[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Ward Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

The overseeing wards protect you from your foes and guide you to your way in the enemy territories. Wards are an integral part of the game, a mechanic which can’t be removed or replaced. To appreciate our love for the wards, we have compiled a list of the best 10 Ward Skins that look awesome so you can pimp out those wards and get compliments!

10. Schnapp and Spyfly

Schnapp and Spyfly is an impressive ward because it has been in the game for a very long time yet it still has that contemporary design that most wards have these days. Everything from the art style, color, and even the animation makes it a great ward for your warding adventures. 


9. Hellgazer

Based on Warlocks, aesthetic design, Hellgazer is what we like to call a hardcore ward with tons of minute details and structure. The base of the ward is styled like a chain, which is combined with the top possessing a heavy demonic aesthetic with the flames and the horns. The minute detailing is impeccable and we can’t have enough of it!


8. Wardfish 

Released at the New Bloom festival in 2014, this ward was considered to be a breath of fresh air from the old lore-stricken designs which were starting to get monotonous. This ward was simply a fish on top of a ward, unique and funny while still being aesthetically ahead of its contemporaries. 


7. Wards of Dolfrat

Inspired by the great Shitty Wizard (newbies won’t get this reference!), this ward is one of the newer editions of the wards inspired by heroes or mechanisms of the game. The ward features a majestic look with the designs and focuses heavily on attention to detail.

Unfortunately, this item is not available on the Steam Market.

6. Smeevil’s Penance

Released with the International 6 Battle Pass, Smeevil’s Penance is a great ward if you’re into impressive details and of course Smeevils! These mischievous little runts are up to no good, which is obvious from the grin seen on its face above. The animation and creative design of this ward are never seen before, especially the three eyes held by the greevil in a rather uncomfortable position.


5. Frozen Formation

This ward was inspired by - you guessed it right, Ancient Apparation! This ward is chilling and contains many subtle and minute details which are quite icy. The flakes around the eye of the ward and the texture of the ice on the lower side give it a majestic look, which is barely seen in older wards.


4. Ward of the Eternal Alliance

Team Alliance has a great legacy with their impressive LAN run, TI win, and great charismatic players. The Ward of the Eternal Alliance was released as a part of the Alliance supporter pack for fans all over the world to show their support for their favorite team. This ward has seen it all, everything from ratting towers to the Million Dollar Dream Coil. This is truly a legendary ward.


3. Aperture Science Wardcore

This legendary ward is part of the Portal pack, which is undoubtedly one of the best Valve games. This ward features a sleek design along with a new touch to the eye of the ward being replaced by a camera, enhancing its dystopian feel. The color combination is quite unique with the green which is set to represent leaves while the camera represents the flower, but no efforts shall turn this ward humane!


2. Augury's Guardian

Inspired by Treant Protector’s aesthetic design, this ward is a mix of minimalism and extreme minute detailing. The leaves and stem-like ward are an ode to Treant Protector, along with the detailing on the leaves and eye of the ward. This ward is a delight for all the Treant fans!


1. The Eyes of the King

Inspired by the almighty Monkey King, this ward gives off extremely playful vibes along with cute details on the mini MK. This is a great ward for all the Monkey King fans or people who are enthusiastic about great ward skins!


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