[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Agility Heroes That Wreck Hard!

Best Agility heroes of dota 2.

Mobility, game changer, and fast-paced are few of the characteristics of an agility hero. These heroes mostly rely on farming and dominating the late game however as we will see there are agility heroes that scale well even without farm and can roam or even play the role of a tank.

Most of the abilities of agility heroes help them to farm faster and deal more physical damage than other roles, these heroes play the role of carries, roamer , mid-laner and tank.

Now you might think how a hero which is designed to farm and dominate late in game can tank or even roam, well that is what dota is anything can work even the items that seem useless can change the flow of the game, like recently people are playing strength and agility heroes as supports and intelligence heroes as carries, it changes with meta but what does not change is diversity of the ways you can play a single hero.

These are few of the best agility heroes that fit the categories of not only carry but other roles as well:


10) Riki

Cant see me.

Rikimaru is roamer/carry hero that feeds on weak support heroes looking to gather few coins here and there, riki is a vicious hero with a speciality that is invisibility, his ability provides him with permanent invisibility that remains until he hits a target or is detected with sentries, gem and dusts.

Riki is one of the few heroes whose item build hasn't changed a lot from the old dota 1 days. The one item that is considered to be critical is the diffusal blade that chips away mana of enemy with every hit, why is it critical? Well with his blink strike that allows him to deal bonus damage to enemies from behind paired with a diffusal blade with increased damage to mana, the overall damage to an enemy hero is increased massively.

Aghanim’s shard makes this hero a viable option to roam the map, shard gives riki a new ability called sleeping dagger that when used throws a dart that puts the target to sleep for 4 seconds and if the target receives 200 damage it wakes up, combine this with his roam build that includes meteor hammer makes this a dangerous mix.

Why this hero is great:

  • Can easily kill backlines.
  • Can be played as a roamer.
  • Can dodge and run away with his blink strike and trick of trades.
  • Invisibility helps him to pass through enemy lines.


9) Monkey King

Return to monke.

Monkey king is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with all the jumping and instant life steal this hero is one of the best sustainer in the lane, with jingu mastery that is activated after the fourth hit, his staff gets charged and deals bonus physical damage and lifesteal with every next attack, this buffs lasts for 35 seconds with one caveat that this ability doesn't work on creeps, but no need to be disappointed as this synergizes with his boundless strike; MK enlarges his staff and strikes the ground in front of him dealing 225% critical damage pair this with his jingu mastery and monkey king can instantly regenerates his health with this strike and it also works on creeps as well.

Tree dance allows monkey king to jump from tree to tree scouting the area, monkey king can also use his other abilities while standing on a tree, this makes tree dance a viable option to initiate a battle from fog of war, with mischief mk can change his appearance to the liking of his surrounding, like a tree ,a stone and even a courier this allows him to deceive enemy heroes looking for him in the trees.

What makes this hero great:

  • Has one of the best initiating ultimates, Wukong’s command; this makes a ring of soldier around monkey king in a big area, these soldier has attacks of mk and only deal damage to enemy heroes, his ultimate give monkey king bonus armor and spells duration, initiating with wukong’s command and then immediately using boundless strike makes sure that enemy heroes are standing in his ultimate for a while.
  • Can easily escape with tree dance or mischief.
  • Good at pushing lanes with primal spring allows him to jump from a tree to an area dealing damage.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre continuously makes his ultimate’s soldiers around him that deals damage to towers as well making him a pusher.


8) Morphling

Dangerous waters.

Morphling is one of the most difficult heroes to play and master only the pros can use this hero to its fullest, morphling is a carry through and through but what it is used as is instantly nuking an enemy hero and killing it, ethereal blade is standard for morphling everything depends on the timing of his e-blade, what makes this hero difficult is his ability to change his agility and strength attributes at will, attribute shift when used on agility grants bonus agility same as attribute shift (strength) that grants bonus strength.

Early game morphling is weak with agility maxed out with attribute shift this makes him an easy target, however this also allows him to farm at a shocking pace with insane physical damage granted from increased agility allows him to farm faster than any hero, knowing when to use his strength and agility makes or breaks his game.

Adaptive strike is the nuke we talked about earlier, adaptive strike (agility) damages the enemy based morphling’s agility and adaptive strike (strength) stuns( duration depends on strength attribute) the enemy based on morph’s strength, adaptive strike (agility) combined with attribute shifted to agility and e-blade that also grants agility deals insane amount of damage, but e-blade when used on a hero puts it in an ethereal state during which it is susceptible to increased magical damage as adaptive strike is used during ethereal state consider the enemy dead on spot, only few heroes survive this combo.

