[Top 10] DotA Underlords Best Alliance Combos (2022)

"How many of these roaming street gangs I'm gonna have to put down?"

10. Trolls + Warriors

Troll + Warriors combo — 3 Warriors + 2 Trolls

A balance of offense and defense, 2 Trolls + 3 Warriors. You can't go wrong with this Alliance combo.

This Alliance combo is simple— you have beefy boys (Warriors) that will tank for you while your Trolls give your team attack speed. Warriors benefit significantly from attack speed on top of their high armor; this makes them beefy fighting machines.

While your Warriors go crazy at the front, your Trolls at the back are even crazier with their significantly increased attack speed; they're like machine guns at the back. Ratatatatatata!

That said, the Trolls deal much damage together with your Warriors. Not to mention, this combo can be more than just these two Alliances. You can combine Hunters to add even more firepower, or should I say, add more machine guns. Ratatatatatata! Brrt, Brrt!

This combo is pretty well-balanced. Trolls provide offense while Warriors provide defenses. Have these two Alliances and get creative mid-game to late-game by adding more units/Alliances that will strengthen your team (e.g., Hunters, Brutes, more Warriors, Spectre, Doom, Alchemist, Troll Warlord, etc.).

Troll + Warriors:

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Balance of defense and offense
  • Fun and simple combo


9. Trolls + Knights

Troll + Knights combo — 4 Knights + 2 Trolls + 2 Healers + 1 Demon

It seems Trolls are suitable to combine with many Alliances; combined with Knights, they do exceptionally well. The most classic Alliance combo out there is Trolls + Knights.

Looking at the Alliance tab above, this combo already managed to get 4 Alliances working and Level 2 Knight Alliance.

This one is another simple combo, similar to Troll + Warriors. This combo also consists of beefy boys that tank for you while the machine guns at the back do massive damage.

Luna, in particular, deals a lot of damage with her physical attacks as her attack bounces. This unit is like a machine gun on steroids, especially when equipped with attack speed items.

As for this combo, going straight for the 6 Knights is an easy way to continue to make your enemies go: "Why don't your units just die already???!!!"

However, like most compositions, it is versatile. For even more advanced or unorthodox gameplay, you may ditch going for 6 Knights and settle with 4 Knights, then add Hunters or Mages instead. That's just me, though. Going for 6 Knights is a no-brainer; go for that if you don't want to stress too much about it.

Trolls + Knights:

  • Easy to execute (Good for beginners)
  • Balance of defense and offense
  • Durable


8. Trolls + Summoners + Poisoners

Troll + Summoner + Poisoner combo — 4 Summoner + 2 Troll + 2 Rogue + 3 Poisoner

Well, what do you know? Here come the Trolls again. Attack speed is just an excellent buff to combine with many Alliances. This combo is one of the variations of the Troll + Summoner build or combo.

Summoners have their summons gain damage when their Alliance is active, pair that up with Trolls, and you'll have a zoo army that deals a good amount of damage.

Troll + Summoners have an entire zoo going nuts on their enemies. This zoo has rabid wolves, a creature that can cast Shadow Clone Jutsu, and snakes— they have lots of snakes. Your enemies won't even know which ones to attack, and next thing they know— Poof, they're dead— gone.

This combo has excellent synergy because not only do your heroes benefit from the attack speed buff but your summons as well. Add Poisoner Alliance to this combo using Alchemist and Venomancer as your Poisoners. You'll have your enemies melting from Venomancer and his endless army of toxin-spitting sentinels, Plague Wards.

Enemies going against will be stepping into a poisonous fight with little to no chance of surviving. With Alchemist's minus armor ability (Acid Spray), Summoners' increased damage, and your team's increased attack speed, Your enemies will eventually succumb to this toxic combo. Hiiissssss!

Troll + Summoners:

  • Overwhelming your enemies with units
  • Distracting enemies with the summons
  • Fun combo


7. Warrior + Hunters

Warrior + Hunter combo — 3 Hunter + 3 Warrior + 2 Heartless + 2 Vigilant

Okay, no more Trolls this time. It's now the beefy boys and the machine guns. Wipe your enemies as your big chunky boys tank through the frontline.

This combo has to be the most straightforward Alliance combo, 3 Hunters for offense, 3 Warriors for defense, simple.

Again, in DotA Underlords, having defense and offense is always the ideal way to go. Having these two Alliances is one way to do it.

At best, one of your Warriors should be a Pudge so you can get a Heartless Alliance bonus. On top of that, he synergizes well with Hunters because of his Meat Hook ability. 1 Hook = 1 Kill, Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. Pair Pudge up with two other Warriors, and you'll have a wall on your team.

