[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Carry Heroes That Wreck Hard!

I am gonna SIT here and farm until the end.

Carry is a role that everyone wants to play. Playing carry is like being the cool kid, sitting in a lane farming to your heart’s content waiting for the late game when u come online and just kill people left and right winning your team the game.

But it’s not that easy being a carry player. You have to be selfish and think of ways that only benefit you and your hero. Your team might be feeding or owning the enemy but a game can change at any time, and carry has to be ready for such situations. The player has to know the strengths and weaknesses of his and enemy heroes, if played right carry can kill 1v5 or in the hands of an amateur player it can be useless. Today’s list is all about carries and their ability to wreck and win the game.


10) Faceless Void

Time and time again.

Faceless void, this time stopping, time reversing hero is one of the best carries of the game, if you have fun participating in team fights this is the hero to pick. Its ultimate, chronosphere is an ability that casts a huge aoe sphere that stops time and anyone from outside if jumps in also gets caught in it stopping them from casting running or doing anything, basically they can’t do anything when the time is stopped.

However, OP as this ability seems to be it has its caveats like in a huge team fighthat if you accidentally cast your ultimate when your team is around you they will also get caught in it and any enemy standing outside the sphere will just freely kill your teammates. Chronosphere is a hard ultimate to pull off only with careful planning and positioning can you catch the whole enemy team.

Why faceless void is a great hero:

  • His high starting damage makes it easy to farm early game.
  • Time walk allows you to reverse any damage caused to you in the previous 2 seconds, this helps void to sustain the lane as he negates any damage by the enemy.
  • After level 6 void can easily catch weak support heroes with chronosphere and solo kill them
  • His bash ability helps in stopping the channeling heroes , Bash also works when a hero is under spell immunity.


9) Spectre

Spectre haunts you.

Spectre is one of the strongest agility and carry heroes, in mid to late game it can even be considered as a tank hero. Spectre is strictly a late game hero, people often pick spectre with the team composition that can last until late game, only a few heroes can kill spectre when it is 6 slotted.

Spectre’s ultimate cast illusions on enemy heroes wherever they are on the map and allows spectre to instantly teleport to any illusion. This allows Spectre to freely farm anywhere on the map without caring about positioning at the start of teamfight because she can instantly jump in the heat of battle. Experienced players who know farming patterns and timings of items make this hero unstoppable.

Why spectre is a great carry hero:

  • Her spectral dagger allows her to chase after other heroes, slowing and damaging them.
  • Her dispersion damages enemies around her when they hit her.
  • Haunt allows her to instantly jump on enemy heroes without any delay.
  • High survivability in team fights and in general.


8) Wraith king

Wraiths die twice.

Wraith king is a strength carry hero that mostly relies on jungle farming and killing solo, he has one of the best win rate in all carry heroes with 53.24 %. Wraith king is on the easy side and new players can test the ground with this hero if they want the carry role.

The main strength of wraith king is his ultimate reincarnation which allows him to resurrect with full health ready to throw hands once again.

Wraith king is mostly played around his item timings with getting radiance around 15-18 minutes making his damage skyrocket that works wonders with his critical strike basically he can one shot some of the weaker support heroes.

Why Wraith king is a great hero:

  • His skeletons allow him to farm faster than others; they run independently of the wraith king.
  • When wraith king kills any unit with his last hit being a critical hit he gets a charge in his status which when used casts a skeleton.
  • In the later half of the game his reincarnation does not take any mana and has insanely low cooldown.
  • Killing roshan and getting aegis makes wraith king a nightmare to deal with having to kill him three times is not one hero's job.


7) Medusa

Am i not beautiful?.

Medusa like from greek mythology is an agility carry that is considered to be a super late game hero, with eating farms all around the map waiting for that item build to kick in and killing people without the care of one’s own health.

Because it is very hard to kill medusa in late game with her mana shield protecting her, only heroes like anti-mage can do some damage to her, She just has to stand in the middle of battle hitting people. She can be a boring hero to play but anything to win a game, right?.

Her main things are mana shield and her ultimate stone gaze that turns enemy heroes into stones for 3 seconds. Try standing still for 3 seconds in a team fight , yes you are dead.

Why Medusa is a great carry hero:

  • Easy to farm but takes a long time to come online.
  • Her snakes steal mana from the enemy and return to her; this works well with her mana shield that uses mana when an enemy hits the hero to negate some of the damage.
  • In the late game you are basically god.
  • Her ultimate can be used to run away in early to mid game.
  • Her ability allows her to hit in four directions around her.


6) Drow Ranger 

You liked that frost?

Drow ranger is a range agility carry hero that keeps her distance and blasts people with her frost arrows applying hypothermia. Drow is a weak hero but can dish out massive damage, her gust allows her to knockback heroes that try to approach her from the front.

The biggest nightmare of any drow player is getting jumped as she is a weak maintaining distance knowing your position around battle is the key to playing this hero. Her marksmanship has a chance of dealing hits that go through the enemy's defenses like piercing damage.

She is good in early game with high damage and after level 6 with luck from marksmanship she can kill supports easily.

Why drow ranger is a great carry hero:

  • Frost arrows allow her to slow the enemy and deal bonus damage applying hypothermia.
  • Gust is useful to knockback enemy heroes approaching from front.
  • Her split shot launches a flurry of arrows in continuous motion for 1.75 seconds applying longer frost arrows duration and bonus damage.
  • Her gust also silences enemy heroes with knockback; it is useful for canceling any channeling heroes and starting a battle.


5) Slark

Give me your essence.

Slark is all about hitting enemy heroes and stealing their essence(attributes). With each hit slark steals every attribute(agility,strength and intelligence) of the enemy hero and converts them into agility if he manages to kill an enemy he permanently gains 1 agility.

