[Top 20] Dota 2 Best Heroes For Beginners (Every Role)

Dota 2 is by far one of the most-played games on Steam. Being one of the most popular games means you will have new people trying the game out of sheer curiosity. Every day, hundreds of thousands of players log in to engage in a vicious game of strategy and combat. Most heroes in the game, as we experienced players know, take a lot of time and practice to learn and certainly aren’t suited for beginners who have just started the game. Thankfully, there are various heroes who by design are beginner-friendly. These heroes are highly lethal in the right hands, but can also be used by beginners to help themselves learn more about the game without having the responsibility of controlling a complex hero.

Currently, there are over 120 heroes in Dota 2, but not all of them are beginner-friendly. To help new players understand the game quickly and guide them in their Dota journey, we have ranked the Best Heroes For Beginners in the current meta. These heroes are highly relevant and can effortlessly decimate your enemies within no time. Good luck and have fun!

20. Wraith King

Most players find it hard to deal with the Wrath of the Wraith King! The vampire king is simply too strong in the current meta to just be ignored like that. Wraith King is one of those few heroes who beginners love playing because of his simple toolkit. The laning phase can slightly favor the foes but the late game is a witness to utter chaos and domination from the side of the Wraith King. He can split push with the battalion of his skeletons while he farms away securely, preparing himself for a team fight. He has only one active spell, which makes it easy for beginners to understand the game mechanics while they play a simple hero.

Wraith King is also a great counterpick to most carry heroes due to his tanky nature. His immense lifesteal and crit make him a durable and lethal hero in teamfights. Speaking of teamfights, most heroes do not stand a chance in fights when Wraith King gets his Reincarnate and Black King Bar. He can simply negate all the damage dished out, and in turn, deals truckloads of physical damage to his enemies. Most heroes fall off in the late game as they find it hard to both survive and have an impact, which is a struggle that Wraith King does not relate to!

Why is Wraith King the best hero for beginners?

  • Only has one active spell, making him easy to play for beginners
  • Immense lifesteal and crit chance from his passives
  • Does not die easily as he is tanky, but if he manages to die he can reincarnate with the help of his ultimate.
  • Wraith King is also largely sustainable from the laning phase and farms quicker than most carry heroes.

Top 5 End Game Items for Wraith King

  • Blink Dagger - On cast, Blink transports Wraith King 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage. Blink is used to closing the gap and to get on top of enemies.
  • Armlet of Mordiggian - Provides increased HP and damage, and is toggleable. It aids Wraith King in surviving through the early game.
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides increased physical attack damage, also provides true strike upon physical attacks
  • Desolator - Provides increased damage along with armor corruption on physical attacks. It can also gain stacks when you neutralize the enemy and increase the mentioned perks with the increase in stacks. 
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same for enemies in the AoE.

Wraith King is strong against

  • Doom - Even if he is Doomed, Wraith King can tear down Doom with physical attacks, and can still reincarnate as long as it is off-cooldown.
  • Legion Commander - Wraith King makes a poor Duel target, as he can be already quite hard to bring down once, and then you have to worry about his second life.
  • Witch Doctor - Wraithfire Blast cancels Death Ward in a decent range.

Wraith King is weak against

  • Anti-Mage - Mana Break can prevent Wraith King from reincarnating unless Wraith King has his Aghanim's Shard that removes the mana cost from Reincarnation.
  • Invoker - Invoker can drain Wraith King's mana with EMP, preventing him from reincarnating unless Wraith King has his Aghanim's Shard.
  • Broodmother - Broodmother can easily clear Wraith King's skeletons with Spawn Spiderlings and summon spiderlings in their place.



19. Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage, the magnificent, has various ways of countering squishy spell-casting heroes. Right from the laning phase, the enemies are subjected to ungodly magic damage which they find hard to negate for a very long time, plus all of his spells have low cooldowns, making them spammable right from the get-go. Sky’s silence is also a key factor in making sure that enemies do not get their spells off in teamfights. They hence get crippled in teamfights, as they can’t make a dent in Sky’s game if they get stopped right in their tracks by him. You can even solo-kill certain squishy heroes with the right items!

The best part about Skywrath is that he is a highly flexible hero, and can be played in multiple lanes, making it easy for beginners to get a gist of his gameplay. Heroes averse to magic damage due to their poor magic resistance are affected more by Skywrath’s spells. He takes advantage of this weakness to ensure the enemy does not have any impact on the game. A wise Skywrath player will often try to lane against the squishy heroes, to shove them off the lane or make them waste gold by calling for regen or making them take the walk of shame back to base. If you’re new and lacking a support hero in your arsenal, then Skywrath is a great way to fill that void.

 Why is Skywrath Mage the best hero for beginners?

  • His spells deal immense magical damage right from the lining phase
  • He can farm quickly with the help of his spells
  • His spells also have a low cooldown, and with the help of his quick mana regen, he can spam all his spells on the enemies
  • He can also disable heroes with his silence which also amplifies the magical damage taken, hence it can further be used with his ultimate.

Top 5 End Game Items for Skywrath Mage

  • Rod of Atos - Great for locking enemies down.
  • Ethereal Blade - Can be used in tandem with his other spells and items to deal immense magical damage.
  • Veil of Discord - Amplifies the magical damage dealt to enemies upon usage.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Increased magical damage from Ultimate
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly by enemies and also applies a basic dispel

Skywrath Mage is strong against

  • Timbersaw - Reactive Armor does not trigger magic damage or spells, meaning that even a Pipe of Insight won't give him the massive sustain he normally gets from attacks.
  • Enchantress - Untouchable is useless versus constant Arcane Bolts, and it doesn't help that her strength gain is the lowest in the game.
  • Winter Wyvern -Winter Wyvern is a spellcaster, and the 6-second silence from Ancient Seal can prevent her from contributing much.

Skywrath Mage is weak against

  • Anti-Mage - Counterspell gives Anti-Mage magic resistance to negate a majority of Skywraith Mage's magical damage.
  • Abbadon - Borrowed Time makes it impossible to burst Abaddon down, even healing him up due to Mystic Flare's damage.
  • Nyx Assassin - Skywrath Mage's low health makes him rather easy prey for Nyx Assassin and his lack of armor generally means he'll take the full brunt of a Vendetta strike.



18. Viper

Most beginners love playing Viper as he is quite the lethal and annoying hero right from the first level. He is a master at shooing his foes away in the laning phase with the help of his venomous damage. This damage is only amplified in the later stages of the game when he acquires more levels and eventually, more items. This ensures his foes have no way of stopping him. Most heroes have low armor makes them vulnerable to the vicious Viper’s poisonous magical damage. Viper, on the contrary, loves this matchup as he can freely unleash his venom onto the poor heroes. DPS and slow from his spells are also quite annoying to play against especially as a squishy low HP melee hero.

Low magic resistance and low HP heroes fall off quite quickly in the early stages of the game as they have no way of negating all this ungodly damage until they acquire magic immunity in the mid or late-game. Most players despise Viper as he makes their presence and impact disappear from the game. His ultimate, Viper Strike isn’t even needed to kill some heroes as only his Poison Attack is enough to do the job. Picking a squishy hero against a Viper is essentially a risky decision unless you’re someone like Nisha or Miracle! 

