[Top 10] Dota 2 Queen of Pain Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Queen of Pain in Dota 2, Ranked)

Behold the Queen of dominance! Queen of Pain is a very annoying hero for the enemy mid-laner. It is irritating to lane against constant spam and harassment, if overlooked then it can result in your death! She has the perfect skillset to both harass and kills the enemy hero, her mobility makes her even harder to catch. You’re at the wrong end of the leash if you face off against her!

To help you tackle this devastating dominatrix, we bring you the Best 10 Queen of Pain Counters in the current meta. These heroes are exceptional against the Queen, demoting her to nothing but a footsoldier!

10. Meepo

Whenever there’s a Meepo in a pub game against Queen of Pain, chances are he is either a man with a plan or someone really suicidal! Jokes aside, Meepo is an extremely powerful hero but there is a catch, he requires extreme amounts of practice and dedication to go head to head against the likes of AoE heroes like the Queen herself. Everything from your map awareness to micro-skills needs to be on point, even your keybind setup. That’s the reason why this hero ranks number 10 on this list, he is a hit or a miss. It all depends on your skill level.

Why is Meepo a great counter to QoP?

  • Meepo is the hard counter for Queen of Pain - chaining Earthbinds prevents her from using Blink for a long time, and without any other escape options, Queen of Pain cannot survive several Poofs and attacks.
  • Meepo tends to build items with attributes, mitigating Queen of Pain's magical burst.

Items to buy on Meepo

  • Blink Dagger - Blink is exceptional to close the gap or chasing the elusive QoP
  • Eye of Skadi - Exceptional to reduce movement speed, while also offering stats and reducing QoP’s regen speed
  • Scythe of Vyse - Excellent disable that prevents QoP from escaping
  • Dragon Lance - Immense stats, great during the early game
  • Heart of Tarrasque - Increased HP, useful to survive the massive burst damage from QoP


9. Faceless Void

Time and time again, we see heroes getting nerfed into oblivion but when was the last time you saw Faceless Void getting nerfed? Laning against the annoying Queen of Pain may be tough but if you buy enough regen you’ll be fine! FV can utterly dominate the game if he can land great Chronos and gets to hit QoP quite effortlessly. Team synergy and follow-up are essential in the early game as he can’t deal heavy damage right off the bat! 

Why is Faceless Void Great against QoP? 

  • Time Walk and Backtrack allows Faceless Void to easily negate Queen of Pain's burst damage.
  • Chronosphere prevents Queen of Pain from escaping with Blink, and her low survivability makes her an easy kill.
  • Time Dilation will prevent Queen of Pain from using her low-cooldown spells or force her to buy Black King Bar or Eul's Scepter of Divinity to dispel the debuff and re-engage.

Items to Buy on Faceless Void

  • Monkey King Bar - High physical damage, without missing any hits on the QoP
  • Silver Edge - Great to catch QoP off-guard with the invisibility and damage, Void can directly Chrono her after the break hit
  • Daedalus - Immense critical damage 
  • Manta Style - Can dispel Poison Touch, while also benefiting from immense stat gain
  • Butterfly - Increased movement speed, agility, and evasion against physical damage


8. Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker is a cold-blooded hunter, known for his mania and vigor. His blades cut deep into QoP, he leaves her bleeding and wounded. He is a lethal force that can never go unnoticed. Bloodseeker can effortlessly jungle or lane, as he is blessed with high base armor. His passive sustain him in the lane, allowing him to play aggressively. He can gank other lanes with the availability of his ultimate, often removing heroes from a team fight. 

Why is Bloodseeker a great counter to QoP?

  • Blood Rite silences her, preventing her from initiating or escaping.
  • With Thirst, even if she Blinks away, Bloodseeker can catch right up to her.
  • Rupture will heavily damage Queen of Pain if she tries to Blink away.

