[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Weaver Builds For Godlike Rampage

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Slippery Bugger

Hello again I see you have a Bug problem, it is Weaver season, we’ll do the best we can against the fate-weaving bug we bring you here today.


5. Armor Nuke Build:    


So I thought about it and there are a couple of things That are certainties when playing as Weaver, but he’s not really known for his survivability, regen, you know the stuff you hear strength heroes. Well, this build puts safety first with the Armor Nuke build.                    

About this Build:

This build will take even the most experienced player by surprise, as it gives Weaver a significant boost in survivability. With Octarine Core being the first big item you buy this reduces the cooldown on his abilities and items. So not only can he dish out his damaging abilities more it also means he can use his abilities to escape more often, such as Time Lapse. This build also still covers some important bases for Weaver, like attack range which you solve with the early Dragon Lance and later into Hurricane Pike, and damage that when you pick up the Desolater will begin to rack up. So all in all this build is okay it isn’t my personal favorite but hey give it a shot (In Pubs).

Build Strengths:

  • Survivability 
  • Moderate Damage
  • Great Escape Artist
  • Cool-down Reduction

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/weaver-armor-nuke-aghanims-lab-28127


4. Aghanim’s Lab Lvl 2 DPS Build:


With battle passes coming out with unique and cool game modes it calls for the player base to respond accordingly making builds best suited for tackling the challenge. Now with these new builds, it leaves us to wonder can we use these in the normal modes? Or maybe even Ranked?

About this Build:

So this build was designed for the PvE content that came with aghanim’s labyrinth but why not try it out in a normal game right? Well, I did and oh man is the damage something else. With the popular Desolater pick up we are already off to a good start but with the Daedalus, Monkey King Bar, and Moon shard you just go off like an automatic rifle with your germinate ability. Now nothing is perfect this build offers little but not zero survivability with lifesteal and Black King Bar being the only survival items you have and to make matters worse with the Mask of Madness pick up if you use that you’ll be silenced! Which is the worst CC that can be placed on a Weaver and insult to injury you did it to yourself. So the short version though it is a fun little machine gun build I would not recommend this in a serious game.  

Build Strengths: 

  • Excellent Damage
  • Great Fighting Potential
  • Some Crowd control resistance

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/weaver-aghanims-lab-lvl-2-28115


3. Weaver (Early Impact) Build:


So what is one thing that can make or break a carry lane? I’ll give you a hint it's where the stores get our milk and eggs… that’s right FARM! This build like the name says makes the early game for you smoother.

About this Build:

This build is very detailed which is one of my favorite qualities when looking for builds, it also has a distinct focus on the early game “impact” which can catapult you into an awesome game and a Godlike Rampage! It strengthens Weaver’s farming potential with the mid-game Maelstrom pickup this is one of my favorite items in the game because of how much it can not only increase your farming but increase your fighting power. An item that took me by surprise when I first saw this build is the Aeon Disk which adds a lot of survivability to Weaver who is naturally squishy with damage blocking and a strong dispel. So in conclusion I highly recommend trying this build for yourself.

Build Strengths:

  • Excellent Damage
  • Excellent Survivability 
  • Excellent Farming Potential
  • Excellent Fighting Potential

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/advanced-weaver-early-impact-7-23f...


2. Arteezy’s Annoying Effects Build:

The pros normally set the meta but sometimes they just want to have fun this is a build we see him use in the pub game that he ended 25/3/17 in such a high-performance game we now look at the items that contributed to that success.

About this Build:

So here we see how a carry supports…by sending the enemy back to fountain and to do that we see that Arteezy picks up an Eye of Skadi a great item for dealing with high strength heroes and regen. He also picks up a Bloodthorn which is a great way to keep enemies from running away from your onslaught as well as BKB for that pesky Crowd control. Oh, and of course Maelstrom because Maelstrom and farming are like family. All in all, I’d give this build a shot if you are experienced in the ways of Dota 2.

Build Strengths: 

  • Great Farming Potential
  • Crowd Control
  • Good Damage
  • Crowd Control Resistance

Full Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LF7u6wTucs


1. Best Survival, Be their Nightmare Build:


Okay ill be honest seeing this build was a shock and a little weird. It is actually extremely advanced to use properly but if you can do it and your support De-wards properly it's very abusive.

About this Build:

So besides the Maelstrom for farming because Maelstrom, this build has you buying a Eul’s which does well for your mana regen, and with this build, you will need it because of the ability spam this build calls for. This build also makes use of Octarine Core to reduce the cooldown of your abilities and items this makes using your W or Shukuchi to harass your opponents more often, the build couples this ability with the Item Radiance that deals proximity damage allowing, even more, harass and team fight presence. These items with Aeon Disk allow for escapes when the enemy team gets tired of seeing you around, overall it works so try it out for yourself you may like it, you may hate it but you never know until you try.

Build Strengths:

  • Ability synergy 
  • Cool-down reduction
  • Decent damage
  • Decent Survivability

Full Build Details: https://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/advanced-weaver-survival-7-23b-26597



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