[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes For 6 Slot Rampage

6-slot rampage heroes are those who undeniably go ham on the enemy once they reach their full build. This usually consists of farming carry heroes who have farmed up enough gold and experience to reach their highest potential. With just a single team fight, their potential to finish the fight with a rampage is incredibly high!

Looking to get a lot of rampages this season? Let’s talk about the 15 best 6-slot heroes to use if you’re looking to completely obliterate the enemy.


15. Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is one of the flashiest mid laners the game has to offer. His cool and fiery moves show off his kit in an explosive way. While not exactly the most consistent regarding damage output due to his difficulty, a skilled Ember Spirit can use the hero to great lengths, mowing down waves of enemies before they even reach his team. When it comes to a 6-slotted Ember Spirit, he can easily overpower the enemy and take the rampage for himself.

Why Ember Spirit is Great:

  • Ember Spirit is slippery and agile. He can go in, make plays, and get out. His ability to chip enemies off is what makes him a very great fighter. 
  • His Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant are two abilities that allow him to easily reach the enemy and dodge crucial enemy attacks. This is what makes him a very slippery hero. All his abilities work well with each other, as Searing Chains and Flame Guard all work when they are near opponents, which Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant are able to do.
  • His late game potential with six items turns him into a one-shot monster. His Sleight of Fist gains two charges and bonus damage, which means he can essentially burst squishy supports and deal the finishing blow on cores. 

Pick Ember Spirit if:

  • You love zooming around and causing a nuisance.
  • You love being agile and dangerous.
  • You love fire.


14. Faceless Void

Next up at the 14th rank, we have Faceless Void. While he isn’t necessarily the worst in getting rampages, he certainly isn’t the best. His damage is high but not high enough to beat out the rest in this list in terms of easily getting a rampage. His kit mostly focuses on setting up and disabling his foes in quick succession in order for him and his team to take the leap.

Why Faceless Void is Great:

  • His team fighting prowess is above most carry heroes due to the nature of his abilities. He can consistently look for openings to initiate fights that end in his team’s favor.
  • Faceless Void is durable and slippery with his Time Walk and Time Dilation. This enables him to chase or escape when needed. A very reliable gap closer that can make it or break it.
  • His ultimate, Chronosphere, is one of the most insanely critical skills in the game due to its ability to turn things around at just a moment’s notice. Rampages are easy once you’ve caught the enemy and placed them in a vulnerable place, such as a time-stopping dome.

Pick Faceless Void if: 

  • You love playing durable carry heroes to engage the enemy.
  • You love setting the enemy up.
  • You enjoy being slippery and hard to kill.


13. Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin is one of the famous carry heroes when playing solo queue due to her swift and aggressive playstyle. She easily has one of the most damaging passive abilities, which can quickly end an enemy’s life. Her ability to dominate the game with a full build is insane. While her early game is not the best, once she gets an item to farm with, she goes bonkers farming creeps and heroes alike. 

Why Phantom Assassin is Great:

  • Phantom Assassin is great for skirmishes and ganks. She’s adept at killing the opponent as quickly as possible due to her swift and agile abilities. Her Phantom Strike allows her to blink at an enemy and gain increased attack speed, allowing her to get more hits in. Pair this with her Stifling Dagger, and she can quickly bring an enemy down.
  • With six items, her passive Coup de Grace is a death sentence. She can crit for 450% damage, which is enough to turn fights around. Another passive of hers is her Blur, which gives her increased evasion. She not only gains insane damage but also gets a safety protocol, which is really hard to deal with.
  • Due to Coup de Grace, she already has a high damage output. Because of this, she can build almost anything, and things will still go her way. The versatility of her items gives her the same ending, with the enemy on the floor.

Pick Phantom Assassin if:

  • You enjoy playing assassins.
  • You love being swift and agile.
  • You love team fighting and skirmishing.


12. Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight is an army of himself. His illusions are the hardest-hitting ones in the game. His durability is up to par with his damage. When it comes to the late game, a 6-slotted Chaos Knight is the toughest heavy-hitter there is. Add his illusions to the mix, and everyone gets one shot by a couple of knights with their steeds. 

Why Chaos Knight is Great:

  • Chaos Knight is one hell of a team fighter. His army of himself from Phantasm can quickly bring down any hero, especially squishy ones. This comes with a basic dispel and illusions with 100% damage. That’s right, no reduction whatsoever.
  • His high base damage makes him have a good time in the lane. Last-hitting and poking are easy when it comes to Chaos Knight. Farming is the same. In addition to this, Chaos Strike gives him a life steal and a critical strike attack, which basically buffs his laning, farming, and team fighting.
  • When on the chase, he has Reality Rift and Chaos Bolt in his arsenal, which makes him catch up and deal a heavy blow on the enemy, getting that easy rampage for himself.

