[Top 5] SFV Best Control Sticks (Used By The Best Players In the World)

SFV Best Control Sticks
Every warrior needs a weapon and the control stick is a fighting gamer’s sword.

Looking for the best control stick out there? Check out what the best pros use!

In Street Fighter, like many other fighting games, there is a direct connection between the motion inputs required to perform special moves and combos and the actual visual manifestation of those same inputs in the shape of moves. Since Street Fighter requires great execution, it’s no wonder that the pro players only use the best control sticks out there, to have the best possible performance in the biggest world competitions.

Here we will be counting down what are the best controllers in Street Fighter V today, as evidenced by the players who use them and the results that they achieve doing so.


5. Mad Catz FightStick TE2+ (Infiltration, Shine, Daigo)

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3

What’s Great About Mad Catz FightStick TE2+: 

  • Solid and extremely durable
  • Easy to mod and customize
  • Includes a touchpad control

Mad Catz FightStick TE2+ details: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1VdwuB1iTS.pdf


4. Sony DualShock 4 (Punk, iDom, MenaRD)

Playstation 4 Controller - Dualshock 4 - REVIEW

What’s Great About Sony DualShock 4 : 

  • One of the few pads that allows for precise execution
  • Easier to carry than any other controller
  • Has access to movement directions both with the d-pad and the analog stick that can be used simultaneously

Sony DualShock 4 details: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/basic/pn_controller.html


3. Razer Atrox (Justin Wong, Xian, Momochi)

Razer Atrox Arcade Fight Stick Unboxing & Overview

What’s Great About Razer Atrox: 

  • Enhanced durability and precision
  • Great response and performance
  • Considerably heavy for a good base when playing

Razer Atrox details: https://dl.razerzone.com/master-guides/AtroxXB1/AtroxXB1OMG-ENG.pdf


2. HitBox (ChrisCCH, Kawano, Tokido)

The Best Version? | HitBox (2020) Controller Review

What’s Great About HitBox : 

  • Faster movement due to instantaneous direction shift
  • Controversial ability to use multiple directions at once
  • There are execution inputs that are only possible when using the Hitbox

HitBox details: https://usermanual.wiki/HITBOX


1. Qanba Obsidian (Daigo, Brian F, Big Bird) 

WHY SO POPULAR?|Qanba Obsidian Arcade Stick

What’s Great About Qanba Obsidian: 

  • Length good enough to lay it comfortably on your open legs
  • Optimal distance between stick and buttons
  • A shape that makes playing feel super comfortable

Qanba Obsidian details: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1h6+VCY0AS.pdf


So to sum it up, if you want to go for one of these awesome controllers used by the pros themselves you have to choose what fits best for your playstyle.

Do you want to greatly mod a personalized stick? Then you should go for the Mad Catz FightStick TE2+. If you can choose the regular DualShock 4 if you are a PS4 console player and if you want solid performance for difficult execution you can opt for the Razer Atrox. Choose the HitBox if you want to try out some crazy, interesting input tricks and if you really want the best comfortable feel for optimal gameplay you should definitely go for the Qanba Obsidian.

At the end of the day, fighting games are all about expressing yourself so you should pick whatever control you like (and can afford) to better fit your playstyle and the way you want the playing experience itself to feel.


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