[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Jokes That Are Really Funny

After a long hard session of Dota, you may want to wind down and chill. Nothing better than catching a drink and unwinding, even better when you have some lighthearted jokes for your entertainment. To help you tickle your funny bones, we have compiled a list of the Best 15 Dota Jokes which are guaranteed to crack you up!


Why did Sniper fail gymnastics? He could never be balanced


Watch out for Slark...he's a little fishy


Do you know the thing about people who hate playing against void? They just wanna Face Less void!


Why did Lone Druid leave the lane? He couldn't bear it.


Why couldn't Juggernaut talk to his therapist? He masked his emotions!


How does Morphling greet someone? He waves.


Why does Slardar hate Rubick? Because he stole his crush.


Do you have a Butterfly? Because I always miss you.


What did Tidehunter say to the comedian? “You’re Kraken me up!”


What is Tinker's favorite month? march MARCH!


Why did Kunkka go to Jail? Cause he torrents too much.


Why does Earth Spirit hate toy guns? Because he got nerfed. (Desperate plea to buff my boy).


Where does Spirit Breaker go toilet? The Bara-thurum (bathroom)


Why is Pugna bad support? Cause he Nether wards!


A Dota player and a League of Legends player were having a conversation, the Dota player said LoL sucks, the League player couldn’t deny.

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