[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Items For Monkey King That Will Make Him Powerful!

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The king takes his stance

15. Quelling Blade

(The bigger they are the harder they're quelled)

Overview: With farm being the lifeblood of the game Quelling Blade makes farming easier, and even can carve non-standard paths through trees,  a great item to have.

Why this Item:

  • Can destroy trees
  • Monkey King is a melee hero, thus he benefits more from 

Get this item if:

  • You’re new and are practicing farming
  • You are against a Nature’s Prophet

Quelling Blade Details:  https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Quelling_Blade

14. Orb of Venom

(A close second when you can't have a pet snake)

Overview: Monkey King has a longer reach than most other Melee heroes, so with good positioning building Orb of Venom can be a great way to establish lane dominance.

Why this Item:

  • Additional Magic damage DoT on hit
  • Slow on Hit

Get this item if: 

  • Facing a fast enemy 
  • You have pulled ahead of your enemy lane

Orb of Venom Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Orb_of_Venom?so=search

13. Wraithband

(I wonder what it's made of)

Overview: Monkey king’s Jingu Mastery is a great sustain and with a Wraith Band or two you can really turn those couple of hits into serious damage.

Why this Item:

  • Bonus 2 armor 
  • Bonus 5 Attack speed to help with farming and DPS

Get this item if:

  • You plan on building multiple
  • Your laning opponent seems to be out trading or out farming you

Wraith Band Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Wraith_Band

12. Power Treads

(Imagine having boots that could match multiple outfits!)

Overview: Even if you only buy these for the early to mid-game, for 1400 gold they offer some serious value for Monkey King! 

Why this Item:

  • Excellent Agility Boost 
  • Versatile bonuses

Get this item if:

  • You plan to play aggressive 
  • The enemy is a tanky hero like Bristleback

Power Treads Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Treads?so=search

11. Echo Sabre

( Imagine getting into a sword fight against this one)

Overview: Echo Sabre is an awesome pick-up when dueling in lane allowing you to build Jingu Mastery faster and get the attacks off in quick succession.

Why this Item: 

  • Supplies Monkey King with a large series of bonuses like 13 strength and 10 attack speed
  • Synergies well with Mk’s Jingu mastery

Get this item if:

  • You have been doing a lot of fighting in lane
  • You have been roaming and want the increased burst

Echo Sabre Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Echo_Sabre

10. Shadow Blade

(One of my favorite items in game)

Overview: Although MK can jump through trees to get the drop on his enemies, those with range and understanding will normally keep you from doing so. The solution to this? Having a handy dandy disengage!

Why this Item:

  • Great as an escape tool
  • Gives 20 damage and 30 attack speed 

Get this item if:

  • You plan on building into Silver Edge
  • The enemy outranges you
  • Engagement is difficult when dueling heroes like Weaver

Shadow Blade Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Shadow_Blade


9. Maelstrom

( talk about a shocking performance)

Overview: At a total cost of 2700 gold this item pretty much pays for itself in flash farming potential and those Chain Lightning procs can seriously come in handy in a pinch.

Why this Item:

  • Chain Lightning procs pierce evasion
  • Give a bonus of 24 damage 
  • Gives Monkey King a means of non-melee poke

Get this item if:

  • You aren’t building a Battlefury
  • The enemy is ahead of you in farm and items

Maelstrom Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Maelstrom?so=search



8. BattleFury

(It just wants to Axe you a question)

Overview: A great option for not only farming but fighting in the lane, chop down trees and your enemies not necessarily in that order.

Why this Item:

  • Can still chop down trees 
  • Close ranged fights work in your favor punishing all enemies in range of cleave
  • Gives an additional 60 damage

Get this item if:

  • You aren’t building Maelstrom
  • You are against Nature’s prophet 
  • The enemy has lots of melee heroes 

Battlefury Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Battlefury?so=search


7. Daedalus

(A most unimpressive looking, impressive item)

Overview: This item is great for escalating MK’s damage to a whole new level. Turning would be hard-hitting attacks into devastating ones

Why this Item: 

  • Drastically increases damage output
  • Grants a 30% chance for attacks to do 225% damage 

Get this item if:

  • You need more damage to take on heroes like Undying and Brewmaster
  • You built Desolator
  • The enemy has many fragile heroes

Daedalus Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Daedalus?so=search

6. Black King Bar

(The item with a staring problem)

Overview: Black King Bar or otherwise known as BKB costs 4050 gold, When the late game gets tough you make your hero tougher!
Why this Item:

  • The cast is a minor dispel 
  • Grants spell immunity, good against crowd control
  • BKB increases damage and strength 

Get this item if:

  • You need more health
  • The enemy team has a lot of CC
  • The enemy team has few abilities that pierce spell immunity

Black King Bar Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Black_King_Bar



5.  Abyssal Blade

(Demon king sword?)

Overview: This item works great allowing MK to beat down a single or even two opponents at a time making him immensely more powerful!

Why this Item:

  • The mini-stun can interrupt Town Portal scrolls
  • Increases Survivability with the Damage Block passive
  • Increased Strength and Health

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has a high attack speed carry 
  • The enemy carry has good disengage potential
  • Your team does not carry much CC

Abyssal Blade Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Abyssal_Blade


4. Desolator

(When the farmer has had enough)

Overview: Desolator lives up to its name a very good item in skilled hands, armor is an annoying thing for carrys well the Desolator helps alleviate that.

Why this Item:

  • Great for mid-game roaming 
  • Great against heroes with high armor 
  • Good damage bonus

Get this item if:

  • The enemy is building armor 
  • You have been able to successful roam 
  • You’re scoring lots of kills this match

Desolator Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Desolator?so=search

3. Sange and Yasha

( When one isn't enough call in the calvary)

Overview: Sange and Yasha is debatably an essential item on Monkey King. Its expansive list of bonuses is nearly invaluable to Monkey King's mid to late game.

Why this Item:

  • Increases Lifesteal sources I.E Jingu Mastery
  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Increased Agility and Strength

Get this item if:

  • You built more Lifesteal
  • The enemy is saving their CC for you
  • You have a lot of Strength giving items 

Sange and Yasha Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Sange_and_Yasha?so=search

2. Manta-Style

(Do you think it's made of glass?)

Overview: With Monkey King being a primarily Agility-focused hero Manta style comes in at number two on the list offering game-changing bonuses.

Why this Item:

  • Increased Agility and Strength
  • Increased Movement Speed and attack speed
  • Can summon two illusions

Get this item if:

  • It’s mid-game 
  • You are good at managing more than one hero on the map
  • You needed the additional stat boost to stay in the game

Manta Style Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Manta_Style


1. Blood Thorn

(That doesn't seem sanitary) 

Overview: Blood Thorn comes in at number one for its amazing blend of bonuses that will more often than not be needed in the majority of your Monkey King matches.

Why this Item:

  • Increases Intelligence and Mana Regen
  • Gives an additional 50 damage and 60 attack speed
  • Increased magic resistance

Get this item if:

  • The enemy has a magic core ex. Zeus
  • The enemy has a lot of intelligence heroes 
  • You built an item with Bash to lock down and deliver all the attacks from Soul Rend

Blood Thorn Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Bloodthorn?so=search

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