SF6 How To Get Kudos (10 Best Ways To Gain Kudos)

An image of the Kudos collection screen from Street Fighter 6.
Kudos to your favorite characters.

As you spend more time playing Street Fighter 6, you’ll obtain Kudos. Kudos are a representation of how dedicated you are to learning and spending time with certain characters, reflected through the points you’ll obtain when accomplishing certain actions with them. Every character has their own Kudos rank, which can be viewed through the game’s Multi Menu.

Kudos are used to unlock more Titles per character, which each player can equip to their profile for others to see when wandering around the Battle Hub and participating in online fights. It’s also good to have Kudos to unlock all the features and perks in the Battle Passes. There are multiple ways to obtain them, some working better than others. Let’s go through the best.


10. Winning in Extreme Battle

It also depends on how “extreme” you want to make your matches.

Street Fighter 6’s Extreme Battle mode involves characters fighting standard matches with special twists. The goal here still involves winning the overall fight, but doing so involves fulfilling special conditions like being the first character to perform specific actions or even pushing a seesaw to another character’s side of the arena. It’s a bonkers and enjoyable way to get Kudos.

It’s a shame the mode is just too much fun to award the player with too many Kudos at once. Winning a match will only grant you 5 Kudos per character, which isn’t much when some titles require thousands of Kudos points. This method isn’t a boring one, but it won’t net you many of them too quickly.

But this method shouldn’t be ignored simply because of the fun you’ll have. Not to mention that every Extreme Battle match is over more quickly compared to those in other Versus settings. It’s faster to fulfill the conditions asked compared to matches in other modes.

How it works:

  • Start up an Extreme Battle. Also make sure to choose the stipulation.
  • Simply finish the match. You’ll get 5 points regardless of whether you win or lose.
  • You’ll have so much fun that you won’t even think about the points you’ll gain.


9. Create a Custom Room Online

The room where your Street Fighter friends can chill and give out kudos. And Kudos.

There are plenty of ways to start an online match to challenge other players in the world’s fighting arena, including starting a Custom Room to invite other players in for battling and spectating. You’ll get Kudos for merely being in the room.

These rooms can be made for the purpose of playing and spectating other matches with other random players online. But it remains the best way to play with a friend or a bunch of them through online play, the best way to do so outside of inviting them to your crib. The 10 Kudos points you’ll receive for every match fought within it is a nice bonus.

You’ll want to emphasize “nice bonus” there, though. Absolutely do not rely on this method for farming compared to the other methods further through this guide. But it’s nice to get Kudos for merely being in the room for a punch of players to stay in, and the Kudos gain will be good if the room remains popular. The players themselves will give you a different kind of kudos for fooling around inside it if they’re nice enough, especially if you win your matches.

How it works:

  • Head into the online menu through the Fighting Ground option on the Main Menu.
  • Create a Custom Room from the Online subsection.
  • Feel free to invite your friends and people you know, and let them fight.


8. World Tour Fighting

You can earn Kudos with Style(s).

Kudos can also be earned through the World Tour, depending on the character Style being used and the fights you’ll get into. The game will award 1-10 Kudos for the character whose Style is used to defeat the opponents, depending on how difficult the fight was and how many opponents were involved in a specific encounter. That’s in addition to the other kind of kudos. These people love it when you assault them on the streets to start fights.

You’ll have to play through the World Tour anyway to discover the story and earn the alternate costumes without paying real money for them. It’s nice to have the option to earn Kudos along the way with a favored character Style. Of course, it’s nice when the Style of the character you like is unlocked early in the quest, which makes it easier to earn them.

Therein lies the minor setback with earning them this way. If your favorite character is, say, Luke or Chun-Li, it’s much easier to earn plenty of Kudos by sticking to their styles because they’re the first two characters the Avatar will meet. This is harder for the likes of Juri and JP, who are met much later in the World Tour’s story.

How it works:

  • Unlock character move sets as the Avatar meets each character in the Street Fighter roster in the World Tour.
  • Use a specific character’s Style to win matches to earn more points for their overall Kudos count.
  • The number of Kudos you’ll get will depend on how difficult the match is, and how many opponents you’ll face. This will vary from 1 to 10 points per win.


