[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Junglers That Wreck Hard!

The Best Jungler heroes.
Can you please gank?

Heroes that roam the jungle for extra gold and experience with much needed sustain to be in the jungle as there are fearsome beasts lingering everywhere, junglers are the heroes that farm neutral units for most of the time and gain extra advantage over the heroes farming in the lanes.

What you will see is that most of these heroes either have life steal abilities or unit spawn/manipulative abilities, these heroes can roam the map and even gank as seem necessary.

They farm in peace unless the enemy is actively looking for them but that is what wards are for, place them accordingly your path of jungle and you can become a beast in early game, what these heroes allow is a sudden surprise to the enemies with the amount of farm in such less time catches the enemy off guard.


Some of the best junglers in the game are:


10) Enigma

Submit to the eidolons.

Enigma is an intelligence hero that has formidable ability to jungle as he can create creeps and make an unending army of minions that attack in harmony to take down the target, Enigma is one of the most difficult heroes to play that requires perfect positioning and ability knowledge.

Demonic conversion allows enigma to kill a creep instantly from which three little eidolons appear( small enigmas if you will) that repeatedly attack the enemy and multiply, they also restore their health with these attacks. By using this ability in jungle and killing small units, Enigma can essentially make an army and can farm until he is ready to do battle.

Enigma’s ultimate black hole sucks(like a black hole) all the enemies in a small aoe to the centre dealing damage about 200 per second for 4 seconds, this renders the enemy useless as they cannot move or use any spells/items during this, combine this with his eidolons army and he can dish out massive amounts of damage.

What makes enigma great:

  • The ability to push lanes and take towers with eidolons.
  • Game changing ultimate.
  • Easy farm with jungle.
  • Even if this hero is played in a support role you can still get farmed easily with the eidolons.


9) Axe

You get nothing, have a good day, SIR!

Axe is a strength melee hero that is infamous for creating chaos and making the lives of enemy hard, if he gets near you in early game you can consider yourself dead unless you are a beefed up strength hero, Axe’s jungle and teamfighting potential makes him one of the most versatile hero in the game.

Axe can both farm jungle and lane, in lane where you can get harassed jungle can be a safe haven where his ability counter helix comes in, when axe is attacked he has a 20% chance of dealing pure 180 damage by spinning, the more you get attacked the more you spin which makes it easy to jungle as neutral units attack you continuously.

Berserker’s call allow axe to get in the heat of battle and taunt his enemies making them to attack axe who has increased armor for the duration of the call, mix this with his counter helix with 5 heroes attacking him at once that 20% chance can skyrockets, Axe can be played at offlane, jungle or even mid.

What makes this hero great:

  • One of the fastest jungler in the game allowing him early item timings and becoming unkillable.
  • Battle hunger deals damage and slows enemy heroes until they kill or deny another unit, if used on support heroes can make their lives miserable as they wont take farm from their carry heroes they get consistent damage from battle hunger.
  • Culling blade is axe’s ultimate, axe instantly kills an enemy hero if its health is lower than a certain threshold and if he gets the instant kill the cooldown of the ultimate resets.


8) Ursa Warrior

Cant escape these claws.

Ursa warrior is a strength hero that specializes in increasing his attack damage and stomping enemies, killing them with 4-5 hits. This hero is a support’s nightmare, in early game with little resources to sustain ursa thrives, his damage increases with each hit that allows him to do fast, effective jungle.

Fury swipes makes Ursa’s claws to dig deeper into the enemies wounds dealing increased damage with each next hit 36 bonus damage per hit , it only works on the same target if target is changed the stacks starts from scratch, with fury swipes ursa can farm big neutral units at an early stage of the game gaining extra gold in comparison to his enemies.

With the right build this hero is almost unkillable, but it is also easy to kite as he is a melee hero. Overpower, for a number of attacks (6) ursa gains almost maximum attack speed, pair this with fury swipes; those 6 hits can end any support or even a carry hero in the game.

What makes ursa great:

  • His ability to sustain in the jungle and battle and deal insane damage.
  • Easy to play for newer players, however the right build should be learned.
  • Ursa goes into a frenzy when his ultimate is used, gaining damage reduction and status resistance.


7) Nature’s Prophet

One army to rule them all.

