[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Loading Screens (Ranked)

We have all waited seconds or even minutes for our games to load. While this takes only a few, it seems like forever when we’re all eager to play. This is where loading screens come in, to keep us company while we dread the long wait. With DotA 2’s art, comes a plethora of artistic portrayals of our heroes that entertain us while we sulk in the wait. Here are the best ones to use!


10. Ancient Rhythms

The Ancient Rhythms loading screen was first showcased during the New Bloom Festival 2015. This was obtained when the player got a single win in the Year Beast Brawl. This game mode involved a normal DotA 2 game but with the addition of a raging Year Beast that dealt insane damage to anyone it encountered. Winning a certain number of games would give the player special sets and rewards.

The loading screen is visually attractive as it features a number of heroes such as Lina and Shadow Fiend with the Year Beast. With unique characters and a very well-drawn background, it all blends with the heroes featured in the loading screen.


9. Demonic Vessel

The Demonic Vessel is a set for Abaddon. This was released on the 29th of April 2014 and was deemed as a common loading screen. Despite its status, the loading screen of the Demonic Vessel proves to be a very enchanting piece of dark and ominous tales of the rider in the dark.

The loading screen boasts the actual skin of Abaddon, with dark vines starting to cover the background. Every step of his steed lights up the darkness around him, giving a very eerie but aesthetically pleasing vibe.


8. Caucus of Heroes

The loading screen was released on the 20th of February, 2014. The piece shows numerous heroes posing just like people do in a movie poster. While its background design is almost vague and nonexistent, its heroes make up for the content on the loading screen.

Caucus of Heroes is exactly what it is, a conference of members of a party. Among those featured are Naga Siren, Queen of Pain, Tinker, Chen, and many more. This loading screen gives the viewer entertainment while waiting for the game due to its beautiful art and plethora of heroes.


7. Radiant Ancient

Nothing is as beautiful as a radiant light shining upon nature and beautifully created structures. This is the Radiant Ancient loading screen. This loading screen was released on June 25, 2014, and was created by Perfect World.

The piece boasts a very masterful control of the elements in the Radiant base, with its Ancient as its centerpiece. The blending of nature with stone structures makes it a very calming design filled with beautiful architecture. Add Sakura trees to the mix, and you’ll have a good time admiring this beautiful loading screen.


6. Mid Lane

Ah, the mid lane. Full of its glory and its horrors. This iconic place is home to the most exciting and action-packed moments that have been etched into gaming history. Developed by Perfect World on June 25, 2014, the piece stands as an iconic design as it features two sides divided by a river.

With all the chaos that comes in the mid lane, comes excitement and thrill. We can see Pudge almost landing a hook on Drow Ranger, as Dragon Knight, Witch Doctor, Death Prophet, and many more join the fight. This depiction of a very strategic location reminds all of us how it feels to be in that lane in-game.


5. Foulfell Corruptor

Foulfell Collector is a mythical set that was first released on October 4, 2017. This set houses Terrorblade in a very dark and shredded piece of armor that emphasizes his demon status. The set fits so well with Terrorblade’s identity to the point that the loading screen looks so epic. With his twin blades, horns, and wings, this loading screen is one of the best there is.

The combination of dark elements with the glowing colors of Terrorblade makes his darkness shine so bright. The red and eerie background makes for a very ominous feeling, supporting our hero alongside his demon form.


4. Clash of Heroes

Clash of Heroes is a very iconic DotA 2 loading screen created on the 20th of January, 2014. This features so many of our heroes battling it out to the point that we don’t even know whose side they are on. 

From Shadow Fiend’s terrifying presence to Sven’s strong and courageous stance, the chaos in this piece of art is limitless. What’s very cool about this loading screen is that they still haven’t touched each other, and are still about to. This leaves so much for imagination and really keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat trying to come up with scenarios that would happen. Before they know it, the game has already started.


3. Reef’s Edge

Reef’s Edge is the terrain that was showcased to players who own The International 2017 Battle Pass at level 150. This reward comes with the loading screen shown above. This beautifully designed loading screen portrayed the terrain very well with its underwater theme elements.

The loading screen features heroes who are from the waters such as the Deep Ones and the Slithereen. These are Slark, Naga Siren, and Slardar. We can see that they are wary of each other and are slowly closing the gap in this beautifully presented sea of warriors, with a glistening sun ray to accentuate the art even more.


2. Great Sage’s Reckoning

The Great Sage’s Reckoning is Monkey King’s Arcana. Arcanas are always accepted with anticipation due to the effects that they give the hero. This was released on the 12th of December, 2016, and showcased 4 different styles that the player could use depending on the level of Wukong’s Command.

The piece shows all 4 styles wreaking havoc upon the enemy, making them run and flee from the confusion. What’s very cool about this is as the 3 styles all go on Axe, Leshrac, and Enchantress, the default Monkey King is hanging by a tree among the blurred skies and leaves in the background, giving us a feeling of concealment which is a key trait of the hero.


1. Dire Ancient

Now for the coolest loading screen, the Dire Ancient. With its rugged architecture, the Dire Base beautifully displays the chaos within. This loading screen was created by Perfect would on June 25, 2014.

While the Radiant Ancient is full of nature and smooth architecture, the Dire is the opposite of this as it represents the opposition. With its sharp and rugged design, the brokenness of this base exudes something beautiful amidst the chaos. In other words, it just goes well with the theme and essence of the faction. Not to mention, the cool-looking ball of energy in the Dire Ancient, makes you want to defend it till you die.

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