Pick Chaos Knight if:

  • You love being the tank and the carry.
  • You want to run around in your stead, hitting people.
  • You love dark knights.


11. Muerta

Muerta is the most recent addition to the DotA 2 roster, serving as the main carry hero in a team with an intelligence-based offensive. Her ranged auto-attacks are one of the most devastating when it comes to the late game. Give her a Maelstrom, and she’s farm up a storm. Empowered by her ultimate power, Muerta becomes a killing machine, especially when she gets her full build. 

Why Muerta is Great:

  • Muerta is great for late game team compositions. Her abilities scale well into the late game and increase in strength the more levels she gets. She can effectively fend off approaching enemies with her disruptive abilities.
  • Her attack range is sufficient for dealing damage. Partnered with Gunslinger and her ultimate, Pierce the Veil, Muerta becomes an unstoppable dual-wielding gunslinger. The boost in attack damage goes so well with Muerta’s projectile speed, making her deal high damage in quick succession. 
  • While having auto-attacking abilities, Muerta can also fear, slow, and silence enemies with her Dead Shot and The Calling. These prove to be useful in laning, skirmishing, and team fighting.

Pick Muerta if:

  • You love intelligence-based heroes.
  • You enjoy playing as gunslingers.
  • You love dealing damage from afar.


10. Troll Warlord

Ah, trolls. Troll Warlord is the epitome of the anger of the trolls. So much that even his own kind tried to get rid of him but lost their lives in the process. This angry troll fights with so much vigor that he doesn’t stop until either his enemies die or he does. With his very aggressive playstyle, rampages are sort of easy to obtain. His 1v1 power is one of the best in the game, and when he has a team, he goes berserk.

Why Troll Warlord is Great:

  • Troll Warlord is great at laning and team fighting. Although he’s not the best at farming, he can absolutely farm up in the early game to get the early items he needs to instantly dominate early game team fights and skirmishes. His passive Fervor and Berserker’s Rage allow him to adjust to any variable in the lane and easily adapt to it.
  • Whirling Axes is his goto damage for skills. This helps him farm and team fight as they provide useful debuffs to any enemies hit. 
  • Battle Trance is Troll Warlord’s access to all the inner rage he has stored inside. This ability makes him the perfect rager on the map. He gains life steal, movement speed, attack speed, and a basic dispel, perfect for obliterating the enemy team and securing a rampage.
  • Troll Warlord’s ability to push, take towers, and secure objectives is one of his best assets. Through this, a macro game is easy with him.

Pick Troll Warlord if:

  • You love taking aggressive fights and fighting the enemy head-on.
  • You want a hero who can fight and push easily.
  • You rage.


9. Spectre

Spectre is one of the strongest carry heroes right now, but in terms of farming, she could do better. She doesn’t really have anything in her kit that lets her farm quickly in the early game, which is why winning the lane would help tremendously. But despite this, she is arguably the best safe lane hero right now due to her durability and late game potential. When you give this hero a full build, she’ll dominate the map so much you’d want to quit.

Why is Spectre Great: 

  • She thrives in skirmishes and ganks. When she’s farming, she can easily get in the fight with her ultimate, Shadow Step. This allows her to farm from any area around the map and still participate in fights.
  • Her abilities are perfect for fighting. Desolate can single-handedly dwarf a squishy's support, and her dispersion prevents others from bursting her. It’s basically like a mini Blade Mail and Vanguard combo that makes her unkillable in fights. Rampages are easy with a late game Spectre. 
  • Her mobility allows her to farm from different areas due to her Spectral Dagger. Catching Spectre in the jungle proves to be a difficult feat as she could just zoom away.

Pick Spectre if:

  • You want a consistently durable carry hero.
  • You love playing the frontline while still being the main damage dealer.
  • You want a hero who can farm freely and still get access to the fight.


8. Terrorblade

Terrorblade is one of the best late game carry heroes in the game due to his high damage and durability. Coupled with a good ranged attack buff, he can quickly own team fights and take Ancients. Because of his high-speed farming, he can quickly gain six items before anyone else. This leads to an insanely one-sided game with Terrorblade standing at the top.

