[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Items For Weaver That Will Make Him Powerful!

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Cut and Weave

15. Magic Wand

(How much energy can one little stick hold)

Overview: Magic wand cost 450 gold and can be the difference between dying in lane and winning a trade. Magic wand brings excellent mana and health sustain.

Why this Item:

  • Excellent burst healing 
  • Grants 3 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence
  • Depending on starting items can be a cheap pick up

Get this item if:

  • You’re laning against an ability heavy hero
  • You need more than tangos for healing
  • You are exhausting your mana quickly and need a recharge 

Magic Wand Details:  https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_Wand

14. Wraith Band

(Imagine this on Weaver's head)

Overview: Wraith Band is an excellent 505 gold investment, providing early game stats that make farming and fighting easier. These early game stats make surviving easier as well with the Strength and armor bonus.

Why this Item:

  • Bonus 2 armor 
  • Bonus 5 Attack speed to help with farming and DPS
  • Gives Bonuses to many of the important stats that Weaver needs

Get this item if:

  • You plan on building multiple
  • Your laning opponent seems to be out trading or out farming you

Wraith Band Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Wraith_Band?so=search


13. The Leveller

(I wonder why it's called the Leveller)

Overview: Now this is one of the best neutral items in its tier, especially for Weaver the armor makes him slightly harder to kill but combining this item's bonus structure damage with the flash farm of Maelstrom or Mjollnir turns Weaver into a split pushing machine.

Why this Item:

  • Increases your armor
  • More attack speed
  • Makes split pushing easier

Get this item if:

  • It’s found
  • Another carry or teammate doesn't horde it 

The Leveller Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/The_Leveller

12. Moon Shard

(Not going to lie this item looks strange)

Overview: A good item though not necessary, Moon Shard gives an enormous amount of attack speed increasing the DPS you can put out. It also gives you some more vision at night, like icing on the cake.

Why this Item:

  • Great attack speed buff
  • Grants Night vision

Get this item if:

  • You’re losing the damage race
  • You’ve built on hit effects 
  • The nighttime vision loss is affecting you

Moon Shard Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Moon_Shard?so=search

11. Dragon Lance

(Cool Asthetic, with an even cooler name)

Overview: With Weaver being a low-range, range hero closing the gap on him isn't that hard early on but not with Dragon Lance. 

Why this Item: 

  • Increases his attack range when his third ability is active
  • Increases Strenght and Dex significantly

Get this item if:

  • You are building a Hurricane Pike
  • You want to harass your opponents with your range
  • It is not safe to duel the enemy carry in melee range

Dragon Lance Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Lance

10. Black King Bar

(The evil man's cave)

Overview: Black King Bar or otherwise known as BKB costs 4050 gold, this item is normally a pick-up when you’re ahead and have the full undivided attention of the enemy team.
Why this Item:

  • Cast is a minor dispel 
  • Grants spell immunity, good against crowd control
  • BKB increases damage and strength 

Get this item if:

  • You need more health
  • The enemy team has a lot of CC
  • The enemy team has few abilities that pierce spell immunity

Black King Bar’s Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Black_King_Bar



9. Diffusal Blade

(Such a good item)

Overview: For only 2500 gold you can buy your own Diffusal Blade and keep your enemies down by using their mana bar against them.

Why this Item:

  • Has the mana break passive to burn away your opponent's mana 
  • Agility heroes benefit from this because of their normally high attack speed
  • Gives you a slow to secure enemies who would normally have gotten away 

Get this item if:

  • You are building Manta-Style
  • Your enemies do not have a large mana pool so you can stack additional damage
  • Gives you a means of CC in the form of an active Slow

Diffusal Blade Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Diffusal_Blade



8. Bloodthorn

(You to could own this clearly villainous weapon)

Overview: Did the enemy pick a bunch of burst Intelligence heroes? Can’t survive that magical onslaught? Well, pick up a Bloodthorn, making it a lot easier to survive the burst and pick up the kill.

