[Top 15] Dota 2 Heroes To End Games Fast

In Dota, various heroes allow you to dominate the battlefield, but not all of them can do it in the nick of time. This essentially means that some heroes are faster and frankly better in the early stages of the game if compared to other heroes. These heroes do not take long to come online and possibly end the game in under 30 minutes. This means that these heroes constantly wreak havoc on the enemies right from minute one. You may also pick these heroes if you are facing heroes who can be a threat in the later stages of the game.

To help you find the right heroes to dominate your MMR ladder, we bring you the Best 15 Heroes That End the Game Fast, allowing you to shut your foes before they even acquire their major items. All the mentioned heroes are relevant to the meta, meaning their impact is seen throughout the game.

15. Meepo

Meepo is one of the quickest game-enders in the game, partly due to there being multiples of him in the game! In theory, most heroes have an advantage against Meepo due to their high AoE damage or a disabling toolkit but that does not happen until much later in the game, as they are either farming away or split-pushing while Meepo dominates the early game. A smart Meepo player knows it's better to fight and focus on objectives as soon as he can instead of farming away against powerful enemies.

Meepo can gank any lane he wants in the early game with the help of his sustaining lifesteal and damage-dealing Poof. While his foes on the other hand can not come online this early into the game without the help of a few items, which provides much leverage to Meepo to gank lanes and secure objectives before they even have the chance to strike. A late game could go either way but as we all know, strength is in numbers, Meepo’s clones assist him in staying strong in teamfights.

What makes Meepo Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Meepo has exceptional early-game stats, this is due to him being an agility hero, which makes him a strong laner
  • Meepo is known for his exceptional farming and split-pushing strategy, which allows him to acquire items fast
  • Meepo in general is a fast-paced hero, known for his fighting potential right off the bat.


14. Naga Siren

Naga Siren is an essential early-game hero who can turn the tides of the game in her favor quickly. Naga emerges from the deep seas as a beautiful yet threatening entity whose voice can cure the worst diseases! She deals some heavy physical damage right off the get-go, her looks can deceive you! Along with her damage, she can also lock enemies down with her net or the ultimate. You may pierce the ultimate with BKB, but with her Aghanim’s Scepter, you can’t pierce the net! She can pin you down and rip you into pieces with the assistance of her mirror illusions. 

The devastating force of Naga Siren is felt from the mid-game as she acquires certain items which help her farm quickly as well as stand her ground, making her tanky. Naga indeed requires more of her items to have an impact, but when she does acquire those items, there is no way you can put an end to her destruction. She cuts deep and drowns her enemies with her Rip Tide. In the current meta, Naga has been the rage due to the buffs to Rip Tide and her ultimate, which make her a dominant force, as she is also seen in the pro games.

What makes Naga Siren Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Naga is known to be a powerful early-game hero, due to her illusions and Rip Tide which deal terrific damage right off the bat
  • Her illusions also provide a way to scout and provide vision, making it easier for her team to spot enemy movements and set up ganks quickly.
  • Naga Siren can also split push with her mirror illusions, while she farms away securely in the jungle.
  • With a smooth early game, Naga Siren can decimate towers with just one major item (eg. Diffusal Blade or Yasha)



13. Spectre

An early-game Spectre is nothing short of a nightmare if you face her on the enemy team. She knows her way around catching heroes off-guard, especially catching them when they least expect it. Spectre is highly devastating due to her mobility which allows her to escape or initiate the teamfights, making her end games quickly with the right itemization. Her high damage is amplified when she catches enemy heroes all by themselves, which never ends well for them! Haunt is an excellent spell that has great potential to cause deep wounds in the enemy gameplay, the global presence of this hero puts her so high on this list. 

Spectre does not even need different items to have an impact on the game. Spectre relies more on levels, which allow her to deal more damage, and is also highly team-fight-oriented. She may lack in the farming department in the early game but it's the kills and ganks that reward her with gold, making her devastating in the late game. Her late-game potential to quickly solo kill enemies from anywhere on the map is unmatched by any other carry in the game.

