[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Enigma Players In The World Right Now (2022)

Enigma, the cosmic abomination!

This cosmic entity knows no bounds, its reach is infinite and there is no way you escape from its darkness. The wrath of Enigma has trampled millions of players all around the world and has induced fear amongst their minds. Playing this oddity requires way too much practice and devotion.

There are quite a few people who can make your jaw drop with their intense Enigma skills. Their execution and game sense are quite unparalleled, we bring you the list of the best 10 Engima players in the world right now! 


10. Fbz

Fbz is the most unlikely name you’ve heard on this list. This is because he is relatively new to the pro Dota scene. Though he has found instant success in the SEA region with his team BOOM. His excellent and calculated playstyle has made us include him on this list!

Fbz loves playing the offlane and is known to play a wide variety of heroes. These include heroes that provide crowd control and immense tempo. Even in the losing games, Fbz puts up a show with his impressive game knowledge and map awareness. He is one of the most sought-after players in the SEA region.

Fbz has a very calm and slow-paced playstyle. This means that he prioritizes farm and levels over kills, but he does not shy away when the iron is hot! Fbz loves to rotate as early as he can on his Enigma, often when he gets his ultimate. Rushing Blink Dagger along with the Black King Bar is preferred by him due to the mobility and resistance it provides! 

Impressive Enigma plays by Fbz!

Fbz Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 1st BTS Pro Series - $24,000


9. Iceiceice

The man, the troll, the legend himself, Iceiceice is one of the best players to emerge out of the SEA region. Despite the age-related stigma in esports, Ice continues to play professionally and excels at doing so. He is regarded as one of the last standing old guards of Dota. 

Ice is an exceptional player, with in-depth knowledge of the game. He is known to be a silent mastermind while having fun in-game and trolling his opponents every chance he gets! There are a lot of heroes he loves to play, Enigma falls in this category! Ice loves to maximize this hero’s potential by denying lane creeps and trying to body block his enemies using the eidolons.

Ice has a lot of tricks up his sleeve! He loves to play an offensive Enigma, often seeing harassing the enemy supports and chasing them down to neutralize them. This is followed by him ganking other lanes and securing farm both for him and his cores! Ice loves building items like Black King Bar, Aether Lens, Blink Dagger. These items allow him to act offensively. 

Impressive Enigma plays by IceIceice!

IceIceIce Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 9-12th Place The International 10 - $800,400


8. Notail

It wasn’t always sunshine and roses for our flower Notail. His professional career has seen various ups and downs. After a few unsuccessful finishes, he decided to call it quits and moved on to create his team, and the rest is history!

Notail is one of the most successful and influential Dota players in the world. He has inspired millions of players all across the world to try and succeed at the game! Notail has been successful in all roles, primarily as hard support. He is often seen spamming lane support Enigma and prioritizing levels over farm.

Unlike all the other players on this list, Notail plays a very level-dependant Enigma. This ensures he scales well in the late game and provides ample sustain and healing in the form of items to his team. Notail loves building items like Force Staff, Pipe of Insight, Solar Crest, Mekansm on Enigma. 

Impressive Enigma plays by Notail!

Notail Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement -7-8th Place - The International 10 2021 - $1,000,500


7. Zai

Zai made his splash on the competitive scene at a very young age, he lead big teams to victory with his impressive gameplay. He is also very versatile and has played a wide range of roles throughout his pro career.

Zai is now playing the offlane role, he is often seeing picking bizarre heroes on his streams. Enigma remains his favorite to chill after intense games, and he is quite good at it! Zai is always impressive on his Enigma, jumping into enemy backlines and landing amazing Black Holes! 

Enigma is played very passively in lane by Zai, often relying on levels and then rotating to other lanes for kills. Zai loves to build initiating items, including Blink Dagger or Force Staff which are later combined with Aghanim’s Scepter and Black King Bar which turn him into a nightmare! There is no escape if you let Zai acquire these items! 

Impressive Enigma plays by Zai!

Zai Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement -3rd Place The International 10 - $3,601,500



6. Ceb

Ceb’s dota journey is quite a rocky one but he has made it far enough to have his name cemented as one of the best players in the game, along with having it as a voice line in the game! Did we also mention that he has won Ti twice? 

Ceb was always known as a misfit in the pro scene but he overcame all his problems to go on and both coach and play in the best dota team in history. Ceb is a dota veteran, along with that he is an extremely versatile player. In recent times, his Enigma has also gained some notoriety.

Enigma is played as a utility core hero by Ceb, often opting for team items that provide heal and resistance. Ceb builds items such as Mekansm, Pipe of Insight, Solar Crest before opting for the Blink Dagger. This build is quite useful to save your teams and provide them with endurance in team fights! 

Impressive Enigma plays by Ceb!

