DotA Underlords Best Underlord – Which To Choose?

DotA Underlords — Which to Choose
So you've come to White Spire? Are you lost?

Ah yes! On top of our OP compositions, we can't forget the Underlords, they are powerful units who fight on the field alongside your crew, and they each bring their playstyle, perks, and abilities to the table. So who are the Underlords?

  • Hobgen— a head-blazing pyromaniac that delights in setting heroes on fire
  • Annessix— a demonic puppet master who summons demons to fight on her behalf
  • Jull— a vigorous melee tank, he keeps his crew supplied with beverages to give them an edge
  • Enno— a ranged menace, he leaps around the board, poisoning enemies and generally wreaking havoc

So which Underlord should you choose?

An RNG game like DotA Underlords will always depend on what the game gives you. You will lean on who to choose from the four at Round 10. So, where's the RNG here? Each Underlords has a type, for example, High Damage Dealer Hobgen or Support Damage Dealer Hobgen. The Lord of White Spire only bestows you one type to choose from each Underlord.

So back to the question, which Underlord should you choose? Let's dive into it.

4. Hobgen

Hobgen, the Arson Afficionado, he'll burn your enemies' asses.

Passive Ability: his attacks light the enemy on fire for 3 seconds

High Damage Dealer

What you see is what you get; this Underlord has a high damage output. His spells are about damage and setting enemies on fire to lead you to victory.

If you feel that your composition lacks damage, this Hobgen will surely compensate for that.

This Hobgen's spells deal Magical and Pure damage, and he can set enemies on fire with his attacks. Units set on fire lose 2.5% of their Max Health every second. His extraordinary skill— Friendly Fire, deals Pure damage and is excellent against enemies with resistance.

Choose Hobgen (High Damage Dealer) if:

  • Your composition lacks damage
  • Your build consists of units that can tank for him
  • You want to provide extra nuke to fight beefy compositions
  • You have a defensive composition

In my experience, this Hobgen has always been excellent when combined with defensive compositions like Warriors, Knights, and Brawny. Since his primary ability— Implosion is magic damage, he also works well with Mages.

Support Damage Dealer

This type of Hobgen will make your units go crazy. I'm not kidding; he will make the entire team stark raving mad while settings his enemies on fire.

This Underlord, in my opinion, is one of the more situational ones to pick. You choose this Underlord for the extra disable and buff. Hobgen combines well with Summoners, Warriors or Assassins, Hunters, and physical-based builds.

However, as for most Underlords, he will perform best with units that can tank for him. His auto-attacks will make short work of the enemies as he sets them on fire.

This Hobgen has an AOE burst and stun ability which is very useful if your composition lacks disable. Lastly, his ultimate skill— Let's Go Crazy, provides attack speed to himself and his entire crew (including units you own that spawn after he casts it, e.g., summons). In this state, Hobgen also continually switches targets to units that are not on fire.

Choose Hobgen (Support Damage Dealer) if:

  • You want or need extra disable
  • You want or need your units to go crazy (Warriors, Summoners, Knights, and Brawny benefit a lot from this)
  • You need extra damage

This Hobgen is excellent with Summoners, Warriors, Knights, and Brawny.



3. Jull

Jull, the Icewrack Bootleeger, he'll make you so drunk, you won't even feel pain.

Passive Ability: he gains 5 armor per adjacent unit, friendly or enemy.

Aggressive Tank

The beefiest of all the Underlords, this type of Jull is an unstoppable, unkillable fighting machine. He alone will soak up almost all the damage from your enemy team before they get to your units.

This Jull provides a lot of tanking capabilities your team may lack. In addition, he is incredibly excellent in combining with squishy units/compositions that don't have many defenses.

He can gain damage reduction, attack speed, and lifesteal from one spell. His remarkable skill, Barrels of Fun, can buff your crew with attack speed and amplify the damage you make to an enemy. This Jull is excellent in providing support and tanking for your team.

Choose Jull (Aggressive Tank) if:

  • Your composition needs a tank
  • You want or need damage amplification
  • You have a squishy composition

This Jull is my go-to Underlord when going Mages, Assassins, or sometimes Hunters.

Healing Tank

If you're looking for a beefy tank that can heal your team, this is your Underlord. He has all you need when it comes to sustainability. He can tank, heal your team, and most ridiculously, make your whole team so boozed up that they take lesser damage.

This Jull can team up with beefy boys like Warriors, Knights, or Brawny since he has a healing ability that works adjacently on the board; having units around him will make him more effective.

This Jull, like his other type, can gain damage reduction. As he soaks up the damage taken, all that will return as heal to the units adjacent to him. His ultimate Happy Hour will booze up your entire team, making them have a delayed reaction to incoming damage over 10 seconds. This Jull is superb in providing more sustainability to the whole team.

Choose Jull (Healing Tank) if:

  • You want or need heals on top of a tank
  • You want or need more sustainability
  • You have a squishy composition

This Jull is more effective when he has allied units around him to help him gain armor, so when combining with Mages or Assassins, be sure to have units adjacent to him by adding units that could go with him.

