10 Ways Valve Can Make Dota 2 Awesome

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Dota 2 is a great game that brings so many people together all over the world, but it does have its issues.  It can always get better.  Here are 10 changes that would greatly improve not only in-game, but the community as a whole.

1. Give Us A New Hero Every 3 Months (That's 4 New Heroes A Year)

Most Fun Hero Of All Time

Everyone always wants more options, whether it’s beers, tv shows, or heroes in Dota 2.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for one of my all time favorite heroes from Dota 1: Pitlord (Abyssal Underlord for Dota 2).  

Abyssal Underlord

Abyssal Underlord will be an exciting addition when he is released, but Valve hasn’t told us when that will be yet.

And why stop at 1 new hero?  Give us more.  Give the people what they want.  Give us a new hero every 3 months.

More heroes just gives more options for team composition and different strategies.  That’s what keeps a game fresh.  Keeping veteran players feeling like the game is constantly evolving is the best way to retain them, and new heroes is the best way to do that.

2. Hire Attractive Female Commentators

Let’s be honest, guys love hot girls.  It’s human nature.  Having attractive women as part of the Esports scene will only make things more entertaining.

Esports is getting more and more popular with every passing day.  Dota 2 is getting as many viewers (and in some cases more) than professional sports.

The broadcast needs to catch up to the popularity.

We are only a few months away from the International and Valve has to pick it up.  The Shanghai Major was an absolute disaster.  The very public firing of James “2GD” Harding and subsequent fallout was a major black eye.  Now is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on it.

LoL gets Sjokz, a clear advantage over Dota 2.

Make sure you have a solid commentary team.  The NFL always has a good looking female sideline reporter and in studio host, why doesn’t Dota 2?

3. Improve Matchmaking

Come on Valve we all know this doesn't work

Always a big issue with long time players and noobs alike, matchmaking is something that could use a huge revamp.

Currently, players are matched based on MMR, which is a good way to do it but can be tricky.  Someone just starting out can have a decent MMR, even though they are new to the game.  This causes lots of issues where you can have players with 10 years experience on a team or playing against someone with 10 games experience.

Officially, Valve says that games played is taken into account.  In my experience, it’s not taken into account enough.  I have almost 8000 hours played of Dota 2 and still get matched with players who suck.

This is also an issue with Party MMR.  It is a huge advantage to have players on your team who are in a party.  Having players on your team who can communicate is a huge advantage.  Make sure there is a party on both teams.

Or make a game mode where there are no parties allowed.  Everyone is on their own so that we don’t need to get stuck playing against a stacked team.

4. Let Us Report More Players

I cry a single tear of joy everytime I see this

How many times do I need to be told about the sexual activities of my family?  Is it really necessary for Io to teleport me into the other teams fountain?  Mid or Feed?!?!

We all have feeders in our games.

Someone who goes 0-12 with any hero deserves a report because I don’t want to play with them again.

3 Reports per week just isn’t enough. 

If I play 20 games a week I run into 40 people who deserve to be reported.

Give me 20 reports per week so I can send a real message to all these flamers about who is the top dog.

5. Give Us Access to Player Mic’s During Majors

The only person allowed to say "Mid or Feed"

Who wouldn’t want to hear what team Evil Geniuses was saying to each other as they were winning The International?

Or how about listen to Dendi plan out ganks and his next level plays.

This would be a game changer for the Majors and give us a look inside what the players are thinking and doing, so that we could do it ourselves.

It would feel like we were playing right alongside them in the most exciting tournaments in the world.

6. Allow Players to Bet on Matches with Real Money

Good thing I never lose

Everybody loves gambling.  It puts real stakes on matches.  Valve already has a gambling system in place where you wager on if you think you’re going to win, with rewards for being correct.

This should be expanded to real money for the Majors.  Players wouldn’t even need to bet against each other, just bet with Valve taking the wagers.

An easy income stream for Valve and huge fun for the rest of us.

Imagine how much more exciting the Majors would be with even a small bet like $5 on a match.  This money could even be used as credits to buy more sets and compendiums in game.  

This is just another example of how Esports can resemble professional sports.  Give people the option wager just like we can on NFL games, Boxing, and all other pro sports.

7. Each Hero Needs at Least 3 Unique Sets

Ain't that a pretty look?

Sets are a great aspect of Dota 2.  Everyone loves having that new Arcana to make your hero look awesome.

We need more for all heroes.  There shouldn’t be any heroes left out.

The new animations and ability icons are great additions to anyone’s lineup.  So make sure every hero has them.

All heroes are viable in the game so they should all have at least 3 sets.

Just imagine Jakiro with green fire, or an Aztec inspired set for Phoenix.  The possibilities are endless and gets excitement for heroes that aren’t played as often.

Having 4,927 sets for Phantom Assassin is great, but I don’t think we need any more for a while.  Valve needs to focus on the heroes that don’t get as much attention.

8. Set Up an In Game News Channel that Covers the Latest Breaking News for Dota 2 (Preferably with Beautiful, Smart Female Reporters)

Just a suggestion

This can go in so many directions that I’m shocked it doesn’t exist already.  Make Dota 2 similar to the major sports leagues like it should be.

Give us a channel, in game, to let us know what is going on in the Dota 2 world.  I want to know what’s happening with pro teams while I’m playing a game.  

What are the pro players testing out?

What updates are on the way?

I want real time information on my favorite game.

This would be invaluable during Majors.  We could get real time updates of scores, stats, and just news about the tournament.

Please Valve, test this out during The International.  It’s a guaranteed hit with all players.

9. Give Away Free Bonuses to Players Who Spend in the Store

More sets for Legion Commander are always appreciated

We are paying your salary Valve, give us more reason to spend more.  We know you like charging $35 for a Crystal Maiden set, how about bonuses for spending over a certain amount?

Spend $10 get a random Rare set.

Spend $20 get a random Mythical set.

These are easy ways to increase sales and give players more items to use in game.  If I get a set for a hero I don’t use, I’m just going to recycle it anyways to be able to wager on my wins to get more sets.  It keeps the cycle going even more.

This is good for business and good for players.

10. Add an In-Game Feature Where Players Can View the Top 50 Dota 2 Teams

Can Team Evil Geniuses win the International Again?

When purchasing a compendium you get a nice list of players and short biographies on all the pro players.  Why limit this to compendiums?

Make the pro players celebrities and market them more.  Let people view profiles of the top 50 pro teams and the players on each team.

Even make a ranking of all the teams and all the players individually.  It gives people more to talk about and debate.  

I want to see my favorite players and where they rank.

I want to see where my team is ranked.

This would also play right into the gambling on games because you can see exactly where each team and player ranks.

Turn Dota 2 into a real sport.  Valve needs to be thinking bigger than they are right now.


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