[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Pusher Heroes (2020 Edition)

Dota 2 Best Pusher
Nature’s Prophet is not the only hero that can push lanes to their limits. He and his rivals will be ranked in today’s list!

Which Are The Best Pushers in Dota 2?

Pushing is an important part of DotA 2. Since surrendering is not an option, you have to push and ultimately take down the enemy’s throne.

Sometimes your team will refuse to push with you as they may not see the opportunity or you will disagree with them and keep on farming. Regardless of decisions, there are heroes who are significantly better than the others when it comes to pushing.

With these heroes, you can easily win a game by yourself. Not because they start one shotting enemy heroes, but because they have the needed tools to clear creep waves and take down towers faster than the rest of the hero pool.  

Before we start listing the best pushers in the game, a word of advice, you should be extra careful when you are pushing alone. If you are not tracking the map during the process, you may easily get ganked and lose an objective. So push responsibly!

15. Death Prophet

Oh the sweet accent.

Apart from being the prophet of death, this stunning lady is also quite good at pushing. Even though she is lacking in the mobility department, she makes up for it by shoving up lanes in a jiffy!

Why Death Prophet is a Great Pusher

  • Her ability “Crypt Swarm” allows her to clear creep waves quite fast.
  • Her ultimate lets her unleash the evil spirits, that she keeps inside, and apart from damaging enemies these spirits also damage buildings. (If you activate your ultimate to an objective, be careful as the enemy might initiate right after your ultimate ends.)


How to push with Death Prophet

14. Terrorblade

Anti-Mage's evil brother, ready to tear down towers.

This scarishly tall guy may show up on your lane, get even taller thanks to his third spell and may just take your tower while staring you in the eye!

Apart from being a good pusher, he is also a great carry and can take over the game with a decent start.

Why Terrorblade is a Great Pusher

  • Thanks to his second spell “Conjure Image” Terrorblade and create an army of illusions and use them to both farm and push.
  • “Metamorphosis” transforms him and his illusions into a demon and makes his attacks ranged. This ability also increases both him and his illusions’ damage.

How to push with Terrorblade

13. Lycan

Wolves, go push!

Lycan talks a lot about being a lone wolf but how can you consider yourself lonely when you have 2 good dogs by your side?

Every hero that can summon units are generally decent pushers but Lycan is also able to buff his units and can even make them move faster with his ultimate.

Why Lycan is a Great Pusher

  • “Summon Wolves” allows Lycan to summon 2 wolves which are a huge help in pushing and farming.
  • His aura “Feral Impulse” gives a damage buff to himself and all the units he controls so when he gets close to a tower, he takes it real fast!
  • His ultimate “Shapeshift” has a casting delay but when used timely, it may let Lycan get out of sticky situations.

How to push with Lycan

12. Phantom Lancer

Out numbered!

Phantom Lancer does not care about your farm, your origin or your purpose. He will out number you regardless! 

Imagine a hero whose whole deal is out numbering his enemies. Welli those enemies can also be buildings and buildings fall rather quickly when you start hitting them with 10+ illusions.

Why Phantom Lancer is a Great Pusher

  • Almost all of his spells lets him create illusions.
  • Thanks to his ultimate, even his illusions can create illusions.
  • His mobility spell Doppelganger also lets him create illusions even if he is on the run!

How to push with Phantom Lancer


11. Storm Spirit

Zip zap!

This blue handsome devil excels in split pushing due to his mobility and his wave clearing abilities.

Apart from checking the damage box, he is also quite hard to catch and may force the enemy team to spend too many resources to catch him.

Why Storm Spirit is a Great Pusher

  • Has a nuke called “Static Remnant” that can clear creep waves.
  • Thanks to his ultimate “Ball Lightning” he is hard to catch since his ultimate allows him to jump and fly around!


How to push with Storm Spirit

10. Tinker

Tinker about to TP out of a fire!

Even though this guy does not have any mobility spells , the way he is itemized turns him into a deadly pusher. He can split push only by himself and can also solo defend against an entire enemy squad.

There are even special ward spots just to catch this hero and they are known as the “Tinker Wards.”

Why Tinker is a Great Pusher

  • Primarily builds Boots of Travel and Blink Dagger, and since he can reset the cooldown on his boots with this ultimate, he can be anywhere on the map!
  • Has an ability called “March of the Machines” which enables him to clear creep waves real fast.

How to push with Tinker

9. Nature’s Prophet

No, the hero's name is not AdmiralBulldog.

If we are talking about pushing, we cannot leave Nature’s Prophet out of it. This hero may be the definition of pushing and the infamous “rat dota”. 

Being a good pusher requires having some sort of a mobility source and a way of moving around the map quickly. Well, he has that and more!

Why Nature’s Prophet is a Great Pusher

  • Has an ability literally named “Teleportation” which allows him to teleport around the map. Combined with carrying a teleportation scroll, Nature’s Prophet can be anywhere he is needed.
  • His ability “Nature’s Call” allows him to summon his own creeps and lets him push even faster.
  • Alongside being able to summon creeps, he can also nuke down all the lanes with his ability “Wrath of Nature”.

