[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Beginner Heroes (2020 Edition)

Dota 2 Best Heroes for Beginners
What does this one do? IDK, Let’s find out!

Which Are The Best Beginner Heroes in Dota 2? 

If you are new to DotA 2 and trying to learn the ropes, the best you can do is learning the game and the map. Therefore, playing a hero that is less complex will let you focus on the game!

It does not matter how fast of a learner you are when it comes to DotA 2 you need to start with baby steps. DotA is often considered as a type of chess and mastering a certain hero before understanding the game will serve you no good.

There are many timings around the map: the runes, Roshan, stacking, ganking opportunities. You can watch and follow as many guides as you would like but at the end of the day, the best experience you can get is going to be the personal experiences you will gain from playing the game.

If you would like to read more about the basics of the game, I would strongly recommend you to check this guide out by Purge.

 Heroes that are recommended for beginners should not be mistaken for being weak.  Some of them have the highest win rates, among other heroes, as of January 22, 2020.

Let’s take a look at who these heroes are, shall we?

10. Underlord

Vrogros, the Underlord staring down on his enemies.

Underlord is the definition of being a utility hero. His spells are quite simple and straightforward, he packs an AOE damage spell, a root and an ultimate that allows him to teleport to friendly units. He is quite beefy too, could be one of the harder heroes to kill in all stages of the game.

Also, gotta mention that his ultimate is also an AOE spell and his teammates can teleport with him if they step into its range.

What makes Underlord a great hero for beginners?

  • Tanky, hard to kill.
  • Prefers utility items that enable your team.
  • Easy to hit spells with significant effects.
  • Can use his ultimate to save his team or to be at wherever he is needed!

How to Play Like a Pro with Underlord.

9. Wraith King

Ostarion, the Wraith King rocking a flashy set.

If you are interested in learning how to carry, Wraith King can be a good starting hero. He has a nice kit that allows him to survive and his ultimate literally brings him back to life! 

Even if you happen to have the worst game of your life, he still has a stun that can be used to catch people off and stuns are basically one of the most important things in this game!

What makes Wraith King a great hero for beginners?

  • Has a lifesteal ability that allows him to survive.
  • Packs a critical strike ability to turn up the heat.
  • His ultimate brings him back to life.
  • Has a targeted stun spell which can set up easy kills.

How to Play Like a Pro with Wraith King

8. Viper

Viper, the Netherdrake flying like a butterfly.

This one is my personal favourite, I learnt how to play DotA 2 while I was spamming Viper and so did my little sibling. 

The main reason why I, personally, like Viper is because of his range and the fact that he can be a lane bully, even if you know nothing about DotA 2, you can bully out almost any mid lane hero and safely farm.

I should you warn you that Viper tends to fall off towards the late game, so trying to wrap up the game by taking objectives during mid game is the best course of action you could take.


What makes Viper a great hero for beginners?

  • Has an ability that damages the enemy over time which can make laning against Viper a hell.
  • Has a defensive ability which gives him magic resistance also damages the heroes attacking him
  • Packs another offensive ability which allows him to cast a toxic field that damages enemies. 
  • His ultimate is also an annoying late game factor, which slows enemies by a huge margin and damages them over time.

7. Sven

Sven, the Rogue Knight charging into the battle.

My friends who like Sven get mad at me when I say this, but if you enjoy playing Wraith King, Sven is not that different from him. He has a stun, an active ability to give him bonus armor and an ultimate that empowers his base damage.

He is quite good at farming and alsouseful in team fights. The fact that he also carries a gigantic sword is also another plus.

What makes Sven a great hero for beginners?

  • Point target stun, impossible miss unless you miss click or the enemy dodges.
  • Has a cleave that allows him to farm faster and more efficiently.
  • Packs a defensive active ability which gives him armor and movement speed when needed.
  • His ultimate turns him into a red devil and lets him hit even harder!

6.  Riki

Riki, the Stealth Assassin having a smoke party.

What kind of superpower would you like to have? If your answer is invisibility, Riki may be the hero for you. Once this guy hits level 6, he becomes invisible and the enemy will need to carry detection to keep you in check.

