[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes That Wreck Hard!

The best Mid-Hero
The dominant species.

Mid lane is by far the most important lane in the game, only the most strategic, informative, experienced players can master this lane, it is the playground for making big plays , gaining early game advantages and altogether determining the fate of the game.

Mid heroes often have the most impact from start to finish, getting runes, ganking in top and bottom lanes. These heroes have big power spikes with early levels and have an overall dominance in the game.

The opposite can also be said, if mid lane is failed by the player it is basically over for his team unless the carry does some incredible plays and gets more farm than the enemy.

Mid lane is difficult to play as it hosts a roster of heroes with complicated spells, item builds and timings, these are the top 10 best dota 2 heroes that wreck hard at mid:


10) Queen of Pain

Pain is gain.

Queen of Pain is an intelligence hero with strong lane potential and deadly arsenal of abilities that makes her one of the strongest mid laners, she constantly harasses the enemy hero with her shadow strike dealing 120 initial damage and 90 damage/3 seconds for 15 seconds total and slow the movement speed of the target, this allows QOP to maintain the dominance over enemy hero in early game.

Queen of Pain is an agile hero that jumps while dealing huge area damage and uses her blink to jump on enemies that are running; her blink ability allows her to teleport a short distance with 6 seconds of cooldown. This helps qop to jump in and out of battle dealing burst damage and finishing her prey with sonic wave that deals 560 damage with 125 seconds cooldown and also a knockback.

Queen of Pain is a deadly hero and in the hand of an experienced player it can even solo carry a game.

What makes her great:

  • Early power spikes with high damage dealing abilities.
  • Blink strike to escape or jump in when necessary.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre upgrade decreases the cooldown of her ultimate to an absurd 40 seconds with increased 680 damage.
  • Her scream of pain can be used to flash farm waves of enemy creeps.



9) Death Prophet

Death is at your door.

Death Prophet is an intelligence hero that can also be considered a tank as her abilities heal her while damaging enemy heroes at the same time, death prophet is one of the few mid heroes that are at front lines soaking up enemy damage for her team.

Death Prophet excels at pushing lane taking towers; her crypt swarm sends a wave of bats dealing 300 damage at max level with 5 seconds cooldown; this can be spammed heavily for flash farms and pushing in lanes.

Her spirit siphon is one of the most OP abilities, death prophet can target 4 heroes/units at the same time draining their health 5.5% each for 6 seconds and gets healed for the amount drained. She can just use the spirit siphon of enemy heroes and run in the battle, draining their hp and dealing damage without the care of dying.

Her ultimate exorcism is for the most part used for taking enemy towers; Exorcism unleashes evil spirits that drain the health of units and structures, lingers for 35 seconds and heals Death Prophet for a portion of damage dealt. You can see the game is drain and heal, go in drain health, take towers and win games.

Why death prophet is great:

  • Can flash farm with crypt swarm and during defense can just be spammed standing on high ground.
  • Her silence when applied in an aoe and combined with spirit siphon enemies can't stand and fight; they simply run unless they are overfarmed.
  • With exorcism taking towers is a matter of seconds.

8) Void Spirit

Styling on your enemies.

Void Spirit is an intelligence mid hero that excels at initiation ,solo kill and keeping the enemies at their edge.

The Ability of Void spirit allows him to jump in the battle, take a kill and escape with his ultimate Astral step.

Void spirit is a fast-paced, high mobility hero that requires careful positioning and knowledge of enemy heroes, with right item build this hero is impossible to catch and kill, Void spirit has insane solo kill potential that far exceeds any other heroes that roam the midlane.

His aghanim’s upgrade is also op that silences enemy hero affected by resonant pulse that deals damage, silences the enemy void spirit wraps himself in a protective shield that helps negate any physical damage dealt to him, pair resonant pulse with his astral step and he can jump in and silence 5 heroes  at once.