Why is Viper the best hero for beginners?

  • Immense attack range which is only amplified with the items he purchases
  • Low cooldown spammable spells shove enemies off the lane
  • Ungodly magical damage which enemies find hard to negate in the early stages of the game
  • Viper is also highly tanky in the late game, this is the prime reason why he does not fall off or lose his relevancy if the game goes late.

Top 5 End Game Items for Viper

  • Kaya and Sange - Increases stats along with increasing mana gain and reducing mana cost, allowing him to cast spells freely against enemies.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Decreases Nethertoxin duration and increases damage, destroying the squishy enemies in no time.
  • Pipe of Insight - Provides immense magic damage block on activation, and affects the whole team. 
  • Hurricane Pike - Allows Viper to close the gap and deal immense damage to enemies, also provides decent stats and increases attack range
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy magical damage to them upon activation.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the magical damage being dished out to him

Viper is strong against

  • Axe - Nethertoxin prevents Counter Helix from triggering, which significantly lowers Axe's damage output in the early to mid-game.
  • Bristleback - Nethertoxin disables Bristleback and prevents Warpath from building stacks. Besides losing his defensive passive, Bristleback also loses his ability to build up damage over lengthy battles.
  • Earthshaker's kit, except for Enchant Totem, deals magic damage. Corrosive Skin effectively blunts his killing potential with a standard Blink combo among other things.

Viper is weak against

  • Bane - Enfeeble weakens Viper's attack damage, any healing he receives, and his cast range, which makes him unable to harass enemy heroes with Nethertoxin, Poison Attack, and Viper Strike.
  • Invoker - Phantasm and Chaos Strike can eliminate Viper almost instantly with their damage output.
  • Morphling - Viper has no disable, which means he has no way of preventing Morphling from escaping from any of his abilities or keeping him inside Nethertoxin.


17. Razor 

There are many strong ranged heroes in the game but Razor takes the cake for being the best in the current meta. Razor is famous for being a beginner-friendly counter-pick to squishy and melee heroes as he can harass them by stealing their damage and bullying them out of the lane, and there are no exceptions to this. Static Link ruins the enemy laning phase as their attack damage is constantly being stolen by Razor, which is hard to escape from as he has a high movement speed to maintain in the radius. 

Not only that, but the mid and late-game can also turn nightmarish for squishy heroes and supports if they fail their laning phase, lagging behind Razor, which is bound to happen. His ultimate combination with Black King Bar also discourages enemies from initiating on him, making her choose different less significant targets. Though Razor can get out-farmed in the mid and late game, he still has the range and movement speed advantage which makes enemy efforts quite futile in teamfights.

Why is Razor the best hero for beginners?

  • Impressive attack range and speed right from the laning phase
  • Immense physical damage which he steals from his foes.
  • His ultimate can be used as a crowd control spell, which discourages enemies from chasing him further or engaging in teamfights.
  • Wins the laning phase effortlessly due to his annoying skillset.

Top 5 End Game Items for Razor

  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same for enemies in an AoE. This item is exceptional to weaken the armor of the tanky enemies.
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete the enemy from the fight. This item is essential as it allows you to use Eye of the Storm twice in teamfights.
  • Shiva’s Guard - Upon activation, it deals damage in an AoE around Razor, slowing down the affected targets. It also provides increased armor and reduces enemy armor in an AoE.
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Eye of the Storm ultimate affects buildings and deals immense damage to heroes as well. The shard is extremely useful against enemies as it allows you to push lanes and deal high tower damage.
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage to them upon activation.
  • Heaven’s Halberd - Upon usage, it can be used to disarm enemies, making them unable to attack for a few seconds. 

Razor is strong against

  • Bristleback - Eye of the Storm melts Bristleback's armor and makes him much less tanky.
  • Lifestealer - Static Link cannot be dispelled by Rage or Infest, so Razor will be able to track Lifestealer down during an attempted escape.
  • Phantom Assassin - Static Link can lower the damage output from Coup de Grace procs, hindering Phantom Assassin's main source of damage.

Razor is weak against

  • Anti-Mage - Blink can easily break Static Link and Counterspell reflects Static Link on Razor.
  • Huskar - Life Break along with Burning Spear can quickly kill Razor before Static Link steals enough damage for Razor to take down Huskar.
  • Outworld Destroyer - Sanity's Eclipse will do a ton of damage to Razor due to his low mana pool.


16. Luna

Beginners love playing high-damage dealing carry heroes and who better than Luna? The moon rider herself can squash the squishy heroes within no time. Laning is awfully difficult for Luna as she has low magic resistance, but she can always fall back on the jungle to farm with the help of her Moon Glaives and decent early-game damage. She is an optimal pick if you want to deal hybrid damage to most heroes, as her ultimate Eclipse deals an ungodly amount of magical damage if she can catch the foes off guard.

Luna’s quick farming abilities and massive AoE damage output which turn enemies into dust in no time are the primary reasons behind picking her. A typical carry hero relatively farms slower, and also finds it difficult to catch up against Luna if the game progresses over 30 minutes. The moon rider offers tremendous wave clearance, which returns her a great deal of gold, she is known to farm and split push faster. Luna can be picked alongside massive crowd-control heroes who can collectively counter the entire enemy team at once.

Why is Luna the best hero for beginners?

  • Deals both physical and magical damage hence has multiple build options
  • Luna is highly active in the late game with her immense damage
  • Luna has relatively low difficulty, making it easy for new players to try her out
  • She also farms extremely well due to her Moon Glaives, making her an efficient hero.

Top 5 End Game Items for Luna

  • Eye of Skadi - Great for reducing Terrorblade’s regen while also providing stats.
  • Satanic - Can quickly heal up on physical attacks upon activation, also provides basic dispel from the latter.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Butterfly - Increased evasion, agility, and movement speed
  • Manta Style - Dodge enemy spells and can be used to push lanes
  • Hurricane Pike - Allows Luna to close the gap and deal immense damage to Terrorblade, also provides decent stats 

Luna is strong against

  • Arc Warden - Luna's short range and fast movement speed allow her to fight Arc Warden inside his Magnetic Field.
  • Enchantress - Though Enchantress’ Untouchable can greatly reduce Luna's attack speed, and can go through any form of Spell Immunity, she has a pitiful HP so Lucent Beam and Eclipse can kill her very quickly.
  • Lifestealer - Although Lifestealer can avoid Eclipse with Rage and Infest, Luna's physical damage can be enough to deal with him.

Luna is weak against

  • Juggernaut - Both Blade Fury and Omnislash are direct counters to Eclipse, offering Juggernaut spell immunity.
  • Meepo - Meepo can shut down Luna's split-push ability with his global presence.
  • Pudge - Flesh Heap's magic resistance allows him to survive Eclipse, and Meat Hook and Dismember can disable Luna through her Black King Bar.


