[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Damage Items (Ranked Good To Best)

Damage is a crucial aspect in a game of Dota, as that is how you kill your opponents and bring the enemy ancient down. Damage dealt is of various types, physical, magical, or pure. If you don’t have a mixture of the mentioned damage types, then your enemies may have the edge over you in the late game. Just like spells, items can help you deal enormous damage to your enemies, neutralizing them and ensuring victory for your team. 

We rank the Best 10 Damage Items, which can help you decide your choice while playing. We have included only the best items, from all price ranges, and not only that, but these items are also highly relevant to the meta. This ensures that you have your late game covered along with your early game. 

10. Skull Basher (2875 Gold)

An essential on all melee carries, Skull Basher is that item that is rarely mentioned yet is built a lot in both pro and pub games. You get 10 strength and 250 health along with 25 attack damage, making a great accessory for carry heroes. Skull Basher is an effective way of dealing damage and disrupting any enemy movement.

Skull Basher can further be upgraded into Abyssal Blade for an increase in teamfight and lockdown potential. This item provides you with the much famous bash which stuns your target due to the Skull Basher component and also provides damage block due to the Vanguard component. 

Get Skull Basher if

  • If you’re lacking ways to lock down slippery enemy heroes or cancel their channeling spells then Basher is the right item as it mini-stuns the attacked unit.
  • It also provides excellent stats such as increased strength, attack damage as well as increased HP.
  • If you lack attack damage, its a perfect starter item that offers 25 attack damage
  • You can also upgrade Basher into Abyssal Blade later in the game, making this a high-value item early on in the game

9. Crystalys (1950 Gold)

Crystalys is an excellent fit in your inventory if you’re lacking attack damage. Crystalys deals 32 attack damage while also giving a 30% chance to deal 160% critical damage. That is an extremely high number being provided at such a low cost, making it a staple item for all carry heroes. 

The low cost of this item enables carry heroes to purchase it in the early to mid-game, making it easy for them to deal high damage without it getting negated anytime soon. The high critical damage is too hard for all heroes to handle in the early stages of the game.

Get Crystalys if

  • If you lack attack damage, then Crystalys is a highly beneficial item as it deals high critical damage on physical attacks
  • Crystalys has a low cost, making it easy for the carry heroes to purchase it in the early game
  • It can further be upgraded into Daedalus in the late game, making it an ideal item to be purchased in the early game 

8. Radiance (5050 Gold)

Radiance is a rare sight in the current meta, as most heroes building that item aren’t relevant. But, the item still has a ton of credibility in the pub games, where it is still seen built on heroes like Spectre, Wraith King, or even the old-school Lone Druid. Radiance is highly viable if you combine it with other items such as Manta Style.

Radiance provides 60 bonus attack damage while also providing 15% evasion, making it a great item on carry heroes. Radiance deals 60 AoE damage per second to enemies around it, making it a great way to farm or push lanes. It is a brilliant item if you’re against illusion heroes as it quite literally burns through all the illusions within no time.

Get Radiance if

  • If you’re an illusion-based hero then Radiance is the perfect item as even your illusions will deal the AoE burn damage
  • Radiance enhances your farming and pushing speed as it deals AoE damage, ensuring you gather gold quickly
  • Radiance is an excellent team-fighting item due to the magical damage it does, repelling enemies and also making it hard for them to hit you due to its evasion

7. Battlefury (4100 Gold)

Just like our previous item, Battlefury provides you with AoE damage in the form of cleave which makes your farming stints easier. As every hit cleaves, it makes Battlefury more viable than other farming items for most melee carry heroes. You may also get this item to counter heroes that spawn units or illusion-creating heroes, like Nature’s Prophet, Enigma, Naga Siren, etc.

Melee carry heroes love this item, as it not only increases their farming speed but also provides underlying bonuses such as attack damage, attack speed, and various stats which ensure they can stand their ground in the late game.

Get Battlefury if

  • If you lack farming speed, Battlefury ensures you deal cleave damage on every attack while also increasing your attack damage and speed.
  • If you lack attack damage, then Battlefury is the ideal item for you as a melee hero, it pumps up your attack damage by 60
  • If you’re facing illusion heroes or heroes that can spawn units, Battlefury makes you cleave and cut through multiple units at once

6. Desolator (3500 Gold)

Desolator is a great armor corruption item that shreds through the enemies armor, making them vulnerable to more physical damage. It also provides 50 Attack Damage and reduces 7 enemy armor for 6 seconds. 

When a hero dies under this passive, the desolator gains 2 damage, with a maximum of up to 25 kills, which amounts to an additional 50 damage which can be pretty lethal in the later stages of the game. Prominent carriers like Phantom Assassin, Weaver, and Clinkz love making this item, the armor corruption, and the damage gain aspect is too tempting to ignore!

