[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Carry Heroes For Rampage 7.34d

Best Carry Heroes for Rampage
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Carry heroes have been the cornerstone of the game for as long as anyone can remember. The game basically relies on having your cores getting ahead and owning the game. Time, resources, and timings have been given to carry heroes in order for them to successfully take over the game.

With the ever-changing meta stemming from multiple updates changing the game, the top position 1 heroes that are viable for games change from time to time. Here, we’ll discuss the 15 best carry heroes to use in patch 7.34d.


15. Muerta

image via esports.net

A woman so filled with hatred for those who killed her, that Death has given her a chance to avenge herself as his second in command, Muerta has been one of the latest additions to the DotA 2 roster. This ranged carry is one of the intelligence heroes that has a focus on auto attacks as a main source of damage, making it a reliable one. Although her early game is quite weak as compared to some of the more traditional carry heroes, once she gains an item or two, she can take over team fights and dominate with the help of her skillset. 

What makes Muerta a fearsome carry:

  • Muerta is great at scaling up into the late game. With abilities that scale well, Muerta can be a force to be reckoned with in team fights. Her skills have disruptive abilities that can prevent aggressive enemies from approaching her. 
  • Her range is at a good amount, able to keep dealing damage from a distance. She is also able to deal quick damage due to the speed of her auto attack projectiles, making last hitting creeps and heroes easier than most heroes.
  • Muerta can position herself easily in team fights and deal damage without actually auto attacking just by using her Dead Shot and The Calling, which fear and slow enemies respectively. This allows her to be a hard-to-reach target.
  • Muerta’s passive, Gunslinger, allows her to have a chance to fire a second shot every time she attacks. This gives her a chance to deal more damage to one person, or to another hero. 
  • But what really makes this hero a dominator is her ultimate skill, Pierce the Veil. The skill puts Muerta in ethereal form, becoming immune to physical damage, the main damage type of most carry heroes. This also gives her an attack damage bonus and a phased movement speed boost, and a basic dispel. The ultimate allows her to be safe while dealing a ton of damage.

See Muerta in action:

Muerta montage.


14. Anti-Mage

image via esportsedition

Once a youth witnessing the death of the monks he once became an acolyte for, Anti-Mage fled the massacre brought about by the Dead God’s magic users and vowed to bring an end to magic altogether. Filled with a fierce arsenal of offensive and defensive abilities, Anti-Mage is a strong carry that can dominate the lane even in the early stages. With his strong farming capabilities, the hero can scale up to the late game where he dominates even more. 

What makes Anti-Mage a fearsome carry:

  • Anti-Mage is capable of wearing down any mana-dependent hero. This renders them useless especially if they are solely reliant on their abilities. 
  • His high mobility and damage are both excellent in split-pushing, farming, and team fighting. He is able to get in and out of fights, catch enemies off-guard, and chase and escape.
  • His passive skill, Mana Break, can burn an enemy’s mana and deal extra damage based on the mana burnt. This added damage, coupled with a mana burn, can significantly mow down enemies while also rendering them unable to use their skills due to mana deficiencies.
  • With his Blink and Counterspell, Anti-Mage can teleport short distances and deflect targeted spells back to the enemies. These two skills enable him to farm in relatively dangerous areas and take aggressive fights all while having an escape plan.
  • His ultimate, Mana Void, deals damage by each missing point of the enemy target’s mana. This is an area-of-effect skill that bursts a small area of heroes, and mini-stuns the target.

See Anti-Mage in action: 

Anti-Mage montage.


13. Bloodseeker

image via wallpaperflare

A ritually sanctioned hunter, Bloodseeker was sent out to search for blood that would keep the Flayed Ones satisfied. Each spill of blood lets out a vital energy that immediately flows to the Flayed Twins through the sacred markings on his armor and weapons. His high base damage and good stats make him a carry that can easily survive the laning phase. The early game is really where Bloodseeker can immediately seize his lead. His skills allow him to chase down any opponent that tries to flee, even though they get a head start.