Jungle is the area of nature’s prophet, He is the one that can basically do anything in the game, he can be a mid hero, support, offlane, carry nothing is off the table for this hero, but most often he is played as a jungle/roamer, with his great army of treants and his ability to teleport anywhere on the map lets him farm like no other hero.

Nature’s call allows him to convert a certain area of trees into 5 treants that last till 60 seconds and this ability has a cooldown of 37 seconds, you can see how he can make an army to jungle, push lanes and take towers.

Teleportation allows nature’s prophet to be anywhere on the map, this makes him one of the best pusher in the game he can tp, push a lane and as soon an enemy appear he can tp away,

Essentially he does what a rat does chipping away little by little without anyone sensing what he is doing.

As the enemy pushes with 5 heroes nature’s prophet can tp and take their towers and put pressure on their base or even end the game in some instances.

What makes this hero great:

  • Insane pushing and jungle potential.
  • Ultimate that bounces globally on the map dealing increased damage to each new foe it hits.
  • His treant army can solo take towers and lanes.


6) Lycan

Cant outrun the lycan.

Lycan is a strength hero that relies on his damage, movement speed and his wolves. His wolves are controllable and helps him in jungle and lane with small critical strikes and increased damage due to feral impulse which increases hp regen and damage of lycan and all units under his control. This hero like nature’s prophet excels at pushing and taking towers, however with insane amounts of damage and movement speed from his ultimate he can kill support heroes in like 4-5 hits.

Howl reduces armor and attack damage of enemies around lycan, pair this with desolator build he can dish out massive physical damage, summon wolves summons two wolves to fight for lycan at max level they are permanently invisible only to be seen when they attack, they can be used effectively to scout or to eat away enemy’s hp little by little.

These wolves make him an effective jungler with high damage and sustain lycan can easily farm the whole jungle faster than most heroes. With his new build that includes necronomicon that also summons two units lycanthrope becomes a tower taking game ending beast.

What makes lycan a great hero:

  • Easy to farm, high damage and sustain.
  • Massive potential for pushing and taking towers.
  • When lycan uses his ultimate he becomes a wolf gaining 200% critical damage and haste speed that is 550 ms, no hero can run from him unless they have ghost sceptre and such.


5) Chen

All the heals.

Chen is an intelligence hero that excels in pushing, gaining controls of creeps and neutral units and ganking. His ability holy persuasion allows him to gain control of enemy or neutral units upto 4 units at max. Chen is very difficult to play and requires insane micromanagement and awareness of the map.

Penitence reduces enemy’s movement speed and increases attack speed of units attacking the target it also deals 250 damage at impact, combine this with his army of units chen can stomp support or even carry heroes in the early stages of the game where he can be a force to reckon with.

Chen has amazing gank potential with controlling the units that have any stuns or auras chen and his allies can gain a significant advantage over the enemy, his units allow him to jungle very easily making him one of the best jungle heroes.

Chen’s item build mostly relies on auras and recipes that heals allies as this synergizes well with his ultimate hand of god which heals allies for 625 hp and can be used globally.

Why chen is a good jungler:

Early ganking potential with taking out enemies as soon as he gains control of units.

  • Ultimate is a life saver and if used at the right moment can change the flow of battle.
  • Aura carrier helps his team with hp and mana regen.
  • Insane pushing potential.


4) Bloodseeker

I am speed.

Bloodseeker is a bloodthirsty beast of a hero that belongs to agility class and has dreadful abilities that rip apart enemies and cause insane division in them, bloodseeker as the name suggest has abilities that relates to blood one way or the other, Bloodrage causes bloodseeker to deal increased spell damage and attack faster but at the cost of 2% health/second.

What makes him a jungler is his thirst that heals him whenever he kills an enemy unit or a hero, this also provides him bonus movement speed whenever an enemy’s health is lower than 75%, when an enemy falls below 25% hp threshold bloodseeker will gain truesight and vision of that hero, multiple stacks of thirst gives bloodseeker maximum movement speed.

Bloodseeker can easily jungle with his ability to heal whenever he kills a unit, this allows him to sustain in jungle as well as lane. During battle bloodseeker is almost impossible to catch as everyone’s hp is low and he is running at the speed of light.