How to push with Nature’s Prophet

8. Pugna

Kill Pugna first or he will heal everyone!

This little guy packs a huge punch. And his punch can also hit towers. He lacks in the mobility department but his pushing power is inevitable. 

If he does okay in his lane or starts pushing with his teammates, he will get your tower!

Why Pugna is a Great Pusher?

  • His ability “Nether Blast” allows him to nuke down creep waves and also towers!
  • Pugna needs some time to get off multiple nukes and his ability called “Decrepify” allows him to stay more under the tower by making an allied creep immune to physical damage or himself.

How to push with Pugna

7. Arc Warden

Is this the real Arc Warden or his tempest double?

This blue spaceman can easily take over the game due to his farming speed and slipperiness. There are 2 heroes in DotA 2 that I just cannot effectively kill and he is one of them.

The reason he is extremely good at pushing is because of his attack speed and the fact that he can be at two places at the same time!

Why Arc Warden is a Great Pusher?

  • His ability named “Magnetic Field” gives him a significant Attack Speed bonus and also gives him 100% evasion from attacks coming outside of his bubble so that he can tank towers and waves.
  • His ultimate “Tempest Double” allows him to create a clone of himself which can use the items he has and also cast abilities. This clone is also quite tanky and allows Arc Warden to be at 2 places at the same time.


 How to push with Arc Warden

6. Broodmother

Not all spider heroes are like Spider-Man.

Mother comes for your towers!  Pros will say that countering Broodmother is easy but I will keep staring at them as a 0-10 Crystal Maiden.

This spider moves so fast with its little spider babies, you may even miss them while they take your towers one by one.

Why Broodmother is a Great Pusher

  • Her ability “Spawn Spiderlings” allows her to create a spider army and they may get out of control quite easily.
  • “Spin Web” allows Broodmother to hide in the trees and walk over hills. If she starts laying these webs on a lane, you may start thinking about sending some resources there.
  • She can also use her ultimate “Insatiable Hunger”, which gives him extra damage, to take down towers faster!

 How to push with Broodmother

5. Spectre

Spectre getting mentally ready to Haunt.

Compared to the other heroes on this list, Spectre’s kit may seem weaker when it comes to pushing fast. But she can push with consistency and be wherever she is needed thanks to her ultimate!

Why Spectre is a Great Pusher

  • Her first ability “Spectral Dagger” grants her free pathing while slowing her enemies, so she may be quite hard to catch.
  • Her ultimate “Haunt” creates illusions that chase all her enemies and she can switch places with the illusions of her choosing during the duration of her ultimate


 How to push with Spectre


4. Slark

Leaping sound intensifies.

This sneaky little fish is good at too many things if you ask me. Since he is quite mobile and also has an infinite source of regeneration. 

He can push for days and just when you decide to do something about him, he may decide to clear some jungle camps to avoid you…

Why Slark is a Great Pusher

  • His first ability “Dark Pact” allows him to burst through creep waves and push faster.
  • Apart from catching off enemies, “Pounce” also allows him to escape and be mobile.
  • His ultimate ability “Shadow Dance” lets him regenerate quickly and move faster when he is out of enemy vision. So if you are against this guy and your map is pitch black, he may be everywhere!


 How to push with Slark

3. Meepo

No Meepos will be left behind!

Illusions and clones play a huge role in pushing, if your copies are durable then you fit the bill just right. Meepo is just not a hero, he is also an army. He can be pushing and clearing your jungle at the same time.

He is a resource taking machine and the fact that he also has a nuke to push makes him awesome!

Why Meepo is a Great Pusher

  • “Poof” enables him to shove down lanes and farm quickly.
  • His ultimate “Divided We Stand” allows him to multiply. He can use his clones to both farm and push separate lanes.
  • “Poof” also lets him move around between Meepos or gather them all together.


 How to push with Meepo

2. Naga Siren

From the deeps!

No one would be able to choose between having a breathtaking singing voice and being a god at pushing. Well, she chose both. 

Illusions, damage nuke, lockdown, and a get out of jail card. You name it, Naga Siren has it.

Why Naga Siren is a Great Pusher

  • She can create an army of illusions with “Mirror Image”.
  • “Ensnare” allows her to stop chasing enemies and maybe even kill them!
  • “Rip Tide” is a nice way to burst down creep waves and also lowers the armor of her enemies.
  • If she gets into a world of troubles, she can always cast her ultimate, put everyone to sleep and teleport back home.


 How to push with Naga Siren

1. Lone Druid

Surely an alone druid.

This fellow has the toughest companion in the game. A companion so tough that can even farm items! At the late game Lone Druid becomes 2 seperate heroes and wreaks havoc!

Why Lone Druid is a Great Pusher

  • “Summon Spirit Bear” lets him summon his companion and he can also farm items and give it to him.
  • If Lone Druid also farms “Aghanim’s Scepter” spirit bear starts being able to attack without needing his presence, so they can push separate lanes at the same time!
  • “Spirit Link” gives him an attack speed bonus which is always helpful while taking down buildings.
  • His ultimate “True Form” makes him more beefy and also gives him a new ability called “Demolish” which lets his companion deal more damage to buildings.

How to push with Lone Druid

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