DOTA 2: How To Block Neutral Camps

DOTA 2: How To Block Neutral Camps

You can block Neutral Camps in DOTA 2. This temporarily stops neutrals from spawning in the camp, preventing enemy carries from farming them. In higher-level games, where every second of farming is important, blocking can be an easy way to slow down the enemy team.

Blocking neutral camps in DOTA 2 is simple. Each camp has a small spawn area, shown with a yellow line when you press and hold the ALT key. Neutral creeps only spawn when there's no creep, ward Hero, or Hero-controlled unit in the spawn area when the in-game clock starts a new minute.

With this knowledge, blocking camps becomes pretty simple.

Step 1: Buy a (preferably sentry) ward.

Any ward works, but observers are pretty valuable in DOTA 2 games. There are a lot more sentries available, so pick one up from the Shop and head to your lane.

Step 2: Reach a camp and hold the ALT key.

When you press ALT, you should see a yellow, rectangular spawn area for each camp. This is the zone we're concerned with.

Step 3: Place down a ward in the spawn area.

Try placing your ward inside the camp. When the mouse holding a ward enters the spawn area, you'll see its color change from yellow to red. This means that if you place a ward in that spot, the camp's gonna be blocked.

It's usually obvious, but the indicator can help if you're trying to hide the ward away from the center of the camp.

The moment you place down the ward, the camp's blocked. Neutrals won't spawn there as long as the ward's still active. If enemies cut it down, or if the ward expires, the camp will get active again.

Here's a video with a bunch of great camp-blocking locations.

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