However, Void Spirit is also a weak hero and only with mastery of his item build and positioning can this hero be viable. His eul’s build is the most popular one that combines every ability he has in his arsenal.

Why void spirit is a great mid laner:

  • Aether remnant to catch and pull enemy heroes towards you can be combined with eul sceptre and resonant pulse.
  • Ability to initiate 5 heroes without getting caught.
  • Early game solo kill potential.
  • Aghanim’s upgrade that is OP.
  • Dissimilate helps you to either escape or initiate.

7) Ember Spirit

The spirit of fire.

Ember spirit is a melee agility hero that excels at fast-paced gaming, jumping from one point to another and catching enemies standing in the back lines. Ember spirit can soak up ability damage with his shield that can straight up negate high damage dealing abilities, however some intelligence heroes, if paired against ember at mid, can instantly destroy his shield like invoker.

Sleight of fist allows ember to jump instantly and attack all the enemies in an aoe going back to the position from where he launched the ability, this is useful for dealing damage from fog of war without enemies knowing from where he came.

Ember spirit uses searing chains to lock down enemy heroes, chaining them and dealing 300 damage; this ability can be synergized with his sleight of fist.

Why ember is a great mid laner:

  • His chains can catch more than 1 target from afar.
  • His shield allows him to absorb spell damage.
  • Ember spirit’s ultimate ability allows him to make his illusion at a long distance from him and can jump to it until the illusion remains.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre gives his ultimate more illusions and an even greater distance; he can jump basically half the map at once.


6) Templar Assassin

Where have your armor gone?.

Templar assassin is an agility hero that is considered to be early to mid game as she does not scale well in late game, however templar is hard to deal with at mid lane with insane damage output and the right item build; she one shots most of the support heroes in the game.

Templar requires fast pace gaming getting fast items and ganking in every lane, until she has her desolator she basically sits still and farms at mid or jungle, her refraction gives her +100 damage and 6 instances where she negates any damage dealt to her, that could be 6 hits or spells

When meld is used she becomes invisible until she remains still, coming out of the meld and hitting a target deals 200 damage and reduces armor by 8, combine this with desolator that already reduces armor and refraction with bonus damage she can easily one-shot heroes.

At the start templar has very low range and should be played very carefully; her ability psi-blades gives her bonus range and an ability to slice through enemies attacking units that stand behind the target, she can hit 2-3 heroes at once if they are standing in a line or the direction she is attacking in.

Why she is a great mid laner:

  • High damage equals easy farming and more kills.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre allows her to teleport to her traps(ultimate) , slowing and damaging enemies, pairing this with a blink dagger that is a must on this hero; she can jump in and out of battle easily.


5) Puck

The Faeire dragon.

Puck is a high mobility hero that has a reputation of being unpredictable and slippery to catch, she requires high skill, only players with immense experience and reflexes can master this dragon, she is mostly played as an initiator or a ganker but recently with her new builds she can be an attacker as well.

Illusory orb allows puck to launch an orb that floats in a straight path and puck can teleport to it at any point using ethereal jaunt, it deals 300 damage and has 10 seconds of cooldown best to clear waves of creeps or catch enemies, going to back lines, escaping.

Waning rift gives puck ability to teleport to a short distance damaging and silencing enemies in a radius with 13 seconds cooldown and 3.5 seconds of silence, she deals 250 damage , pair this with illusory orb she can throw the orb at enemies and teleport in between to silence them.

Her ultimate synergizes well with her other abilities as she creates an orb that instantly latches onto nearby enemies with initial damage of 275 and if the target tries to break that leash and run, they get stunned for 0.5 seconds and receive damage of 400.

Why puck is an incredible mid hero:

  • All of her abilities allow her to initiate or escape at any moment.
  • Her phase shift makes her invulnerable for 3.5 seconds; for this time she shifts to another dimension and is not visible.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre allows her ultimate to be effective against Black king bar(BKB) as well.

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