Ceb Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement -7-8th International 10 - $1,000,500


5. KheZu

Khezu has been in the MOBA scene for over a decade, most of his expertise comes from HoN. His switch to Dota was an instant success, he has played and captained various teams over the years, often coaching on the side. He is seen having friendly banter on his streams as well.

Khezu is primarily an offlane player and he is quite the versatile one. He rarely spams any heroes but when he does, he ends up winning all his games! Enigma is one of his comfort heroes, often playing it in despair. His builds and playstyle are guaranteed to confuse new players, there is a lot to learn from this genius!

The standard item build on Enigma by Khezu includes Blink Dagger, Aether Lens, Boots of Travel, Refresher’s Orb, Black King Bar. There are a few other situational items that guarantee your sustain in fights such as Octrain Core and Shadow Blade. Khezu focuses on ulting only the top priority targets, this means he does not go for the flashy 5 men Black Holes.

Impressive Enigma plays by Khezu!

Khezu Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 3rd place Pinnacle Cup - $15,000



4. Yapzor

Not all players can be good at stealing your hearts with their high-quality gameplay, speaking of stealing, there is one player who knows how to steal well. YapzOr is, without a doubt, the best Rubick player that we have seen in recent times. Rubick may be his specialty but he excels on all the position 4 heroes available in the game. 

Yapzor is known for mastering a variety of heroes, exhibiting his flashy and greedy playstyle. Sometimes you won’t know if he is the support player or the mid laner due to his heavy farm as he goes neck and neck in terms of net worth with enemy core heroes! His only aim now is to retire after lifting the Aegis. Enigma remains one of his favorites.

Enigma is played in a very greedy fashion by Yapzor, often opting for a Hand of Midas or aiming for the perfect 5 men Black Hole. He is often seen ganking other lanes but he also finds time for himself to farm. This allows him to be more equipped during team fights and supplements his team with immense damage.

Impressive Enigma plays by Yapzor!

Yapzor Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 3rd place 10th International = $3,800,400


3. Fy 

Widely popular for having a strict and calculated way of playing Dota, Fy was a prodigy as he found immense success in the game. You can have a decent understanding of the game, but it does not come close to that of Fy, as he is one of the most seasoned and respected players in the region

Witnessing other players lift the Aegis before you has to be devastating, but this has only increased Fy’s hunger. After two gut-wrenching second-place finishes, we all know that third time is the charm. His flashy yet subtle playstyle suggests that he is an absolute menace on Enigma. 

Fy is rarely seen on Enigma but when he plays it, you’ll be convinced that he is an Enigma spammer. His impressive depth of knowledge combined with his mechanical skills allows him to capture his enemies in the frightening Black Hole. Fy loves building gap closing items like Blink Dagger, Force Staff, Aether Lens. 

Impressive Enigma plays by Fy!

Recent Tournament achievement -1st Place - OGA Dota PIT Season 4: China 2020 - $37,521


2. Cr1t

Crit is known to be a great shot caller and captain, often being the flashiest on the team! He is also one of the few players who found immediate success in the professional scene. He was initially a pub star, but his career trajectory changed after being signed by OG!

Crit is known for being a versatile player, he is known to play a plethora of heroes, including Enigma! Crit loves playing Enigma and roaming around on the map trying to gank other lanes. Crit is extremely experienced when it comes to this hero, often predicting and reading his enemy’s movements and getting insane 5 man black holes! 

Standard items built by Crit on Enigma include Blink Dagger, Aether Lens, Force Staff, Aghanim’s Shard, Pipe of Insight. These items act as immense gap closers, allowing him to initiate and disable his enemies as his team follows up with more damage! These items combined with his ultimate ensure maximum damage to his foes!

Impressive Enigma plays by Crit!

Crit Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 9-12th 10th International = $800,400


1. Mind_ControL

This beast from Bulgaria has garnered praise from fans all around the world for his intense gameplay. MinD_ControL has been immensely popular in the European region due to his high game sense and fast-paced gameplay. He is also one of the few Ti winners on this list!

Versatility has been the name of the game for MC, he has every other offlane hero in the Gold or Platinum tier. He is known to exhibit some flashy gameplay and has been a pivotal reason behind Liquid’s victory at Ti7. He is often seen spamming Enigma in pub games, building rather unusual items but still winning the game!

MC changes build according to the heroes he is facing. Some standard items include Blink Dagger, Shadow Blade, Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Scepter, Hand of Midas, Octraine Core. These items are considered to be essential on Enigma, as they offer initiation and sustain potential. Your enemies can’t survive if you follow this build!


With this, we end our list of the best Enigma players. We hope you thoroughly study the highlights of these players, follow their builds and impress your friends the next time you queue up together! Enigma is a great hero to play if you can execute its skillset properly. GLHF! 

Impressive Enigma plays by Mind Control!

Mind Control Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement - 5-6th OGA Dotapit 2021 - $8,800


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