What makes Bloodseeker a fearsome carry:

  • Boodseeker synergizes well with allies that have crowd control in their skills. This makes it easier for Bloodseeker to hit his Bloodrite and chase enemies down. 
  • Chasing is easy for Bloodseeker the more his enemies get lower HP. He is able to track and bring them down. His high damage, attack speed, and mobility can easily take down any hero he has his sights on. After every kill, he gains an insane heal that helps him survive an encounter.
  • He can efficiently farm because he is able to gain health every time he kills an enemy, whether be it a creep or an enemy hero.
  • Bloodseeker can cast Bloodrage on himself or his allies to grant increased attack speed and spell damage. But this comes at the cost of the target’s life. Luckily, with Thirst, Bloodseeker can gain a huge amount of HP whenever he kills or denies a target, or if an ally kills a nearby enemy hero. 
  • Thirst also gives Bloodseeker movement speed when at least one of the enemies is at 80% health. This speed is increased the lower his/her health is. Once the enemy’s HP bar reaches 25%, Bloodseeker and his allies gain vision of the enemy. 
  • Bloodrite casts a huge circle on an area that damages and silences enemies after 2.9 seconds. This is great for zoning and dealing damage to immobilized targets.
  • His ultimate skill is one of those death sentences. Rupture causes damage to the target enemy whenever he/she moves. This forces the enemy to either move and get damaged, or stay and get killed.

See Bloodseeker in action:

Bloodseeker montage.


12. Sven

image via pxfuel

Sven the Rogue Knight once was a child who witnessed his father executed for violating the Vigil Codex and her mother slowly dying a lingering death. He then studied in the school that shunned his father for 13 years until he destroyed Sacred Helm and the Codex, a plan that was executed to enact his revenge. Sven is a strength-based hero who can mow down hordes of enemies with the help of his Outcast Blade. He excels in team fights where enemies are clumped together, due to his extreme damage and AOE. Farming with this hero is especially easy due to his ability to damage multiple enemies per attack.

What makes Sven a fearsome carry:

  • Sven’s powerful AOE abilities can enable him to farm resources quickly and effectively. With this, his mid-game comes online and he can participate in fights even with just 1 main item. Sven is reliant on his team locking down enemies for him to chop down, which is why he works well with heroes who group enemies together for him to cut down. 
  • Sven has a powerful AOE stun that can lock down enemies and buy him time to escape or finish them off.
  • His Great Cleave is what allows him to farm efficiently and quickly, giving him the items he needs in order to impact team fights. This passive also gives him strength attributes.
  • Warcry can help his team gain movement speed and armor which is certainly a huge factor in team fights.
  • But his ultimate skill, God’s Strength, allows him to gain an insane amount of damage and slow resistance. This skill can enable him to delete enemies that are clumped together with the help of his Great Cleave, making him a force to be reckoned with.

See Sven in action:

Sven montage.


11. Troll Warlord

image via rare-gallery 

While all trolls are full of anger and rage, one stood amongst them which led to him getting driven from his own kind for being too hard to handle. This is Jah’rakal, the Troll Warlord of an army of one. Upon getting banished, he then returned with steel and massacred his company. With this insane amount of rage, comes a hyper-carry that is able to take aggressive fights, dominate, and come out on top. Troll Warlord is able to switch between melee and ranged modes, whatever seems fit to put an end to anyone who comes across his rage.

What makes Troll Warlord a fearsome carry:

  • Troll Warlord is great for focusing on single targets as he can easily take them down and win 1v1s with ease. His aggressive nature due to his skill set allows him to take aggressive positionings and bring the fight home. He can farm efficiently due to his high attack speed and AOE skills that have low mana costs and cooldowns. 
  • His fighting is the highlight of his kit as he can solo kill Roshan and claim the Aegis of the Immortal. He excels in making his own opportunities and this becomes stronger as he gets his Black King Bar. This unkillable troll won’t stop chopping down his foes until they fall.
  • His Berserker’s Rage allows him to switch from ranged to melee and back. This is especially useful in certain situations which deem fit. His melee form gives him movement speed, armor, and a chance to ensnare enemies. The skill also decreases base attack time, reducing the time it takes to attack.
  • His Whirling Axes can slow enemies in a target area when he is in ranged mode, while his Whirling Axes in melee mode can damage enemies around him and cause them to miss attacks. One is good for chasing and escaping, while the latter is good for negative attacks from enemies. 
  • A good indicator of his unending rage is his Fervor, his passive that gives him stacking attack speed that increases as long as he attacks the same target multiple times. Once he changes targets, the count drops back to 0.
  • The embodiment of his rage, Battle Trance expresses the Troll Warlord’s rage to the point where you can’t control him. He is forced to attack the closest enemy heroes, gaining life steal, movement speed, attack speed, and a basic dispel. His unending rage is coupled with his inability to die in this state.

See Troll Warlord in action:

Troll Warlord montage.