15.  Pudge

Pudge, the menacing butcher is undoubtedly one of the most picked heroes in the game. His popularity is credited primarily due to his Hook spell, which drags enemies from a significant distance back to the Pudge, for him to mow them down within no time. Most heroes can fare well against Pudge in the laning phase as they can deal immense damage to him or brush off his spells as he does not have any follow-up in the early game. But as we know, most heroes require their ultimate to be strong, and if Pudge is quick enough to acquire his level 6 before his foes, he can go around the map ruining their gameplay and decimating them in no time. 

You don’t have to be the greatest hooker in the game but it does not take a Dendi to hook stationary targets. Pudge can easily save his allies or eat them if they are caught in an unfair teamfight, healing them while they’re inside him. He is also extremely tanky and can be ignored by enemies if he has his Rot spell on. Overall, a good Pudge can do enough damage to make most players abandon the game entirely!

Why is Pudge the best hero for beginners?

  • Immensely tanky hero right from the laning stage
  • Deals immense AoE damage with Rot, which can also be used for farming and chasing enemies down while slowing them
  • Pudge is also highly picked as an initiator, making him a perfect fit in multiple roles regardless of the meta.

Top 5 End Game Items for Pudge 

  • Aether Lens - Provides increased cast range on items and spells, and can be used to catch the Void off-guard with the increased range.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Can “eat” an ally, basically ingesting them and healing them inside him, it can be used on allies inside Chronosphere.
  • Blink Dagger - Upon cast, Blink transports Pudge 1200 units in the distance he is facing, can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage, though Rot damage does not count. Blink is used for closing the gap and to get on top of Void, or it can also be used to escape away from him.
  • Blademail - Reflects Void’s damage to him upon activation. This is highly useful in teamfights if you time it right as Void is about to use Chronosphere, making him ignore you for the majority of the duration. 

Pudge is strong against

  • Drow Ranger - Meat Hook can pull Drow Ranger to Pudge, disabling her Marksmanship.
  • Phantom Assassin - If Phantom Assassin jumps on Pudge first with Phantom Strike, she will be a very easy target for Pudge's Meat Hook and Dismember combo.
  • Spectre - He can easily tank the damage reflected by Dispersion due to his high strength and the healing from Dismember.

Pudge is weak against

  • Pudge - Mana Break can quickly drain Pudge's low supply of mana, which may render Meat Hook and Dismember unusable.
  • Bristleback - Bristleback, in combination with his strength gain, high health, common itemization for magic resistance, and damage reduction from Bristleback makes him a poor target for Pudge.
  • Doom - Doom disables the toggling of Rot and, if cast at the right time, may leave Pudge with a potentially lethal health drain.


14. Zeus

Zeus, the Thundergod is quite undoubtedly the greatest beginner-friendly mid-hero and a counter-pick to squishy magic resistance heroes. Zeus fares extremely well if he is laning against certain heroes as he can smite them down in the early game as soon as he reaches level six. This allows him to gank other lanes without even being there! Zeus is also an excellent farmer which allows him to acquire multiple items which help him further dominate the game. The game gets slightly icky if the enemies get magic resistance items but as long as Zeus is in the backlines, he can pump out enough damage to turn the tides in his favor. 

If the Zeus manages to acquire items like Aether Lens and Veil of Discord quickly in the game, then the squish mid heroes can’t handle the DPS, which proves to be extremely lethal. Ideally, most heroes do not want to build a BKB, but facing a magical Zeus will force them to opt for it, slowing down their progress on other more useful items, which can give his carry an edge over them in the late game. The late game is where Zeus is known to shine bright like a star.

Why is Zeus a great hero for beginners? 

  • Zeus' abilities deal high amounts of burst magical damage right off the bat, which ignores the high armor of certain heroes.
  • Can reveal invisible heroes with Lighting Bolt.
  • His spells deal immense magical damage which enemies find hard to contain in the early stages of the game.
  • He is an annoying laner, making his mid-counterpart ferry in regen items or goes back to the base.
  • Zeus' Arc Lightning is also a good way to destroy illusions

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Zeus 

  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete squishy heroes from the fight
  • Arcane Blink - Great for gap-closing or initiating, low mana cost on spells and items on usage     
  • Bloodstone - Provides spell lifesteal and mana regeneration upon activation
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Provides Nimbus which is essential for teamfights in the late game

Zeus is strong against

  • Bounty Hunter- If Bounty Hunter tries to escape a gank by using Shadow Walk, Zeus can gain vision of him with both Lightning Bolt and Thundergod's Wrath.
  • Lich - Lich does not pose a big threat to Zeus in teamfights, as his spells don't have great cast range and Zeus should be too far back for a Chain Frost to bounce among him and his allies.
  • Necrophos - Necrophos' Ghost Shroud increases the magic damage taken by Necrophos.

Zeus is weak against

  • Juggernaut - Blade Fury negates all magical damage from Zeus.
  • Faceless Void - Time Dilation can limit Zeus to casting his abilities only once in a fight, effectively serving as a 12-second silence.
  • Anti-Mage - Anti-Mage can burn mana, which is a big problem for a spellcaster like Zeus who heavily relies on it.


13. Bloodseeker

The vicious and threatening cold-blooded hunter Bloodseeker is known for his mania and vigor. His blades are known to cut deep into his foes, he leaves them bleeding and heavily wounded. He is a lethal force that can never go unnoticed. Bloodseeker is one of those beginner-friendly heroes who can effortlessly jungle or lane, as he is blessed with high base armor as well as high attack speed. His passive sustain him in the lane, allowing him to play aggressively. He can gank other lanes with the availability of his ultimate, often removing heroes from a team fight. 

In the current meta, Bloodseeker is highly relevant right from the laning phase as his damage is significant enough to deal some serious damage right from the get-go. If combined with solid laning support, there is no way the enemy heroes get a chance to escape alive in the initial stages of the game. Even if the game does not go well for Bloodseeker, he can always retreat to the jungle where he can farm and sustain himself quite effortlessly with his spells, making him a top-priority pick for new players.

What Makes Bloodseeker a great beginner hero?

  • Thirst provides increased movement speed and vision to hunt and kill low HP enemies.
  • Gains a maximum of 25% of unit health as healing after killing them, which makes him sustainable as a beginner hero.
  • Massive AoE of Blood Rite, if used efficiently, can lead to both enemy and neutral kills. 
  • High base attack speed is amplified by Bloodrage.

Top 5 Best End-Game items for Bloodseeker 

  • Mjolnir - Provides a chance to do lightning AoE damage to enemies that attack Bloodseeker, while also dealing damage when he is attacking others.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all enemy magic damage spells, making Bloodseeker invulnerable in the fight. 
  • Sange and Yasha - Provide decent stats, agility, strength, and physical damage. SnY also provides status resistance and increased movement speed, making Bloodseeker fast and stronger against his foes.
  • Abyssal Blade - Upon cast, it stuns the targeted hero for 2 seconds. Can be used to quickly lock down enemies, allowing Bloodseeker to beat them down with the physical damage
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to truly strike upon physical attacks while also providing increased damage to Bloodseeker.

