[Top 10] Dota 2 Best RPG Maps That Are Fun!

Dota 2 Best RPG Maps
Dota 2 Best RPG custom maps that you shoud be playing!

DOTA 2 can be a stressful experience at times. Maybe you do not feel like playing classic Dota, and turbo or ability draft game mode is not that appealing to you. You want something fresh. The Dota game client has a section with arcade games. There you can find community-made, custom maps and game modes. There are many great custom modes like Overthrow, Dota Run, or Pudge Wars. But you are in the mood for RPG. So, let's find out what are the most fun RPG maps in DOTA 2. 


10. Devil Awakening

Devil Awakening gameplay

"In the deepest recesses of Dark Reef prison, in the desert of Kalabor, in the endless labyrinth of Aghanims, a dormant evil stir. Their power of darkness demonizes everything, seeking to penetrate our light." Gather your teammates, level up your hero, and collect items. Prepare for the final battle with the Demon King.

What's Fun About Devil Awakening:

  • You can play this custom game with your friends, or you can try to beat the Demon King alone.
  • The game is divided into 6 chapters, and each chapter is more challenging than the previous one.
  • You begin by selecting your hero, clearing waves and exploring the area, collecting stuff, gaining experience and levels, using all of your skill points in the talent tree, and selecting the appropriate upgrades. When you're ready to take on the last boss and go on to the next chapter.


9. Lostland Raiders

Lostland Raiders gameplay

Lostland Raiders is one of the Tower Defense/RPG custom games that we have on the list. Set up your army, improve it, pick the right equipment, beat difficult enemies, and defeat the final boss to win the game.

What's Fun About Lostland Raiders:

  • Before you start the game, you select the difficulty. After you beat the selected difficulty, you will unlock the harder difficulty. The game mode has great replayability potential.
  • You can play in a group or on your own.
  • Hero Runes are obtained while playing. Try equipping different runes and allowing your heroes to play in different ways. You may experiment with various builds and strategies.


8. Tale of Scourge 

Tale of Scourge​ gameplay

"After the battle between the fairy and the devil for 200 million years, the evil forces have once again invaded the world. Spirits from different planes are called by the gods of creation to descend on the ancient ruins to resist the evil forces." Tale of Scourge is a Rouge-like custom game with RPG elements. The player chooses the right skills and collects treasures. Your goal is to kill every evil Lord of Calamity.

What's Fun About Tale of Scourge:

  • This custom game has full randomization. This means each run is different and the game does not feel repetitive.
  • In every game, there is a probability that a piece of archived equipment will be dropped. The quality of the drop rate is closely related to the difficulty. You can also choose your favourite equipment to enhance it.
  • Because different skill combinations have different effects, you can try different skill combinations and experiment.


7. Watcher of Samsara

Watcher of Samsara gameplay

The second Tower Defense/RPG custom game mode is Watcher of Samsara. This custom game is made by the same studio as Lostland Raiders. This custom game is considered one of the best TD games on the DOTA 2 client. Draw Summon Scrolls of Heroes and Soldiers, and summon warriors to defend against the invasion of monsters.

What's Fun About Watcher of Samsara:

  • This game mode is constantly updated and managed by their developers.
  • At the start, you choose between difficulty and hero. Different combinations bring different outcomes, and it has great replayability and strategic depth.
  • It also features great art because it uses Dota Artifact card graphics.


6. Thunder's COT RPG Rework

Thunder's COT RPG Rework gameplay

Thunder's COT RPG is a rework of the popular Warcraft 3 map called Waugriff's COT RPG. This is the first game on the list that feels more like a standalone RPG game than just game mode with RPG elements. Explore the map and defeat enemies and tough bosses. Upgrade your equipment in order to take on the game's final boss.

What's Fun About Thunder's COT RPG:

  • This custom game has more than a hundred custom items. Heroes are also tweaked. You will need to experiment a little until you find the best build that suits your gameplay.
  • You can choose between many difficulties, but if you want to say that you beat this custom game, you will need to finish the game on the Hardcore difficulty.
  • This custom game can be played by 5 players, or you can play alone. Prepare for more than 60 minutes of entertainment.
  • It is fairly often updated and new items are added.


