[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Offlane Players In The World Right Now

The offlane in Dota is quite the dark horse role to play, as you can either make or break the game with your performance. An offlane player is like the middle child, he has to do things on his own while the other lanes are looked after! These players are often resilient and can hold their nerves in high-pressure situations.

We bring you the Best 10 Offlane Players in the World, these players have won numerous tournaments and are considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to mechanical skills and experience. We hope you study their highlights and rank up in your pub games.

10. Collapse

You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about Collapse. He was undoubtedly the MVP at the Internationa 10, due to his mind-boggling performance and mechanical skills. His high octane gameplay made even the best players look, like amateurs. Collapse knows how to dominate.

Starting at a young age, Collapse reached 8k MMR at the age of 17, literally 2 years before winning TI! His impressive pub performance was scouted by Team Spirit, signing him onto the team with relatively unknown young players. This band of outsiders was quite unaware of what was coming for them, their TI victory was quite a shock to even themselves! 

Collapse’s performance on Magnus and Mars was lauded and he was quickly considered to be one of the most talented players to ever touch the game. Though the recent performance of Team Spirit is quite lacking, we know they will get back to their form once the TI season is around!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 4th Place GAMERS GALAXY  $21,797

Collapse Twitter


9. Fbz

Fbz is the most unlikely name you’ve heard on this list. This is because he is relatively new to the pro Dota scene. Though he has found instant success in the SEA region with his team BOOM. His excellent and calculated playstyle has made us include him on this list!

Fbz loves playing the offlane and is known to play a wide variety of heroes. These include heroes that provide crowd control and immense tempo. Even in the losing games, Fbz puts up a show with his impressive game knowledge and map awareness. He is one of the most sought-after players in the SEA region.

Fbz has a very calm and slow-paced playstyle. This means that he prioritizes farm and levels over kills, but he does not shy away when the iron is hot! Fbz loves to rotate as early as he can on his heroes, often when he gets his ultimate. Rushing Blink Dagger along with the Black King Bar is preferred by him due to the mobility and resistance it provides! 

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Gamers Galaxy  - $100,000

Fbz Twitter

8. 33

33 is a seasoned Dota veteran, who has proved his worth in many tier 1 teams for over a decade right from Dota 1! His astonishing gameplay and map awareness is quite unparalleled in the EU region. As an offlaner, he loves to play a wide range of heroes that are unique in their own way.

Heroes such as the Brewmaster, Dark Seer, and Visage are a specialty of 33 as he excels quite well on micro-centered heroes as they require more skill and efficiency. He also has the penchant for playing complex heroes and making it look easy as he does it! Regardless of the laning phase, 33 comes out on top by out farming his counterparts and exhibiting excellent decision-making skills!

He is known to build quite unusual items or going unusual skill builds in pro games which are highly situational and need quite the game sense to make it work. His years of combined experience make him a menace to play against even if you’re a highly skilled yet young and inexperienced player!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place OGA DOTAPIT - $73,000

33 Twitter


7. Mind_ControL

This beast from Bulgaria has garnered praise from fans all around the world for his intense gameplay. MinD_ControL has been immensely popular in the European region due to his high game sense and fast-paced gameplay. He is also one of the few Ti winners on this list!

Versatility has been the name of the game for MC, he has every other offlane hero in the Gold or Platinum tier. He is known to exhibit some flashy gameplay and has been a pivotal reason behind Liquid’s victory at Ti7. He is often seen spamming different heroes in pub games, building rather peculiar items but still winning the game!

MC changes build according to the heroes he is facing. Some standard items include Blink Dagger, Shadow Blade, Blade Mail, Aghanim’s Scepter, Shard, and even a Lotus Orb at times. These items are considered to be essential on Axe, as they offer initiation and sustain potential. Your enemies can’t survive if you follow this build!

Recent Tournament Achievement 5-6th OGA Dotapit 2021 - $8,800

MC Twitter 


6. Wisper

Most teams and players are prejudiced against the SA region and they often look down on them. Wiper took this personally and decided to end this prejudice by forming his own team which was able to achieve great success at various tournaments all over the world, this team is what we know today as Beastcoast. 

Known to be extremely mechanically skilled, Wisper was initially known as a great mid-laner. He later focused his attention on the offlane and found his calling there. His hardcore playstyle has garnered the attention of fans and critics all over the world, with Brewmaster being one of his favorites to date!

Brewmaster is played as a utility core by Wisper, primarily in the offlane. He loves building a plethora of items, often changing the skill build according to the game. His favorite items to build include the Blink Dagger, Helm of Dominator, Vladimir’s Offering, Aghanim’s Scepter, and Shard. These items accelerate his gameplay to the next level. 