10. Lifestealer

image via gamepressure

When a vengeful wizard tried to take advantage of N’aix, a thief cursed to rot in prison due to his crimes, things took a turn for the worse. The wizard tried to intercept N’aix’s body, in hopes of creating a stir in the prison that would let him escape. But instead, the madness found in N’aix’s mind was too much for the wizard, as he then lost his mind as well. Now forged into a singular host, the Lifestealer was born. Still wearing the chains as a reminder that none may hold him forever, but is still a prisoner on the inside. With his high base attack speed and life steal, Lifestealer can easily farm up and survive the early laning phase. His base stats allow him to farm in the jungle earlier than most carry heroes, giving him more room for resource gathering. Equipped with skills that enable him to survive aggressive engagements, Lifestealer can be a force to be reckoned with.

What makes Lifestealer a fearsome carry:

  • Lifestealer is one of those carry heroes that can easily survive the laning phase due to his life steal and movement speed. Whenever he needs extra resources, he can just farm the jungle and still be sufficient. 
  • He can take aggressive fights and still come out on top because he has the tools to withstand crowd control and heavy damage. With his high movement speed and passive slowing effect from his auto attacks, Lifestealer proves excellent for chasing and poking in lane.
  • Feast and Ghoul Frenzy are two passive abilities of Lifestealer that grant him life steal and attack speed respectively. The latter can also slow enemies, which is great for catching up to enemies especially due to his high attack speed.
  • His Rage allows him to have increased movement speed and magic resistance while also making him debuff immune. This is perfect for team fights that revolve around high crowd control and magic usage.
  • Infest allows him to escape danger and enter an ally or enemy creep, or an ally hero. This is basically a get-out-of-jail-free card since it also allows Lifestealer to heal up at insane speeds. If the target is a creep, Lifestealer can control it and consume it, killing it instantly, and dealing damage around the target.

See Lifestealer in action:

Lifestealer montage.


9. Phantom Lancer

image via wallpaperaccess

Coming from a simple spearfishing village, Azwraith joined the fight against Dread Magus Vorn. Infuriated by the death of his brothers at the hands of Vorn and his wizards, Azwraith slaughtered them all. Reeling from the death of Azwraith’s pike, Vorn exploded, imbuing Azwraith with the power of a phantom. Although not that impactful in the early game, Phantom Lancer is a reliable carry who is already self-sufficient upon obtaining his ultimate, Juxtapose. With the power of illusions, he is able to direct damage away from him and slowly but surely weaken his enemies. The Phantom Lancer is a hard one to catch.

What makes Phantom Lancer a fearsome carry:

  • Phantom Lancer is great for targeting heroes that have single-target skills. Due to his illusions, enemies will have a hard time countering and finding the real Phantom Lancer. This added characteristic is why so many Phantom Lancers thrive in team fights. In those intense situations, it is hard to determine which is the real Phantom Lancer.
  • Phantom Lancer and his illusions can all proc attack modifiers such as Diffusal Blade’s passive, one of his main items. This allows the carry to increase the damage dealt and reduce the mana of the enemy.
  • With his relatively high base damage, Phantom Lancer is able to easily last hit creeps in lane. But his mid-game is where he really shines. Once he gets enough items and levels to participate in fights, Phantom Lancer can dominate with his illusions and overwhelm opponents.
  • With numbers, comes strength. His ultimate, Juxtapose, allows him to spawn illusions from his and his illusions’ auto attacks. This makes him hard to catch while also dealing a bit more damage. This is Phantom Lancer’s main selling point, his ability to overwhelm the enemy with his phantoms.
  • Spirit Lance can slow the target enemy, making him/her an easy catch, while also spawning an illusion. 
  • Another reason why he is hard to catch is his Doppelganger ability. He and his illusions briefly vanish from the battlefield, returning with two more illusions. The ability is great for repositioning, chasing, and escaping, since it also gives a basic dispel.
  • Phantom Rush is his go-to for short trades, damage amplification, and chase due to its ability to rush him and his illusions to the target, granting them an agility boost. Proper usage allows Phantom Lancer and his illusions to successfully poke out the enemy, despite being at a range disadvantage.

See Phantom Lancer in action: 

Phantom Lancer montage.


8. Ursa

image via wall.alphacoders

Uflsaar, born of a culture of protectors, headed out to reach the rumors of a spreading evil before it could reach his wooded world. A proud and mighty warrior, durable and tough as the stories go. This hero is probably one of the most powerful early game heroes due to his innate ability to literally overpower any foe that stands up to him. With abilities that allow him to gain the upper hand at every fight, this early game beast can only grow stronger as the game goes on.