Get Desolator if

  • If you lack attack damage as a carry hero, Desolator provides 50 damage, which is a significant amount in the middle game
  • Your enemies have high armor, armor corruption provided by Desolator is highly valuable for bringing enemies down
  • You need tower damage, Desolator provides armor corruption and damage which is effective for destroying towers and buildings

5. Butterfly (4975 Gold)

As a carry hero, items that provide more than just attack damage should be of high value. If you’re lacking in the evasion department then Butterfly is the perfect fit in your inventory. Some enemies may deal way too much damage and there aren’t many ways to completely avoid it except by buying the fluttering Butterfly. 

  Butterfly offers 35% evasion along with 30 Agility and 30 Attack Damage and Speed. This item is hence essential on physical damage heroes like Drow Ranger, Morphling, Luna, and many more. The attack damage that this item provides may sound negligible but it is a bonus as the other perks that it provides are of much higher value.

Get Butterfly if

  • If you lack evasion in the late game, Butterfly has you covered with 35% evasion, which may not seem like a lot but it can be crucial in certain scenarios
  • If you have low agility and attack speed as a carry hero, this item fixes major problems of carry heroes in the late game
  • If you’re a carry hero, you should always prefer this item due to the insane stats it provides, such as increased agility, attack damage, and attack speed

4. Monkey King Bar (4975 Gold)

If your enemies have heroes that can evade physical attacks or you just need extra attack damage then Monkey King Bar will fit like a glove. This item provides you with 40 Attack Damage and 45 Attack Speed, making it an exceptional item in the late game to deal damage as a carry hero.

The passive grants you an 80% chance of piercing through evasion essentially dealing true strike damage which also deals additional 70 magical damage. This item works wonders against heroes like Phantom Assassin and items like Butterfly as the attacks can’t be evaded anymore due to True Sight.

Get Monkey King Bar if

  • If you lack attack damage in the late game, then Monkey King Bar is an exceptional item as it provides both attack damage and speed.
  • Monkey King Bar also provides a very high chance to true sight on physical damage which prevents enemies from evading your attacks, making it a great item against evasion-based heroes
  • If your enemies have evasion-based heroes, then this item will do wonders against them as they won’t be able to evade your attacks

3. Dagon (2700 Gold)

Dagon is an excellent magic damage item, a breath of fresh air from the mentioned physical damage items on this list. It is a threatening item if you are playing against heroes with low magic resistance, as it deals an immense amount of burst damage upon usage. The best part is that it is upgradeable, and has five levels.

Dagon can deal up to 800 damage (on the highest level), has no cast point, and is effectively scalable in the late game. Heroes that deal magic damage prefer this item, as it enhances their damage-dealing capabilities and makes it easy for them to obliterate their foes within no time. The damage of Dagon can be amplified with other spells or items such as Veil of Discord, or Ethereal Blade.

Get Dagon if

  • If you lack magical burst damage then this is the perfect item for you as a spellcaster hero, the impeccable damage dished out by Dagon is too hard to ignore
  • If you have spells that can amplify or complement Dagon’s powers then it's the right item to purchase
  • The enemy team has low magical resistance heroes or heroes who have high armor, as both of these things can make you build a Dagon to deal magical damage.

2. Daedalus (5150 Gold)

The dangerous Daedalus is extremely great right off the bat, no matter when you purchase this item, it will always be effective. You get 88 Attack Damage from Daedalus along with the passive of Critical Strike which grants you a 30% chance of dealing 225% damage, which is labeled as critical damage. 

Carry heroes benefit greatly from Daedalus due to the raw attack damage it provides. It is one of those items which can easily boost your gameplay as it makes a huge difference when you purchase it. The sheer increase in attack damage can’t be ignored in a teamfight.

Get Daedalus if

  • Daedalus is good in any scenario as it adds 88 bonus attack damage, making your hero extremely strong in fights
  • If you are facing squishy enemy heroes then this is the right item for you, you can mow down enemy heroes within no time due to the incredible critical damage dealt by it
  • If you’re a carry hero then this is an essential item, credit to various stats it provides

1. Divine Rapier (5950 Gold)

The dashing Divine Rapier is a classic item that can make or break the late game for the team that wields it. Divine Rapier is undoubtedly the most treasured item in the game. It is the ender of all games, as it provides +350 attack damage, a number which is ungodly in the late stages of the game. It is the ideal item if you’re unable to close out a game easily. The sheer damage of this item makes it exceptional in the ultra-late game.

Sometimes, you may have a vicious tug of war trying to fight with this item as it drops on dying, making it easier for the enemies to close the game instead. That’s why you must be cautious before purchasing this item. You can even lock the ingredients of this item as that won’t allow it to drop from the courier, and unlock it when you need it. 

Get Divine Rapier if

  • It is the ultra-late game, and you want enough damage to seal the deal for your side
  • If you’re lacking damage in the late game, the incredible 350 attack damage is too hard to ignore
  • You’re on the losing side and want to take a final chance at team fighting, though it is a risky maneuver, it is evident that Divine Rapier comebacks are possible 
  • You have squishy enemies who can die in just a few clicks, Divine Rapier makes it hard for the squishy foes to survive

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