What makes morphling great:

  • His ultimate allows him to transform into an enemy hero during this phase morphling can use the enemy's abilities at will but not ultimate.
  • His aghanim’s sceptre allows him to transfer into allies as well.
  • When mastered this hero is unstoppable.
  • High early game damage equals easy farm.


7) Bounty hunter

Give me your money.

Bounty hunter can be played as a carry/support, most of the players likes to play this hero as a position 4 (soft support) that roams the map making plays and sniping couriers,what this hero provides is scouting, increased gold on killing enemy and insane kill potential in early game.

Bounty hunter uses his jinada to deal bonus damage, slowing the enemy and also stealing his unreliable gold that is given to heroes as time passes (basically the money you have not earned yourself) , jinada makes the enemy heroes miserable in lanes with continuous stealing of gold.

What makes him a roamer is his shadow walk that allows him to become invisible for 35 seconds at max and when he attacks an enemy during this he slows them for 40% and it pairs with jinada for extra slow and damage.

His ultimate Track allows him to put a tracker of sorts on an enemy hero that tracks them for a duration and also scouts what is going around them if an enemy hero dies while they are tracked, bounty and his teammates receive bonus gold for that kill.

What makes bounty great:

  • Can be played as a carry/support/roamer.
  • Steals enemy gold for himself.
  • Shuriken toss deals damage and also cancels any tps or channelings.
  • Teammates receive bonus gold for enemy kill.


6) Luna

Selemene commands you.

Pushing lanes and taking towers where this hero shines the most, luna is a carry hero that has insane damage and an ultimate that destroys enemy heroes, luna might seems like an easy target in lane however with lucent beam and her ability that grants bonus attack damage to allies makes her formidable and difficult to deal with.

Luna’s glaives allows her to kill an entire creep wave with 2-3 hits, her hits pass through enemies and bounces to others, like if she hits an enemy creep her hit will bounce off from that creep to the next and from that creep to the next until the wave is destroyed, this ability also works on buildings, luna’s glaives works the best when she enters enemy base with a single hit bouncing to every available building destroying even the tier 4 towers in the process.

Her ultimate Eclipse drops lucent beams on targets standing around her with 12 lucent beams no one can survive this ultimate unless there are more that 1-2 heroes standing around her.

Luna becomes even stronger in late game with manta style and satanic , where her illusion’s hits also bounce off from creep to creep or buildings, satanic works the best as her hit bounces she gets insane life steal.

What makes this hero one of the best:

  • Early game pushing potential.
  • Can easily kill 1-2 heroes with ultimate.
  • Increases the attack damage of allies.
  • There are only few heroes that can destroy the enemy's base as fast as her.


5) Mirana

Throw arrow hit arrow.

Like bounty and riki Mirana can also be played as a carry/support/roamer hero. Mirana is one of my favourite heroes to play as a position 4 player, she allows insane early game killing potential in every lane she is in, With her arrow if she catches an enemy consider that enemy dead, her ultimate provides invisibility to the whole team for a set time during which the team can go around the map taking targets or even wiping the enemy team as a whole, however the wards/sentries should be considered.

With as soon as lvl 1-2 mirana can start contributing to the game with her arrow, the longer the distance the more stun duration that arrow has, even if the arrow doesn't land she can escape or go in with her leap and use starfall that helps her to clear the creep waves with a single ability use.

Arrow is the only ability in game that kills the bigger neutral creeps at lvl 1 allows her to get much needed exp in early game, mirana works best with heroes that makes it sure that her arrow lands on the enemy a few examples would be shadow demon, bane, sandking etc.

What makes mirana great:

  • Early game kill potential.
  • Easy exp with arrow kills on big neutral camps.
  • Helping your mid lane with camping in a corner throwing arrows until it hits.
  • Ultimate that provides invisibility to the whole team.
  • Can easily escape with her leap ability.
  • Can easily push lanes with starfall.


4) Medusa

Why are you not moving.

Medusa is top tier agility hero that can carry the team and also take hits for them, she is one of the few tanky core agility heroes that can not only dish out damage but also can take it, with her mana shield she negates most of the damage she receives but this negation of damage uses her mana instead of hp so heroes that use diffusal blade or can burn mana can technically be considered good against her.

Her split shot ability allows her to farm stacked ancient camps faster and efficiently than most of the other heroes, her snake helps her regain mana by taking it from enemy heroes/creeps the last target the snake hits receives the most damage as compared to the first target as the snake passess through enemies.

