[Top 25] Dota 2 Best Lane Combos That Are Amazing

Dota is a team game, which means you need to communicate and synergize with your allies to ensure victory on the battlefield. But if you don’t have the knack to talk and communicate, you can always pick heroes who naturally synergize with your allies to avoid all that communication. Such heroes have a natural synergy and do not require much thought or cooperation to fight.

It may get confusing as there are plenty of heroes to choose from. To assist you in gaining MMR, we bring you the best 25 Lane Combos That Are Amazing in the current meta. Try synergizing these heroes as they are extremely relevant and gel well together.

25. Kunkka and Tidehunter

This ancient rivalry can also be turned into friendship if these two titans are on the same team. They both realize that their powers are unmatchable if they’re on the same side of the battlefield. Both heroes offer great crowd control through their spells.

Tide’s Gush with Aghanim’s Scepter combined with Kunkka’s Tidebringer does an insane amount of physical damage which is hardly negated by armor or physical immunity. 

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Ravage and Ghostship are great to lock enemies down 
  • High physical damage of Kunkka combined with Tide’s initiation is quite a deadly combo
  • High armor and sustainability in lane


24. Warlock and Magnus

Warlock is probably the strongest support hero in the game when it comes to dishing out raw damage as well as DPS (Damage per second). This damage is quite lethal when you combine it with the likes of Magnus. We all know how lethal a Magnus can be just with his Reverse Polarity and a Blink Dagger.

If Warlock manages to get his Fatal Bonds off in time as Manus is about to RP, then it may work wonders for the team, it can be quickly followed by Chaotic Offering which can even lead to instant nuke and multiple kills in the name of Warlock. This combo can work right through the first few levels of the game.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • High-value ultimates which can be used as chain stuns
  • Immense crowd control abilities
  • High damage dished out, both physical and magical


23. Invoker and Magnus

When it comes to establishing dominance in the game then both Invoker and Magnus can go head to head. Though we rarely see these two ever lane together, the mid and late-game impact that they might have with their spells is quite unmatchable.

If the Magnus manages to land an amazing Reverse Polarity, the Invoker can follow it up with Chaos Meteor and Defeanig Blast alongside EMP. All these combinations of spells that these two can dish out will only result in one thing, the death of their foes.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Both synergize extremely well due to their crowd control abilities 
  • High magical and physical damage potential
  • Devastating right off the bat, and does not need many items to dominate the game


22. Witch Doctor and Juggernaut

Look at it go! We are talking about the enemy MMR after they play against this combo. Jokes aside, Witch Doctor and Juggernaut are a deadly duo as they both can dish out decent damage and fare well in the laning phase. If WD’s stun manages to latch on two enemy heroes, Juggernaut can have a ball spinning on top of them, shoving them out or securing kills.

With heals from both heroes, it is safe to say they can not die if they are close to their tower. A late-game Juggernaut is not a joke, and the same can be said about a Witch Doctor who has both offensive and defensive items at his disposal.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Decent lockdown and gank potential 
  • Immense survivability and kiting potential 
  • High physical damage which can’t be negated easily in the early game


21. Lifestealer and Spirit Breaker

Behold the taxi service! Spirit Breaker quite literally serves as a great vessel for Lifestealer to enhance his gameplay. Not only is Spirit Breaker very mobile, but he also offers mobility to LS by getting infested and charging on their foes miles away in the map.

Both heroes complement each other as they have high armor and HP which helps them sustain in the laning phase. Even if the Lifestealer has had a rough lane, SB ensures to secure him a few kills with the infest bomb combo!

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Lifestealer can infest SB before he charges to gank enemies.
  • Both can sustain themselves in the laning phase 
  • High armor and HP regen


20. Mars and Pheonix

Mars is undoubtedly an unstoppable offlaner in the current times. His insatiable hunger for victory is unparalleled, all thanks to the buffs he has received in the current patch. His Spear and God’s Rebuke is quite powerful and often leaves his foes paralyzed. Phoenix acts as a great lane duo with Mars as he can slow down enemy farm and shove them out of the lane with his magical damage. The duo is very annoying to lane against and extremely harder to deal with in the late game.