What makes Ursa a fearsome carry:

  • Just like Troll Warlord, Ursa is great for focusing on single targets. But unlike him, he can easily do this in the early game. Ursa is not that reliant on items as compared to Troll Warlord as his skills are sufficient for gaining the lead in the lane. Ursa’s laning phase is quite easy since he can take extended fights, tank damage, and last hit creeps easily. 
  • In terms of farming, Ursa is better off joining early skirmishes as his early game kit is better abused when no one has scaled up yet. But even then, he can still farm well.
  • This durable carry hero is adept at coming in and bursting squishy targets, and getting off scot-free. 
  • Ursa is best known for solo-killing Roshan, a boss that grants the killer the Aegis of the Immortal. This is possible due to his skill Fury Swipes. The ability allows Ursa to deal stacking damage every time he attacks the target, and this adds on forever. 
  • His Earthshock allows him to hop a small distance and then slam the ground, slowing and damaging any enemies in the way. This is great for going over obstacles, escaping, and chasing enemies. 
  • Coupled with his Fury Swipes, is his Overpower. This ability gives him increased attack speed and slow resistance for a limited number of attacks. The burst damage from these two skills is what makes him one of the best carry heroes in the current meta. 
  • All these, partnered with Enrage, make him a beast in fights. Enrage allows him to have increased status resistance and damage reduction, while also granting a strong dispel.

See Ursa in action: 

Ursa montage.


7. Naga Siren

image via DotA 2 Reddit

Once an honorable leader of her own battalion, Slithice now roams the world in search of the chalice that was taken from her kin’s trove which led to her banishment. With her voice as her most powerful weapon, she marches onward to restore her honor and place among her kin. Naga Siren typically shines in the late game, after she’s able to obtain key items and levels that elevate her game to the next level. She is adept at catching enemies and starting fights due to her powerful crowd control abilities. Coupled with illusions to back her up, the Naga Siren will surely find her chalice soon enough.

What makes Naga Siren a fearsome carry:

  • Naga Siren’s farming capabilities are one of the best in the game, allowing her to reach her items at a faster rate than most carry heroes. Her illusions can all apply her passive, which greatly helps in farming creeps. Her laning phase is not that great but due to her illusions, avenues to farm are always open to her. She can safely farm the jungle and the lane through these.
  • The main strength of this carry hero is her illusions and their high base damage. Mirror Image can dispel any basic debuffs to her and spawn 3 illusions to fight by her side. These illusions can proc Rip Tide, an AOE skill that damages and reduces the armor of enemies. 
  • Naga Siren’s Ensnare traps a target with a net that prevents them from moving or blinking away. Essentially, this skill has a long root duration and is great for chasing enemies.
  • Her Song of the Siren is her ultimate ability that allows her to either start or escape fights. The skill puts everyone in range in a stasis where they are asleep and unable to act. This is great for setting up your allies’ hard-to-hit spells and can help them set up the perfect combo.

See Naga Sirenin action:

Ursa montage.


6. Luna

image via cybersport

Chosen by Selemene, the Goddess of the Moon, after a test, Luna swore to protect the Nightsilver Woods, renouncing her bloody past. Luna is an agility hero who packs a punch with her powerful short-ranged attacks. Her early game is relatively great with high base numbers from her passive and active skills. Her farming capabilities are one of the best in the game, due to her ability to mow down numerous enemies and buildings. When put in team fights, Luna gives the enemy a hell of a beating with her glaives bouncing between enemy after enemy. Coupled with her high movement speed, this carry hero is one of the most reliable in the game.

What makes Luna a fearsome carry:

  • Luna is one of the best farmers in the game. Especially when supports stack camps for her, Luna can gain an early advantage solely on farm. Her farming capabilities also translate into his fighting ability. Early items, coupled with Moon Glaives, can wreak havoc upon hordes of enemies. With her high damage even in the early game, Luna can farm well in lane and also poke in return. Even if she doesn’t do well in lane, farming in the jungle is a viable option due to her farming capabilities.
  • With her skill set and early item advantage, Luna can join skirmishes early in the game. This early participation helps in gaining early advantages for the team that snowballs into the late game.
  • Luna’s Lucent Beam stuns enemies and damages them heavily. This point-and-click spell helps her survive the early game and early fights.
  • Lunar Blessing gives Luna and her allies increased attack damage. At night, it also gives her increased vision, helping her navigate through the map. This increase in damage helps her poke out enemies, and farm more efficiently in the early game. 
  • Her Moon Glaives are the ultimate farming tool. Her attacks spawn glaives that bounce around enemies, dealing damage at every bounce. 
  • Her ultimate, Eclipse, rains down the power of the moon towards nearby enemy heroes. The instances between each beam are short and can surely burst any nearby enemy.

