[Top 15] Dota 2 Most Overpowered Heroes Right Now

Unleashing Dominion: The Definitive Ranking of Dota 2's 15 Most Overpowered Heroes in Patch 7.33E

The Top 15 Dota 2 Heroes with the Most Overpowered Abilities are proud to introduce them to you. These warriors rule the battlefield with strength and skill unmatched by anyone else. Meet those engaging in a heart-pounding battle to advance the game!

15. Techies

A trio of expert trap-makers and combat commanders who specialize in explosives. They are formidable defenders and ambushers due to their capacity to set potent mines that can be remotely triggered. They employ psychological warfare and map control in their gameplay, forcing their opponents to continuously be on the lookout for buried explosive surprises.

What Makes Techies OP:

  • The ability of techies to prevent attacks from the enemy is another feature that makes them stronger. Their explosive traps give the Techies squad more time to rest and plan counterattacks by making it dangerous for opponents to initiate attacks or achieve objectives.
  • A hero that brings a unique and controversial playstyle to the game. Their ability to control the map and create a minefield of traps is what makes them so powerful. Skilled Techies players strategically place mines and explosive traps, making it dangerous for opponents to move around freely. Their presence alone can deter enemies from pushing objectives or venturing into certain areas.
  • Their distinct playstyle centers on laying down covert mines and explosive traps, making it risky for enemies to walk around maps. Playing as a skilled Techies player allows you to deny locations, provide vision, and create chaos with your explosive skills.


14. Silencer

A hero with intelligence who specializes in thwarting hostile spellcasting and reprimanding excessive magical prowess. He gains intelligence and does damage to opponents everytime they cast spells according to his passive ability. He has the ability to silence opponents, putting them defenseless and susceptible. As a mid-lane or support hero, Silencer is frequently used to break up team fights and neutralize important opponent spellcasters.

What Makes Silencer OP:

  • The Silencer's capacity to steal intelligence gives him his full power. His strength increases along with his understanding. He absorbs his enemies' knowledge and energy. The Silencer is a powerful enemy as retaliation for interfering with spellcasting because of this special mechanism.
  • A game-changer is Global Silence. The entire opponent team is silenced as a result, rendering them powerless to use spells. It's as if their skills have been put on hold, leaving them to fumble around in a silent hole of frustration.
  • Due to his versatility as a support and core, Silencer is a smart pick in drafts. He can adapt to different team configurations and strategies while providing control, utility, and damage.


13. Keeper of the light

A ranged genius hero famous for his mastery of illuminating magic. He can restore the mana of allies and blind enemies with a blinding light as part of his destructive ultimate ability, which blasts opponents with a tremendous burst of energy. Because he can call in allies from anywhere on the map, he is a vital strategic asset.

What Makes Keeper of the light OP:

  • He is the master of mana regeneration. With his Chakra Magic, he can restore mana like there's no tomorrow. It's like he's the magical energy drink that keeps his teammates fully charged, ready to unleash a barrage of spells without a care in the world.
  • An absolute beast when it comes to controlling the battlefield with his blinding abilities. His Illuminate is like a cosmic laser beam that obliterates everything in its path. It's like having a pocket sun on your side, wiping out waves of enemies and securing objectives without breaking a sweat.
  • He becomes a serious threat to opponents after purchasing an Aghanim's Sceptre and receiving an Aghanim's Shard from the Tormentor.


12. Pugna

A spellcasting hero who excels at draining the life force of his enemies. He can unleash powerful bursts of magical damage, decrepify enemies to amplify the damage they take, and drain their health to replenish his own. Pugna can also cast a ward that deals damage to enemies while providing him and his allies with increased mana regeneration.

What Makes Pugna OP:

  • A hero who brings a unique and potent skill set to the battlefield. His ability to control fights and dominate the mid-lane is what makes him overpowered. It's like he's the conductor of a deadly orchestra, dictating the tempo of battles.
  • One reason Pugna is OP is his incredible pushing power. His Nether Blast ability allows him to obliterate structures with ease. It's like he's a wrecking ball, tearing down towers and racking up objectives in no time.
  • Pugna's versatility as both a core and a support hero adds to his overpowered nature. He can adapt to different roles and playstyles, providing damage, control, and utility as needed by his team.


