[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Top Lane Duos That Are Amazing

As you may know, Top Lane is widely regarded as the lane where the most bloodshed happens. Here we get to see the mighty chaos and destruction, which can make or break a game for the team. There are heroes which work exceptionally well in the Radiant Hardlane and the Dire Safelane. They may include support, carry, as well as offlane heroes. It is safe to say that the trajectory of the entire game depends on this lane. The heroes in these lanes have to be quick, and sharp to excel in their roles!

To help you pick the right heroes for your ranked adventures, we bring you the Best 15 Top Lane Duos. These heroes are very relevant in the current meta and assure you nothing but victory and domination over your feeble and puny foes.

15. Pudge and Techies

We know what you’re thinking, Techies….and Pudge. Really?! We can already hear you sighing at this duo. Pudge and Techies sound like a bad duo on paper, but not everyone knows that the legendary Chinese team Wings Gaming had picked this exact troll combo in the Ti6 Finals, yes you read it right…in the finals with millions of dollars at stake. But in reality, these heroes synergize well with their control and disable potential. In the early game, if you manage to hook the enemy carry into a mine then it is pretty much game over for them, plus you may also be able to make your foes rage with these two most hated heroes in the game.

Techies are highly active through the early game, and so is Pudge with his Hook and Rot. The combo is extremely chaotic in the early game as you can just plant a mine and have the Pudge stand on top of it to hook an enemy, dealing an immense amount of damage, if Techies can follow up with Blast Off then there is no way that the enemy escapes alive. At that point, the enemy just wants to escape such a terrible and unfavorable matchup!

What makes Techies and Pudge great? 

  • Immense magic damage potential right off the bat with Rot and Blast Off.
  • Great for some psychological warfare against your foes!
  • The duo can also farm quickly as they have an array of AoE spells with low cooldown.
  • Can still be relevant in the late game as Pudge can become a meat shield and Techies can just AFK plant mines in the base all the time, providing insane defense potential to his team.



14. Warlock and Magnus

Warlock is probably the strongest support hero in the game when it comes to dishing out raw damage as well as DPS (Damage per second). This damage is quite lethal when you combine it with the likes of Magnus. We all know how lethal a Magnus can be just with his Reverse Polarity and a Blink Dagger. If Warlock manages to get his Fatal Bonds off in time as Magnus is about to RP, then it may work wonders for the team, it can be quickly followed by Chaotic Offering which can even lead to instant nuke and net multiple kills in the name of Warlock. 

This combo can work right through the first few levels of the game as both of these heroes are effective right off the bat. Both Warlock and Magnus rely more on levels as opposed to items to get things done, unlike other heroes who may require a few items before they can even think of team fighting. These heroes are highly relevant throughout the early game and do not fade away into the late game as their spells are still equally effective and strong.

What makes Warlock and Magnus great? 

  • Immense DPS with Warlock’s spells, which can be used right before Magnus’ Reverse Polarity to deal more damage to enemies.
  • Both heroes have immense crowd control ultimate abilities, which co-incidentally pierce magic immunity, hence making them strong and relevant through the late game.
  • High damage dished out by these heroes, both physical (Magnus), and Magical (Warlock)


13. Tiny and Io

Not every Duo list in Dota is complete without the mention of Tiny and Io. One is a glorified disco ball and the other is a mammoth of a rock, but they both complete each other! Tiny can be considered to be weak as a core hero in the laning phase, but Io sustains him by providing him with heals and attack speed which he desperately lacks. Along with initiating with Relocate, Io can also help him escape and heal him in team fights. Tiny’s devastating spell combo is one of the main reasons why he is picked, his early-game kill threat is unmatchable.

Tiny does extremely well with Io, as he can easily secure farm and stay healthy through a ruthless teamfight. Io also can be protected if he stays tethered to Tiny, providing him an extra barrier of safety to cast his spells and use his items to the maximum potential. Tiny is highly devastating in the late game if he acquires all his physical damage-dealing items as he simply becomes a turret with the help of Io!

What makes Tiny and Io great? 

  • Immense sustainability with the constant heals coming out from Io
  • Io can safely escort Tiny out of fights or initiate with him anywhere on the map with the help of Relocate, providing immense global team fighting potential.
  • Immense burst potential right from the early game, allowing Tiny to solo kill enemies with just his Stun and Toss combo.
  • Both heroes rely more on levels as opposed to farm to get stuff done across the map.


12. Razor and Bane

The ruthless Razor is a hero that most players do not like facing in their pub games, speaking of hated heroes, Bane ranks high on that list! Bane is one of the most annoying heroes who is known to lock enemies down and make them weak with his sinister spells. He is what Razor needs to excel in his game. As the latter lacks lockdown, Bane fills the gap with his Nightmare and Fiend’s Grip, which allow Razor to steal enemy damage while they’re held in one place while getting beat down by him.