See Luna in action:


5. Chaos Knight

image via cutewallpaper

Armed with the goal of extinguishing The Light, the Chaos Knight roams around the many planes of existence. With his army composed of different versions of himself, he will stop at nothing until he ensues chaos across all planes. Being a durable carry with an army of illusions, the Chaos Knight excels at bursting singular targets with ease with little consequence. Armed with burst damage, a stun, a mobility skill, and illusions, this hero almost has it all. Its early game is fine but its late game is where it is unkillable. Chaos follows wherever the Chaos Knight goes.

What makes Chaos Knight a fearsome carry:

  • Chaos Knight is one of those carry heroes that can easily farm the lane in the laning phase. His high damage can enable the user to last hit easily, as well as do sufficient poke. His skill set translates into team fighting and aggressive engagements. Coupled with a passive that deals immense damage, Chaos Knight can get in, burst a target, and go on to the next one. With sufficient backup, Chaos Knight would be unstoppable in team fights especially since he is a hard-to-kill target with his durability and army of illusions.
  • Chaos Knight can use Chaos Bolt to stun enemies at a random duration and damage amount. This is a point-and-click skill that is easy to use and has a considerable range.
  • Reality Rift transports him and his illusions to the enemy, reducing armor altogether. When chasing, Reality Rift gives an opportunity for Chaos Knight to catch an enemy off-guard.
  • Chaos Strike is Chaos Knight’s goto for life steal and critical strikes. Since this also works on his illusions, Chaos Knight is able to deal immense damage to his enemies.
  • His ultimate skill, Phantasm, has a basic dispel and creates illusions that deal the full amount of damage. This already gives his illusions a considerable advantage over normal illusions. 

See Chaos Knight in action: 

Chaos Knight montage.


4. Clinkz

image from wallpapers13

Clinkz was once a sworn protector of the Hoven Lands. When the demon Maraxiform rose up and invaded the lands, the king-mage decreed a spell wherein whoever would slay the demon would be granted eternal life. Clinkz was unaware of this spell as he defeated the demon, up until he was burned alive by the reaction of the demon’s defeat. The spell took place at the same time he was burned alive, preserving this state. This slippery hero can take enemies by surprise, unloading a barrage of arrows that easily take down the strongest of foes. His skeleton archers aid him in dealing damage even if he isn’t attacking. Although he lacks crowd control, he makes up for it by his damage and mobility.

What makes Clinkz a fearsome carry:

  • What makes Clinkz stand out is his slippery nature. Clinkz can easily get in and out of fights, which makes him a great hero if you’re in a skirmish team composition With his high damage and attack speed, Clinkz can burst any squishy easily and get away with it.
  • Although not that great at farming, Clinkz gains most of his leads with little farming and heavy skirmishing. His laning phase is okay but he can also opt to farm in the jungle with his skills, despite not being a heavy farmer.
  • Clinkz gains attack speed through Strafe. This allows him to dish out more attacks, boosting his DPS. The attack speed buff also affects nearby skeleton archers.
  • Tar Bomb allows Clinkz to slow down opponents. The AOE ability also lets his archers focus on the enemy stuck in the Tar Bomb. The skill also gives Clinkz and his archers a boost in damage when attacking the enemy.
  • Death Pact allows Clinkz to consume a creep and convert that to a skeleton archer. Upon consuming the creep, Clinkz also gets healed and a boost in max HP. This is great for surviving long fights, and providing more sources of damage.
  • Clinkz’s Skeleton Walk allows him to be invisible and have a boost in movement speed. This has a short cooldown which means he can freely roam the map with ease. Upon attacking to break the invisibility, two skeleton archers will spawn and assist Clinkz.

See Clinkz in action:

Clinkz montage.


3. Juggernaut

image via wall.alphacoders

After getting banished by a corrupt lord, the Isle of Masks vanished after a catastrophe. This tragedy actually saved his life, but at the cost of being alone. Despite his losses, Yurnero still strives to carry on his kin’s tradition and blade work. With his blade, Juggernaut precisely strikes through his enemies. He has great offensive and defensive skills that let him thrive in the laning phase. His team fighting is one of the best in the game and this alone lets him dominate.