11. Rubick

A highly versatile hero who possesses the unique ability to steal and use enemy spells against them. After casting his ultimate ability, he can replicate the last spell used by an enemy hero, allowing him to unleash devastating combinations. With his spell-stealing prowess, Rubick is capable of turning the tide of battles and outplaying opponents by utilizing their own abilities against them.With the ability to temporarily take the most recent spell that an enemy hero casts, Rubick has a lot of versatility and the potential to make crucial moves.

What Makes Rubick OP:

  • A hero who thrives on stealing and using enemy spells. His ability to turn the enemy's strength against them is what makes him an overpowered hero. It's like he's the ultimate copycat, mimicking the abilities of his adversaries and using them to devastating effect.
  • Another reason for Rubick's strength is his Telekinesis ability. He can lift enemies into the air, disabling them and setting up kills for his team. It's like he's the master of manipulation, controlling the battlefield and determining who gets to taste defeat.
  • But what truly sets Rubick apart is his skill and game sense. Expert Rubick players can predict enemy movements, anticipate key spells, and steal game-changing ultimates. It's like he's a mind reader, always one step ahead and ready to outplay his opponents.


10. Chen

A support hero who excels at controlling neutral creeps and leading them into battle. He has the ability to convert neutral creeps to fight for his cause, providing a versatile and powerful army. Chen can also heal and teleport allies across the map, making him a valuable strategic asset in team fights and global movements.

What Makes Chen OP:

  • One of the reasons Chen is so strong is his ability to convert neutral creeps to his side. It's like he has this magical charm that makes these creatures loyal to him. He can build his very own army, with creeps that can push lanes, scout out enemies, and harass opponents. It's like he's this unstoppable force, overwhelming his foes with sheer numbers and constant pressure.
  • What sets Chen apart is his strategic impact. He's not just some random hero running around. He can control objectives, secure map control, and push lanes relentlessly. It's like he's this chess grandmaster, always thinking several steps ahead and forcing his opponents into unfavorable positions. They constantly have to respond to his pressure, diverting their attention and resources.
  • Chen's ability to adapt and fill different roles also adds to his overpowered status. He's not just limited to one playstyle. He can provide healing, utility, and control as needed. It's like he's this versatile Swiss Army knife, ready to tackle any situation and fill any gap in the team composition. No matter what the game calls for, Chen has a trick up his sleeve.


9. Timbersaw

A melee hero who thrives in the chaos of battle. He wields a deadly chainsaw-like weapon and has the ability to cut down trees, granting him increased mobility. Timbersaw's attacks and abilities deal damage based on his opponent's missing health, making him a fearsome adversary in prolonged engagements. He can also create barriers and unleash a powerful whirling death that damages and disarms enemies.

What Makes Timbersaw OP:

  • This guy is like a walking tank. Seriously, Timbersaw is one tough hero to take down. He's got a high base strength and even has this thing called Reactive Armor that gives him natural resistance to physical damage. So, he can soak up a ton of punishment in team fights, which gives him more time to dish out damage and cause havoc.
  • One of the most significant factors contributing to Timbersaw's OP nature is his ultimate, Chakram. This ability unleashes a spinning saw blade that damages enemies and slows them down. Timbersaw can also leave the Chakram spinning in place, creating a dangerous zone that deals continuous damage. It's like he's this relentless storm, tearing through his opponents and causing havoc in the battlefield.
  • The best part is that Timbersaw doesn't fall off in the late game like some heroes do. He stays relevant with his scaling damage output and tankiness. So, even as the game goes on, he remains a formidable threat and maintains his impact on team fights.


8. Legion Commander

A strength-based hero who specializes in dueling opponents one-on-one. She possesses an ultimate ability that allows her to challenge an enemy hero to a duel, with the winner receiving bonus damage. Legion Commander can also heal herself and purge debuffs, making her a resilient and formidable fighter on the battlefield.

What Makes Legion Commander OP:

  • Known for her relentless aggression and ability to win duels. Her Overwhelming Odds ability is like a battle cry that grants her bonus damage and movement speed while damaging and slowing enemies around her. It's like she's this fierce commander leading her troops into battle, overwhelming her opponents with sheer force.
  • Her Duel skill is what gives Legion Commander her excessive power. She can use it to engage an enemy in a one-on-one battle where the winner gains additional damage permanently. She could spiral out of control as a result and turn into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. She appears to be a prodigious duelist who is always looking for challenges to demonstrate her skill and advance with each victory.
  • The flexibility of Legion Commander is one of her greatest assets. She is versatile and can be used as a carry, midlane, or even the offlane. She may change her playstyle and squad composition due to her adaptability. It gives the impression that she is a flexible leader who can control the battlefield from any location.