Bloodseeker is strong against

  • Clinkz - Skeleton Walk is not enough to outrun Bloodseeker, and is detected by Thirst.
  • Meepo - Bloodseeker can chase down retreating clones when Meepo tries to cycle weaker clones away from combat.
  • Slark -Bloodseeker is one of the hardest counters to Slark. Thirst prevents Slark from healing in the lane with Shadow Dance and may set him up for a kill while in the jungle, or retreating.

Bloodseeker is weak against

  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere prevents Bloodseeker from running down and picking off weak enemies during teamfights.
  • Omniknight - Guardian Angel's near invulnerability denies Bloodseeker the bonuses from Thirst, preventing him from gaining the upper hand in teamfights.
  • Tinker - Laser blinds Bloodseeker, preventing him from getting last hits and denies during the laning stage and preventing him from finishing off enemies.


12. Ogre Magi

Ogre surely has multiple active abilities but it does not take an Einstien to realize his ease of spells. He is just too good to be ignored in this current patch. He is all you need in a beginner support hero, he has high hp and armor, deals immense damage from the early game, and most importantly he has a stun! When Ogre reaches level 6, his ultimate enhances his ability to fight by providing him a chance to multiply the effect of his spells. Most support heroes can’t tank through the damage as they’re naturally not resilient to damage, but Ogre is undoubtedly an exception. 

Beginners love playing Ogre due to his immense scalability in the late game. His Bloodlust buff is highly beneficial to his cores, providing them with increased movement and attack speed. He also can disable people quite easily with his stun and annoy them with his high magical damage which spreads over time. If you’re looking for an easy yet impactful support hero, then Ogre is the right choice for you. His high armor allows him to chase enemies out of the lane while his carry player farms away without any disturbance.

What makes Ogre Magi a great support?

  • Ogre Magi annoying with his abilities right off the bat, as he deals immense magical damage over time from the laning phase.
  • His ungodly magical damage output is further amplified by items that can help him in the middle game.
  • High base HP and armor, allowing him to the frontline in the early game and shield his carry from physical damage.
  • Provides Bloodlust buff to his allies, increasing their movement and attack speeds which is essential during a teamfight.
  • Ogre is also extremely tanky and can shove enemies off the lane or be the frontliner in the teamfights, which not all supports are capable of doing due to their squishy nature.

Top 5 Best Endgame items for Ogre Magi

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Immense increased magic damage and reduced Cooldown on ultimate.
  • Scythe of Vyse - It can be used to hex enemies, essentially making them unable to use spells or items, along with reducing their movement speed for 3.5 seconds. Highly useful to shut enemies down, making them useless in teamfights.
  • Glimmer Cape - Provides invisibility upon cast, and can be used to escape or set up to gank enemies.
  • Kaya and Sange - Increases stats along with increasing mana gain and reducing mana cost, allowing Ogre Magi to cast his spells freely against his foes.
  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats, along with decreased cast range and low cooldown on spells.

Ogre Magi is strong against:

  • Earthshaker - Ignite can prevent Earthshaker from escaping and/or initiating with Blink Dagger, preventing him from using Echo Slam.
  • Templar Assassin - The damage block instances of Refraction can be burned down with Ignite.
  • Nature’s Prophet - Nature's Prophet treants can be cleared by Ignite or Multicast Hand of Midas.

Ogre Magi is weak against:

  • Lifestealer - Ogre Magi has nothing against Rage and his high health pool amplifies Feast.
  • Phantom Lancer - Doppelganger disjoints and dispels Ignite.
  • Oracle - Fate's Edict gives full immunity from Ogre Magi's mostly magical damage.



11. Earthshaker

Earthshaker is often picked by beginners after they witness the lethal potential of this hero in their games. The sheer magnitude of Earthshaker causes his enemies to shiver, and his spells cause even the mightiest of his foes to eviscerate. Earthshaker makes the life of his enemies a living hell with his devastating damage. He is highly effective in the early game as he can rotate lanes and catch multiple enemies off-guard with his spells. You should surely consider playing Earthshaker if you are a positon 4 player, you will not regret seeing him do copious amounts of damage and have a lasting impact on the game right from the early stages.

For beginners, Earthshaker surely requires time, but it is quite worth it as he is highly relevant in the current meta and will help you climb the MMR ladder effortlessly. The terrifying Earthshaker is the nightmare of all illusion-based heroes. He does not let multiple heroes group around either, his stuns and damage are too lethal for his enemies to take him lightly. And above all, he does not require multiple items to have an impact on the game! All it requires is a Blink Dagger to decimate the entire opponent team within a matter of seconds. 

What makes Earthshaker a great hero for beginners?

  • Earthshaker's strong AoE abilities can clear multiple heroes and illusions, or at least make it easier to distinguish the real one by the damage they take.
  • Echo Slam deals more damage against more enemies, which can be devastating against heroes grouping up together.
  • His stun-lock potential allows him to lock multiple enemies down at once and make it hard for them to escape alive if his team follows up with more damage.
  • Earthshaker is a highly tanky laner, making it hard for his foes to neutralize him in the early game.
  • His immense magical damage isn’t negated at all in the early stages of the game.

Top 5 Best Endgame items for Earthshaker

  • Blink Dagger - Blink transports Earthshaker 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any damage. Blink is used to closing the gap and getting on top of his enemies and following it up with Echo Slam.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Causes Enchant Totem to turn into a ground target ability, causing Earthshaker to jump in the air and land at the target spot, casting Enchant Totem there
  • Glimmer Cape - Provides invisibility, and can also be used on allies to escape or to initiate on his foes.
  • Force Staff - Allows Earthshaker to force himself or the targeted unit 600 units ahead in the direction they are facing, it can be useful to escape from enemies or initiate on them.
  • Eul’s Scepter - It can be used to sweep the Earthshaker or the targeted enemy into the air for 2.5 seconds, making them unable to use spells or move. This can be used to lock them down or set up for teamfights.

Earthshaker is strong against:

  • Broodmother - Echo Slam's damage potential increases phenomenally due to Broodmother's hordes of spiderlings and spiderites.
  • Meepo - Meepo's clones count as real heroes, meaning that an Echo Slam hitting them will deal catastrophic damage to Meepo and his team.
  • Phantom Lancer - Phantom Lancer's many illusions increase Echo Slam's damage.

Earthshaker is weak against:

  • Disruptor - Static Storm if used in a fight can prevent Earthshaker from executing his combo after blinking in. Glimpse can also be used before he gets his spells off to send him back.
  • Lifestealer - Rage prevents Earthshaker from damaging and stunning Lifestealer.
  • Skywrath Mage - Ancient Seal is an instant silence that can be pre-cast onto Earthshaker to disrupt his combo before he uses Blink Dagger to initiate.