The selling point of this combo is definitely the Arena into Supernova. Mars traps all his foes in the arena as Pheonix uses Supernova outside the Arena, so the enemies are unable to hit the egg. All this damage will only lead to the demise of the entire enemy team if the execution of this combination is perfect.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Mixture of both extreme physical and magical damage
  • High-value ultimate which can be used in tandem during teamfights
  • Annoying yet powerful laners in the early game


19. Grimstroke and Doom

Feared by both angels and devils, Doom is known to dominate the battlefield with his terrifying spells and animosity. Though the laning phase may be rough on Doom against most heroes, he hits his item timings quickly, thanks to Devour and Scorched Earth. Grimstroke is primarily played in the support role and he is known for dealing high AoE magic damage and disabling his enemies.

His silence can quickly be combined with Ink Swell ability, which is a great way to initiate on his foes. Their combo can turn lethal if Grimstroke uses his ultimate which chains the targetted enemy hero with the closest of his ally, and both of them share single targetted spells, meaning Doom can just hit two birds with one stone.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Great crowd control spells which are great in the late stages of the game
  • Doom can shut down enemy heroes easily with his ultimate, while Grimstroke allows him to cast it on two heroes at once.

18. Legion Commander and Skywrath

This combo was seen a lot in action during the 7.28 patch when both Skywrath and Legion were buffed to the core! These both are often played in the same lane, they deal a mix of both physical and magical damage.

Their low CD makes it easier to spam spells and shove enemies out of the lane which combined with their disables can prove to be lethal. The selling point of this Combo has to be their ultimate abilities, Dual combined with Mystic Flare deals immense damage which is both magical and physical.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • LC’s duel along with Sky’s ultimate can prove lethal and result in Duel victories
  • Great laners, can easily shove enemies out of the lane.
  • Low CD on both of their spells.


17. Puck and Snapfire

Puck’s pick rate has been skyrocketing in the current meta and this is due to the buffs he has received on his Dream Coil. Along with the Dream Coil, Puck has also ways to disable enemy heroes with his silence as well as with the help of his items like Scythe of Vyse or Eul’s Scepter. Adding Snapfire’s Kisses to this Dream Coil equation is pure chaos for the enemy team.

Puck can just Dream Coil which is followed by Snap’s Mortimer Kisses which deal AoE damage over time, which forces enemies to break the coil if they try to dodge it, making it a win-win situation for Puck and co.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Puck excels against most heroes in the early game, and so does Snapfire
  • Combining their ultimates can be very beneficial against all matchups
  • Both heroes farm quickly and have immense crowd control potential 


16. Ancient Apparition and Faceless Void

Ancient  Apparition is a staple support hero in the recent few patches and should be in your hero rotation if you are a support player. Another selling point for AA is his Ice Blast ultimate which deals AoE magic damage and stops enemies from healing and life-stealing and deals immense damage to them.

Picking Faceless Void alongside AA means you are guaranteed to hit your Ice Blast inside the Chronosphere, this synergy allows Faceless Void to finish the job with his hard-hitting physical damage. This combo is always lethal in the later stages of the game.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • High value ultimates which are very much relevant in the late game
  • Decent early game and laning synergy 
  • High AoE crowd control from the early game

15. Earthshaker and Ancient Apparition

If you’ve followed Dota long enough then you must remember the $8 million Echo Slam! Well, it was more like an $8 million Echo Slam into Ice Blast! The iconic play and the voice line still give millions of Dota fans goosebumps all around the world!

Earthshaker deals immense DPS, just like AA which can be lethal right from the early game. The Ice Blast also prevents enemies from gaining HP, they just end up getting eviscerated! 

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Echo Slam into Ice Blast is an iconic combo
  • Low CD on spells allows for them to spam spells and shove enemies out of the lane
  • Immense early to mid-game impact


14. Tiny and Lycan

This world-famous combo was first seen played out by the Chinese giants PSG.LGD during the International 10 tournament. Lycan has various different tools which help him farm and sustain in the lane as well as gank and be on the offensive side if needed.

Lyan can summon wolves to help him farm and split push, along with howl that reduces armor. This combined with his Aghanim’s on Tiny makes both of them immensely strong as Tiny can rip through his foes quite effortlessly. 

Why is this Combo OP?