What makes Spectre Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Spectre has terrific early-game damage, which is further amplified by the spells that help her in a teamfight, which makes her a dominant laner
  • Spectre has an excellent global presence with her ultimate, which can help her gank without worrying about her positioning, making it easy for her to push or farm away and then quickly participate in a fight
  • Spectre does not require many items to come online and can be an effective carry who can end early with just one good teamfight



12. Pangolier

The flamboyant Pangolier is a popular pick in the current meta due to the damage he deals, ending the games quickly if played right. He is also an extremely powerful laner as he deals high physical damage which may decimate most carry heroes due to their low armor. Most heroes also fall off fast in the late game while Pangolier only gets stronger by then, due to his high physical damage and lightning-fast farming speed. There is no way most enemies can stop Pango’s onslaught once he gets all his core items. Most heroes simply have no tools to contain their onslaught, hence ending the game quickly.

Pangolier’s Rolling Thunder ultimate completely negates all the magical damage being dished out by some heroes, while his Shield Crash negates the physical damage he takes, essentially reducing enemy impact and making sure they can’t escape the fights so easily. Pangolier is a great hero to play if you want to have a fun time crushing your opponents. Your average carry hero also is not that mobile enough to catch Pangolier, who has Shield Crash, Swashbuckle, and Rolling Thunder at his disposal to escape.

What makes Pangolier Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Swashbuckle deals huge damage to enemies right from the laning phase, and the damage allows him to push towers or gank squishy enemies
  • Rolling Thunder makes Pangolier immune to magic damage, making him able to roll in and out of fights and not worry about getting locked down, making him an efficient early-game hero
  • Most heroes fall off in the late game as Pangolier’s physical damage becomes too hard for them to negate, making them get destroyed in fights.



11. Monkey King

The menacing monarch, Monkey King is a fast-paced and powerful carry hero who can dominate games with his mobility and burst damage. His toolkit includes an incredible amount of mobility that allows him to evade incoming attacks while simultaneously dealing out massive damage with his Jingu Mastery. Monkey King's Boundless Strike ability can be used to initiate fights and control the battlefield while his ultimate, Wukong's Command, can turn him into an unkillable clone army. He is a popular choice in both competitive and pub games in the 7.33 meta due to his massive buffs to his farming and carry abilities.

Along with being a strong carry in the current meta, Monkey King is also an exceptional farmer thanks to his array of enthralling abilities. He is exceptionally mobile and can deal high AoE damage with the right item and skill builds. With Battlefury, he can farm the lanes and then pounce away into the jungle to clear the neutrals. Monkey King’s ultimate also is a big reason why he is a dominant carry hero, dealing ungodly damage to all the heroes inside it. Monkey King can effectively snowball and get out of hand if he is playing well from the early game. 

What makes Monkey King Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Monkey King has great damage right from the early levels, which makes his laning phase a cakewalk if paired with the right laner 
  • His Boundless Strike ability deals massive critical damage, making it an excellent tool for bursting down enemy heroes.
  • If Monkey manages to get his ultimate soon, he can obliterate the enemies within no time with constant rotations, as he is one of those early game enders who do not need items to come online
  • He also has immense mobility with Tree Dance, allowing him to navigate through the map effortlessly 


10. Sniper

The deadly dwarf is a lethal hero in the current meta due to his early-game fighting skills. Sniper’s significant attack range makes it quite hard for melee heroes especially to target him, while the marksman can simply demolish them with his attack damage. If there is one hero that most players could permanently delete then it would have to be the annoying yet lethal Sniper! He is highly reliable due to his immense range which allows him to attack safely from the backlines while his team tanks in the front lines. The reason why Sniper is on this list is due to his ability to participate in the teamfights from the early game and end the game by sub-30 minutes.

The late game can be quite tricky for the Sniper as enemies can close the gap with the help of items like Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade, as they allow him to get on top of the dwarf and beat him down. Positioning is always the key while playing against such mobile heroes. A good Sniper player can have an impact in teamfights without being in the forefront. All his items grant him ungodly amounts of damage which can ruin the game of the Void if he does not lock him down.