What makes Juggernaut a fearsome carry:

  • Juggernaut’s high base attack speed enables him to dish out lots of attacks. This allows Juggernaut to be built with damage items instead of attack speed items which gives him a huge advantage due to his already high base attack speed. His laning is great with his skills that allow him to survive and dominate the lane. When paired with a support with crowd control, Juggernaut can eliminate and destroy his laner in quick fashion.
  • Juggernaut’s fighting in team fights is what defines him as one of the most stable carry heroes in the game. Juggernaut has always been a staple for teams looking for reliable damage. His skills can be used to safely execute enemies and push waves.
  • Juggernaut’s Blade Fury is one of the highest damage skills in the early game. This is an AOE skill that protects him from magic skills since it gives 80% magic resistance and makes him debuff immune. It also has a basic dispel.
  • His Healing Ward is a totem that can be controlled to heal an area around it. It is most especially useful in the laning phase as this totem can heal insane amounts. 
  • One of the main reasons his damage is high is because of his passive Blade Dance. Blade Dance allows him to hit a critical strike and the percentage of the chance is high.
  • Omnislash is Juggernaut’s ultimate skill. The ultimate allows him to leap toward a target and slash it with increased attack speed for a period of time. Juggernaut is invincible in this mode and it also grants a basic dispel on cast.

See Juggernaut in action:

Juggernaut montage.


2. Drow Ranger 

image via rare-gallery

Traxex’s parents were slaughtered in a bandit raid, leaving the little girl alone and abandoned. The Drow then took her and raised her as one of their own. Estranged and alienated, Traxex sought to find her place in the world, honing her skills in archery in the woods. Drow Ranger is a ranged, agility hero who is great at dealing damage from a distance. Her skill set allows her to kite enemies, keeping a safe distance between her and danger. With her high damage and range, Drow Ranger is sure to be able to take over the laning phase and team fights.

What makes Drow Ranger a fearsome carry:

  • With great range and damage, Drow Ranger serves as a great laner and fighter. Her laning phase is easy with her damage and range, and she can farm quite okay. But her team fighting is what really makes her stand out. The slowing effect from her attacks can easily lock down enemies, and help teammates take them down. 
  • Being a hard-to-reach hero, Drow Ranger excels in positioning well in order to deal damage without getting in imminent danger. 
  • Drow Ranger’s Frost Arrows deal extra damage and slow enemies, great for laning and team fights. A continuous stream of slowing effects can ensure that the enemy doesn’t reach you or escape.
  • Gust is great for silencing opponents and knocking them back when they’ve gotten too close.
  • Multishot deals immense damage and slows enemies in an area. This helps in wave clear and mowing down clumped-up enemies. 
  • Her already high damage is amplified by her ultimate, Marksmanship. The skill gives her bonus agility, boosting her damage and attack speed, while also giving her a chance to proc bonus damage. Ranged allies can also benefit from the agility bonus if they are near her, but only gain 50% of the bonus. 

See Drow Ranger in action:

Drow Ranger montage.


1. Spectre

image via cutewallpaper

Spectre is a being full of intense and violent energy drawn to the strifes of the physical world. While not being the best at laning or surviving the early game, a late game Spectre can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. Being a durable and slippery hero, Mercurial can assist allies from afar and participate in team fights even when she wasn’t at the beginning. Her high damage and tough build can prove challenging to stop, especially when she’s fed. With her proactive gameplay, Spectre is always able to join fights and leave in the blink of an eye.

What makes Spectre a fearsome carry: 

  • Spectre excels in skirmishes with the team. With the help of teammates with sufficient damage and crowd control, Spectre can get in between enemies and keep them occupied. Her tanky nature allows her more space to deal damage, while her mobility keeps enemies struggling to catch her. She can reliably get in fights even when she is far from it. This active participation is what allows her to be active in the game.
  • Spectral Dagger damages and slows enemies hit. The path where the dagger passes through forms a dark passageway for Spectre to walk in, enabling her to walk through obstacles. This also grants her a movement speed bonus.
  • Spectre is perfect for assassinating support heroes. Her Desolate allows her to deal pure damage to isolated targets. 
  • Dispersion is the reason why Spectre survives the laning phase and dominates team fights. The skill allows her to soak up damage and deflect it to nearby enemies. This skill makes her durable, preventing any serious casualties. 
  • Her ultimate skill, Shadow Step, allows her to haunt a visible enemy hero. The target is attacked by an illusion of Spectre and through this, she can freely teleport to it. This allows her to farm from anywhere and still be present in team fights.

See Spectre in action:

Spectre montage.

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