This Underlord is one of the versatile Underlrods. This Jull works with most compositions and can team up with beefy units as well, so long as you have damage dealers together with them. This Jull can also work well with Warriors and Hunters.



2. Enno

Enno, the Scavenger King, he's an escape artist and a doctor, who else would you ever need?

Passive Ability: he jumps out of the board when he drops below 25%/50%/75% health, reappears on the board near enemies, and stuns them on re-entry for 1.5 seconds.

Healin' N' Stealin'!

An Underlord that can heal his allies and damage his enemies at the same time. On top of that, he's a thief that can steal your opponents' items.

If healing and minor damage is something your composition will benefit from, then this Enno is a good pick. I think this Enno works well with Warriors, Healers, Knights and Poisoners, and other compositions that may help tank for him.

This Enno has poisons and healing ability. He can inflict 3-5 enemies with a stack of poison, and each time he does, he heals his allies around him. In addition, his unique ability, Yoink, lets him steal enemies' items which you could use for your team's advantage.

Aside from that, Enno's poison can be more useful when played with the Poisoner Alliance; he also benefits from the Alliance. Poison effects can stack up to 5 times.

Choose Enno (Healin' N' Stealin'!) if:

  • You want or need heals while providing damage at the same time
  • You want or need to lessen the healing of your enemies
  • You have a beefy composition that might benefit from the heals

This Enno, like Hobgen, needs units that can tank for him; while your units do the tanking, Enno takes care of the poisoning and healing.

This Enno works well with beefy units in front and can work more effectively with Poisoners combined. Warriors, Poisoners, and Knights have great success with him.

Rabid Furball

Wreaking havoc is this Enno's specialty. He is a master at poisoning enemies and will create chaos on the board.

This Enno has high damage output and has an excellent debuff against your enemies; He can decrease enemies' healing capabilities with his primary ability, which applies poison to multiple enemies. Enno's poison deals more damage than the traditional stack of poison.

His ultimate All Out Attack will let him launch out of the board, and upon re-entry, he stuns all your enemies one by one while applying 3 stacks of poison while also dealing a decent amount of physical damage.

Please note that Enno can benefit from the Poisoner Alliance buff, which will make him more powerful.

Choose Enno (Rabid Furball) if:

  • You want to wreak havoc on the board
  • You want or need crowd control in your team
  • You want or need to reduce the healing capabilities of enemies
  • You want or need to add decent damage output to your team

This Enno works exceptionally well with the Poisoner Alliance; the buff amplifies his damage output and improves his overall fight performance. It is based on preference if you want to play him over any other Underlord when playing with a Poisoner Alliance.

This Enno has much success when played with a Poisoner Alliance and a composition that complements his offensive nature.



1. Anessix

Anessix, the Mistress of Secrets, has a lot of dirty secrets, be careful with what you say.

Passive Ability: she summons a companion to fight at her side.

Damage Support

If we're talking about the number one Underlord in the game, it has to be this Anessix. She'll overwhelm an enemy team with her demons and buffed-up allies.

Her passive ability lets her summon an extra unit continuously until she dies. This additional unit is a Demon and counts as one of them in the Alliance.

This Anessix's primary ability provides the entire team with increased attack damage. Together with her ultimate ability— Enthrall allows her to mark a target for 6 seconds, reducing its armor by 10 while forcing your army to attack it. In conclusion, you burst a unit quickly. On top of that, she brings that killed unit back as a Demon to fight for her.

This Demon benefits from the enemy's Alliance and has the abilities and items it can use. Note that Demon units gain +50% Pure damage for each allied Demon for 4 seconds after using an ability. (Anessix's passive ability summon counts as a Demon unit which means more damage for her Demon servant).

Choose Anessix (Damage Support) if:

  • Your units will benefit from the attack damage buff
  • You want or need extra burst potential
  • You are running an offensive composition

This Anessix's spells will complement your offensive units exceptionally. Hunters, Assassins, Trolls, and Summoners benefit greatly since these compositions rely on attack damage; increasing their attack damage will help burst units and kill the Enthralled unit with ease, giving you an extra Demon unit by your side.

Healing Support

This Anessix sacrifices her health for the welfare of her team, healing and summoning Demonic beings by her side to crush her enemies.

This Anessix, as you might have guessed, has healing abilities to help the team win. Her primary ability is a healing ability. Her heals cost 5% of her max health but heals a significant amount to your allies and herself; this heal is immediately applied and regenerates more HP over time.

Her unequaled skill, Summon Demonic Golem, lets her summon a Demonic Golem (Demon unit), crashing behind her enemies and stunning them for 2 seconds. This Demonic Golem has high HP and DPS to help you crush your enemies (literally).

Choose Anessix (Healing Support) if:

  • You want or need heals for the team
  • You have units that complement her healing abilities
  • You want or need extra sustain

This Anessix works well with defensive units (e.g., Knights/Healers, Warriors, Brawny, etc.). When playing with defensive units, always remember to balance the defense and offense of your team, adding high damage units on top of your defensive units. This Anessix will ensure a victory in your fights.


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