What makes Sniper Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Shrapnel accelerates his farm, while also annoying enemies in the early game, shoving them off the lane.
  • Sniper also has high base attack range and movement speed right off the bat which helps him deal ungodly damage within no time.
  • Sniper also possesses a great talent tree that scales extremely well with items in the mid-game, allowing him to be a menace within no time.


9. Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin is a fast-paced hero in the current meta, thanks to her recent buffs. Templar is a highly lethal early-game hero, all it takes is one Desolator for her to be a threat to enemies. She deals some heavy damage while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on. Laning versus most DoT is quite the task for Templar as she has a very short attack range, making it easy for them to spam spells and deny her the farm. Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to stack and farm once they have the levels and farm.

There are various reasons why Templar is an exceptional pick in the current meta. She farms extremely well and fast with her Psi Blades, deals immense damage and armor reduction with Meld which also helps her escape, and she also has Refraction which soaks up a bit of damage dealt to her, allowing her to stand her ground in teamfights without falling off. Her early-game damage may force her mid counterparts out of the lane, which only helps her get stronger to mow them down in the late game.

What makes Templar Assassin Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Psi Blades deals pure damage and spills over instantly allowing Templar to farm faster and deal copious amounts of AoE damage, making her snowball and acquire her items fast. 
  • With her massive physical damage, it is quite impossible to take down her in the mid-game.
  • Templar Assassin also has the perfect mix of defensive and offensive spells which she can use to her advantage while fighting and pushing towers in the early game, a skill that not all heroes possess 


8. Faceless Void

The time-bender Faceless Void is a highly picked hero by both pros and casual players alike due to his reliable spells and early game-ending skills. This is due to his exceptional fighting skills as well as due to his feared ultimate, the Chronosphere. Despite the learning curve, we see a lot of players picking this hero. During the recent International, he was a highly sought-after hero thanks to his exceptional crowd control and damage potential. Faceless Void's mid-game is particularly the peak for him, as he only needs a few items and his ultimate to become a chaotic force on the battlefield.

Most carry heroes can’t match Void’s efficient and fast-paced farming skills. The latter works best if paired with heroes that supplement his Chronosphere ultimate ex. Kunkka, Invoker, Skywrath Mage. His late-game potential allows him to essentially 1v5 enemy heroes if he is farmed enough. There is no way you can escape the wrath of the mighty Faceless Void in the late game! In 7.33, Void is even more ruthless thanks to the buffs to his Chronosphere and Time Walk, that is why he is seen in pretty much every pub game these days.

What makes Faceless Void Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • All Faceless Void needs is a good Chronosphere to end a game fast, with enough follow-up from his team, the enemy has no chance of escape!
  • Faceless Void has decent mobility which helps him farm fast, hence giving him an edge against the rival carry
  • Faceless Void has massive attack speed which helps him hit fast in a teamfight, swiftly decimating enemies and towers alike!


7. Sven

Sven, the rogue knight, is a deadly carry hero who deals ungodly physical damage right from the laning phase, allowing him to be a lethal game-ender. His toolkit allows him to lock down enemies or charge at them with increased movement speed, making it impossible for them to escape his wrath. Sven's abilities are enough to dominate the battlefield, with items only complementing his strength in team fights. Sven’s pub appearances were low before this patch, but with the buffs to his cleave and ultimate, he has quickly risen through the ranks as one of the most-played carry heroes in this meta.

There are several reasons why Sven is considered a powerful carry hero. His kit allows him to dominate and lock down even the toughest enemies, while his farming ability and item progression enable him to gain a significant advantage as the game progresses. Sven is capable of taking on entire teams by himself, especially in the late game, making him a nightmare for weaker opponents. His strength lies in his ability to face multiple heroes at once without crumbling, thanks to items like Satanic, Daedalus, and his massive physical damage.

What makes Sven Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • His cleave is great with God’s Strength which can make him farm fast and mow down heroes easily.
  • Sven’s Storm Hammer allows him to lock down multiple heroes at once, making it easy for him to mow them down with his massive cleave damage.
  • Sven is a hero right from the early game, this is due to his massive attribute gain, which makes him stand his ground in fights and deal impressive damage 



6. Alchemist

The greedy yet wise Alchemist is a dominant pick in the current meta due to his fast gold gain and early-game-ending potential. He controls the game with his powerful Orc who guides him around the battlefield. With Greevil’s Greed now being an innate ability, it’s expected that he can end the game before the 30-minute mark with the right items. With armor reduction from Acid Spray and Unstable Concoction, he can lock enemies down and give them a run for their money with his ultimate. His enemies find it quite impossible to out farm him, his pace is quite unparalleled if he is having a good time. 