10. Sven

Sven, the rogue knight is known for inducing fear into his enemy’s minds, his fierce moves and heavy damage scare foes away. Sven is known to be one of the best carry heroes in the game for beginners. There are various reasons why Sven is on this list. He has it all, AoE stun, ease of farming, movement speed, and double damage with the help of his ultimate. Sven is capable of dominating the battlefield all by himself! The items only supplement his abilities and enhance his presence during team fights. His damage can’t be negated so easily in the early game.

Beginners benefit from playing Sven as he is their gateway to picking other carry heroes. They can also learn the farm dynamics and patterns if they master Sven. There are various reasons why Sven is ranked so high on this list, the primary reason is his ability to deal immense damage and devastate his opponents within no time. His reliability is also a primary reason for his relevancy in the game, as he does not fall off in the later stages of the game.

Why makes Sven a great hero for beginners? 

  • Can 1 hit kill squishy heroes and supports in the late game
  • Can easily be 1v5 with lifesteal and damage items.
  • Immense lifesteal with his ultimate, which also deals double his usual damage, making it a great tool in teamfights
  • His AoE stun, Storm Hammer, is a useful crowd-control spell.

Top 5 End Game Items for Sven

  • Echo Sabre - Grants decent stat gain along with immense damage and attack speed
  • Assault Cuirass - Immense armor gain, also reduces enemy armor at the same time
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight
  • Bloodthorn - Silences and deals immense damage at the end of the duration
  • Satanic - Can quickly heal up on physical attacks upon activation, also provides basic dispel from the latter.
  • Silver Edge - Provides invisibility and damage on the first hit, which can be used to escape or set up on enemies or to escape.

Sven is strong against

  • Doom - Doom generally does not impede Sven in any way, provided he has activated God's Strength beforehand.
  • Sven - Warcry allows Sven to tank the damage from Omnislash due to its high armor.
  • Sniper - Sven's high armor and health pool make it difficult for Sniper to focus, as his main source of damage is his right-click.

Sven is weak against

  • Clockwerk - Power Cogs greatly limits Sven's positioning, potentially wasting the duration of Black King Bar in a teamfight.
  • Omniknight - Purification can heal allies while dealing pure damage to Sven.
  • Winter Wyvern - Winter's Curse can be devastating to Sven's team, as his massive damage can take out a teammate before there is much time to react.


9. Bristleback

Bristleback is an exceptional beginner hero as he can just keep on disrupting his lane by constantly harassing other heroes without much retaliation due to his high armor and tanky nature. Enemies virtually do zero damage to Bristleback as he has decent HP and armor along with decent armor reduction, while most heroes have low armor as they lane against this grumpy porcupine. He also farms exceptionally and does a great deal of damage to squishy heroes right from the early game, while they need more levels to prove any useful against him.

There are many reasons why Bristleback has quite literally been a thorn in the side of most heroes in the current meta. He takes no damage while dealing quite a ton of damage in return to him. He is an obnoxious laner, he is but he is quite the fun hero to play since all he does is spam his spells without thinking too much, which he can do effortlessly as he is backed by his insanely high armor, which makes him such a delight for new players to pick. He makes them feel invincible!

Why is Bristleback the best hero for beginners?

  • High physical damage output due to his ultimate, Warpath
  • Bristleback is extremely tanky right off the bat due to his immense base HP, which allows him to sustain in teamfights.
  • Low Cooldown on spells, allowing him to spam them on enemies
  • Only has two active abilities, but both are extremely strong in the late game
  • High base armor and movement speed right off the bat
  • Can mow down towers and squishy heroes easily 

Top 5 End Game Items for Bristleback 

  • Ethereal Shroud - Converts magical damage into mana upon usage and passively offers spell lifesteal
  • Kaya and Sange - Increased mana regen and overall stat gain along with reducing cooldown and mana cost.
  • Octarine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats along with decent cooldown reduction on both spells and items.
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage to them upon activation
  • Black King Bar - It provides spell immunity from all enemy damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight. It is always a top priority item against magic damage-dealing enemies.

Bristleback is strong against

  • Broodmother - Quill Spray destroys spiderlings and hits Broodmother even when she's regenerating in her webs. This makes Bristleback one of her hardest counters in the lane.
  • Jakiro - Macropyre's frequent damage ticks cause Bristleback to activate repeatedly, resulting in free damage as long as Bristleback faces away from Jakiro.
  • Phantom Lancer - Bristleback's tankiness and damage reduction from the rear makes him very hard for Phantom Lancer to chase and finish off, due to his lack of burst damage.

Bristleback is weak against

  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere allows allies to reposition and hit Bristleback from the front, bypassing his defensive bonus from behind.
  • Grimstroke - Ink Swell stuns Bristleback and gets allies in position faster with increased movement speed to attack his front, countering his passive ability.
  • Lion - Mana Drain is a headache for Bristleback to deal with during the laning stage, as it denies him the ability to get the last hits with Quill Spray.


8. Axe

Axe is a fierce and unforgiving war general. He is an exceptional laner and leaves no stones unturned against melee heroes. The latter group of heroes finds it hard to lane against Axe as they are constantly harassed and shoved off the lane with both Battle Hunger and Counter Helix. Just like a typical beginner hero, Axe is also relevant through the late game, but the latter prevails as he has high armor and HP, and does not falter easily. He can always jungle to acquire his Blink if he somehow has a difficult laning phase. Not all heroes can deal ungodly amounts of damage like Axe does, right from the early game.

All it takes is one Blink Call for a full HP carry hero to succumb to the pressure of Axe, this is due to the immense damage dished back to him with the help of Blademail and Counter Helix Spins. Most heroes simply can’t do much to Axe when he obtains items like Black King Bar and Blademail, rendering the former quite useless. As the warmonger is tanky, most enemies can’t penetrate his armor, ignoring him largely in teamfights. Even if the enemies manage to hit Axe hard, they may just be susceptible to the Counter Helix spins, which can mow them down within no time if they are reckless!

What makes Axe a great beginner hero?

  • Counter Helix passive deals massive AoE damage in the later levels.
  • High base attack speed and armor.
  • Call gives a bonus of 30 armor, allowing him to deal more damage to the neutral creeps.
  • High DPS and movement speed make it easy to farm faster, hence accelerating his farm.
  • Decent talent tree that scales well with the right item build.

Top 5 Best End-Game items for Axe

  • Blink Dagger - Blink transports Axe 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage. Blink is used to close the gap and to get on top of enemies and follow it up with Call.
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage to him upon activation. This is a staple item on Axe, as he has enough HP to tank through the damage while reflecting it to the enemy carry, it can make him ignore you in fights.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - AoE Battle Hunger and reduced CD on spells
  • Force Staff - Allows you to force yourself or the targeted unit 600 units ahead in the direction they are facing, it can be useful to catch or escape from enemies.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making Axe invulnerable in the fight.

Axe is strong against 

  • Phantom Lancer - Berserker's Call catches Phantom Lancer when he is hidden among his illusions.
  • Troll Warlord - Battle Trance does not save Troll Warlord from a Culling Blade.
  • Berserker's Call is one of the best ways to lock down Weaver before he has a chance to use Time Lapse. It can also catch Weaver in Shukuchi.