While your beefy boys are busy being a fort, your Hunters (the machine guns) do the heavy-hitting. I think you can see where this is going for the enemy team.

At late-game, adding a Medusa or a Tidehunter or both will ensure your victory with the help of their disables, not to mention the added Scaled Alliance for magic resistance. Equip Kaden's Blade on Medusa if able to, and you'll practically have Rambo on your team. Just make sure to defend her.

Warriors + Hunters:

  • Smoothly have a balance of offense and defense
  • A diverse set of units
  • Great burst damage
  • Pick-off a unit instantly


6. Brawny + Hunter + Champion + Demon

Brawny + Hunter + Champion + Demon combo — 4 Brawny + 3 Hunter + 1 Champion + 1 Demon

Brawny + Hunter + Champion + Demon, they'll crush their opponents with their big sturdy bodies. At the same time, the Hunters and Demons make short of them.

This combo is one of the variations of the Brawny builds. Considering that one of the Brawny units is a Hunter (Beastmaster), adding the Hunter Alliance and completing the combo is easier. Even more accessible when you can grab a Crown of Antlers.

The Champion will receive all the Alliance bonuses, which means this unit is also whatever Alliance you have. Brawny, Hunter, and Demon synergize well with the Champion Alliance since she can benefit from all the Alliance bonuses.

Legion Commander will become a beefy demonic hunter. So if your enemy units have death wishes, Legion Commander will fulfill all of them. Legion Commander in this combo is powerful more than ever. She has a lot of HP, has a chance to perform 2 attacks quickly, and has Demon powers.

Upon casting her ability, Duel, she dramatically increases her damage because of the Demon Alliance, not to mention every Duel victory adds damage to her. Combine her with Anessix, and she'll have tremendous damage. She'll make short work of any unit that comes her way and fulfills their death wishes. At this point, she's like the Witch from Left 4 Dead. Yikes!

Brawny + Hunter + Champion + Demon:

  • Durable
  • High Damage
  • Fun to execute (not the easiest one, though)
  • You don't see this in the game every day


5. Brawny + Dragon + Mages

Brawny + Dragon + Mages combo — 4 Brawny + 3 Mage + 2 Dragon

What better to team up with your Brawny but Mages? It looks weird, I know, some beefy-bodied units teamed up with squishy spell-casting mages, strange. This combo is simple, Brawny = tanks, while Mages/Dragons = nuke.

Snapfire synergizes well with Dragons because it unlocks her unique skill, together with Mage Alliance, to amplify the damage of her exceptional skill— Mortimer Kisses. Mortimer Kisses lets her spit out globs at enemies, slowing them and dealing a decent amount of damage.

With Juggernaut's spin (Blade Fury) dealing magic damage, he synergizes well with the Mage Alliance. He will deal a hefty amount of damage while also being immune to magic while spinning.

Lich synergizes well with the team since he can cast Frost Shield on a teammate— making them even harder to kill while also slowing them and dealing magic damage. Storm Spirit— will zip in and out in fights as your Brawny tanks, and he will deal a lot of damage.

Who would've known? Mages would go well with Brawny. You have a dragon casting magical orbs— an old lady on a dragon toad shooting a shotgun— a spinning masked man— a man-pig-hedgehog or porcupine (I have no idea)— a jolly weatherman that zaps your enemies in the form of a Ball of Lightning— floating undead ice man and Beastmaster.

Brawny + Dragon + Mages:

  • Synergizes well
  • Decent nuke
  • Durable


4. Rogue + Assassins

Rogue + Assassin combo — 4 Rogue + 3 Assassin + 1 Demon

Going for this combo is not a bad idea if you're a beginner. It's an easy combo and fun to play. 4 Rogues, a strong Alliance, is the easiest to complete. If you're lucky, you can complete the Alliance at level 4.

So, if we're talking easy combos to execute, then this combo is the way to go. Get 4 Rogues, slap in 3 Assassins— boom, you're good to go.

These two Alliance synergizes well since Rogues can evade attacks to sustain. On top of that, Alchemist has a minus armor ability that will help your units deal with your enemies easier. Also, Phantom Assassin as one of your Assassins will make it better. She also benefits from the Rogue Alliance when she reaches 3 stars.

Phantom Assassin becomes a godly unit— evading attacks while increasing her already high damage, while one-hit-deleting enemies with her passive ability— Coup de Grace. Equip a Mask of Madness on her, and she'll go nuts. A lifestealing, critical-hitting, evasive (while increasing damage) son of a beach is what your enemies will be facing. That's scary.