He may look small, but he also hits hard and can turn into a game winning carry.

What makes Riki a great hero for beginners?

  • Apart from being a carry, he also brings utility to the team fights with his Smoke Screen ability that silences and makes enemies miss their attacks.
  • Has a blink ability that can be used both on enemies and allies, it allows him to jump behind his enemies and strike from the back!
  • He also becomes invisible when he unlocks his ultimate, his ultimate also allows him to deal more damage passively.

5.  Lich

Lich is gonna have your mana!

If you are more into supporting, this guy maybe your poison. He allows his lane partner to be aggressive in ways no one can imagine. 

Once he is paired with laning partners who can just run at their enemies like Ursa, Lich simply becomes the most annoying hero in the game.

He has 2 slows that makes laning hell for his enemies and can also drain some mana when needed.

What makes Lich a great hero for beginners?

  • Single target slowing spell which can set up kills.
  • A protective spell which gives armor to the casted hero and also actively slows nearby enemies.
  • A hypnotizing ability that pulls the targeted hero to Lich while draining their mana.
  • A super useful and scary team fight ultimate which bounces off targets.


4. Vengeful Spirit

Shendelzare, the Vengeful Spirit ready to get her revenge.

Let’s continue with supports, with this vengeance filled spirit you can rain down hell on your enemies. She sets up kills without breaking a sweat and also increases her allies’ damage by a decent amount.

And if everything goes bad, she can perform a switcheroo to get his carry out of that mess that they got themselves into.

What makes Vengeful Spirit a great hero for beginners?

  • Single target that can set up kills.
  • An active ability that reduces the armor of her enemies.
  • Her passive increases the range of her nearby allies while increasing their primary stat.
  • Her ultimate can be used as a get out of jail card  for your cores or to initiate a fight.

3. Silencer

Nortrom, the Silencer crashing a loud party.

Do you not like crowded and loud spaces? Well, neither does this guy. He is all about shushing the enemy and showing them who's boss!

His kit allows him to become a lane bully and lets his carry farm safely. He can even transition into a carry if he happens to get enough kills in the early game, thanks to his passive.

His ultimate can also win team fights by itself!

What makes Silencer a great hero for beginners?

  • Attack modifying ability which allows him to bully out enemies from the lane.
  • An AOE spell that damages the affected enemies and slows them.
  • A nuke that silences the targeted enemy and deals damage.
  • A GLOBAL ultimate that silences ALL enemies. It can be used to cancel channelling abilities or capitalize on an initiation.
  • Can be played both as a support and a core.    

How to Play Like a Pro with Silencer

2. Ogre Magi

Aggron Stonebreak, the Ogre Magi in a classy set.

This two headed goof has the best voice lines in the game but it is not the reason why he is on our list.

He has powerful single target spells and can also buff his allies. If he builds a Hand of Midas he can also farm freakishly fast thanks to his ability to Multicast his items and spells.

What makes Ogre Magi a great hero for beginners?

A single target stun and a slow which makes him a pain to deal with.

A buffing spell which increases the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of his allies.

His ultimate allows him to Multicast both his abilities and his items.

Multicast basically means that, the spell or the item ability that Ogre Magi casts, also gets cast on a random ability for no mana costs.

1. Abaddon

Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus with his trusty steed.

Basically, if you are not really sure about what to do in DotA, you should pick a hero that somehow buffs their teammates, this will also give you a chance to analyse your surroundings.. Abaddon is also one of them. He can turn into a scary core with some farm, but he is also a great support who can protect cores.

He can heal, shield and also slow enemies. His ultimate also gives him a second chance in life and makes him durable in team fights. He is a hard hero to actually kill.

What makes Abaddon a great hero for beginners?

  • Has a flexible ability which heals allies and damages enemies.
  • Packs a shield ability that explodes when it tanks a certain amount of damage and damages nearby enemies.
  • His passive ability allows him to slow enemies that he attacks.  This can be used to set up kills or push back diving enemies.
  • His ultimate Borrowed Time triggers when he reaches 400 health and when the ability is active, all the damage he receives starts healing Abaddon.

How to Play Like a Pro with Abaddon

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