Why this Item:

  • This item gives lots of useful and large bonuses to key stats
  • Makes attacks apply debuffs to the enemy reducing their spell damage

Get this item if:

  • Your opponents have lots of heroes who depend on their abilities
  • Your opponents have lots of magic damage
  • You need additional means of bursting your opponents 

Bloodthorn Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Bloodthorn?so=search

7. Boots of Travel

(Someone should return Hermes' boots)

Overview: Even though you might have bought Power Treads for your early game. These are an awesome pick when roaming throughout the jungle looking for good pick-offs.

Why this Item: 

  • Grants a lot of additional move speed which is great for Weaver
  • Allows for farming and split pushing 
  • Makes Weaver even harder to catch and lockdown

Get this item if:

  • You keep getting caught by the enemy carry
  • You keep running out of Town Portal Scrolls

Boots of Travel Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Boots_of_Travel

6. Hurricane Pike

(Definely not the most visually appealing)

Overview: After building the dragon lance you might want to finish it up, increasing the max range you can punish from and even putting some distance between you and those aggressive Offlaners.
Why this Item:

  • Hurricane Thrust is a great kiting item
  • The range extension for your ranged attacks is slightly greater than dragon lance
  • Additional HP

Get this item if:

  • You are prioritizing ranged fighting in team fights
  • The enemy carry is Melee
  • You are looking to increase all of your stats for later stages of the game

Hurricane Pike Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Hurricane_Pike

5. Daedalus

(When you can't spent to long defeating the enemy carry) 

Overview: Another solid pick-up coming in at number five. When you see a Weaver with Daedalus, do your KDA a favor and respect that 225% damage.

Why this Item:

  • Drastically increases damage output
  • Grants 30% chance for attacks to do 225% damage 

Get this item if:

  • You need more damage to take on heroes like Undying and Brewmaster
  • You built Desolator 

Daedalus Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Daedalus?so=search


4. Desolator

(The modern day reaper's scythe) 

Overview: Are you abusing your lane? Are you a roaming God?! Well pick up a Desolator and get some scaling damage as you pick up kills!

Why this Item:

  • Great for mid-game roaming 
  • Great against heroes with high armor 
  • Good damage bonus

Get this item if:

  • The enemy is building armor 
  • You have been able to successful roam 
  • You’re scoring lots of kills this match

Desolator Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Desolator?so=search

3. Monkey King Bar

(Ah yes, more patronage to the Monkey King)

Overview: This item has not only some awesome art but is a super solid pick-up. One of Weaver’s nightmares is an evasion building enemy carry well never fear the Monkey King Bar is here.

Why this Item:

  • Large damage increase
  • High chance to pierce evasion
  • Bonus on hit damage on Evasion pierce

Get this item if:

  • The Enemy has evasion heroes 
  • You need additional attack speed to increase your DPS
  • Your damage has begun to fall off 

Monkey King Bar Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_King_Bar?so=search

2. Aeon Disk

(This item looks like it belongs in a time travel series)

Overview: This item hits the number 2 spot with some interesting artwork. This item makes surviving in late game so much easier as most people are going to try to CC and burst you preventing all escape, well not with Aeon Disk!

Why this Item:

  • A bunch of bonus Health and Mana
  • Combo-breaker can be the very thing to save your life in late game 

Get this item if:

  • It’s late game
  • You’re being focused 
  • The opposing team has lots of heavy CC

Aeon Disk Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Aeon_Disk


1. Mjollnir

(This brings the thunder and the lightning)

Overview: Mjollnir is an excellent gold investment. It’s flash farming potential mixes great with Germinate increasing the chance for its passive to proc.

Why this Item:

  • Great Dps increase with bonus attack speed
  • Great against heroes building evasion

Get this item if:

  • Farming is a problem for you 
  • You need a deterrent from the enemy melee heroes 

Mjollnir Details: https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Mjollnir

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