This combo can improve by adding Trolls, specifically Dazzle and Shadow Shaman. These two units will add the Troll, Poisoner, and Summoner Alliance which is a lot for just two units.

Rogue + Assassins:

  • Easy to build
  • High burst potential
  • High physical damage
  • Evasive


3. Savage + Summoners + Trolls

Savage + Summoner + Troll combo / build — 4 Shaman + 4 Savage + 4 Summoner + 2 Troll + 2 Healer

I decided to use this final build image since this combo works as a unit, so it's easier to showcase how disgusting it is. However, the absolute combo here is Savage + Summoners + Trolls.

Summoner and Savage Alliance synergize well when the Savage Alliance is at level 2. Your summons not only gains damage from the Summoner Alliance bonus. They will also gain more damage for each attack they land with the level 2 Savage Alliance. On a side note, you still have the Troll Alliance to buff them up with attack speed. That's just gross.

So, this is kind of like the Troll + Summoners combo, but on steroids. This time your summons get increasingly more overwhelming over the fight. If you thought getting into the board of a Troll + Summoner combo was a bad enough zoo to get into— well, this one's way worse.

This combo is a zoo in hell. These guys will overwhelm you with the buffed-up summons. It's like these summons spawned and went "buffmeup" on their keyboard in GTA San Andreas, only these guys keep getting more buffed for each attack. I can't; I'm done, I'm just done— Just kidding.

On top of that, this combo's final build consists of the 4 Shaman Alliance + 2 Healer Alliance. So not only do you have some buffmeup-ed summons. You also have Healers to help keep your team alive and a buffed-up Wildwing Hatchling from the 4 Shaman Alliance— I don't even know. I'll just throw up somewhere and leave all this here.

Savage + Trolls + Shamans:

  • Will overwhelm your enemies with the muscular and scary summons
  • Will give your enemies zoo in hell, 'nuff said.


2. Spirit + Mages

Spirit + Mage combo — 3 Mage + 3 Spirit

Here come the Spirit brothers. Just looking at them is scary already— just look at them! These fearsome brothers will wreck your team with their forbidden technique of the triangular Delta Slam.

What makes this combo so strong? The triangular Delta Slam of the Spirit Alliance deals magic damage, which means that damage gets amplified with the help of the Mage Alliance.

Not to mention, one of the Spirits is a Mage which makes it easier to build into Mages. At level 5, you are already able to complete the combo.

This triangle is so strong because it applies a debuff for each Spirit that casts the triangle. Earth Spirit will shut your enemies' mouths, Storm Spirit will remove their arms, Ember Spirit will burn their bums, and Void Spirit will break their bones. If you see your enemies caught in the triangle, just bid them farewell — because it's Sayonara to those beaches!

These brothers will put your enemies in the Bermuda Triangle and bring them hell— dealing magic damage while silencing, disarming, burning, and breaking their passives. I know, that sounds ridiculous— Sheesh!

The debuffs that the triangle applies to your enemies help the Mages survive longer and gather enough mana to cast their spells while your enemies literally just stand in the triangle doing nothing.

Spirit / Mages:

  • High burst damage
  • Has many disables
  • Hard to counter


1. Heartless + Vigilant + Hunters

Heartless + Vigilant + Hunter combo — 4 Heartless + 4 Vigilant + 3 Hunter + 1 Demon

Last on our list is 4 Heartless + 4 Vigilant + 3 Hunters. This combo will pick off your enemies one by one—each dying so fast, being hunted by your Hunters and Heartless.

The combo is simple. The Vigilant Alliance helps you focus on a single unit. Whenever an enemy casts a spell, all your units attack that unit if within their range. Your damage is also increased by 50% while focusing on that target.

This combo synergizes well with the minus armor of the Heartless Alliance. And the amount of damage your Hunters can do will make it easier for your team to kill a unit with the Vigilant Alliance. Also, with Pudge's Meat Hook ability, you will always guarantee a pick-off. And with Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror ability, you'll provide even more minus armor to the enemies.

When one of your enemy team's units casts a spell, it will be the last thing they do most of the time. Be sure to use range units so most of them can focus on the caster (e.g., Shadow Demon, Vengeful Spirit). Do this, and prepare to say goodbye to any unit that casts a spell— see ya in the next life, punk!

So in this combo, you'll be having: a fat behemoth that hooks his enemies into danger, a demonic shadow entity that purges his enemies, a glaive-throwing, a feline-riding elf that deals a lot of damage, a fallen princess with wings that casts a wave to decrease enemies' defenses and 3 machine guns.

Heartless + Vigilant + Hunters:

  • Pick-off units easily
  • High burst potential
  • High physical damage

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