[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Tidehunter Builds For Godlike Rampage


The wrath of this Kraken is the subject of widespread talk in the Dota scene. Tidehunter is one of those heroes that you can never get enough of. Especially if you play it in the core position. The right-click build for this hero has made people try him out in their pubs. The +300 damage level 25 talent is just too OP. It’s quite satisfying to see him hit his puny foes with an anchor to get a rampage.

If you are interested in playing Tidehunter or want to enhance your gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the best 5 builds that guarantee you a rampage. These builds are tried and tested by pro players, which means they’re relevant in the current patch! 

5. Radiance Build

We know what you’re thinking. Radiance? Really? Yes. Radiance is quite the unorthodox item to build on Tidehunter. He is often seen opting for damage items or items that offer him immense attack speed. Radiance offers you high DPS, which helps you farm and deal more damage in team fights. Along with the scorching sword, items such as Satanic, Overwhelming Blink are often seen which offer him the ability to initiate and use his ultimate and sustain himself with Satanic. This is more of the spell casting build which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Why is this build good? 

  • Immense DPS
  • Initiation potential
  • Sustainability 


4. Arteezy’s Build

Regardless of how the game is going, it’s always too easy for Arteezy to dominate his lane and make the most out of it, that explains the praise and respect he gets from peers and fans alike from all over the world. You may probably never see him play Tidehunter in a pro game, but it happens quite frequently in pubs or when he is streaming. Arteezy loves buying unusual items like Battlefury, which allows him to farm quite effortlessly with cleave. Other items in the build include Sange and Yasha for status reduction, Satanic for lifesteal, and Assault Cuirass for Armor reduction. This build is quite the work to pull off but it’s quite worth it. 

Why is this build good? 

  • Immense farm potential
  • Extreme physical damage
  • Status Reduction and lifesteal


3. Miracle’s Deso Build

It’s no secret that Miracle loves inventing and tinkering around with heroes and builds, his extremely impressive and in-depth game knowledge ensures he crafts the right builds suitable according to the matchup or the meta! He was the propagator of Desolator on Tidehunter, which proved to be of great success as Anchor Smash dealt AoE damage with armor reduction. Along with that, he also loves purchasing items such as Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter, Daedalus, Black King Bar. These items provide him a plethora of buffs ranging from Armor Reduction to immense physical damage and spell immunity.

Why is this build good? 

  • Can dish out extremely high physical damage
  • Armor Reduction
  • Sustainability


2. Ame’s Skadi Build

This Chinese superstar has been a heartthrob worldwide for his insane mechanically skilled gameplay and reflexes which are quite unparalleled in the CN region. Tidehunter in the carry role may seem like a meme thing but he is utilized to his fullest by Ame. With the right items, he has managed to rip through many pub games quite effortlessly. His build includes items such as Eye of Skadi, Blink Dagger, Assault Cuirass, Aghanim’s Scepter, Satanic. Not only does Skadi slow but it also offers regen reduction which is great with the above-mentioned items, making it hard for enemies to escape the chilling grip of Ame’s wrath. 

Why is this build good? 

  • Regen Reduction
  • Armor Reduction
  • Extreme Lifesteal


1.  Topson’s Build

The two-time International winner is quite the best and the most decorated player in Dota history. His wide array of hero pool is praised by fans all around the world. Though Tidehunter may not be a regular sight, Topson still crushes his opposition and reduces them to dust with his strange and peculiar builds. He is seen opting for the Desolator, followed by Satanic, Aghanim’s Scepter, Assault Cuirass, and Blink Dagger. These items are known to reduce the enemy’s armor and render them useless. If he picks the 300 damage on level 25, then it’s safe to say that the enemy supports won’t be having fun getting deleted in one hit!

Why is this build good? 

  • Armor Reduction
  • High Physical Damage
  • High Lifesteal


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