Wisper Twitter  

Recent Tournament Achievement 13-16th Ti 10 - $600,300


5. Faith_Bian

Not all the players in the mentioned list have won the prestigious TI, Faith_Bian is one of the few Chinese players to have done the unthinkable. Winning Ti at a very young age did not reduce his hunger to compete and win further tournaments, as he is quite dedicated to the game.

Offlane is the primary lane played by Faith_Bian, it is one of the only lanes where Axe suits the most. His threatening aura in-game is quite the opposite of his real-life humble persona. He is often considered to be one of the most skilled offlaners from the CN region! Winning Ti has only increased his hunger for the game!

Every hero is a lethal hero and Faith_Bian is a lethal player, one fits the other like a glove! He loves opting for items such as the Blink Dagger, Blade Mail, Boots of Travel, Black King Bar which allow him to use his spells to the fullest without worrying a bit about his HP and resistance. If not controlled, his Axe can quite easily capture the tempo of the game!

Recent Tournament Achievement 2nd Place The International 10 $5,202,400


4. IceIceIce

The man, the troll, the legend himself, Iceiceice is one of the best players to emerge out of the SEA region. Despite the age-related stigma in esports, Ice continues to play professionally and excels at doing so. He is regarded as one of the last standing old guards of Dota. 

Ice is an exceptional player, with in-depth knowledge of the game. He is known to be a silent mastermind while having fun in-game and trolling his opponents every chance he gets! There are a lot of heroes he loves to play, and his pool is never-ending! Ice loves to maximize his hero’s potential by harassing his enemies and being a very aggressive player.

Ice has a lot of tricks up his sleeve! He loves to play an offensive lane, often seeing harassing the enemy supports and chasing them down to decimate them. This is followed by him ganking other lanes and securing farm both for him and his cores. Ice loves building items like Black King Bar, Eul’s Scepter, Blink Dagger. These items allow him to act offensively. 

Recent Tournament Achievement  9-12th Place The International 10 - $800,400

Iceiceice Twitter 

3. ATF

Our very own young Ammar shook the pro scene with his incredible mechanical skills and a rather unorthodox playstyle. His controversial demeanor adds fuel to the fire and makes the current OG lineup live up to its spicy legacy. Constant taunts and item drops make him a fun player to spectate.

Most people are shocked that ATF was only 16 when he joined the legendary OG team. Hailing from Jordan, young Ammar is a very driven player. His playstyle is ruthless and he knows every trick in the book. Even if he has a bad time in the laning phase, he dominates the late game with his excellent decision-making. Known to play space creator heroes like Mars, Razor, and Timbersaw, he knows exactly how and when to initiate.

ATF’s dominating playstyle was one of the reasons why OG won the recent major held in Stockholm. He is currently one of the youngest players to win a tournament! His domination at such a young age only means he is going to get much better and probably be at the number one spot on this list next year.

Recent Tournament Achievement 1st Place ESL ONE Stockholm - $200,000

ATF Twitter 

2. Sabrelight

Not all pub stars manage to make a name for themselves in the pro scene. Saberlight did the unthinkable by being one of the most talented players to emerge from the EU scene in the last 2 years. Being one of the most sought-after offlaners, Sableright deserves a high ranking on this list for his exceptional Brewmaster playstyle.

Along with being an incredibly skilled player, he is seen in the top 10 of the MMR leaderboards, a feat which is truly impossible to achieve in the EU region due to its sheer competitive nature. Micro intensive heroes are favored by Saberlight due to the immense potential they bring, making Brewmaster one of his most played heroes!

TSM’s domination in both NA and the Stockholm major can be credited to Sabrelight’s dashing performance. Even though TSM placed 2nd at the Stockholm Major, everyone was happy with their performance. The initiating heroes played by Sabrelight are quite difficult to master, but that’s what separates a good player from the best player.

Recent Tournament Achievement 2nd Place ESL Stockholm 10 $100,000

Saberlight Twitter


1. Zai

Zai made his splash on the competitive scene at a very young age, he lead big teams to victory with his impressive gameplay. He is also very versatile and has played a wide range of roles throughout his pro career.

Zai is now playing the offlane role, he is often seeing picking bizarre heroes on his streams. Axe remains his favorite to chill after intense games, and he is quite good at it! Zai is always impressive on his hero pool, jumping into enemy backlines and making questionable plays at times.

Zai isn’t known to be the aggressive type of player, but he gets the work done! He loves to build initiating items, including Blink Dagger and Force Staff which are later combined with utility items which turn him into an unkillable machine! There is no escape if you let Zai get fat!

Recent Tournament Achievement- 9th-12th Place ESL Stockholm
Zai Twitter 

Zai Highlights 

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