5. Titanbreaker RPG

Titanbreaker RPG gameplay

"Can you break the Titans?" Titanbreaker RPG is an RPG custom map where the player has to clear the dungeon in order to win. The dungeon is divided into zones, each with its own setting and monsters. The dungeon will get increasingly difficult as you travel through the levels.

What's Fun About Titanbreaker RPG:

  • It is recommended to play with 3 to 5 players, but you can clear the early stages solo.
  • This is the first custom map on the list with a save and load feature, so you don't have to complete the game all at once.
  • Titanbreaker RPG has over 30 custom heroes and plenty of custom items. Also, the Talent Tree has been completely reworked.
  • This custom game mode has a leaderboard, so you can see how you and your friends are doing. Every season the rankings are reset (currently there is season 9 ongoing).


4.  Realm of Chaos

Realm of Chaos gameplay

The Realm of Chaos was developed by Avalon Studio Officials. The main objective of this custom game is to defend your base against powerful waves of enemies. In order to keep up with the increasingly difficult waves of enemies, the player must complete quests, level up his character and acquire items. This is the first full RPG game mode on the list. This mode has a custom story, map, completely new characters (including models and voices), NPCs, and more. Your ultimate goal in this game is to become a saint by finishing the main storyline.

What's Fun About Realm of Chaos:

  • This custom mode is incredibly difficult. It will take you a few hours merely to understand the new mechanics.
  • With everything changed, it does not feel like you are just playing a DOTA 2 custom map, but a whole new game.
  • And if you finished the whole story, there is already a sequel custom game: Realm of Chaos Chapter 2 - The Legend of Mt. Shu.


3. Dota 2 but, it's an RPG

Dota 2 but, it's an RPG​ gameplay

Have you ever played Dota and wished you had more options, as you do in RPGs? There is a mod for that. Dota 2 but, it's an RPG. The game starts just like your regular DOTA 2 game. However, you must first select a class and then a job. Your choice of class will automatically grant your hero new passive abilities at certain levels. The main objective stays the same: destroy the enemy Ancient.

What's Fun About Dota 2 but, it's an RPG:

  • This model is not like the other custom modes on this list. The map, heroes, and even the goal of the game are the same. This is great for people who do not want to play a completely different thing. Instead, they just want something fresh.
  • As you level up, your class will be able to evolve into a new one based on your previous choices. Keep playing to figure out the best hero/class combo.
  • The games are generally shorter than classic Dota matches. So, when you feel like playing DOTA but you do not have time for a full Dota match, try this custom game instead.


2. Roshpit Champions RPG

Rospit Champions RPG gameplay

In the second spot, we have Rospit Champions RPG. This is one of the most complex and engaging action RPGs in the Dota 2 game client. There are many different maps and locations in this game mode (5 max-size maps full of scripted events). Custom enemies with challenging AI and abilities. 30 Unique Heroes with Custom Skill Trees. 300 legendary and 60 ultra-legendary items with custom effects and affixes.

What's Fun About Rospit Champions RPG:

  • This game mode is best enjoyed in a party of four. The developers do not recommend playing alone when you are just starting with this game mode.
  • This custom game has permanent character saving. So, you will not lose your progress.
  • If you feel lost in a custom map, there is a fanmade wiki page to guide you through. Also, there is an official website, where you will find information about heroes and items, a market with live auctions, and daily challenges.


1. ReIncarnation RPG

ReIncarnation RPG gameplay

"Adventure the world of Liminalus and discover its various encampments and cities, journey into the most dangerous dungeons, and embark upon quests to discover what darkness lurks in the world." The ReIncarnation RPG is as close to a standalone RPG as you can get with the DOTA 2 client. You start as a simple novice and begin exploring the world. After you level up, you will have to specialize your character into one of several classes (you can choose between the Warrior, Brute, Ranger, Rogue, Devout, and Mage). As you continue playing, you will be able to further specialize your hero in new and stronger characters. This game has all the elements that RPGs have: a huge open world, quests, dialogue, dungeons, shops, professions, achievements, world bosses, events, PVP, and even cut scenes.

What's Fun About about ReIncarnation RPG:

  • Save/Load system, so you will not lose your progress.
  • If you find that you don't enjoy your character, you can use the ReIncarnate system. You can start a new character from a point in the game that you have already reached.
  • The game may be played single or in group of up to six people.
  • With a single character, you can get up to 10 hours of content.


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