[Top 10] Best Fighting Games For iOS (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Two swordsmen waiting for their opponent's move.

With just your two thumbs and an iOS device, you can enjoy a huge catalog of fighting games. No controller needed but having one comes in handy. All your iPhone and iPad users need to check out these ten great fighting games soon.

10. Real Boxing 2 (Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch)

Create your own boxer to your liking with an in-depth customization system. Body mass, muscle forms, facial features, everything in between can be changed. Enjoy realistic fighting gameplay against tough opponents. Hone your fighting skills and learn devastating combos to finish the fight quick. Don’t stop until you’ve made it to the top.

9. Injustice 2 Mobile (Android, iOS)

The Joker may be dead but his presence continues to haunt the Justice League. Batman, Superman and the rest of the superheroes have broken up into small factions and alliances. But the invasion of Brainiac will force them to come back together to battle a common enemy. Pick your favorite DC heroes to create a team for 3v3 combat. Win fights and earn rewards to upgrade and customize your heroes.

8. Shadow Fight 3 (Android, iOS)

Many clans have been bickering over the usage of shadow energy since a mysterious force opened the Gates of Shadows. Some want to use it for their own purposes, some want to get rid of it, and a peculiar bunch want to discover the secrets of this power. But a prophecy has been told that a legendary hero will end this power struggle. And you play as that legend.

Pick one of the three clans to join forces with. Learn their unique fighting style and aid their missions for harvesting the shadow energy. Defeat the opposing in spectacular combat in this 3D RPG fighting game. 

7. Punch Quest (iOS)

Jab and uppercut your way through many dungeons full of all sorts of monsters and hidden paths. Unleash powerful Supermoves and abilities onto any foe in your path. Summon a laser spitting dinosaur to quickly traverse the map in style. Complete quests to earn cosmetics, gear, and new powers.

6. Brawlhalla (Android, iOS)

With over 80 millions players, finding a match is instant at all in this platform fighting game. Smash through the ranks and rise to become a legend in Valhalla. The controls are so simple that anyone jump right into the game. But the competition is quite the opposite. Go all out in four player free for all or prove your skills with 1v1 or 2v2 duels.

5. The Executive (iOS)

Play as the CEO of a successful company and defeat the werewolves that have infiltrated the company headquarters. Clear out every floor of enemies and save your employees in fast-paced combat. Utilize a large arsenal of martial arts and special moves to defeat this army of werewolves. Over 120 levels to conquer along with various time-based platforming challenges.

4. Beat Street (Android, iOS)

The citizens of Toko City are terrified as an evil mafia is terrorizing the streets. Take up the fight against the gangsters and punch your way through hordes of them. This side scrolling beat ‘em up is a breeze to play with only single touch controls. Unlock more fighters to aid your quest as each one has their own unique fighting style skills.

3. Grimvalor(Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch)

The kingdom of Vallaris has fallen to a mysterious power and its lost king is nowhere to be found. A lone warrior is given the duty of investigating this dark fantasy world to restore the corrupted land. Chain attacks together and hack & slash through monsters with flashy style as you journey through the land of Vallaris.

2. Skullgirls (Android, iOS)

Fight in thrilling battles in one of the most visually appealing mobile games out right now. Skullgirls is a fighting RPG game created with meticulous hand-drawn 2D animation. Anyone can pick up the game and get started by using fight assist. Collect many characters and evolve them to their maximum potential.

1. MORTAL KOMBAT (Android, iOS)

Assemble your team of kombatants for the next fighting tournament of Earth. Choose from over 130 characters to fill the roles of your three man team. Battle in highly rendered 3v3 fights in challenge mode or online factions wars. Customize your fighters with a plethora of abilities, skins, and accessories you’ll earn through winning matches and become the best fighter in Earthrealm.

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