Alchemist's potential is not only limited to his abilities but his items as well. With the help of Manta Style, he can dispel any debuffs or silence and create illusions to further confuse his enemies and push lanes as well, Shiva's Guard gives him a powerful AoE slow armor, making it difficult for enemies to approach him. Alchemist needs mobility in a teamfight, which is fulfilled by Overwhelming Blink which satisfies his mobility needs while also granting him immense damage and strength to withstand a long skirmish. The mentioned items help Alchemist wreak havoc if acquired early on in the game.

What makes Alchemist Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Alchemist farms quickly due to innate ability, Greevil's Greed, which provides him with extra gold for every last hit and also for every bounty rune picked up 
  • He can scale well into the mid-game with his ability to gain bonus stats from his ultimate, Chemical Rage, making him an incredibly sustainable and hard-hitting carry, making him end the game quick
  • With Acid Spray and Unstable Concoction, Alchemist becomes a hard-hitting hero, capable of decimating enemies within no time


5. Luna

Luna, the Moon rider, is a popular hero for carry players looking to end the game early. Her farming abilities and massive AoE damage output make her a force to be reckoned with. Although laning can be tough for Luna, she can fall back on the jungle to farm with the help of her Moon Glaives and decent early-game damage. Luna is a great pick for dealing with hybrid damage as her ultimate Eclipse deals an ungodly amount of magical damage which complements her physical damage. In 7.33, we see Luna back in action as she is constantly picked due to the buffs to her ultimate and also to the general items she builds in the late game.

Luna's quick farming abilities and massive AoE damage output make her a prime pick for dealing with enemy heroes. She clears waves quickly, allowing her to farm and split push at an impressive pace. Other carry heroes often struggle to keep up with Luna if the game goes on for more than 40 minutes. Additionally, Luna can be paired with heroes who have massive crowd-control abilities, giving them an advantage over their weaker opponents.

What makes Luna Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Luna can demolish towers quickly with the help of her Lunar Blessing which provides her with high-base damage
  • Luna also has Moon Glaives which help her push lanes fast, making her decimate the enemy base if they do not retaliate 
  • Luna’s ultimate, Eclipse, is a classic teamfight spell that deals heaps of magic damage, essentially ending the game for squishy enemy heroes


4. Morphling

The reason why Morphling is ranked so high on this list is due to his reliability as an early-game fighter and swift game-ender. Morphling is quite a lethal hero, which most people find hard to counter due to his tank potential. As boring or complex as Morph may appear, he is quite impressive right from the laning phase and stays relevant throughout the late game. Most people shy away from Morphling due to the complex nature of his abilities, but if you can master him, there is no way your enemies can have an upper hand. With the right items and proper laning partner, there is no way you can’t end the game quickly.

Morphling can be an excellent addition to the team if you want a carrier that can fight from the get-go and is tanky, ending the game within 30 minutes. His physical damage ensures he can mow down enemies while also staying tanky enough with Attribute Shift. Everyone knows about the infamous Shotgun combo, which takes just two clicks to bring down the venomous beast. In the late game, enemies struggle hard to match Morphling’s pace as their damage simply isn’t enough to cause a dent in Morphling’s health pool (courtesy of Attribute Shift) Morph (the ultimate) can be used to give enemies a taste of their own medicine and have them taken out from teamfights.

