[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Heroes To Solo Carry

Dota 2 best solo Carry, dota 2 best solo carry heroes
Am I Seeing Double?

Playing greedy isn´t always playing bad.

Dota is a game in which sometimes you depend on your teammates to achieve your goals, including killing. It makes total sense, after all, it's a team game, isn't it? But there are certain heroes who (thanks to their attributes) allow you to massacre the entire enemy team by yourself.

And is it that easy to solo kill 5 enemy heroes on your own? Well of course it depends on the abilities that they have, whether they can escape or not, teleport, jump, become invisible, etc. Because of this, if you are trying to solo kill anyone you must know how to cause a lot of damage in a short time, or how to disable the enemy long enough for you to cause the necessary damage. In the end, it is a matter of knowing well the capacity of your hero, and being creative with it.

if you feel happy enough to try one of these killing machines, here are the top 10 Dota 2 heroes to solo carry:

1. Anti-Mage

The Mage Hunter

One of the weakest heroes in the early game, and one of the strongest in late game, Anti-Mage, as the name suggests it, counters most of the magic-based damage heroes in Dota, although he can actually vanish any type of hero later. Few players truly know how to take advantage out of his agility, which is his main weapon, boosting your farming income and allowing you to be almost omnipresent throughout the map.

In addition to the great agility of this hero, you have skills that make it annoying for the enemy to deal with you. You are able to teleport almost instantly within a large cast range. You can drain mana from enemies with every hit you give.

 If you summon illusions it will be harder for enemies to target you before you teleport, and it will be faster for you to drain mana from the opponent (yes, your illusions also drain mana). And your ultimate delivers explosive damage to heroes with low mana levels.

What makes Anti-Mage great for solo carrying:

  • You can move and hit quickly
  • You drain mana and cause more damage thanks to that
  • You are resistant to magical damage
  • Boosting this hero with illusions make it almost impossible to target

See Anti-Mage in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-01RSaiCi4s

2. Chaos Knight

Run or Die

Have you ever fought a hero you can´t kill, but you can´t ignore either? Well, this is one of those. Chaos Knight is a strength melee hero who delivers mainly physical damage. Controlling the hero is not that hard, but itemization may become one of the only problems you may face. If you manage to control the hero properly, it´s hard for any enemy to get away from you.

This hero abuses his three main attributes: critical damage, movement speed, and illusions. It´s hard to resist any critical incoming hit, and what about 3 at the same time? Illusions summoned by your ultimate also share that ability. Enemies can still run, but it may be pointless, the rest of your abilities are made to avoid that. Finally, even if they decide to attack, they will have problems finding out who the real hero is. A real struggle. 

What makes Chaos Knight great for solo carrying:

  • You have a chance to deliver critical hits
  • You can summon illusions who also share critical hits ability
  • You are resistant (strength hero)
  • Ability “Chaos Bolt” stuns the enemy
  • Ability “Reality Rift” teleports you next to enemy

See Chaos Knight in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgapeFk0pd0

3. Faceless Void

I have seen the end of time

It´s hard to run from a hero who doesn’t let you move, well this is what Void does best. Unlike the heroes mentioned before, Void is actually easy to target or counter, so you have to be careful and know who to attack first, before taking the 5 of them. And if you manage to identify your surroundings, you are even able to kill in the most dangerous places on the map.

Void´s main weapon is his ultimate: Chronosphere, a trap in which nothing can interact or move, except for Void. There, you can do whatever you want, it´s hard to kill all five enemies in there, since it only lasts 5 seconds, but with it, you can take down one or two heroes who may counter you. Once you are free of those heroes, your other abilities will make it easy for you to catch and kill the other ones with no problem.

What makes Faceless Void great for solo carrying:

  • Chronosphere traps everything except for void
  • Passive ability “Time Lock” grants a chance of bashing enemies with your hit
  • Ability “Time walk” allows you to jump and recover some damage taken

See Faceless Void in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp4p6CaQH5E

4. Juggernaut

Beware Yurnero

A classical hard carry of the game who offers you different ways to kill all your opponents.