Axe is weak against

  • Outworld Destroyer - Outworld Destroyer's pure and magical damage is particularly effective against Axe.
  • Ursa - Enrage reduces the damage from Blade Mail and Counter Helix to a minimum, forcing Axe to play around Ursa's ultimate ability.
  • Pugna - Decrepify can be used on allies to prevent them from attacking Axe and triggering Counter Helix during Berserker's Call. He can also cast it on Axe to prevent anyone from attacking him.


7. Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger, the skilled markswoman is very precise and deadly against the squishy enemies. Her damage is unmatchable by any other carry counterpart and on top of that, she can penetrate his high base armor with her ultimate. She can deal heavy damage with just a few items in her inventory. She can destroy enemies effortlessly with her long-duration silence, which most heroes find hard to negate in the early phases of the game. These are the primary reasons why she is a beginner’s favorite.

Most heroes can’t stand a chance as the game progresses and the Drow acquires items and gains levels. Having a high attack range provides her with an edge over the latter as the enemies can’t close the gap easily due to Gust which also prevents them from using any lethal spells on her. Drow might be a passive laner but her mid-game potential is unparalleled, making her a great tool to clear his illusions as well as decimate his poor defenses.

Why is Drow Ranger the best hero for beginners?

  • High physical damage output right from the early game
  • Slows enemies down, allowing her to cripple their movement speed.
  • High base armor and movement speed right off the bat
  • Can mow down towers and squishy heroes easily 
  • Great disabler with the help of her Gust which silences her foes in an AoE

Top 5 End Game Items for Drow Ranger

  • Hurricane Pike - Allows her to close the gap and deal immense damage to enemies, also provides decent stats 
  • Silver Edge - Provides invisibility and damage on the first hit which applies break on any passive abilities on the targeted hero, disabling them for a few seconds. It can be used to escape or set up on Terrorblade.
  • Satanic - Provides increased lifesteal on physical attacks upon activation, also provides Drow with basic dispel from the latter.
  • Butterfly - Increases evasion, agility, and movement speed. Butterfly essentially makes her untouchable in the late game due to the high miss chance and physical damage, evading most attacks of the Terrorblade.
  • Mana Style - Creates two illusions of Drow Ranger on usage, also allowing her to dispel certain spells or dodge if she times it right. It can also be used to split push lanes and farm efficiently.

Drow Ranger is strong against

  • Rubick - A well-timed Gust will prevent Rubick from casting abilities from Spell Steal, and his lack of capabilities and low health pool usually die very quickly.
  • Juggernaut - Drow Ranger can use Gust to push back Juggernaut before he can get in range to use Omnislash or Blade Fury.
  • Weaver - A well-timed Gust will prevent Weaver from escaping, and a silenced Weaver usually dies very quickly.

Drow Ranger is weak against

  • Faceless Void - Time Walk could be used to close the distance within Drow Ranger, hindering her Marksmanship bonus.
  • Tinker - Laser along with Heat-Seeking Missile allows Tinker to quickly burst down Drow Ranger due to her low health.
  • Clockwerk - Hookshot lets Clockwerk close the gap to Drow Ranger, disabling her Marksmanship bonus.


6. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is the perfect beginner hero regardless of the meta. She is an immensely popular support hero who can be picked in tandem with any carry hero and nine out of the ten times their lane combo will be victorious. She has all the spells that her enemies hate! Everything from decent AoE damage to lockdown, there are ways to dominate the low magic-resistant heroes. Often, laning is a nightmare for her opponents as they are subjected to constant harassment, shoving them out of the lane. Crystal Maiden does her best when she has levels, making her more relevant as she can participate in teamfights.

Crystal Maiden is by far, one of the least complex support heroes in the game, which explains her high pick rate, she can easily catch her enemies off-guard with her Frost Bite and unleash her Frost Nova on them. She is an exceptional laner, a dominant fighter, and all in all a great way to counter multiple heroes at once with her intense AoE damage. Her toolkit is highly lethal, it does not fall off no matter how late you are in the game. All it takes is one spell to catch unsuspecting enemies off-guard.

What makes Crystal Maiden a great beginner hero?

  • Impressive spells can be used to lock enemies down and deal damage right from the laning phase.
  • Her passive provides global mana regeneration, helping all her allied heroes with their mana regardless of their position on the map.
  • She can farm quickly to acquire items, making her active support
  • Highly relevant in the late game as her spells do not fall off, they’re only amplified due to her talent tree and items.
  • Ultimate can be used in tandem with any ally who has crowd control abilities, allowing her to neutralize multiple enemies at once.

Top 5 Best Endgame items for Crystal Maiden

  • Force Staff - Allows Crystal Maiden to force herself or the targeted unit 600 units ahead in the direction she is facing. This allows her to either escape from her foes or initiate on them, depending upon the scenario.
  • Glimmer Cape - Upon cast, it provides invisibility, and can also be used on allies to escape or to initiate on her enemies.
  • Ghost Scepter - Upon usage, it makes Crystal Maiden immune to physical attacks while making her unable to attack at the same time. She also takes increased magical damage under its duration. This is an exceptional item to save yourself from the onslaught of foes.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making her invulnerable in the fight, immune to any spells that silence her. It can be used in tandem with her ultimate, Freezing Field.
  • Aeon Disk - The disk saves Crystal Maiden from getting burst quickly by her enemy's physical or magical damage, blocking her from taking or doing any damage if her health falls under a certain threshold. It also applies a basic dispel upon reaching the said threshold.

Crystal Maiden is strong against:

  • Terrorblade - While Terrorblade can kill Crystal Maiden due to her low durability with Reflection and Metamorphosis, Crystal Maiden can do the same to him if he is not careful.
  • Phantom Assassin - Though certainly not a "hard counter", Crystal Maiden's skillset (magical damage nukes) does pose a substantial threat to Phantom Assassin through the mid-game, especially if followed up with engagement by her team.

Crystal Maiden is weak against:

  • Doom - Doom alone can easily pick off Crystal Maiden since she is fairly fragile, even with using only basic attacks, Infernal Blade, and Scorched Earth.
  • Earthshaker - All of Earth Spirit's spells allow him to easily close in on Crystal Maiden and kill her. Since she is low health support, she generally stays behind in teamfights, but Earth Spirit can easily close the distance.
  • Jakiro - Ice Path allows Jakiro to easily cancel Freezing Field.


5. Lina

Lina smokes her enemies with her insane magical burst damage, there is no way you recover from this arson. Lina can be called a beginner-friendly hero but only the most experienced players can understand her true potential. She can rip through enemies effortlessly, with both her abilities and physical damage output. Her AoE spells can easily demolish squishy support heroes. High movement speed allows her to rotate through lanes quickly. Lina has multiple builds which ensure nothing but pain and anguish to her opponents.

  You should never play with fire, or you’ll end up getting burnt. Lina’s fiery gameplay cauterizes her enemies, and her quick and dreadful spells burn down her foes within no time. Lina is an exceptional laner due to her quick and available magic damage which mows down her counterparts. She also does not fall off quickly in the late game as she can go the physical damage route if her magical damage seems to wear off.

