7 Types of Annoying Dota 2 Players

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OOO! Explosions!

Dota 2 is a game that is well known for it’s community.  There are so many annoying players who drive us all crazy.  So let’s take a look at a few of them.  I apologize for all of the bad Dota 2 memories this is going to bring back.  But don’t worry, it will all be ok in the end.

7. Random in Ranked AP

We’ve all experienced it.  

We come into a draft feeling great, ready to write “GG free MMR Noobz ez mid.”  Then halfway through the draft your hopes are dashed when someone randoms meepo.  

Yes, I know you saw someone go 18-3 with meepo but that doesn’t mean you can do it.  Save the hero testing to unranked, my MMR doesn’t need to go down because of you.

There are enough heroes available in Dota (one of it’s major selling points) that you shouldn’t ever need to random.  Every hero can be countered and that needs to be taken into account in each draft to give yourself the best chance to win.

So much of drafting in ranked is making sure that you counter the other team and your heroes aren’t countered yourself.  This means you need to make sure you don’t pick  Wraith King first (easily countered by Anti-mage or Phantom Lancer), or picking Riki against Bounty Hunter or Slardar.  

Randoming is the anti draft move, and it is done way too much in ranked matches.

6. The Kamikaze Carry

I know, let’s tower dive at level 2 for a kill on a support!!!

I’ve seen it too many times to comprehend.

That Spirit Breaker just needs to charge into a group of heroes because one of them is low and if he is lucky he might be able to kill it.

You can usually find someone who just rushes into fights in for no reason that cannot be won.  I’m not talking about a fight initiation, I’m talking about a carry that thinks he can dominate the game by himself 12 minutes in.

When you see Phantom Assassin blink at a support too early in a game it’s inevitable that she is going to get killed for no reason.

If only that person had a mic and knew how to use it they could have told you they were going to do that.

5. The Zeus/Lion/Lina/Dagon Killstealer

Don’t get me wrong here.

Dagon is a super fun item in lower MMR tiers.

Also super effective (I have been running it on Spirit Breaker recently for ez MMR)..

But for the love of god stop killstealing.

We all know you can use Lion to get all the kills you want but it doesn’t help the team.

Lifestealer did all the work, he needs the gold to 1v5 the other team.


When Tiny blinks in, Toss, Avalanche, then you see some lightening shoot out of the air and realize Zeus decided to killsteal just because he can.  You’re not only hurting your chances to win, but you’re also making your own teammates mad at you.  That is a death spiral that we have all experienced which brings us to…

4. The Farming Support

Can we all just agree that hard carries need to be last hitting?

Dazzle doesn’t need a 4 minute power treads.

Shadow Demon doesn’t need a 13 minute Aghanim’s Scepter.

It’s very easy to last hit with Treant Protector, anyone can do it.

Let the carries carry.  The current meta is super late game anyway, the new patch has cemented that.

A support’s role in the lane is to help the carry farm and last hit, harass if you can, pull the lane, buy wards, not force Sven to jungle for an extra 10 minutes just to get a mask of madness.

Most people don’t enjoy playing a support hero.  You don’t get the fame and fortune that comes with carrying.  The role is so super important and wins games more often than not.

How often do you see Omniknight ulting to win a teamfight?  Or Witch Doctor totally destroying another team?

Crystal Maiden is not going to out DPS Slark no matter how much farm she can get.

You don’t need lane farm to do these things.  If you want to carry, play a hero made for it.

3. The Scaredy Cat

You see a ping on the map, an enemy hero is alone.

Ok let’s go get him.  You and 2 teammates go towards him, your Tidehunter blinks in and initiates.  A couple enemy heroes show up, it’s 3v3.  One of your teammates runs for the hills leaving Tidehunter to die for no reason.  You’re stuck in no man’s land alone.

We have all seen this scenario happen one too many times.

Any time you have an initiation advantage you need to take it.  Someone on your team running away is a guaranteed way to lose a fight.  And a guaranteed way to start some flaming between teammates.

But, Scaredy Cat, just trust your teammates, we are in this together, we all want to win.  Work with us, stay with us, we can do it.


2. The Mid Feeder

Feeders in all lanes are a scourge on the Dota community.  But in mid lane it’s the worst.

When you’re playing mid you need to be able to hold your own.  The team is relying on you.

Is it tough to run a mid Sniper against Pudge?

If you answered yes, you shouldn’t be playing mid.

From mid you’re the one who should be ganking.  When you get far behind by feeding you aren’t able to do that.

If one of the side lanes is getting beaten, switching lanes is easy.  Mid lane is a different story because there may not be a hero who can take over for you.

So help out the community and only play mid if you can handle it.

1. The Non-supporting Support

Slightly different than the farming support, this annoying player will focus his time on non useful activities.

He won’t buy wards, he won’t buy courier.  He’s probably allergic to Mekansm.  Mana boots are just too complicated for him to comprehend.

Ranked play is about winning and growing your MMR.  We need good support players to make that viable.  Healing your allies and making them stronger is a guaranteed way to win.

If the supports you’re playing with aren’t supporting, take on the duties yourself.  That’s what is best for the team.  I know it sucks, but it will be worth it in the end.  Having wards is better than not having them after all, and getting salty isn’t going to help you win.  Just suck it up and buy the stupid wards, they are only 65 gold afterall.

Plus it’s a great way to get those elusive commends that everyone loves.

BONUS: The Dota 2 DJ

Call me crazy.

Call me old fashioned.

But I don’t want to listen to Tiesto while I’m trying to stack camps and pull lanes for a Phantom Assassin that can’t last hit.

I realize that you know an underground rapper that people just haven’t heard of yet.  I appreciate that we can listen to some new hip hop artist before he becomes big time, I really do, but I’m going to mute you.


And thanks to the new update I don’t even need to see you type.



Now that you’ve seen the most annoying players in Dota 2 you’ll be able to spot them from a Tier 4 tower.  These types of players will always be around, but we can overcome.  We can grow our MMR enough to put them in the rear view mirror and leave them to the MMR hell that they belong.  If nothing else, we can always Rage Quit.

And don’t forget to check out our other great Dota 2 articles, there’s always something more to learn.






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