Dota 2: Sheever Looking Good Despite Battle With Cancer

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Dutch native Jorien van der Heijden, known better as Sheever to her fans, is an English-language Dota 2 content creator and occasional DreamLeague hostess who was tragically diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017.

The 32 year old, however, who has prolifically worked on The International as an independent freelance caster, host, panellist and interviewer for Dota 2 since 2012 is not letting her condition get the better of her.  She’s made the admirable and noble choice to continue fulfilling her unconquerable passion for gaming. She’s even made tongue-in-cheek remarks on twitter about her chemotherapy, such as the following one on the 31st of July of this year: “MRI: please lie still while we continuously try to jump scare you with different kind of beeps. Halfway chemo scan done!!”.

Later that same day, Sheever tweeted: “The TI butterflies are so real.. can you feel it?!”. I wonder what was occupying her mind that day.

With over 24,000 subscribers Sheever is also a popular YouTuber with her own channel, SheeverGaming.

Sheever is also something of a spokesperson for women within the Dota 2 community. In the following article taken from May of this year, the Dota 2 community is described as a “scene where women are severely underrepresented.”

Perhaps the following video, in which Sheever visits Woodland Park Zoo with fellow Dota 2 player and personality Slacks AKA SirActionSlacks, who insists that rather than a zoo, it is a “Dota 2 Museum” is a little cringeworthy to some, but one cannot deny that despite her illness and course of chemotherapy which she began back in May 2018, she’s looking chipper and full of zest for life.

Not only is she known for her work with The International, but she has also worked for some other of Dota 2’s biggest events such as Starladder and the Valve-sponsored Majors.

We certainly wish her the best and hope for her speedy recovery. 

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