Items to buy on Bloodseeker

  • Black King Bar - Magic immunity from all QoP’s spells
  • Monkey King Bar - High physical damage and true strike 
  • Mjolnir - Helps him to quickly farm and push out lanes 
  • Sange and Yasha - Increased stat and damage gain along with movement speed
  • Abyssal Blade - Can quickly lock QoP down with the active stun or bash her even if she has BKB!


7. Mirana  

Mirana is a ranged agility hero who is considered to be a flexible pick, meaning it can be played in pretty much all roles. She proves to be a great pick against heroes with low armor and magic resistance. Picking Mirana with other heroes that can stun can lead to an immense lockdown potential. Along with this, she can also use her ultimate offensively or defensively, which provides a great layer of protection to her allies as well. 

Why is Mirana a great counter to QoP? 

  • A good Mirana can hit Queen of Pain with the arrow and stun for 3 seconds. Followed by hit and Star Storm can easily make considerable damage to low-health Queen of Pain.
  • With help of leap, Mirana can jump to her and attack or escape with ease.
  • Her ultimate Moonlight shadow positions Mirana close to Queen and attacks.

Items to Buy on Mirana 

  • Spirit Vessel - Immense DPS and heal reduction to QoP when used
  • Lotus Orb - Can dispel and reflect back Shadow Strike if timed correctly
  • Force Staff - Allows her to close the gap or escape from QoP
  • Eul’s Scepter - Can be used to dispel Shadow Strike or set up the arrow
  • Mekansm - Immense heals with Mek, can further be upgraded to Guardian Greaves if needed



6. Centaur Warruner

The war chieftain has seen many strong enemies, his forces have destroyed empires and defeated great warriors. Centaur is naturally a great counter to any ranged hero and especially Razor due to his ability to gap close with both his ultimate and the Blink Dagger. He can return some serious damage back to him and it is further amplified with the Blade Mail. Razor can not fight alone or target a farmed and fat Centaur.

Why is Centaur Warruner a great counter to QoP? 

  • A good Centaur can catch Queen of Pain with a Blink Dagger and Hoof Stomp.
  • Retaliate with Blade Mail reflects all of Queen of Pain's damage, especially Sonic Wave.
  • Stampede grants a movement speed bonus, which can prevent Queen of Pain from initiating.
  • Double Edge can shred her low health pool if she's not careful.

Items to buy on Centaur Warruner

  • Blink Dagger - Great gap closer against QoP
  • Blade Mail - Can reflect damage and prevent her from using spells
  • Force Staff - Another gap-closing item
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Can be used to initiate or save allies from ganks across the map
  • Pipe of Insight - Provides immense magic damage block on activation, and affects the whole team. 


5. Death Prophet

The ghastly prophet looms over her prey, foreshadowing their existence and planning her every move towards chaos! Seeing Death Prophet in pub games is quite a rare sight in 2022, but her occasional cameos are a sight worth witnessing, especially against squishy heroes. Her spammable spells make her a nuisance in the laning phase, which is even worsened if she has Spirit Siphon, making her drain enemy health. Her foes stand no chance against the Death Prophet if they ever get silenced!

Why is Death Prophet a great counter to QoP?

  • Silence will prevent Queen of Pain from using Blink to escape or chase.
  • If Queen of Pain uses Blink to close the gap to Death Prophet, Death Prophet will be in range for Spirit Siphon and typically gain an advantage over Queen of Pain.
  • Low CD on spells, allowing her to push lanes and dish out more damage in fights
  • Spirit Siphon makes her unkillable in teamfights! 

Items to buy on Death Prophet

  • Eul’s Scepter - Can be used to lock QoP down and set up for silence or dispel Shadow Strike
  • Black King Bar - Magic Immunity from all her spells
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - High damage which can be used to push towers or deal immense damage during teamfights
  • Kaya and Sange - High stat and mana gain
  • Shiva’s Guard - Increased armor and AoE damage, also reduces QoP’s armor in a radius.


4. Shadow Shaman

Many have come and gone but none can withstand the cursed abilities of this Shaman. Shadow Shaman is a great addition to your team against escape heroes as he offers you insane disable potential allowing your team to follow up with damage and spells. Apart from disabling, he is also known to push out lanes effortlessly and deal damage to buildings with his ultimate! He can also rat well in the late game if he has all the right items!