It´s the variety of his abilities that make Juggernaut so versatile and adaptable to any enemy that you face. When you play solo there are 5 enemies with 5 different ways (or more) to counter you. Thanks to your skills with Juggernaut you may play defensive or aggressive depending on your enemy, waiting for the right moment.

Most of your outgoing damage will be physical, this means that hitting is your thing, especially with your ultimate, ability that makes you invulnerable while slashing the nearby enemies for 5 seconds. Remember you are an agility hero, you hit and move fast, try to take advantage of it. In case you face disablers, Juggernaut has the ability to become immune to magic for some seconds, you can´t do much damage like this in late game, so use it wisely.

What makes Juggernaut great for solo carrying:

  • Fast and hard hit (Ability “Blade Dance” grants you a chance to deliver critical hit)
  • Ability “Blade Fury” makes you invulnerable to magic, and damages enemies around you
  • Ultimate “Omnislash” makes you invulnerable and allows you to hit heroes for 5 seconds.

See Juggernaut in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiUfkCKxK5s

5. Lifestealer

The only thing left to steal

I would recommend being careful when playing against this hero, and being a bully when playing with it. Lifestealer is one of the few heroes in the game with a magic immunity ability that lasts so much time. His natural strength and skills make him capable of fighting more than one enemy at a time, even with a low hp level. The correct use of this hero can make you an annoying killing machine that will hardly die.

These hero´s physical attacks are way too heavy, so you should just figure out how to freely hit your enemies. One solution is already given by your first ability, which allows you to become immune to magic, giving our enemy the only option to run. What to do then? You can also slow the enemy. And even if he decides to fight you, you are able to recover hp from enemy or friendly units, your name suggests it: Lifestealer.

What makes Lifestealer great for solo carrying:

  • Heavy attacks (a lot of damage)
  • Ability “Rage” makes you immune to magic for up to 6 seconds
  • Ability “Feast” provides bonus attack speed (up to 60) and grants regeneration per attack (3% of max health)
  • Ability “Open Wounds” slows enemy´s movement speed (%70)
  • Ultimate “Infest” allows you to infest a friendly unit body, healing hp quickly, until you decide to come out or the unit is killed.

See Lifestealer in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FlavQIf0DU

6. Morphling

It´s hard to fight yourself

Morphling is considered a hard hero to play because the faster you kill, the easier it is for you to get killed. His abilities are quite peculiar, since they change your hp capacity, and thus, your resistance. However, they also change your attributes positively, granting you great damage and agility. The way you choose to control these attributes will define if you resist and kill 5 enemies, or if 1 easily kills you. So pay attention.

Your skills are not complex. You can exchange strength for agility in your hero, becoming slow and harmless but resistant, or fast and extremely aggressive but too weak. The idea is to stay enough time in each state to kill and later resist any counter move. Achieving this carefully will help you solo killing one by one of your enemies in a couple of seconds, because the more agility you have, the more damage you can burst.

What makes Morphling great for solo carrying

  • You can resist great amounts of damage from many enemies at a time
  • You can cause great amounts of damage in few seconds
  • Ability “Waveform” allows you to jump over obstacles or enemies causing damage (up to 300)
  • Ability “Adaptive Strike” stuns up to 3 seconds (when strength is chosen) and cause up to 300 damage (when Agility is chosen)
  • Ultimate “Morph” transforms you into an enemy hero, granting you the abilities of that hero

See Morphling in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmsWbEKPczo

7. Phantom Assassin

In the blink of an eye

Another of the classic Dota hard carry´s makes it into this list thanks to the natural ability that an assassin has. Phantom Assassin may be a bit vulnerable to magical damage, but if she gets to you, it´s not quite probable that you survive. Physical attacks that can kill you at once are her main characteristic, but going for the right objectives in the right order is the key for solo killing with this hero, a goal that is not hard with the abilities you possess.

