[Top Ten] Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes

best dota 2  mid heroes
Stuck in the mmr trench? Try picking mid heroes and carrying the game solo. Here are the best ten to do the job.

What Are The 10 Best Dota 2 Mid Heroes That Will Destroy Your Enemies?

A lot has changed since the one-man mid meta was first put in place. Are the days of babyrage SF back in style?

Most dota 2 players know position 2, the midlane hero, is quite often the most impactful solo hero in the game. If you win mid, the game's pretty likely going to start off in your favor. If you feed mid, you'll likely get four reports. Here's our list for the top ten midlane heroes in the current meta.

10. Shadow Fiend


Shadow fiend mid is as classic as Dota gets. We’ve all faced it. SF gets a few souls and… GG, FF. The recent patch changes to SF have only made the hero more versatile and more dangerous. I’m sure we all remember Sumail’s spellcaster build; I know we all remember Arteezy’s classic SF.

SF mid succeeds in stages. His passive skill gives him more damage with each creep/hero killed. This gives you easy last-hitting advantage in lane.  Next, we’ve got his razes, which not only give kill potential in lane; but give him good kill-threat all the way into the deep late-game. And finally, we have his ultimate: the Requiem. Whether he combos it with a euls, shadowblade, or just running in with a BKB; every Dota player knows how easily an SF ult can tip the scales of a teamfight.

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