Stone gaze is medusa's ultimate that turns enemy heroes to stone just like in the greek mythology, after she starts screaming any hero that faces her directly will be turned to stone for a while, this allows her to deal physical damage her aghanim's upgrade applies the characteristic to the snake as well, any target the snake passes through will be turned to stone for a short amount of time.

Medusa is strictly a late game hero that requires to be 5-6 slotted before she can go toe to toe with enemy heroes, her item build synergizes with her abilities like eye of skadi works with split shot, every hit of split shot will be the frost hit of eye of skadi slowing enemies around her.

Why medusa is a great hero:

  • Hard to kill in early and late game.
  •  Aghanim's upgrade turns enemies to stone with snake as well.
  • Easy to farm with split shot and snake making her a great pusher
  • One of the caveats of playing medusa for me atleast is that she is a boring hero.


3) slark

No prison can hold me down.

Slark might be the most dangerous fish type thing you will ever encounter in the game, slark is a high mobility hero that steals the essence of enemies and uses it for himself, essence as in attributes(agility, strength and intelligence), slark steals the attributes of the enemy hero with every hit and if that hero dies slark gets permanent agility from that kill, this way even if slark is not build enough to fight yet he can scale into the late game to fight against monsters that lurk there.

Slark's ability to pounce on enemies that stops them in their tracks with only a few paces to move enemy hero cannot run from it or break the leash, slark can use his pounce ability to run away when he is in a pinch as well, this ability goes well with his essence steal and his dark pact.

Slark's ultimate makes him invisible, however this invisibility is the most special one in the game as he is not detectable by any sentry, dust or gem, during this duration slark gains high hp regen and bonus movement speed of 48% as well, his ultimate also gives him a passive where if no enemy is around slark his hp regen increases substantially.

What makes him great:

  • Ability to negate any negative debuffs by using dark pact.
  • Is great at chasing enemy heroes.
  • Aghanim's sceptre allows him to make a dark cloud in an aoe where his teammates can also become invisible like slark.


2) Spectre


Spectre like medusa is a super late game hero that makes a great carry as well as a tank, unlike medusa spectre has insane mobility with spectral dagger and haunt, spectral dagger allows her to slow and damage an enemy hero and also to traverse any terrain for a short while this helps her great when she is in a tight spot and looking to run.

Spectre is very hard to deal with, dispersion deals damage to anyone who attacks her pair this with blademail and people won't come near her, her attacks goes through you meaning her hit damages you even before she starts to hit you.

Spectre's ultimate makes her global, she can farm anywhere she likes and can jump in the battle with haunt, haunt creates illusions of spectre at the location of each enemy hero and spectre is able to teleport to any of the created illusion, spectre is of the few heroes that does not need to be standing with her team before the battle starts she can just jump in.

What makes her great:

  • High damage equals easy farm.
  • High sustain in lane.
  • Global range with ultimate.
  • Can offer the role of tank in late game.

1) Shadow fiend

The dark lord.

Nevermore will take your soul, shadow fiend specializes in taking the enemy's soul and using it for his advantage in different ways, sf is probably the coolest and most fun hero to play, it has more than 5 abilities and is hard to master but not without satisfaction.

Shadow raze gives sf three different razes that damages in three different distances in front of sf, every raze increases the damage of the next so it is important to try to connect all of them for maximum damage, these allow sf to clear any sort of creep wave and even support heroes only with razes.

Sf steals enemy souls and uses it to increase his physical damage as well as number for souls released during his requiem, Shadow fiend releases collected souls in his ultimate that damages enemies and puts fear in them, however this does not decrease the amount of souls sf has, it only decreases when he dies.

His eul sceptre combo is popular nowadays where a player uses eul sceptre to put an enemy in the air and blink under it and uses requiem, as soon the enemy hero comes down it dies, sf’s requiem confirms solo kill on any hero.

Shadowfiend can also be played as a physical damage hero as his presence of the dark lord decreases enemy’s armor whenever sf is near them, overall shadow fiend is a diverse hero with a lot of skills required to master it, what shadowfiend provides is a fun gameplay with insane op abilities.

What makes him great:

  • 3 raze combo confirms early game kills.
  • Easy to farm and push.
  • High damage when souls are collected.
  • Diverse range of item builds.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre allows his requiem to hit twice and also heals them for the amount of damage enemies received in that area.



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These are Top 10 dota 2 best agility heroes that wreck hard!Let us know about your heroes and what do you guys play in the agility role in the comments below!





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