Why is Shadow Shaman great against QoP? 

  • Shadow Shaman has many disables to lock down Queen of Pain, preventing her from Blinking away, even though Linken's Sphere or her spell block talent.
  • Mass Serpent Ward can tear through Queen of Pain's low health pool once she's locked down by Hex & Shackles.

Items to Buy on Shadow Shaman

  • Aether Lens - Increased cast range to catch QoP off guard
  • Blink Dagger - Great for closing the gap
  • Force Staff - Another great item for gap closing/escaping
  • Glimmer Cape - Invisibility can be used to escape or set up to gank QoP
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Increased damage to Serpent Wards
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from QoP and also applies a basic dispel


3. Puck

This dazzling faerie dragon is a mixture of skill and flamboyance. Although, relatively a weak laner and squishy, Puck can turn the tides around if he manages to secure his early game by farming sufficiently and ganking other lanes. Most heroes fare well against the Puck unless he has an absolute cakewalk of a laning phase! The right items at the right time allow him to sustain himself and deal lethal magical damage without worrying about his foes!

Why is Puck a great counter to QoP? 

  • Puck also has a silence to stop QoP’s blink with Waning Rift.
  • Puck will have vision to hunt her down if she blinks into the trees with Illusory Orb.
  • If Queen of Pain is under the effect of Dream Coil, she will be unable to blink out.

Items to Buy on Puck

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating
  • Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter - Can lock in a spell immune QoP and silence her for a longer duration with the Shard
  • Linken’s Sphere - Can block QoP’s Shadow Strike or Orchid
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from QoP and also applies a basic dispel
  • Witch Blade - Increased physical damage 


2. Skywrath Mage

This intelligent mage possesses the knowledge of the world. His arcane prowess enables him to obliterate his rivals and ensures his victory on the battlefield. Skywrath Mage is a flexible hero, but he is primarily played in the roaming support position. He is known to be annoying in the lane, his low cooldown spells allow him to spam his enemies with immense damage. He is known to disable enemies right from the early game with his Arcane Curse!

Why is Skywrath Mage great against QoP?

  • A good Skywrath Mage with quick fingers will punish Queen of Pain for blinking aggressively. 
  • Ancient Seal is a six-second silence with no cast time, so he can interrupt either her Shadow Strike or Sonic Wave, and a good Mystic Flare on top of that will seal the deal for her.
  • Ancient Seal also has pretty good range so he could get it off before she blinks away.

Items to buy on Skywrath Mage

  • Rod of Atos - Great for locking QoP down
  • Ethereal Blade - Can be used in tandem with his other spells and items to deal immense magical damage
  • Veil of Discord - Amplifies the magical damage dealt
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Increased magical damage from Ultimate
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from QoP and also applies a basic dispel


1. Disruptor

Prepare yourself for troubled weather as Disruptor barrages into the battlefield to change the trajectory of the battle! DIsruptor is one of the most picked support heroes against the menacing Queen in the current meta, as he provides insane disable in the form of Static Storm which further is amplified by Aghanim’s Scepter that mutes her items. QoP can easily be caught off guard by Disruptor if she wanders in without suspecting anything, the aftermath can be in the favor of the Disruptor.

Why is Disruptor a great counter to QoP? 

  • Thunder Strike gives vision of Queen of Pain when she's trying to escape. When combined with Glimpse, her mobility and hit-and-run style can be negated.
  • While in a team fight, Static Storm forces Queen of Pain to only use right-clicks.
  • When combined with the Kinetic Field, she can only wait until she respawns.

Items to Buy on Disruptor

  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Mutes QoP’s items.
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from QoP and also applies a basic dispel
  • Glimmer Cape - Invisibility can be used to escape or set up to gank QoP
  • Eul’s Scepter - Can be used to set up for Lighting Storm ultimate.
  • Force Staff - Great gap closer and can also be used to escape.


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