The duo is highly successful in the early game as they can just ward off enemy heroes and get a few kills if they’re lucky. Razor is known to snowball through the early game if he has a great start. Bane gives him that great start with his decimating toolkit. These heroes can easily be a nightmare to melee heroes, not allowing them a chance to get close to the creeps! Razor’s wrath is only amplified in the late game with his increased damage. Bane’s ultimate pierce magic immunity, allows him to be relevant even in the late game with his tool kit.

What makes Razor and Bane great? 

  • Bane has various options for locking enemy heroes down and crippling their gameplay while Razor strikes them down with his high damage.
  • Razor can snowball easily if he has an easy early game, which he does with the help of Bane.
  • Bane allows Razor to steal immense damage from foes when they’re locked down.
  • The duo is highly relevant even in the late game, as they’re known to sustain themselves and deal high damage to foes at the same time.



11. Mars and Snapfire

Mars is undoubtedly an unstoppable offlaner in the current times. His insatiable hunger for victory is unparalleled, all thanks to the buffs he has received in the current patch. His Spear and God’s Rebuke are quite powerful and often leave his foes paralyzed. When you compare this God of War with an unstable running and gunning Grandma, the results are surprising! Snapfire accelerates Mars’ laning phase along with boosting his teamfight potential by a great margin.

Mars traps all his foes in the arena as Snapfire uses Mortimer’s Kisses from outside the Arena, so the enemies are unable to escape while they take in loads of damage, forcing them to buy magic immunity items quite early on in the game. All this damage will only lead to the demise of the entire enemy team if the execution of this combination is perfect.

What makes Mars and Snapfire great? 

  • Snapfire and Mars both farm incredibly well and can sustain themselves as they both are extremely tanky
  • They both offer a high crowd control threat, making the enemies space out and play very cautiously
  • The duo has a fairly easy laning phase as they can shove off the enemy heroes quite effortlessly out of the lane


10. Crystal Maiden and Juggernaut

Synonymous to Io and Tiny, every duo list is incomplete without Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden. These heroes complement each other with their immaculate abilities which work in synergy and ensure maximum damage done to their foes. Along with synergizing well in the laning phase, they also work exceptionally well in the late game, one can save the other with spells or items or they may also act offensively. The immense sustainability and early game dominance potential is the primary reason behind these heroes getting picked together.

Juggernaut is one of the most reliable carry heroes in the game, and similarly, Crystal Maiden stands first in the list of the most reliable support heroes. These two heroes essentially were made for each other as their synergy potential is quite unmatched by any other hero duo in the game. Crystal Maiden’s lockdown and Juggernaut’s damage can turn the tides around for the worse for the enemy team!

What makes Crystal Maiden and Juggernaut great? 

  • Juggernaut can spin while CM uses Frostbite and ultimate on enemy heroes, ensuring they have no way of escaping the teamfight alive.
  • High mana regen with Aura and HP region with healing ward provide immense sustainability in the teamfights.
  • Both scale exceptionally well in the late game as their damage and sustain potential only get better as the clock ticks late.


9. Legion Commander and Skywrath Mage

This combo was seen a lot in action during the 7.28 patch when both Skywrath and Legion were buffed to the core! These both are often played in the same lane, they deal a mix of both physical and magical damage. Their low cooldown on their spells makes it easier for them to spam spells and shove enemies out of the lane which combined with their disables can prove to be lethal. Legion is in high demand in the current patch due to her recent buffs which allow her to essentially be a dominant force in the game.

The selling point of this Combo has to be their ultimate abilities, Dual combined with Mystic Flare deals immense damage which is both magical and physical, essentially eliminating the enemy while providing increased physical damage to Legion. This combination is highly successful in the early game when the enemies do not have any magical or physical damage resistance. Both of these heroes are highly dependent on levels as opposed to farm to deal serious damage in fights!

What makes Legion Commander and Skywrath Mage great? 

  • Legion Commander’s duel along with Sky’s ultimate can prove lethal and result in Duel victories
  • Both heroes are known to be great laners, and can easily shove enemies out of the lane.
  • Immense sustain for both heroes with the help of Press the Attack.
  • Both of these heroes have a surprisingly low cooldown on their spells, allowing them to engage in fights more often as their spells go off cooldown.


8. Shadow Shaman and Juggernaut

Various heroes can stand the test of time and be relevant through the late game. Juggernaut is one of those heroes! Shadow Shaman on the other hand can act as an accessory to Juggernaut, accentuating his early game and ensuring he has an excellent game without any hiccups. The disable spells of the Shaman act as a way to lock enemies down while they’re being slaughtered by the devastating damage of Juggernaut’s blade. There is no escape if you’re shackled by these two in the early game!

