Dota 2 Ranks and Ranking System Explained (Latest Patch)

Where do you belong?

Just like any other competitive game, Dota has a ranking system. This helps in grading and analyzing a player’s skill level. Depending on their skill floor and talent, the players are put into one of the 8 ranks, with the highest being the Immortal rank where only the legends compete!

To help you understand this concept in a concise way, we have compiled this list of Dota 2 Ranks and Ranking systems. This list is updated according to the 2022 ranking and algorithm changes.


Legends are born here! Jokes apart, Herald is the first rank and the lowest rank one can get. There are various jokes about people in the Herald region playing without a keyboard or a screen because they’re either extremely new to the game or just plain bad! The Herald pool is quite the sight to witness, every other game may have a smurf trying to ruin a new player’s game experience and make them quit the game altogether. The Herald pool starts from 0 MMR up to 700 MMR, there are 5 tiers (or stars) which depend on your exact MMR. After a long hard time of grinding, you may advance to the next medal if you reach the 700 MMR threshold!


You did it! You escaped the deadly Herald pool. You’re onto the next one, which is the Guardian medal. This pool is similar to the Herald pool in many ways, people here are really bad at the game or they’re just the smurfs you encountered when you were Herald. This pool is considered to be hard to get off if you don’t expand your hero pool and work on getting better in the game. We have made guides and lists about the best heroes to pick in the low MMR pool if you want to check that out! The Guardian pool lasts from 700 MMR up to 1400 MMR. It feels great to hit 4 digit MMR, doesn’t it?


Great, you’ve escaped the Guardian bracket, but now what? The Crusader bracket has its own set of challenges and obstacles which may be harder to cross compared to the previous brackets. The players in this pool are also either smurfs or players who have honestly worked their way up. Pro-tip for getting out of this bracket, always pick support heroes ad focus on your own game. That’s how you get out of the dreadful low MMR trenches. The Crusader bracket begins at 1500 MMR and stretches up to 2150 MMR.


The Archon pool consists of mega try-hard players who play for hours on end trying to escape this wicked pool. The games in this pool may vary extremely because you’ll either find the best or the worst players on your team. It’s quite easy to escape this pool if you focus on your own game and give your best instead of blaming the underperforming players on your team. We suggest spamming only a set of heroes which you excel at to quickly get out of this cursed pool. The Archon pool starts at 2300 MMR and ends at 2900 MMR. 


This is where most average players are residing. You have players that play for fun and the more serious types who play to improve yet they are stuck in this pool because apparently, their team is bad. This pool is quite the treat if you want to mess around with your friends and try out new heroes, builds, or strategies. You will encounter the filthy spammers of all sorts of disgusting heroes, which makes this pool a nightmare to get out of. The Legend pool starts from 3000 MMR and ends at 3700 MMR, it may feel like you’re stuck if you don’t try your hardest to improve in this pool.


The Ancient rank is considered to be one of the more ‘serious’ ranks as you advance through the game. You may notice that your skill level has increased over time and you’re slowly but surely getting better at the game. The players in the Ancient pool are quite the aggressive bunch, you’ll find all sorts of fast playstyles and cheese strategies here, people just want to dominate the game as quickly as they can and move on to the next one. You have to be precise in your playstyle and decision-making skills. One slight mistake and you lose it all! The Ancient pool starts from 3900 MMR and it lasts up to 4600 MMR. You’re all set to join the big leagues if you get through this pool quickly.  


Some may give it all up just to reach here! The Divine rank is quite the place to be if you’re getting better at the game. You either have to be playing 8 hours a day or even more than that to sustain well in this pool without getting destroyed in every single game. It’s safe to say that people in this pool often try to communicate and strategize as a unit before trying to make a move, hence it all boils down to communication and team dynamics in the Divine medal range. You will hit the Divine ranks at around 4600 MMR, and as you get through all the stars, you’ll be there until you hit 5500 MMR. You proceed onto the next pool, which is the ultimate goal of all players.


Congratulations, you’ve finally completed the tutorial! The Immortal medal is the hardest to reach in the game as it is the highest medal as well. You have to be a minimum of 5500 MMR to be placed into this pool. Beware that there is a huge difference between a top 2000 Immortal player and a top 200 player. The skill ceiling is extremely high as you may be a 5.5k Immortal facing an 8k player in the mid lane, it will only end in a disaster but as long as you learn from your mistakes, you will improve! Unless you’re gifted, it may take years to reach this medal, as it also is the dream of many to get here and make it big into the pro scene.

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