Why is Lina a great beginner hero? 

  • Immense magic burst potential with all her spells
  • Her magic damage spells are also low cooldown, making it easy for her to spam them and stand her ground in teamfights.
  • AoE and wave clear spells that help her farm faster.
  • Can easily harass/kill enemy heroes after getting her ultimate.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Lina 

  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility on the cast which can be used to escape or set up on enemies
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to truly strike on physical attacks while also increasing attack damage.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Her ultimate, Laguna Blade pierces spell immunity.
  • Scythe of Vyse - Upon usage it hexes the targeted unit, essentially making them unable to use spells or items, along with reducing their movement speed for 3.5 seconds. This is extremely useful to shut down enemies while your team slaughters them.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the magical damage being dished out by enemies.

Lina is strong against

  • Ancient Apparition - Lina builds Shadow Blade (and upgrades it into a Silver Edge), which makes it hard for Ancient Apparition to land his abilities.
  • Morphling - Light Strike Array catches Morphling while he jumps in from Waveform and also prevents Morphling from using his abilities.
  • Enchantress - Untouchable is decently countered by Fiery Soul, exposing Enchantress' weakness to physical damage due to her low armor.

Lina is weak against

  • Anti-Mage - Blink allows Anti-Mage to get on top of Lina and deal damage with his Mana Break.
  • Phantom Lancer - Phantom Lancer can quickly deplete Lina's mana pool with his illusions and deal massive damage from it simultaneously since Phantom Lancer is a natural Diffusal Blade carrier.
  • Faceless Void - During Chronosphere, squishy heroes like Lina will be the main target of Faceless Void in his ultimate.


4. Juggernaut

Juggernaut, the masked Samurai is a deadly hero that is best left untamed. It is impossible to contain him if he unleashes his true potential. Juggernaut fares exceptionally well against squishy heroes, and more enemies are undoubtedly squishy even in the late game. One single Omnislash is all it takes for Juggernaut to demolish squish heroes and feeble supports. On top of that, he also fares well against the mightiest of opponents in the laning stage, as he can essentially dodge the magic damage by just using Blade Fury which makes him immune to magic damage.

Juggernaut can also control the tempo with his ultimate. He can also farm quickly and be more dominant in the mid and late games, whereas most enemies fall off after the mid-game. He is also known as one of the most flexible heroes in the game in terms of item and skill builds, allowing him to alter his builds accordingly. A squishy laner can’t go head-to-head in the late game against Juggernaut, as this matchup is seldom in his favor.

Why is Juggernaut the best hero for beginners?

  • Farms immensely well right from the laning phase
  • His ultimate is highly useful in teamfights as it can be used to mow multiple enemies down at the same time.
  • He has decent magic immunity with the help of his Bladefury.
  • Great base movement speed, armor, and attack speed.
  • Great talent tree that scales well with items.

Top 5 End Game Items for Juggernaut

  • Diffusal Blade - Slows down enemies by 100% upon casting and physical attack. It also burns their mana, making them useless as they are unable to cast any spells. 
  • Sange and Yasha - Provide decent stats, agility, strength, and physical damage. SnY also provides status resistance and increased movement speed, making Juggernaut swift and stronger against most enemies.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Grants Swiftslash ability, which is essentially a mini Omnislash, dealing the same amount of damage as the ultimate.
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Allows Juggernaut to perform instant physical attacks under the Bladefury duration, along with increasing his movement speed.
  • Butterfly - Provides Juggernaut with increased evasion, agility, and movement speed. Butterfly essentially makes him untouchable in the late game due to the high miss chance and physical damage.
  • Eye of Skadi - Reduces regen and healing upon physical attacks. It helps reduce enemy regen. Eye of Skadi also provides increased stats and HP to Juggernaut. 

Juggernaut is strong against

  • Dark Willow - None of Dark Willow's spells pierce Spell Immunity, making Blade Fury a good counter against her. Additionally, it dispels the Cursed Crown and Bramble Maze.
  • Enchantress - Blade Fury dispels the slow from Enchant, spell immunity, and used to burst her down during the early laning stage.
  • Keeper of the Light - Juggernaut's Healing Ward keeps his team healthy even when pushing against Keeper of the Light's Illuminate.

Juggernaut is weak against

  • Axe - Berserker's Call pierces spell immunity, making a Blade Fury teleport escape impossible. It's very useful against Omnislash as well.
  • Chaos Knight - While Blade Fury is on cooldown, Juggernaut can be easily killed by a standard Chaos Bolt & Reality Rift combo.
  • Nature's Prophet - Sprout can trap Juggernaut, even if he is using Blade Fury. Aghanim's Shard-upgraded Sprout can also prevent Juggernaut from escaping if he buys Battlefury.


3. Lion

The mighty Lion is one of those support heroes who fit any matchup, his versatility is highly unparalleled in the current meta. Lion is played by both beginners and professionals, as he works in every single skill bracket. He has multiple spells which can be used to disable his enemies while allowing him to deal damage to them at the same time. He is strong right from the early game as his lockdown followed by some damage from his team can neutralize enemies. Beginners benefit highly from Lion as his spell damage his ultimate immense and obliterate enemies within no time.

Lion is known to be a crippling force for the enemies right from the laning phase. He also drains their mana, turns them into powerless frogs, and all in all, make them highly useless. Lion also has very lethal nuke damage with his Finger of Death ultimate, which can further be amplified with the number of kills he gets with it, allowing a possibility of one-shotting his foes in the later stages of the game. Most heroes are essentially melee or ranged creep against Lion if they do not have a good start in the game.

Why is Lion the best hero for beginners?

  • Lion is known to have a decent cast range for spells, which is further amplified with the items he gets.
  • Multiple disables, can be used to chain stun and cripple his enemies right from the early game.
  • High burst damage and magical output that scales well in the later stages of the game.
  • Highly relevant in any matchup due to his spell combinations.

Top 5 End Game Items for Lion

  • Aether Lens - Provides Lion with increased cast range along with providing decent stats and mana. It can further be upgraded into Octraine Core which reduces spell and item cooldowns by 25%.
  • Blink Dagger - On cast, Blink transports you 1200 units in the distance you are facing, can’t be used for 3 seconds if you take any form of damage. Blink is used by Lion to close the gap and to get on top of enemy heroes to chain disable them.
  • Force Staff - Allows Lion to force himself or the targeted unit 600 units ahead in the direction they are facing, it can be useful to escape from enemies or initiate on them.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - AoE damage from Finger of Death ultimate, also reduces its cooldown.
  • Aeon Disk - Saves Lion from getting burst quickly in teamfights, and also applies a basic dispel, although it has an extremely high cooldown of 180 seconds.