Why Terrorblade is Great:

  • Terrorblade’s early game is one of the easiest ones out there. He has high base damage, attack speed, and armor. This gives him an easier time farming and allows him to take lesser damage from physical attacks. At an early level, he can already start farming the jungle.
  • Terrorblade illusions from Conjure Image are his primary source of gaining increased income. He can set illusions to farm out on their own due to their ability to dish out tons of damage. 
  • His team fighting prowess from Sunder, Metamorphosis, and Reflection allows him to stay alive while having an increased range attack to dish out heavy damage. Add the fact that his illusions also get a ranged attack with increased damage, and Terrorblade gets an easy rampage.

Pick Terrorblade if:

  • You love controlling different units to farm across different areas.
  • You love being the late game carry that brings home the win.
  • You think he looks cool.


7. Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger is a skilled archer who is able to deal consistent damage from afar. Although it takes a while for her to dominate the game completely, once she gets a foothold from an item or two, she instantly becomes a menace. The slowness from her attacks is purely annoying to deal with as enemies try to run away but are left with nothing but futility. Drow Ranger is an excellent carry hero to get a rampage with.

Why Drow Ranger is Great:

  • Drow Ranger excels in dealing damage from great distances. Her ability to position well allows her to be safe and sound while still being a threat to enemies. Her Frost Arrows and Gust allow her to keep enemies off her. This makes it hard for them to reach her in addition to her team protecting her.
  • Her Marksmanship is what accelerates her farming and team fighting capabilities. This ability gives her a chance to deal bonus damage along with an agility bonus based on her current agility. This means that when she gets more items corresponding to agility, she’ll essentially be an agility goddess.
  • Rampages are easy when Drow Ranger gets free hits from behind. While Frost Arrows and Gust keep enemies away, Multishot makes sure they stay away. When taking the full force of this ability, enemies will either die or run away in slow motion. A full-slotted Drow Ranger makes quick work of them.

Pick Drow Ranger if:

  • You love playing archers.
  • You love kiting and positioning well to deal with consistent damage.
  • You think ice and arrows go well together.


6. Gyrocopter

Gyrocopter stands among the rest when it comes to AOE damage output. He has perhaps one of the best team fighting capabilities of a carry hero in the game. He is able to damage and zone multiple heroes with his attacks and abilities. When it comes to farming, just give him a Maelstrom, and he’ll surely get that full build in no time.

Why is Gyrocopter Great:

  • Gyrocopter is one of the best farming heroes in the game due to his Flak Cannon. This ability allows him to hit all enemies in range, no matter how many they are. This helps him tremendously in farming huge waves and stacked camps, accelerating his farm even more. In team fights, as you would expect, he murders.
  • His Rocket Barrage and Homing Missile are good early game abilities that greatly help his lane. Rocket Barrage can be devastating to any enemy hero when soaked by a single target. 
  • Gyrocopter’s Call Down is another one of his massive AOE abilities. This completely turns around the fight with very devastating damage and slow output. Paired with his Flak Cannon attacks, and he just goes ham.
  • His Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade is one of the best upgrades for Gyrocopter. This gives him a passive side gunner that attacks nearby enemies. This significantly boosts his damage without him doing anything. It’s no wonder there are a ton of rampage montages for Gyrocopter.

Pick Gyrocopter if:

  • You want a stable team fighting carry hero.
  • You love playing as air support.
  • You like choppers.


5. Luna

Now Luna is a farming beast. She’s easily one of the most efficient and easiest farming heroes to use due to her already busted passive ability that allows her to easily kill waves and waves of enemies. Add that to the fact that she’s got great stats, and you have yourself one heck of a carry. 

Why Luna is Great:

  • Luna is one of the best farming heroes in the game due to her innate ability to clear a huge number of creeps and neutral camps efficiently. Due to her Moon Glaives, she is able to do so even at an early level. This is also great for team fighting as it hits all enemies in the vicinity, making a rampage look effortless.
  • Her team fighting prowess from Moon Glaives is amplified by her Lunar Blessing as it amplifies her team’s vision and damage as well as her own.
  • With a 6-slotted Luna, she becomes unreachable despite her close-ranged attacks. Lucent Beam and Eclipse combine for a ridiculous amount of damage and AOE makes the enemy flee from her. 

Pick Luna if: 

  • You want to farm easily starting in the early game.
  • You love dealing consistent damage in team fights.
  • You enjoy weaving auto-attacks that bounce between enemies.


4. Naga Siren

Naga Siren is one of the fastest farming heroes in the game. With her illusions and AOE passive, she is able to farm multiple areas at once, boosting her gold and experience collection. With this, she can quickly rise above the ranks and get her full build first. When it comes to getting a rampage, she’s able to get them easily due to her advantage in gold and experience.

