DOTA 2: How To Buy Items

DOTA 2: How To Buy Items

Itemization is key in DOTA 2. Oftentimes, it’s item builds that can make or break the usability of certain Heroes, give you the edge in key moments, or let you use channeled abilities. But weirdly enough, DOTA 2 doesn’t have a Buy button. So how do you buy items in DOTA 2?

It’s a pretty simple question with a bunch of caveats in its answer.

First of all, here are some basics:

Step 1: Determine which type of Shop you’ll find your desired Item at

There are two types of shops in DOTA 2. 

The Base Shop is found, as the name implies, at your Base. It’s where you respawn.

The Secret Shops are more hidden. There are two Secret Shops in the map, one for each of the Dire and the Radiant. Radiant’s is found near the first tower in the top lane. Dire’s is the opposite of that. It’s near the bottom tower.

The Secret Shop has a unique symbol that looks like an upside-down V. You can find it on the minimap, too.

Each shop has a unique set of items that you can’t buy at the other. You thus have to determine which shop has your Item.

Open up the Shop interface by pressing F4 (default hotkey) or clicking your gold at the bottom right.

Find the item you wanna buy. 

Items at the Base Shop have either a gold outline or none at all depending on whether your gold’s enough.

Items at the Secret Shop glow red if you’re not already inside the shop. They also have the Secret Shop symbol at the bottom right of each item icon.

Step 2: If your item’s in the Secret Shop, you have to go there.

The Secret Shop needs one of you or your Courier to be inside before you can buy items. If you’re far away, simply select your Courier resting in your base and press the Go to Secret Shop button.

Once one of you is inside, you can buy Items from the Secret Shop.

Step 3: Buy the items.

Since DOTA 2 doesn’t have a buy item button, you need to right-click items to buy them. Of course, you need to have the requisite gold.

If you do have enough gold, the process should be seamless. Just buy the item.

If you’re buying through your Courier, you’ll need it delivered to you. You can do that using the Courier Deliver Items button on the bottom right of your screen.

And that’s it. You can now buy items in DOTA 2.

Here’s a video guide if you want a more visual representation.

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