Besides being a great lane duo, these two heroes are also teamfight ready as soon as they hit their level 6. Juggernaut can easily snowball if he gets a few kills, making him highly lethal in the mid-game. Shadow Shaman helps him snowball with his devastating spells! Shaman can also help his team to push lanes/high ground with his ultimate, Mass Serpent Ward, which can be used to deal high damage to buildings as well as enemy heroes!

What makes Shadow Shaman and Juggernaut great?

  • Both heroes have high crowd control potential with the help of their spells.
  • They have excellent synergy in the early game due to their spell combos and aggressive playstyle
  • The duo does not fall off in the late game, they only get stronger with every minute.
  • Can dominate the laning phase with their spells as they complement each other very well.
  • In the early game, the duo is more level dependent as opposed to items or farm


7. Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit 

Drow Ranger is a lethal markswoman and is notorious for dishing out serious damage with her arrows. Though not that relevant in the current meta, Vengeful Spirit compliments Drow’s abilities by granting her more damage thanks to Vengeance Aura. Venge can just swap Drow out of trouble and sacrifice herself or swap an enemy into her spot, allowing Drow to neutralize her with her ungodly damage. There are multiple reasons why these two lethal ladies are ranked so high on the list!

Drow Ranger and Venge Spirit both have an insane amount of disables, with all their silences and stuns. The laning phase is impossible to play for the enemy if they are melee. Drow’s immense slow and physical damage combined with Venge’s lockdown ensures that their foes have no way of escaping the fight alive! These two heroes are rarely picked together, but we hope the old meta returns and we get to witness the glory of these wonderful women.

What makes Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit great?

  • High physical damage with Vengeance Aura and Marksmanship passive abilities ensures that Drow can deal high damage through the early game without worrying about her item timings.
  • High save and initiation potential with Nether Swap, allows Venge to swap out Drow and save her life if used defensively. 
  • Immense silence, stun and armor reduction with all their spells, allowing the duo to mercilessly beat down their foes with all the negative buffs.


6. Primal Beast and Hoodwink

This duo is the latest addition to the game. No one can deny the lethal and breathtaking damage of the Primal Beast, it's simply too hard to negate! Hoodwink at the same time, has high lockdown potential which helps her lock multiple enemies at once for the ferocious and devastating dino to beat down within no time. Primal Beast can be an effective offlaner if he has reliable support like Hoodwink to assist him in the lane. The enemy simply stands no chance if Primal gets out of hand! 

Primal Beast and Hoodwink both do not fall off in the late game. Primal Beast is one of those rare heroes who do rely more on levels as opposed to farm to get things done. Primal Beast can use his ultimate Pulverize which synergizes well with Hoodwink’s ultimate, Sharpshooter. This aforementioned combo can rip enemy heroes apart in the early game. These two mischievous heroes can snowball and wreak havoc if not contained in the early game.

What makes Primal Beast and Hoodwink great?

  • Both heroes deal immense magical damage right from the laning phase
  • Both heroes can sustain themselves through the early game
  • Immense initiation potential with Onslaught and Bushwack
  • The duo is highly relevant through the late game as their damage is only amplified in the late game.


5. Dazzle and Drow Ranger

This dynamic duo has been feared a lot in both pub and pro games. Dazzle offers immense slow and DoT with armor reduction and heals while the Drow is the more offensive partner with immense physical damage. Both can fare well in the early game and are very powerful in the laning phase. Picking a melee hero versus these heroes is a very bad idea, you either get shoved off the lane or you get destroyed! The best part about these heroes is that you don't even need items to get kills or secure the laning phase, all you need is levels.

While Dazzle’s pick rate skyrockets off the roof, Drow is rarely picked in the current meta. But when these heroes are picked together, the synergy is pretty much off the roof. The sheer damage dealt by these two heroes makes it hard for their enemies to have a good time. The late game only gets worse for them as the save and heal potential from Dazzle keeps the Drow alive while she deals ungodly damage!

What makes Dazzle and Drow Ranger great?

  • Dazzle’s Poison Touch is menacing if combined with the Frostbite of Drow Ranger, slowing the targetted hero by a significant amount, providing a chance to beat them down.
  • Both Dazzle and Drow Ranger are ranged, giving melee heroes a hard time right from the laning phase!
  • High damage output right from the laning phase, only to get better in the late game.
  • Both heroes are highly relevant in the late game.
  • Immense healing and saving potential from Dazzle can help Drow Ranger stand her ground in teamfights and deal devastating damage to her foes.