What makes Morphling Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Morphling’s Attribute Shift allows him to stand his ground in a fight as well as deal huge damage, depending upon the matchup he is against.
  • Morphling can also use his ultimate to transform himself into his foes and use their spells against them
  • Strong attributes and stats right from the early game which allow him to dominate the lane and kill his opponents right off the bat
  • With Waveform, Morph can deal AoE damage to towers and he can also escape a sticky fight, allowing him to be a menace in the early game


3. Anti-Mage

The threatening yet composed Anti-Mage is a feared late-game hero, and that’s for a reason! He has what you need to split-push lanes which he can do effortlessly due to his farming speed, which if timed right, can allow him to acquire items fast and end the game early. He is known to decimate his foes with both Mana Break and Mana Void. An early-game AM can effortlessly decimate enemy mana and make them retreat to base or waste gold to compensate. This will slow down their farm while AM is known to farm at a faster pace, allowing him to get ahead in the net worth within no time.

Most carry heroes tend to lose tempo in the late game while Anti-Mage only does swimmingly there by split-pushing lanes and essentially being everywhere on the map. Magic and spell-casting heroes stand no chance when a six-slotted AM pounces on them thanks to Blink and decimates them within no time. Without a doubt, something is soothing about witnessing a fully farmed Anti-Mage beat down his enemies with the help of Mana Void. He can essentially one-shot the entire enemy team if he catches them lacking in the mana department.

What makes Anti-Mage Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Anti-Mage goes for pushing items such as Battlefury and Manta Style which help him push lanes fast and demolish towers quickly
  • If paired with the right laner, Anti-Mage can be a disaster for the enemy team right from the laning phase
  • Mana Void and Mana Break work extremely well against spell-casting heroes, making it quite hard for them to stand their ground in teamfights in the early game.


2. Arc Warden

Arc Warden is quite undoubtedly one of the best-split pushers in the game, this allows him to constantly put pressure on enemy lanes, and potentially end the game early, He is known to deal massive damage right off the bat, Arc secures the laning phase versus his opponent. He is also a quick farmer, as he can just duplicate and make his clone push out the lane while he farms the jungle. Late-game Arc Warden can disable and obliterate enemies within a few hits and clicks of spells.

With the help of his Tempest Double, Arc Warden can split push and control multiple areas of the map, forcing enemies to spread out and defend against his relentless pressure. And in team fights, he can deal massive damage with his spells and disable key targets, making him a force to be reckoned with. Arc loves items such as Manta Style, Orchid of Malovalence, and Silver Edge which provide him with the right balance of disable, escape, and stats which allow him to be a formidable force in the teamfight and stand his ground.

What makes Arc Warden Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Arc Warden is known to build items such as Mjollnir and Hand of Midas which help him push lanes and farm fast; if combined with his Tempest Double, he can farm twice the gold in the same time frame, making it easy for him to end the game fast.
  • Arc Warden also has extremely unique abilities which supplement his ability to fight and get the most out of the game, hence he can be called an efficient team fighter, killing foes quickly.
  • Arc Warden scales well into the early game due to his ease of farm, making him a quick pusher as soon as he gets his Maelstrom


1. Broodmother

The terrific Broodmother is known to be a dominant force from quite early on in the game. Just like Meepo or Arc Warden on this list, she is known to split-push early quite effortlessly with her spiderlings. Broodmother is quite the terrific counterpick against squishy heroes without AoE in the laning stage as he lacks the AoE damage early on to prevent her aggressive plays. Most heroes find no better option than abandoning the lane and farming the jungle as laning would be nothing less than a death threat if Brood has her army of Spiderlings, which eventually destruct the enemy structure and heroes.

However, the late game can be more enemy-sided due to them having either AoE damage or disables like Scythe or Orchid. Broodmother further can focus on right-click builds in such scenarios, using Spiderlings as a secondary source of damage or only while she is pushing the towers. But all this AoE damage and disable is only acquired in the middle of the late game, meaning Brood has free rein for the first 30 minutes of the game and maybe knock at enemy tier 3s before they know it. 

What makes Broodmother Great for Ending the Game Fast?

  • Broodmother has an army of spiderlings that deal a ton of damage if left unattended, which makes her a lethal force against the towers and squishy creeps
  • A good Broodmother is always known to rat towers and move sneakily throughout the map
  • Most heroes are squishy in the early game, and Brood being a monster, takes advantage of this fact as she is always hunting for early-game kills
  • Broodother has various ways of standing her ground in a fight, with the help of Insatiable Hunger and Black King Bar, there is no way enemies have it easy versus this 8-legged beast.


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