What makes bloodseeker a great hero:

  • Easy to sustain in the jungle and farm faster.
  • His  bloodrite creates a ritual aoe in front of him that comes in effect after 2.9 seconds dealing damage and silencing enemies, this can be used to push lanes making him a great lane pusher as well.
  • Rupture synergizes perfectly with thirst by applying rupture on a target, the target receives damage whenever it moves pair this with his thirst as bloodseeker hits the target it will want to move or run but it cannot and if it does that it will take damage making bloodseeker faster and faster.


3) Legion Commander 

Give me more damage.

Legion commander is a strength hero that is highly mobile and flexible with her builds and can deal insane amount of damage, legion might be one the best solo killing heroes in the game with her ultimate duel where both heroes are locked in an epic duel that can be intervened by other heroes, by winning this duel legion commander gains 30 damage at max level with more duel victories physical damage of LC skyrockets.

Moment of courage allows legion to jungle easily and sustain as legion gains 25% to immediately counterattack with bonus lifesteal of 85% of her total health at max level, legion commander is mostly played as an offlane hero but she can be a carry if that is needed.

The goal of jungling with legion is to get blink dagger as fast as possible after boots and such obviously, it is to catch unaware heroes and gank, she can dagger and duel while her team dish damage helping her to win it, by winning she gains damage and by consistent ganking and dueling legion commander can be a pain to deal with.

What makes her a great hero:

  • Can easily jungle with moment of courage and also can trade hits in the lane.
  • Legion commander can also remove debuffs from allies or herself with her press the attack.
  • Overwhelming odds is one of the best wave clearing abilities and can also clear enemy heroes that easily as well , with base damage of 100 which increases the more units and heroes in the aoe. Imagine if this ability is used when 5 heroes are standing it can almost kill them.


2) Enchantress

Cant touch this.

Enchantress as her name suggest can enchant enemy or neutral units as well as heroes, enchantress is an intelligence heroes that roams around the jungle and ganks in every lane, if a hero is enchanted it becomes sluggish and if a unit is enchanted it comes under the control of enchantress.

Enchantress excels in early game with her enchant ability, gaining control over a unit with stun or a damage dealing ability can easily change the laning phase of the game, however enchantress can also be a damage dealer with impetus that increases her attack damage 20% in accordance with the distance she is from the enemy, basically the more distance away enchantress is from an enemy the more damage the enemy takes. With impetus in some cases enchantress can become a carry hero as well.

Her impetus synergizes well with her ultimate, any enemy that attacks enchantress has its attack speed lower by 200 that is a lot , it is basically standing still, with attack speed lower enchantress can run off in distance using impetus and dealing damage whenever a hero tries to run enchant it and keep on hitting or using the enchanted unit.

What makes her great:

  • Early game changing plays.
  • Nature’s attendants heal allies along with enchantress for about 1500 hp for all its duration.
  • Can become a carry if needed.
  • Enchantress can even become a tank hero with her ultimate in the play.


1) Lifestealer

Have more strength please.

Lifestealer is a vicious hero that can bring down mightiest of strength heroes in seconds, Feast allows lifestealer to steal an enemy’s hp and lifesteal for that amount, the greater the enemy’s hp the more the lifesteal, and what strength heroes have? A lot of hp, lifestealer can kill annoying heroes that have massive hp pools and feast quickly.

With feast lifestealer can easily jungle, whenever he has low hp he can basically hit a neutral unit with more health to gain it and fill his hp pool, combine this with his ghoul frenzy that slows an enemy unit or hero and increases your attack speed on top of that pair it with rage also which increases your movement speed and makes you spell immune as well and lifestealer can tear through any hero easily.

Lifestealer is played as a carry that can jungle or lane as he wishes , while lane gives an overall advantage it can also be a disadvantage when enemy heroes harass you over and over again, that is where his jungle capabilities come in.

What makes lifestealer a great hero:

  • Can easily jungle surpassing the farm of enemy’s carry.
  • Is a strong pick if enemies and heroes with a massive hp pool.
  • Can kill supports easily with rage.
  • What makes lifestealer great is that he does not need any blink dagger or shadowblade to get into battle he is his ultimate infest that allows him to infest into a target’s body and can explode afterwards dealing damage in an aoe, this is mostly used with heroes that can go in battle with their ultimate like earthshaker, sandking and magnus etc.


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These are the top 10 junglers that wreck hard, let us know which heroes you play in the jungle in the comments below!





















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