. They are all identical in their function except for the type of weapon that they target. The Warrior Emblem targets melee weapons, the Summoner targets summoning weapons, the Sorcerer targets magic weapons, and the Ranger targets ranged weapons. Each emblem grants a 15% increase to each of its respective damage types.

These accessories are a great choice for any class, as they provide damage buffs that really make a difference and can be stacked with other accessories with similar effects. 

How to get the emblems:

  • Each emblem has a 12.5% chance to drop from pre-Hardmode’s final boss, the Wall of Flesh. This will mean, unfortunately, that the player may have to defeat the boss more than once in order to obtain their desired emblem.

4. Fire Gauntlet

The Fire Gauntlet is one of the coolest accessories and one of the best for warriors. If you love inflicting crazy damage and sending enemies flying, this item is for you. This mighty glove grants the player fire damage to melee attacks and provides crazy knockback with each hit.

Fire Gauntlet stats: 

  • 80% increased melee knockback 
  • Inflicts fire damage on attack
  • 10% increased melee damage and speed

How to get the Fire Gauntlet:

Below is a crafting table for the Fire Gauntlet, as it is quite difficult to obtain:

  • You will need many different ingredients. First, you will need three of the emblems dropped by the Wall of Flesh.
  • Then you will need 5 Souls of Might, 5 Souls of Sight, and 5 Souls of Might (obtained from each of the three mechanical bosses.) Combine all of these at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to create the Avenger Emblem.
  • Next, you will the Feral Claws, found within Jungle Shrine chests or fished from water in the underground Jungle.
  • Then you will need the Titan Glove, dropped by Mimics. This item has a 14.29% chance to drop from Mimic chests.
  • Next, combine the Titan Glove and the Feral Claws at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to create the Power Glove.
  • Combine all items listed previously at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Mechanical Glove.
  • Now, travel to the Underworld and farm Lava Bats or Hellbats for a Magma Stone. Hellbats have a 0.67% chance of dropping this item and Lava Bats have a 2% chance of dropping it.
  • Once all of these materials are gathered, combine the Mechanical Glove and Magma Stone to create the Fire Gauntlet. It’s worth it!

3. Destroyer Emblem

The Destroyer Emblem is a force to be reckoned with and is great for all character classes. It grants an additional 10% damage and 8% critical strike chance for all damage types. Additionally, the Destroyer Emblem can stack with other damage-increasing accessories like the Avenger Emblem or Warrior Emblem.

Destroyer Emblem stats:

  • 10% increased damage to all weapons
  • 8% increased critical strike chance

How to get the Destroyer Emblem: 

  • First, you must obtain three of the four emblems dropped by the Wall of Flesh. This will require you to defeat the boss multiple times.
  • Next, you must defeat all three mechanical bosses after entering Hardmode.
  • Combine 5 of each Soul Dropped by the mechanical bosses with all three emblems dropped by the Wall of Flesh at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Avenger Emblem. 
  • Next, after defeating Plantera, search for your Jungle’s temple and fight the Golem boss. The boss has a 12.5% chance to drop the Eye of the Golem, the last necessary ingredient.
  • Combine the Avenger Emblem and the Eye of the Golem to create the Destroyer Emblem.

2. Ankh Shield

The Ankh Shield is one of the best accessories available in Terraria, as it offers resistance to many different debuffs, grants an additional 4 defense, and negates knockback. The journey to crafting this item is long and arduous, but it is worth the effort.

Ankh Shield stats:

  • Grants immunity to the following debuffs: Bleeding, Broken Armor, Burning, Confused, Cursed, Darkness, Poisoned, Silenced, Slow, Weak, and Chilled.
  • Immunity to knockback
  • Allows the player to walk on Hellstone and Meteorite

How to get the Ankh Shield:

The Ankh Shield is one of the most difficult items in the game to craft. Below is a crafting tree for this item:

  • Once you have crafted this item, your life in Terraria will be made significantly easier and your character will be much stronger. Be patient and the Ankh Shield is yours!

1. Celestial Shell

This mystical item is arguably the best accessory in the game. It grants a plethora of different buffs and damage boosts in addition to allowing the wearer to swim freely and breathe underwater. This item is truly legendary, transforming the wearer into a werewolf at night and boosting certain stats during the day. It also transforms the player into a merfolk when in water, granting them increased mobility and the ability to breath underwater. 

Celestial Shell stats:

  • 10% increased melee speed
  • 10% increased damage
  • 2% increased critical strike chance
  • 1 HP regenerated per second
  • 4 additional defense
  • 15% increased mining speed
  • 50% increased knockback for minions
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Can swim quickly in water
  • Move normally underwater

In werewolf form (at night):

  • 2% increased melee critical strike chance
  • 5.1% increased melee damage
  • 5.1% increased melee speed
  • 5% increased movement speed
  • 3 additional defense
  • Increased jump height and speed
  • 0.5 HP regenerated per second

How to get the Celestial Shell:

  • First, slay werewolves during full moons to obtain the Moon Charm (1.67% drop chance)
  • Next, either summon a Solar Eclipse or wait for one to occur. Slay Creatures of the Deep to obtain Neptune’s Shell (2% drop chance in normal mode and 3% chance in expert mode.) 
  • During the Solar Eclipse, also slay Vampires to obtain the Moon Stone (2.86% drop chance in normal mode and 4.29% chance in Expert Mode.)
  • Next, defeat the Golem boss in the Jungle temple to obtain the Sun Stone.
  • Combine the Moon Charm with Neptune’s Shell to form the Moon Shell.
  • Combine the Moon Stone with the Sun Stone to form the Celestial Stone. 
  • Combine the Moon Shell and the Celestial Stone to form the Celestial Shell. That’s it!

Now that you have discovered some of Terraria’s awesome accessories, go out and grab some of these for yourself! Create the strongest character you can with these unique items. Have fun, and good luck, Terrarians!

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