Lion is strong against:

  • Phantom Assassin - Agreed, Phantom Assassin has immense damage but she can get locked down quickly with all of Lion’s spells. She also has low magic resistance.
  • Void Spirit - Considered to be a slippery hero, Lion’s instant cast point can ruin Void’s momentum by locking him down.
  • Medusa - Medusa severely lacks mobility, Lion takes advantage of this and cripples her further, allowing his teammates to beat the serpentine warrior down in no time. Lion also steals all of Medusa’s mana which she so desperately requires to stand her ground in teamfights. 

Lion is weak against:

  • Rubick - The arcane magician can steal Lion’s spells, and give the taste of his own medicine to him, but with increased status duration and magic damage!
  • Tidehunter - Tidehunter has immense HP as well as high armor, allowing him to withstand Lion’s harassment in the early game. Kraken also dispels all of Lion’s spells inflicted on him.
  • Nyx Assassin - Nyx can deal immense damage to Lion with the combination of all of his spells, while also nullifying the Finger of Death damage dealt to him with the help of his Spiked Carapace.


2. Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin’s lethal and cutthroat damage is often praised, she slits through her enemies like it's no big thing. Enemies can’t survive the onslaught of Phantom Assassin if they are laning against her as her spells can deal decent damage in the early game and the lack of mobility makes it easy for them to get caught if the PA has backup to help her gank. Her damage just gets out of hand in the late game as she acquires more items and gets more kills due to it.

Phantom Assassin can obliterate squishy supports with only a few hits. She is agile and silent in her moves, as an assassin generally is. Phantom Assassin is one of the most-played carry heroes in the game due to her ease of spells. She has great base movement and attack speed, which is rarely found in a carry hero. Her spells may seem underwhelming in the early game against the tanky heroes but as she reaches the late-game mark, she can do a lot with just one Stifling Dagger.

Why is Phantom Assassin the best hero for beginners?

  • Can destroy enemy supports with just one Stifiling Dagger.
  • Is capable of dealing over 2k critical damage!
  • Has great mobility with the Phantom Strike spell, which can be used both defensively and offensively.
  • The Blur spell provides up to 50% evasion, which is a great spell in the early game.
  • Can snowball and pressurize the enemy team just after a few kills.

Top 5 End Game Items for Phantom Assassin

  • Desolator - Provides increased damage along with armor corruption on physical attacks. It can also gain stacks and increased the mentioned perks with the increase in stacks. Desolator is ideal for Phantom Assassin to mow down the squishy enemies.
  • Skull Basher - Provides a chance to Bash (Mini Stun) on physical attacks. It can further be upgraded into Abyssal Blade later on in the game.
  • Satanic - Allows Phantom Assassin to lifesteal and sustain herself in teamfights. This item also dispels any negative buffs, quickly life-stealing from 0 to 100 in no time. 
  • Black King Bar - It provides spell immunity from all enemy damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight. 
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides increased physical damage and also provides a chance to true strike on attacks.

Phantom Assassin is strong against

  • Anti-Mage  - Phantom Assassin has an abysmal mana pool and intelligence gain, making Mana Break and Mana Void deal minimal damage.
  • Sniper - Sniper's lack of mobility and reliance on attack range makes him an easy target for Phantom Assassin to jump on.
  • Crystal Maiden - Crystal Maiden's low health pool and slow movement speed make her a tempting and easy target.

Phantom Assassin is weak against

  • Axe - Phantom Strike's extra attack speed will cause Phantom Assassin to trigger Counter Helix more often, which can be fatal for Phantom Assassin in the early game. Jumping on Axe with Phantom Strike is not a good idea for Phantom Assassin at all as it makes her a seriously easy target for a counter-initiation with Berserker's Call and Blade Mail.
  • Batrider - Phantom Assassin does not deal with early aggression very easily (especially when magical damage). A competent Batrider can make life very difficult with Sticky Napalm followed by any other spell.
  • Spectre - Black King Bar is useless for Phantom Assassin against Spectre since all of the Spectre's abilities go through spell immunity.


1. Sniper

If there is one hero that most players could permanently delete then it would have to be the annoying yet lethal Sniper! Looks are often deceiving, this dwarf marksman is the stuff nightmares are made of. Seriously, does anyone not have the PTSD from 6.82 patch? The words “Ho Ho, Ha Ha!” are enough to take some seasoned veterans back in time and make them relive those unpleasant memories. Sniper’s significant attack range makes it quite hard for melee heroes especially to target him, while the marksman can simply demolish them with his attack damage.

The late game can be quite tricky for the Sniper if Void decides to opt for items like Silver Edge or Swift Blink, as they allow him to get on top of the former and beat him down. Positioning is always the key while playing against crowd-control heroes like the Void. A good Sniper player can have an impact in teamfights without being in the forefront. All his items grant him ungodly amounts of damage which can ruin the game of the Void if he does not lock him down.

Why is Sniper the best hero for beginners?

  • High base attack range and movement speed right off the bat
  • AoE spell that accelerates his farm, while also annoying enemies in the early game, shoving them off the lane.
  • Sniper has flexible build potential, making it easy for him to change builds depending on who he is facing
  • Excellent Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade which can be used to stun enemies with his ultimate, Assassinate, providing a way for you to lock enemies and beat them down within no time.
  • Great talent tree that scales extremely well with items in the later stages of the game

Top 5 End Game Items for Sniper

  • Maelstorm/Mjolnir - Maelstorm provides Sniper a chance to deal AoE damage on physical attacks. It’s a great item to counter the familiars by dealing AoE damage to them. Its upgrade, Mjolnir, can be used to cast on yourself or allies to deal AoE damage to enemies attacking you under its duration. 
  • Dragon Lance - Provides increased stats and regen along with increased attack range. Sniper is anything but tanky, but an early-game Dragon Lance assures he does not get prioritized by enemies in fights. It can further be upgraded into a Hurricane Pike.
  • Mask of Madness - Increased attack speed and lifesteal, along with increasing your movement speed. This allows Sniper to deal high damage without many intervals.
  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility which can be used to escape or set up on enemies. It can later be upgraded into Silver Edge which can disable the latter’s passive Bash right after breaking invisibility.
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides increased physical attack damage, and also provides true strike upon physical attacks, preventing or essentially countering enemies if they purchase Butterfly.
  • Daedalus - Deals high critical damage, it can be used to deal high damage to enemies in the mid-game.

Sniper is strong against

  • Drow Ranger - Shrapnel and Assassinate provide vision over her and slow her down, making it easier for your team to focus on taking her down
  • Enigma - Enigma's Eidolons from Demonic Conversion are useless to push against a Sniper as he will easily kill them, especially with Maelstrom/ Mjollnir.
  • Shadow Fiend - Take Aim and Headshot allow Sniper to harass Shadow Fiend in lane without getting into the range of his Shadowraze.

Sniper is weak against 

  • Ember Spirit - Ember Spirit can close the distance between Sniper easily with his Activate Fire Remnant and further keep Sniper in place with Searing Chains.
  • Invoker - Invoker's arsenal of magical spells is troublesome for Sniper who has low HP and high armor, which does not benefit him much against Invoker.
  • Lifestealer - Lifestealer can close the distance to Sniper by using Infest on a fast or durable creep to tank Sniper's damage.


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