[Top 15] Dota 2 Most Damage Spells That Are Extremely Deadly

Spells are an important part of the game, as they essentially make the hero what it is. With so many heroes in the game, it is obvious there are so many different spells that are poles apart in their functioning. There are some spells that can be good in any matchup, and they deal the most amount of damage! 

To help you pick the right heroes that deal such high damage, we have compiled this list of the best 15 Damage Spells which are extremely deadly, and also very relevant in the current meta.

15. Freezing Field

Crystal Maiden is an exceptional hero, no matter how much you nerf her, she is still picked heavily regardless of your MMR bracket. Freezing Field is an amazing ultimate that either zones out enemies or make them suffer under it. The icy explosions deal 105 damage per explosion and offer CM 20 armor! Yes 20 armor, making it hard for your local carry to hit her under such low temperatures. It’s even worse when CM gets a Black King Bar, making her immune to silences.


14. Earth Splitter

The elemental genius, Elder Titan is a rare sight in the recent patches but his extremely powerful ultimate can still shake the world quite literally. The Earth Splitter slows and deals damage to enemy heroes based on their maximum life, which can be up to 50% damage. This spell is hard to set up unless you have heroes that can stun or initiate for you. But nevertheless, Earth Splitter is a devastating spell.


13. Swashbuckle

Swashbuckle may not be ultimate but it deals copious amounts of damage if Pangolier acquires a few items. Pangolier is often played in the mid lane, where he often builds physical and damage items which allow him to deal damage and create space. Swashbuckle slashes all enemies in a targetted line, dealing a base of up to 85 damage which is further amplified and made worse with items such as Diffusal Blade, Skull Basher, and much more. 


12. Doom

Both Doom (the hero) and the spell are powerful in the current meta. On activation, Doom dispels enemy heroes and makes them take up to 60 damage a second for 16 seconds. The Aghanim’s upgrade applies break and increases the duration to 22 seconds. This is an exceptional spell against spell-casting heroes or heroes with escape mechanisms. Doom is often seen in the pro scene, being the first pick as he can’t really be countered well in the early game.


11. Mystic Flare

Skywrath Mage is one of those heroes who can easily control the tempo of the game with his spells. His ultimate, Mystic Flare deals immensely high damage which is hard to counter in the early stages of the game. Mystic Flare can deal up to 1600 damage on level 3, which further can be amplified by items and Ancient Seal. This spell can be used in synergy with multiple heroes which can lock down an enemy target, such as Legion Commander, Axe, and Invoker.



10. Sanity’s Eclipse

Outworld Destroyer is an off-meta pick but it is extremely great in certain matchups, against certain heroes. This includes INT heroes and spellcasters which can be obliterated with OD’s ultimate, Sanity’s Eclipse. This AoE ultimate is a psychic blast that deals damage based on the mana difference between OD and the heroes in the target cast. The base damage is 200, which is nowhere close to the damage it can deal in the late stages of the game. 


9. Exorcism

Death Prophet unleashes evil spirits which drain the life of all enemy units in the vicinity. This damage is extreme if there is only one enemy in the area, effectively melting him instantly. A total of up to 24 spirits can latch onto enemies, making them deal 64 damage per second. The spirits can also affect towers and buildings, making DP a great hero for pushing. After the duration ends, she is healed to a percentage of the damage done.


8. Sonic Wave

Burst damage is extremely powerful in the current patch, and there are not many heroes or spells which can deal such a high amount of quick damage, unlike Queen of Pain. Sonic Wave is a great spell that pushes enemies back while dealing loads of magical damage, starting from 310 at level 1. This is an AoE spell, meaning all enemies in a certain radius get affected, dealing massive damage to the entirety of the enemy team. The Aghanim’s upgrade increases the damage dealt with up to 680 while lowering to cool down significantly. 


7. Pulse Nova

One of the few toggleable ultimates in the game, Pulse Nova is the reason why Leshrac is extremely popular in the current meta. The high damage being dished out, effectively at no cooldown makes it the suitable pick in this meta of constant teamfights. You can deal up to 200 damage per second for the mana cost of 60 per second. A Leshrac with full mana hence becomes a menace in the late game as he melts supports and squishy heroes in just a few seconds.


6. Echo Slam

The legendary Echo Slamma Jamma is one of the best ultimates in the game. Earthshaker shakes the enemy team with this spell, dealing an absurd amount of damage if they stand too close to each other. This ruins the gameplay of heroes with illusions. Along with the damage dealt, the slam also stuns the enemies for short while making it easier for Earthshaker to follow up with more spells, effectively chain stunning them.


5. Omnislash

Omnislash is one of those spells that get better as the game progresses. In the early stages, you may not be able to deal much damage but the late stages witness you wreaking havoc on the enemy carry. You swiftly slash the targetted enemy unit and the units around them, with your base damage. Hence the spell becomes powerful as you acquire damage items. The Aghanim’s upgrade is highly recommended as it is just a mini version of the Omnislash, dealing half the damage in half the time.


4. Coup De Grace

Phantom Assassin is one of the few heroes that are hated extremely due to her high physical damage. Coup De Grace deals immense physical damage, dealing up to 450% critical damage. This damage is worsened later in the game as PA gets the high ticket items like Desolator and Monkey King Bar. The assassin is hard to counter if she’s able to get her crits off.


3. Thundergod’s Wrath

The mightiest of all gods, Zeus has been a staple pick in the recent patches. He is played both in the mid and the support roles. Thundergod’s Wrath is an exceptional ultimate that deals damage to every hero(300 on level 1), regardless of where they are on the map. This global spell is great to get kills from far away, to kill steal, or to even get info on the enemy’s location, it just depends on how you use it. Getting Aghanim’s and Refreshers makes this spell even more powerful, and may even lead to a rampage!


2. Laguna Blade 

The fiery hot Lina has been the essential mid-pick for over a decade now. She offers everything from physical to magical damage and even a stun. Her ultimate, Laguna Blade is often underestimated, but it proves to be lethal as deals 500 damage on level 1 and 900 on level 3. The Aghanim’s upgrade allows you to pierce BKB, making it a great ultimate in the late game. 


1. Finger of Death

Lion is often picked for his disables, but his ultimate, the legendary Finger of Death turns enemies inside out, dealing a minimum of 600 damage on level 1 itself! Each kill with the finger offers 50 extra damage, ensuring you stack up all that damage and one-shot enemies. Aghanim’s upgrade makes the spell an AoE targetted spell, meaning if you have enough stacks you can pretty much one-shot the entire enemy team. This has given rise to the various mid-Lions you see in your pubs, making him a flexible pick. 


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