  • Wolf Bite makes Tiny hit hard and grants him high movement speed
  • Great synergy during both the mid and the late game.
  • High physical damage with both Tree Grab and Wolf Bite


13. Shadow Shaman and Ursa

We all know that Ursa can fare well in the laning phase versus most melee heroes, this is due to the insane physical damage which stacks exponentially. This combined with a lane partner that can lock down and disable enemies is just the cherry on top.

Shadow Shaman completes Ursa and assists him on the quest of utter lane domination. They both can sneak into Roshan and mow him down effortlessly as well.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Shadow Shaman is a great disabler, he can Hex and Shackle his foes from a distance.
  • Ursa is known to rip through enemies, he can do this effortlessly with SS’s help
  • They are a strong laning Combo , which can out farm and outperform enemy laners.

12. Zeus and Spectre

Zeus is one of the most played mid heroes in the game, the reason being he is easy to play and dishes out loads of damage while also having a global presence. You also get to kill steal! Spectre is pretty much the same, but as these heroes are in the core position, they are played in separate lanes.

You could initiate with Zeus ult and Nimbus first and then follow it up with Spectre's ult, this combo is surely guaranteed to net you a few kills! 

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Both heroes provide immense global ganking potential
  • Combination of Physical and Magical damage
  • Low CD on Zeus’s spells 

11. Snapfire and Mars

Mars is undoubtedly an unstoppable offlaner in the current times. His insatiable hunger for victory is unparalleled, all thanks to the buffs he has received in the current patch. His Spear and God’s Rebuke is quite powerful and often leaves his foes paralyzed.

Mars traps all his foes in the arena as Snapfire uses Mortimer’s Kisses from outside the Arena, so the enemies are unable to escape while they take in loads of damage, forcing them to buy magic immunity items quite early on in the game. All this damage will only lead to the demise of the entire enemy team if the execution of this combination is perfect.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Snapfire and Mars both farm incredibly well and can sustain themselves as they both are extremely tanky
  • They both offer high crowd control threat, making the enemies space out and play very cautiously
  • Easy laning phase as they can shove off enemy carry quite effortlessly

10. Bloodseeker and Zeus

Bloodseeker is essentially the king of the current patch, his carry potential is not matchable by any other hero in the game. The buff to his Bloodrage as well as Blood Rite has made him an unstoppable force, hence it explains his huge pick rate in the pub games.

Zeus has great global presence with his ultimate which is useful to smite down low enemies, but how would you know if your enemies are low? If you have a Bloodseeker with high points in Thirst, you can easily track heroes if they are low on health. This allows Zeus to neutralize them with his ultimate or with the Nimbus.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • A mixture of physical and magical damage
  • Global presence 
  • High nuke potential 
  • Extreme late game potential


9. Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit

Drow Ranger is a lethal markswoman and is notorious for dishing out serious damage with her arrows. Her damage is amplified with the help of her ultimate which grants her extra agility. Vengeful Spirit compliments her abilities by granting her more damage thanks to Vengeance Aura.

Venge can just swap Drow out of trouble and sacrifice herself or swap an enemy into her spot, allowing Drow to neutralize her with her ungodly damage. Drow and Venge both have an insane amount of disables, with all their silences and stuns. The laning phase is impossible to play for the enemy if they are melee.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • High physical damage with Vengeance Aura and Marksmanship
  • Save and gank potential with Swap
  • Immense silence, stun and armor reduction with all their spells.


8. Phantom Assassin and Magnus 

The predatory Phantom Assassin stalks her deadly prey, her early game is no joke as she can mow down enemy heroes if she has a good lane partner. Magnus can be picked first as he can be mended and put into any lane. He works best in the offlane or even in the support role where he can compete and help his carry outfarm his enemy carry with Empower.

Phantom Assassin is a great hero to combine with, as Magnus can assist her farm quite effortlessly in the early game, giving her an edge over her enemies. In the late game, a single RP and PA dagger can be enough to end the game!

Why is this Combo OP?

  • High damage for PA in the early game
  • Increased farming potential
  • Late game killing potential with RP and PA’s damage


7. Faceless Void and Invoker

An incredible Faceless Void knows it's a good idea to use Chronoshphere on a single target if it's worth a lot, and a great invoker can smell a kill coming his way and simply steal Void’s kill with Sunstrike. Jokes apart, Invoker is known to dish out high magical damage right off the bat. A good Invoker player makes his foes rage quit!