Critical damage is a passive ability of this hero, so again, will the problem be to get to hit the enemy? It might be, especially if you don´t have magic resistance. Even so, with this hero, you will be able to teleport next to other units instantly and slow them down with a dagger if necessary. And what about physical damage? What if you encounter enemies similar to you? Well, Phantom Assassin has a great chance to evade physical attacks, making it hard even for them.

What makes Phantom Assassin great for solo carrying:

  • Agility hero, fast movement and attack speed
  • Ultimate “Coup of Grace” grants a chance to hit with up to %450 critical damage
  • Ability “Blur” grants a chance to evade physical attacks
  • Ability “Phantom Strike” teleports you next to another unit
  • Ability “Stifling Dagger” hits the enemy and slows down

See Phantom Assassin in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imSFRmMxKug

8. Slark

Not cute, and surely not friendly

This might be the annoyiest creature in the game for some Dota players, it can easily hunt an entire team and not being stopped without losing someone, it always takes a life. With Slark, you will be able to abuse your agility and ability to move and evade other´s attacks. Even though you might not be that strong at the beginning, you might end stronger than your enemies without much effort.

Slark´s main quality is that he is really hard to kill, that is what makes him perfect for solo killing. You are able to evade incoming magical effects on you and become totally invisible to everyone while hitting. In case any enemy is trying to run you can grab them for a couple of seconds jumping to them or over cliffs or other objects. With this hero, you have a balance between damage, mobility, and evasion. You become a killing god.

What makes Slark great for solo Carrying:

  • Agility hero, moves and attacks fast
  • Can evade Physical and magical negative effects
  • Can become invisible while hitting
  • Has OP hp regeneration when no enemy units have vision on him
  • Steals attributes with every hit it delivers to heroes
  • Jumps and grabs enemies, no being able to escape
  • Hard to kill

See Slark in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwi3f8_EFKo

9. Sven

The Togue Knight

Pure heavy damage is what you will control if you go for Sven as your hero. This strength character might not move that fast, but when it´s about killing everyone at the same time there´s no one better for the job. With Sven putting up a fight is a hobby, his resistance and damage make him versatile to any circumstance, and even in disadvantage, great use of him can really turn the tables.

Apart from turning you red (literally), your ultimate will grant you great damage and resistance. Your hits might not be quick, but they can be enough to kill more than one enemy at a time since a passive ability cleaves one attack´s damage to nearby units. What are the cons of Sven then? Movement speed, of course. Getting to your enemies can be hard sometimes, but thanks to a stunning ability you might have some help.

What makes Sven great for solo carrying:

  • Ability “Storm Hammer” stuns and deals damage to enemy heroes in an area around the unit
  • Ability “Cleave” makes your hits to damage also nearby units
  • Ultimate “God´s Strength” grants you with %210 extra damage for 40 seconds

See Sven in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwi3f8_EFKo

10. Ursa

The Ulfsar Warrior

Roshan's hunter didn't earn that nickname for nothing, this cute bear is one of the most feared creatures in the game. Even though this hero focuses on heroes one by one, he is still effective thanks to the ease it has killing them quickly. Thanks to this enemies will actually struggle to decide what to do, help or run, seconds in which you can take their life.

If it is already hard to run away from someone who is almost hasting, it is even harder to defend yourself if he hits at a devastating speed. And believe me, this can get even worse because thanks to a passive ability, each consecutive hit from Ursa to an enemy unit deals more and more damage. Killing is not hard for Ursa, but what about resistance? Well, your ultimate solves this, granting you with status resistance and the ability to take less damage.

What makes Ursa great for solo carrying:

  • Agility hero, fast movement and attack speed
  • Ability “Earthshock” Ursa jumps forward and slows downs enemies
  • Ability “Overpower” grants you 400 bonus attack speed
  • Ability “Fury Swipes” grants you bonus damage per attack (up to 36)
  • Ultimate “Enrage” grants you %50 status resistance and causes you to take %80 less damage

See Ursa in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuPbNq8CEEQ

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