Why Naga Siren is Great:

  • Naga Siren can use Mirror Image to create illusions to farm and fight enemies anywhere on the map. The more items she gets, the stronger her illusions get, which allows her to farm more areas. Paired with Rip Tide, her illusions rip through anything the enemy has to offer. 
  • Despite being a carry hero, she has a very reliable form of root that can allow Naga Siren and her team to chase down any enemy they want.
  • Her ultimate, Song of the Siren, is the ultimate spell to set up any team. This spell puts every enemy in a wide radius to sleep, allowing her team to position themselves accordingly. Once the song ends, it’s over for them.

Pick Naga Siren if:

  • You love farming with multiple illusions.
  • You want to confuse enemies with your images and slowly chip them off.
  • You love team fighting.


3. Anti-Mage

Now, Anti-Mage is one of the most famous farming heroes in the game. While he doesn’t necessarily have any overpowered farming abilities, his mobility is what allows him to farm gold fast. He can consistently split push while being safe from harm, and this is what allows him to be a monster in the late game. Before you know it, he has six items up in his inventory, blinking everywhere as he takes a rampage.

Why Anti-Mage is Great: 

  • Anti-Mage is a very strong laner when paired with the right support. His Mana Break can quickly damage and reduce any offensive the enemy has planned. When Anti-Mage wins his lane, he’ll have a hard time stopping in the mid-game. 
  • His Blink is his signature ability. Paired with a Battle Fury, Blink allows him to farm jungle camps without wasting time walking. This also gives him the opportunity to split, push and farm up waves while having a safety plan. When in fights, he can easily reach squishy supports and use Mana Void to finish them off.
  • Counter Spell is a great ability to have when playing Anti-Mage since it literally deflects any targeted spells that come his way. Catching him is already difficult with his Blink, and now this?
  • With the potential to farm up a storm, Anti-Mage can quickly become a full-slotted demon hell-bent on getting a rampage.

Pick Anti-Mage if:

  • You love the added mobility.
  • You enjoy playing heroes that can freely farm and split push.
  • You like killing mages.


2. Medusa

Medusa is one of the best late game heroes when she gets her full build. She gets so tanky and durable that it feels impossible to lock her down. While she is tanky, she is also a beast when it comes to damage output. Imagine fighting a high-damage, tanky gorgon, and you’ll want to run the heck away every time.

Why Medusa is Great:

  • Medusa is insanely strong due to the fact that she is durable. Staying alive is important in dishing out consistent damage. This durability stems from her Mana Shield. When low on mana, she can just grab some with her Mystic Snake. The high base damage is great for poking in the lane.
  • Medusa’s ultimate is literally making everyone run away from her. Stone Gaze reduces enemy movement and attack speed. When facing Medusa for 2 seconds, they’ll turn to stone and receive increased physical damage. Now that’s really hard to deal with.
  • But what makes Medusa one of the best late game heroes is her Split Shot. Medusa splits her arrows to hit multiple targets. This is great for farming and pushing but is very essential in team fights. She can quickly dish out damage to multiple enemies in team fights just by auto-attacking.

Pick Medusa if:

  • You like playing farming-heavy heroes.
  • You love being the late game carry.
  • You like snakes.


1. Sven

Now, for the best farming hero for rampages, we have Sven. The Rogue Knight is one of the best farming heroes in the game. His access to AOE abilities makes him a great farming hero and team fighter. Paired with the right supports he’ll one-shot a whole group of enemies.

Why Sven is Great:

  • What makes Sven stand out from the rest is his passive Great Cleave. This not only gives him a 100% cleave bonus that is unheard of in DotA 2 but also gives him strength stats. This ability is what makes him farm stacked camps easily and push lanes faster. But this is most especially useful in team fights where everyone is grouped. Paired with God’s Strength, and he’ll literally wipe out the enemy team.
  • His Storm Hammer presents an AOE stun that is very good for chasing enemies. This high-damage ability boasts a very strong presence in skirmishes and team fights.
  • With Warcry, Sven is able to be tougher and more mobile. Pair this with his signature Blink Dagger, and he’ll dominate the game. 
  • Because Sven has God’s Strength, he can focus on defensive items such as Black King Bar since he already has an excellent source of damage. With the added slow resistance on top of that, he’ll be a very hard offensive push.

Pick Sven if:

  • You like being dominant in the lane and in team fights.
  • You enjoy bursting grouped enemies.
  • You love big claymores.

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