He won’t let you run away from him with his pounce spell he can jump on an enemy catching them for 3.25 seconds, the enemy hero for this duration can only go a certain distance away from slark.

To play this hero you have to have great sense of your positioning knowing where every hero is entering the battle from a different area than your team, flanking the enemy heroes stealing their essence and running away with pounce, coming back in again draining and killing.

If somehow slark gets jumped he has his ultimate that makes him invulnerable from hits making him invisible in smoky cloud can only be damaged with spell.

Why slark is a great carry hero:

  • His dark pact allows purge and negative debuffs applied on him by sacrificing a little bit of his health.
  • With pounce you can either catch an enemy hero or run away from them.
  • Essence shift allows you to scale even if you are behind item timings.
  • Slark’s ultimate has a passive ability that regenerates his health overtime when he is not in the eye view of his enemies, this sinerges with his pounce, steal and run tactic.


4) Terrorblade

Care to swap lives?

Terrorblade is the hero that puts fear in people’s hearts, this hero is the definition of what a carry is supposed to be, farm until you are a monster no one wants to deal with.

Terrorblade in the beginning of the game is a weak hero that can be killed easily, however his metamorphosis allows him to sustain the lane and farm until he reaches his item timings. When he gets yasha terrorblade can go jungle and farm basically the whole game without getting caught as his illusions make the enemy think oh terrorblade is farming in jungle but in reality he is on the other side of the map.

His ultimate sunder allows him to swap health with either a friend or a foe. With this terrorblade can fight until his health is low and then swap

with an enemy and kill them instead , it’s like a uno reverse card

Why terrorblade is a great carry hero:

  • Reflection becoming fatal for enemy carries
  • Hard to kill illusions, you can also farm with illusions sending them into different lanes making your farming game strong.
  • Metamorphosis makes you strongly increase damage and people run away from you. That's why the eye of skadi is built for terrorblade.
  • Sunder at a perfect moment can change the flow of the game.


3) Phantom Assassin 

You need MKB.

We have talked alot about late game heroes. Let's talk about heroes that stomp early to mid game, Phantom assassin is an agility hero that has a habit of one shoting enemy heroes after level 6.

Her ultimate coup de grace gives her a chance of 15 % of dealing about 450% critical strike, that’s a lot of damage, support heroes just run away from PA or buy items to just haul ass when they see her.

Phantom assassin has incredible kill potential in early game, after level 6 she can jump on weak support heroes with her phantom strike allowing her to blink on an enemy or a friendly unit and gaining bonus attack speed for 2 seconds combine this with 15% chance a single or multiple crits will definitely land depending upon your luck.

Her stifling dagger is a great tool to deal damage from a distance dealing 65+70% of her physical damage along with any effects from items such as desolator.

Why PA is a great carry hero:

  • Phantom assassin scales well from start to finish making her impactful in either early or late game.
  • Her ultimate combined with damage increasing items is just deadly.
  • Can easily kill supports with critical strikes.
  • Is hard to kill with hits as she has an ability called blur. Phantom assassin gains passive 45% evade chance and when activated she becomes invisible until any enemy hero is nearby, this makes farming easy without having a fear of getting caught as she won't appear on minimap when blur is activated.


2) Juggernaut

The Samurai.

Juggernaut is one of the best early game carries, he thrives in fighting with team instead of solo, that does not mean he cannot solo kill heroes, juggernaut gains much more farm if he is present in team fights.

Juggernaut’s blade fury is a fun and deadly ability making him spell immune and spinning in fury damaging enemy heroes, he can even hit when this ability is active.

Like phantom assassin juggernaut also has an ability that gives him critical strike , the chance is much greater but the percentage of damage done is less as its an ability not an ultimate, with 35% proc chance and 180% critical damage, combine this with his ultimate omni slash and rarely any hero can survive this flurry of attacks during which he is not just spell immune but totally invulnerable.

Why juggernaut is a great carry hero:

  • His bladefury can be used to farm hordes of creeps or kill support heroes that only use spells as a means of stopping or dealing damage.
  • Healing ward that is around 25 seconds healing 5% of hp per second is a lot of healing , an enemy can destroy this ward.
  • Aghanim’s sceptre works great with omni slashes as juggernaut gains another ability , Swift slash that allows him to do a mini omni slash of 0.8 seconds rather than 3.5 seconds, it can basically kill a support hero and has low cooldown of 20 seconds.


1) Anti-Mage

Ugh your mana stinks.

Anti-mage is the bane of existence for intelligence hero as his main thing is to burn mana and what do intelligence have big mana pool to destroy, anti-mage burns mana and deal more damage in doing so, Mana break burns mana on each attack and deals 50% of mana burned as damage to an enemy or creep/neural camps that have mana.

Anti-mage is a late game hero and is carefully picked with team composition , if anti-mage is picked randomly without any thought the hero can be useless, what anti-mage needs is farm a lot of it, he needs to be at least 4-5 slotted before he can do anything, but once he is ready, he is almost unkillable blinking in and out of battle burning mana causing hair pulling anger.

Anti-mage is a high skill hero that requires the knowledge of map awareness, farming patterns and positioning in battle. It is somewhat difficult to play but once mastered is unstoppable.

Why anti-mage is a great carry hero:

  • His blink strike allows him to escape early ganks and battles.
  • His counterspell passively gives anti-mage magic resistance and when activated at a perfect moment returns the enemy spell to them, it’s like parrying a blow from an enemy is an rpg.
  • His ultimate mana void deals damage to enemies in a radius in accordance to the missing mana of the enemy it damages in 1.1/missing mana point to an enemy and surroundings, imagine an intelligence hero missing 1000 mana and getting mana void that’s about 1000+ damage to that enemy and around him.


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