7. Do the Combo Trials

There’s nothing like earning Kudos while improving your skills.

The combo trials are a great way to learn specific combos for each character, and understand how high or low their combo potential is. They’re also a good way to get Kudos while learning how each of them works. Completing combo trials will reward you with five Kudos each.

The earliest Combo Trails for each character are easy, and executing each of them is a good and quick way to get a little Kudos. There are intermediate and expert trails that require more practice to pull off and complete, which will slow down the Kudos gain.

It’s worth playing these to learn how each character works anyway, making this a good way to gain Kudos early on. This method isn’t worth relying on for grinding purposes, as once a combo is complete, there’s no way to un-complete it. But it’s a quick way to gain 30 to 40 Kudos per character through completing the easier starting combos.

How it works:

  • Complete the Combo Trials available for each character. You’ll be rewarded with five Kudos for each trial each for completing them.
  • It’s much easier and very quick to complete the basic combos for each character, to give the player hands-on time with every character.
  • The later Combo Trials are more difficult and will take more time. But this will be a rewarding opportunity to learn a character you intend to play while earning Kudos on the side.


6. Character Guides

It’s even better when earning those Kudos points are easy, like with the Character Guide.

The Character Guides are nearly mandatory for learning how to play with each character in Street Fighter 6. These guides will teach the player about basic attacks each character can use, including Unique Attacks, Special techniques, and Super Arts. It’s also a quick way to get 10 Kudos for each character.

Let’s emphasize how these are basic attacks, meaning it will only take around five minutes to complete most of these for anyone with prior fighting game experience. This is a great way to get hands-on time with each character while getting the Kudos on the side.

The usefulness of the mode and getting hands-on familiarity with each character is very important for learning how to play and master Street Fighter 6. It’s even better when the player will get a nice and quick reward for the task.

How it works:

  • Play the Character Guides for each character. These will reward ten Kudos per character.
  • The Character Guides are basic, meaning they won’t take long to finish for each individual character.
  • This also works as a good way to get hands-on time with every character.


5. Basic Training

It’s also nice to earn those points while honing your skills in the lab.

Basic Training is precisely that, practicing your skills in the game’s Training mode -- “the lab” in fighting game lingo. Every player will have to spend time getting their chosen character’s combos down in this empty gray space. It’s even better that Kudos can be earned while doing it.

Nailing one combo will result in 1 Kudos point per character. If you do five quick combos, that’s 5 quick Kudos points. You’re free to keep doing the same combo in a monotonous fashion to rack up the points, even though that’s not the recommended way that you should be spending your time there.

Take this time to hone your skills instead of doing it for the farming, and think of the Kudos as a nice bonus. Every character has short three-hit combos that can be done in a monotonous fashion, but even the longer dropped combos you’re attempting to practice will result in you receiving one Kudos. The points will rack up quickly while you’re not even thinking about them.

How it works:

  • Load up the Training Mode -- aka “The Lab.”
  • Get practicing. You’ll rack up Kudos without even thinking about it, while achieving a better understanding of how your chosen character plays.
  • You can do the same combos repeatedly to rack up points, but make sure to experiment with new combos too. You’ll get a point even if you drop the combo being practiced.


4. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards

Don’t ignore menus like these, or forget they’re in the game entirely.

Street Fighter 6 offers several rewards for accomplishing certain in-game challenges. Some are provided every day, with a helpful menu showing what’s on offer. Others are provided on a weekly or monthly basis. Select challenges will provide Kudos as rewards for accomplishing certain actions.

There’s potential to earn as many as 500 Kudos within minutes depending on the reward. Several of these will involve throwing an opponent in a live match a number of times, while others are a little tougher, and involve racking up Super Art finishes. How many Kudos you can receive in one moment will depend on how many are being offered.

This certainly isn’t a method to heavily rely on, as how good or bad the rewards are will depend on how good and generous of a mood Capcom is in. But the rewards offer so many Kudos points that this shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t simply skip by this menu upon booting the game up each day.