4. Shadow Shaman and Ursa

We all know that Ursa can fare well in the laning phase versus most melee heroes, this is due to the insane physical damage which stacks exponentially. This combined with a dominant lane partner that can lock down and disable enemies is just the cherry on top. Shadow Shaman completes Ursa and assists him on the quest of utter lane domination. In the early game, the duo can sneak into Roshan and mow him down effortlessly as well!

Shadow Shaman is highly regarded as one of the most dominant support heroes in the current meta as he can just control heroes and deal serious damage to them. Similarly, Ursa is also a dominant carry hero, who can rip enemies apart, even multiple enemies, all at once! These two heroes complete each other, as their damage is more than enough to completely devastate the enemy gameplay.

What makes Shadow Shaman and Ursa great?

  • Shadow Shaman is a great disabler, he can Hex and Shackle his foes from a distance, allowing Ursa to effortlessly beat them down in no time.
  • Ursa is known to rip through enemies, he can do this effortlessly with Shadow Shaman’s help in the form of the latter’s spells.
  • They are a strong laning duo, who can out-farm and outperform enemy laners and shove them away or potentially kill them multiple times in the early game.


3. Mars and Dark Willow

This is the second time Mars is being featured on this list, which shows how good of a hero he really is! Dark Willow may be just debuting on the list, but she is the key reason why Mars excels in the game. Sure, Mars is a team-fighting hero, he excels well at dealing immense damage and locking down multiple enemies in his Arena, but Dark Willow unleashes his true potential with her Terrorize, forcing enemies to exit the Arena, which only does decent damage to them. The lockdown potential of these two heroes is unmatched.

Mars is an excellent offlaner who can sustain himself and stay resilient in the top lane while also dealing decent damage to his foes. With the assistance of Dark Willow, he can potentially kill his foes or make them go back to base to regenerate their health. Mars relies on his ultimate to fight, meaning regardless of the build, he can just rotate to other lanes and fight as soon as he gets his ultimate, the same can be said about Dark Willow who can lockdown multiple heroes at once with her devastating toolkit.

What makes Mars and Dark Willow great?

  • Dark Willow and Mars ultimate combo is highly regarded as one of the best combos in the game as it locks multiple enemies down at once and deals high magical damage to them.
  • Mars can sustain himself in the laning phase and deal decent damage to his enemies.
  • The duo can teamfight as early as level 6, making them rotate toward other lanes and catch enemy heroes by surprise.


2. Grimstroke and Doom

Feared by both angels and devils, Doom is known to dominate the battlefield with his terrifying spells and animosity. Though the laning phase may be rough on Doom against most heroes, with the help of Grimstroke, the two can sustain the lane and deal decent magical damage. Grimstroke is primarily played in the support role and he is known for dealing high AoE magic damage and disabling his enemies. This combo can be highly lethal in the early game as it allows the duo to fend off and dominate multiple heroes at once.

Grimstroke’s silence can quickly be combined with Ink Swell ability, which is a great way to initiate on his foes. The combo can turn lethal if Grimstroke uses his ultimate which chains the targetted enemy hero with the closest of his ally, and both of them share single targetted spells, meaning Doom can just hit two birds with one stone with the help of his ultimate, disabling two enemies at once. This combo is highly lethal in the late game as both of their ultimate spells pierce magic immunity.

What makes Grimstroke and Doom great?

  • Both heroes have great crowd-control ultimate spells which are great in the late stages of the game, due to their not piercing spell immunity.
  • Doom can shut down enemy heroes easily with his ultimate, while Grimstroke allows him to cast it on two heroes at once.
  • These heroes are highly dominant right from the laning phase, allowing them to secure more levels and farm compared to their opponents.



1. Tidehunter and Snapfire

Tidehunter is undoubtedly one of the strongest offlaners in the current meta. His spells provide him with so much sustainability and resistance to damage while also providing him a way to control the crowd. Snapfire falls in the same basket when it comes to crowd control, she also deals immense magical damage with her spells, most of which is not easily negated in the early game. If these two heroes partner up, then there is no way the enemy laners have an easy lane.

Snapfire’s Aghanim’s Upgrade, Gobble Up, allows her to swallow an ally for a few seconds while also providing her an option to throw them in a significant AoE, stunning any heroes in the proximity and dealing damage over time. If this spell is used on Tidehunter, it can be devastating for the enemy team as Tide can just Ravage and Snapfire follows with her Mortimer’s Kisses. Even the laning phase is highly beneficial as both these heroes can reduce armor while dealing a ton of physical as well as magical damage. No wonder they’re number one on this list!

What makes Tidehunter and Snapfire great?

  • Both of these heroes have immense crowd-control potential with their ultimate spells.
  • Both of them are tanky and can sustain themselves easily throughout the laning phase
  • Immense potential even in the late game, allowing them to negate damage while dealing back a ton in return!



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