DOTA 2: How To Get Treasure Of The Crimson Witness

DOTA 2: How To Get Treasure Of The Crimson Witness

DOTA 2 has tons of ways to customize the game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your Courier, the map’s landscape, or your Hero that you wanna tweak, there are all sorts of cosmetics to get. Somewhere in the sea of all these cosmetics, there are some exclusive items coming from Treasures of the Crimson Witness. The question is, how do you get those?


Every year, DOTA 2 has its premier event, The International. Apart from the intense matches, spectators are awarded free in-game items in the form of Treasures. What the spectators do with these treasures is completely up to them. Some open them up, while others sell them in Steam’s Community Marketplace.

Here’s how you can get a Treasure of the Crimson Witness from the Steam Marketplace.

Step 1: Open DOTA 2’s In-game Store

The Steam Marketplace is easily accessible from DOTA 2’s In-game store. Just click the Store tab on top of the Main Menu.

Here, you’ll find everything the community’s selling.

Inside Store, click Browse.

Step 2: Find the Treasure of the Crimson Witness

Once in the Browse section, you can search up anything you want in the Marketplace. 

Search up “Treasure of the Crimson Witness”. The screen should show you every Treasure of the Crimson Witness currently available, even if they’re old.

You’ll also find a price listed under each item. These can be super high, reaching over $500!

Step 3: Buy the Treasure of the Crimson Witness

Click the listed price under your desired Treasure of the Crimson Witness. This should open up a new tab in Steam’s In-game web browser.

Here, you’ll see every available Treasure of the Crimson Witness and each one’s price, starting from the lowest.

Click Buy Now next to your desired price listing and follow Steam’s prompts.

Once you’re done, you’ll own a Treasure of the Crimson Witness.

Hopefully, you’ll get something cool from it.

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