How it works:

  • Whenever you boot the game up after 24 hours, new rewards will be available. Check them to see if there are new Kudos rewards.
  • Some Kudos challenges are added on a weekly and monthly basis, and are available to complete for that length of time. Keep your eye open for some that could soon expire.
  • This isn’t the most reliable grinding method, but the Kudos points provided here are too plentiful to ignore.


3. Fight in Online Matches

You’ll earn Kudos quickly by playing online. You don’t even have to win!

Fighting in online matches is another great way to earn Kudos in Street Fighter 6, a way to do so without it feeling like a grind. The only “grind” here involves testing your wits against other players in the always-spectacular fighting arena. The player will earn 30 Kudos upon fighting in an online match, regardless of whether that’s a Ranked or Casual match. 

What’s neat is how you don’t have to win the matches to get the points. They’re a participation trophy, with the chosen character receiving 30 Kudos to their total at the end. If you’re not winning those matches, you’re bound to do so after playing the game enough.

Plenty of people are still playing online, something bound to be the case for years to come if Capcom’s support remains consistently good. This will always be a reliable way to get Kudos.

How it works:

  • Simply play Ranked or Casual matches. The latter can include matches with your friends, assuming they play Street Fighter 6.
  • You’ll receive 30 Kudos per match, regardless of whether you win or lose.
  • It’s nicer if you win those matches too, though. You’ll get REAL kudos that way.


2. Beat Arcade Mode with Special Stipulations

The more matches you finish, the more Kudos you gain.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get Kudos is through playing Arcade Mode, and finishing it with your selected character. But the number of Kudos you’ll receive will depend on your performance while playing through the mode, and the settings and conditions chosen at the start.

The simplest and quickest way to obtain Kudos involves playing through the mode on the easiest setting, fighting 12 matches, and setting them to one round. Also achieve Perfect victories, Super Art finishes, or Overdrive finishes at the end of every round for more points. This will lead to larger point gain, increasing the number of Kudos you’ll obtain upon finishing the mode. This should take around three to five minutes to finish, making for an easy 60 Kudos.

Remember that the Kudos gain in Arcade Mode is dependent on how many points are achieved throughout playing the mode, with Perfect victories, Super Art finishes, and Overdrive finishes meaning higher point gain. You’ll also be penalized for losing a match and having to continue. But that shouldn’t be a problem on the easiest difficulty level. Hopefully.

How it works:

  • Play through the Arcade Mode to get Kudos. The number of Kudos you’ll get will depend on how strong your performance is upon finishing it.
  • It’s much quicker to set the difficulty to the easiest setting, which won’t result in a penalty.
  • Set the number of matches to 12 for the best point gain. This will lead to more Kudos.
  • Set the number of rounds to “1” to make the playthrough quicker.
  • Finish matches with Perfects, Super Art finishes, and Overdrive finishes for more points.
  • Don’t lose a match, which will result in a Kudos number penalty.


1. The Golden Battle Hub Arcade Machines

If you see one of these machines, run to it and don’t get off.

Fighting matches online will ordinarily result in great Kudos gain, with 30 per match regardless of whether you win or lose. It’s the ultimate participation trophy. This doubles to 60 per match when they’re played on a golden machine in the Battle Hub.

When you enter the Battle Hub to sit at an in-game arcade machine to find a match, look for the golden arcade machines. These will double the number of Kudos you’ll get from every match fought. Each match should take around three to five minutes to finish on average, to gain hundreds of Kudos within an hour.

This is the strongest method for gaining Kudos, and it’s a fun one. But it’s not the most reliable one out there. The gold on the arcade machine will fizzle after a few matches are fought, to ensure the Kudos gain isn’t too generous. These machines will also only appear once every day, so stay on it if you find one.

How it works:

  • Find the golden arcade machines in the Battle Hub.
  • Fight matches on them. This will result in winning twice the number of Kudos than normal, precisely 60 per match.
  • Remember that the gold shine will wash away eventually.
  • The gold machines only appear once a day, so stay on one upon seeing it.


Kudos are the ultimate way to show you’re serious about promoting your online status. By using a combination of these methods, you’ll obtain enough Kudos to get the best title you can through obtaining enough points. The highest titles require over 100,000 Kudos, which will require obtaining plenty of Kudos. You’ll get the title you want if you’re patient.


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