There are various heroes that synergize immensely well with Invoker but none better than Faceless Void. Void can easily control crowds and deal physical damage while Invoker can supplement him with spells such as Sunstrike, Cataclysm, Alacrity, and much more! If these two are farmed in the late game, there is no way you escape if they catch onto you.

Why is this Combo OP?

  • Low CD on spells
  • High synergy with Cronosphere and Invoker’s spells
  • Immense crowd control


6. Techies and Pudge

We can already hear you sighing at the sight of Techies, after all, if you genuinely enjoy playing this hero, then you definitely need some help! Pudge and Techies sounds like a bad duo, but not everyone knows that the legendary Chinese team Wings Gaming had picked this exact troll combo in the Ti6 Finals, yes you read it right…in the finals with millions of dollars at stake.

The combo is extremely chaotic in the early game as you can just plant a mine and have a Pudge stand on top of it to hook an enemy, dealing an immense amount of damage, if Techies can follow up with Blast Off then there is no way that the enemy escapes alive. At that point, the enemy just wants to escape such a terrible and unfavorable matchup!

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Immense damage potential right off the bat
  • Great for some psychological warfare against your foes
  • Can still be relevant in the late game as Pudge can become a meat shield and Techies can just AFK plant mines in the base all the time.

5. Tiny and Io

Not every Combo list in Dota is complete without the mention of Tiny and Io. One is a glorified disco ball and the other is a mammoth of a rock, but they both complete each other! Tiny can be considered to be weak as a core hero in the laning phase, but Io sustains him by providing him with heals and attack speed which he desperately lacks.

Along with initiating with Relocate, Io can also help him escape and heal him in team fights! 

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Low CD on spells
  • Tiny is sustained by Io in the lane with heals and increased attack speed.
  • Io can safely escort Tiny out of fights or initiate with him with the help of relocate


4. Mirana and Bane

Mirana and Bane are often seen together in pro games, especially in the Chinese and European regions. These two heroes have a lot in common, but at the same time, they have different things to offer in the game. Mirana is known to be a great early-game hero, which combined with Bane’s spells can lead to disaster for the enemy team.

Nightmare followed by Arrow is quite the combo that has enemies locked for close to 10 seconds! Both heroes can be played in the support role, as they can roam around the map and secure kills for all their cores or save them with their spells.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Both heroes offer great stun-lock potential
  • They can be played as support or they also can lane together
  • High damage output with spells 


3. Ursa and Crystal Maiden

The ferocious bear Ursa is a strong laner, his Fury Swipe damage is quite lethal and does not go unnoticed. Crystal Maiden compliments him by locking down the foes and assisting Ursa in killing them in no time with the help of Frostbite. The bear may lack any sort of lockdown or disable but the Maiden has him covered with her spells and constant mana regen.

This lethal duo can mow down enemy laners in no time, or at the minimum, they can shove them all out of the lane. After Ursa secures an early Aegis, the combo can’t be messed with as they are extremely strong with their entire toolkit available at their disposal.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • High lockdown potential
  • CM supplies ample mana to the mana-reliant Ursa in the laning phase
  • Both can be extremely hard to kill if the early game goes well

2. Enchantress and Ursa 

The ferocious bear Ursa is a strong laner, his Fury Swipe damage is quite lethal and does not go unnoticed. Enchantress compliments him by slowing down the foes and assisting Ursa in killing them in no time. The bear may lack any sort of lockdown or disable but the Enchantress has him covered with Enchant.

This lethal duo can mow down enemy laners in no time, or at the minimum, they can shove them all out of the lane. Ursa can also sneak into Roshan with Enchantress as she has the heals with Nature’s Attendants, while she can also tank the Rosh as her ultimate makes her hard to hit easily.

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Can shove enemy laners out of the lane easily
  • High survivability and tank
  • No downtime on spells, can gank or fight anytime

1. Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden

Synonymous to Io and Tiny, every Combo list is incomplete without Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden. These heroes complement each other with their immaculate abilities which work in synergy and ensure maximum damage done to their foes.

Along with synergizing well in the laning phase, they also work exceptionally well in the late game, one can save the other with spells or items or they may also act offensively. 

Why is this Combo OP? 

  • Juggernaut can spin while CM uses Frostbite and ultimate on enemy heroes.
  • High mana regen with Aura and HP region with healing ward in the lane.
  • Both of them scale exceptionally well in the late game

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