[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Healers That Are Powerful

The backbone of a successful team is always the support hero. These heroes are selfish and are considered to be extremely useful right off the bat. It is also recommended to pick the support heroes which can also heal and save your team in intense teamfights. A quick timed save can turn around the team fight in your favor!

We bring you the best 10 Powerful Healers in the game which can bring you to 100 from 0! These heroes are very much relevant in the current patch, making them extremely viable in your ranked games.

10. Witch Doctor

If you’re a support player looking to expand your hero pool then look no further! Witch Doctor is a great beginner’s hero but is often picked in high-ranked games! The reason is the reliability of this hero. Witch Doctor is known to be a nuisance in the early game, he can ward off enemy heroes while protecting his carry. Witch Doctor can snowball right after a few kills, allowing him to gain more levels and gank other lanes.

What makes Witch Doctor a great healer?

  • Great heal toggle with low mana cost.
  • The chain-stun spell is an effective way to control the crowd.
  • Dangerous DPS with Maledict and the Death Ward ultimate.
  • High base movement and attack speed, allowing him to harass and kite enemies.

Items to buy on Witch Doctor

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Force Staff
  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Solar Crest
  • Guardian Greaves


9. Pugna

The skeletal figure comes alive after he drains their life and turns them into bones and dust. Pugna is infamous for sucking the soul out of you. A pure lane matchup can favor Pugna as he has more INT and mana pool compared to most heroes along with that you face constant harassment and get shoved out of the lane due to the bonkers damage he deals. He is known to farm effortlessly due to his AoE spell and hit his item timings relatively early. You can also save your low HP allies with Life Drain!

Why is Pugna a great healer? 

  • Life Drain essentially swaps HP, useful for healing low HP allies in team fights 
  • All of Pugna's Spells are magical, hence the damage can be devastating to most heroes, especially when combined with Decrepify

Items to Buy as Pugna

  • Aether Lens
  • Aeon Disk
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Dagon
  • Blink Dagger

8. Warlock

This mystical wizard is quite underestimated, but is utilized to his full potential, can decimate warriors and mages of all kinds. Warlock is favored by all the beginners and rookie players of the game because of his easy skill set. He can heal and deal destruction with his spells. Fatal Bonds combined with Shadow Word can deal some heavy damage. Chaotic Offering ensures you disable your enemies and control the crowd while your team follows you up with damage!

Why is Warlock a great healer? 

  • Easy to use spells
  • Immense damage and heal from spells 
  • Chaotic Offering deals immense damage and has great kill potential 

Items to buy on Warlock

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Force Staff
  • Hand of Midas
  • Referesher’s Orb


7. Phoenix 

If you’re lacking a support/healer in your ranked games, Phoenix can fit the bill quite easily. Not only is he known to heal allies, but he can also deal AoE damage to his foes. Phoenix’s most important spell has to be the Fire Spirits, which not only does great damage to the hordes, it slows them and reduces their movement speed. The spirits can be prioritized and maxed first, this can prove to be useful in the late game. You also have minor mobility with Icarus Dive, which also deals damage to enemies nearby! 

What makes Phoenix a great healer?

  • Sun Ray can heal exceptionally well
  • Spirit Vessel can also heal enough from the early levels

Items to buy on Phoenix

  • Spirit Vessel
  • Heaven’s Halberd
  • Veil of Discord
  • Aeon Disk
  • Force Staff


6. Winter Wyvern

The bone-chilling threat of Wyvern’s curse ensures no foes stick around. She is the perfect first pick material if you want to hit off with immense crowd control. Her foes can’t withstand the heavy damage dealt by Wyvern as her spells are all AoE! Wyvern is known to be a great pick in any situation as she can heal her allies and shove out lanes if needed. But the prominent reason for picking her is Winter’s Curse, her ultimate. It ensures the initiating hero is disabled and forces their allies to hit him. 

Why is Winter Wyvern a great healer? 

  • Winter’s Curse makes it hard for most heroes to initiate as they fear getting deleted!
  • Heals that can protect teammates with Cold embrace
  • Destroys most heroes in the laning phase

Items to Buy on Winter Wyvern

  • Aether Lens
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Holy Locket
  • Ghost Scepter


5. Enchantress

This bubbly and friendly creature is a devastating force if troubled! She has the mystical force of nature besides her, guarding and coaching her through the deep forests. Enchantress is often overlooked due to her low base attack damage but that should not make you ignore her mid and late-game potential. She can work smoothly as a roaming and laning support, even played in the offlane at times! Her abilities allow her to gank and deal some serious damage to her foes.

What makes Enchantress a great hero to master? 

  • Enchant dominates a neutral/enemy creeps for up to 120 seconds, making it easy for her to farm jungle from level 1. 
  • Has a decent heal which makes her sustain while jungling.
  • Impetus makes it easy for her to farm faster.
  • High attack and movement speed.

Items to buy on Enchantress

  • Holy Locket
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Dragon Lance
  • Witch Blade
  • Solar Crest


4. Undying

The night of the living dead is worsened by the presence of Undying. Picking him first ensures you threaten your enemy with strength steal and harass potential. Having high HP as support will guarantee your carry a free rein as you will be busy shoving your foes away from the XP range. Undying maintains the tempo in the mid-game as his Tombstone has proven to be immensely helpful to disrupt enemies and slow their movements. His enemies stand no chance once he transforms into the Flesh Golem.

Why is Undying a great healer? 

  • Great at shoving away enemies from the lane
  • High HP potential with strength steal
  • Low CD on spells

Items to buy as Undying

  • Mekansm
  • Solar Crest
  • Guardian Greaves
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Aeon Disk


3. Dazzle

Dazzle offers immense slow and DoT with armor reduction and heals while Huskar is the more offensive partner with immense physical damage. Both can initiate well and are very powerful in the laning phase. Picking a melee hero versus these heroes is a very bad idea, you either get shoved off from the lane or you get destroyed. The best part about these heroes is that you don't even need items to get kills or secure the laning phase, all you need is levels.

Why is Dazzle a great healer? 

  • Poison Touch slows enemies and makes them deal damage over time
  • Immense heals and saves with Shallow Grave
  • High armor reduction

Items to Buy on Dazzle

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Solar Crest
  • Force Staff
  • Aghanim’s Shard

2. Oracle

The forsaken Oracle is a great addition to your team if you are lacking a healer. Oracle is extremely great against both magic and physical damage heroes as he provides your allies with both resistance and heals to support them. With Purifying Flames and False Promise, there is no way your teammates can die if you time the spells properly. Oracle is also great in the late game, where the fights are long and dragged out.

Why is Oracle a great healer? 

  • Purifying Flames heal significantly 
  • Low CD on spells
  • Save potential with all his spells

Items to buy on Oracle

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Aether Lens
  • Force Staff
  • Aeon Disk
  • Ghost Scepter

1. Io

Io is an immensely popular dude to the heals and sustain her provides, proving to be the ideal first pick. He also takes the cake for being the most mysterious. Is it a bulb, is it a disco ball? We shall never know! All we know is that this ball of energy is powerful enough to turn the game around if he helps his allies on time! A perfect relocation can quickly turn the game around by saving your teammates or even by ratting! Io provides decent sustain right off the laning phase! 

Why is Io a great healer? 

  • Can sustain allies with tether and heal
  • Can also save allies in the heat of the moment with Relocate
  • Immense heal and low CD on abilities

Items to buy on Io

  • Guardian Greaves
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Holy Locket

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