7. Visage

An intelligence-based hero who commands a swarm of familiars, powerful bird-like creatures. These familiars can deal heavy damage and provide vision, making them essential for scouting and engaging enemies. Visage himself can nuke opponents with magical bursts and reduce their armor, making him a potent hero in team fights and skirmishes.

What Makes Visage OP:

  • Visage is skilled at delivering it elegantly. His skill, Soul Assumption, is incredibly potent. He gathers charges by eliminating enemies before releasing them as devastating damaging bursts. Like he channels the power of death itself into his attacks, it appears as though he taps into its very core. Players proficient in Visage can catch.
  • As he takes damage, his resistance to subsequent damage increases. It's like he's this unyielding presence on the battlefield, shrugging off attacks and staying in the thick of the fight. Taking down Visage is like trying to break through a wall of steel.
  • It's important to recognise Visage's early-game dominance. With the help of his familiars' strong damage output and his own high base damage, he can successfully harass opponents while gaining a farm and experience edge. This positions him for a strong mid-to-late game where his familiars gain even more strength and destructiveness.


6. Zeus

A ranged intelligence hero known for his mastery of lightning magic. He can call down bolts of lightning to damage enemies, reveal their positions, and unleash a devastating global ultimate that strikes all enemy heroes on the map. Zeus excels at dealing high burst damage, making him a threat to squishy opponents and a powerful force in team fights.

What Makes Zeus OP:

  • Due to his global impact and ability to do damage to all enemy heroes on the field, Zeus poses a serious threat to teams.
  • Zeus is a total beast when it comes to dealing magical damage. His attacks, such Arc Lightning and Thundergod's Wrath, may take down a lot of foes at once. With his terrifying abilities, he zaps enemies left and right, resembling a lightning god. Zeus' massive burst damage allows him to secure kills from anywhere on the field and significantly alter the direction of team battles.
  • Zeus only gets stronger as the game goes on. He can inflict considerably more harm thanks to his talent tree's higher magical damage amplification and cooldown reduction. Experienced Zeus players can scale effectively into the late game, keeping their adversaries on their toes.


5. Ember Spirit

A agility-based hero who harnesses the power of fire. He can manipulate remnants of his essence to teleport across the battlefield and deal damage to enemies. Ember Spirit can also create fiery chains that immobilize opponents, allowing him to unleash devastating combos. With his ability to rapidly move around the map and deal high area-of-effect damage, he excels at skirmishes and split-pushing.

What Makes Ember Spirit OP:

  • One of the things that make Ember Spirit overpowered is his ability to initiate fights and escape unscathed. With Sleight of Fist and Flame Guard, he can dive into the enemy team, unleash his fiery fury, and then retreat to safety. It's like he's this hit-and-run specialist, striking fear into the hearts of his opponents.
  • Ember Spirit's ultimate, Fire Remnant, adds another layer of mobility to his kit. He can create a remnant at any location on the map and teleport to it, making him incredibly elusive and difficult to catch. It's like he's this fiery apparition, teleporting across the battlefield at will.
  • What makes Ember Spirit truly overpowered is his high skill ceiling. Expert players can effectively chain his abilities together, maximizing his burst damage potential. Their precise execution and ability to outmaneuver opponents make Ember Spirit a hero that strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who faces him.


4. Void Spirit

An elusive hero who controls the astral plane. He can teleport between dimensions, creating areas of silence and damaging enemies with his astral abilities. Void Spirit can also dash through opponents, leaving behind explosive remnants that can be detonated for additional damage. His high mobility and burst damage make him a challenging hero to catch and kill.

What Makes Void Spirit OP:

  • A hero with crowd control and burst damage abilities who is a versatile and effective combatant. Resonant Pulse, one of his abilities, and Dissimilate, another, are defensively useful while also allowing him to do substantial burst damage. He seems to be some mysterious ghost who enters and exits battles quickly, upsetting the enemy's plans.
  • What sets Void Spirit apart is his innate resistance to magic damage through Resonant Pulse. This spell absorption allows him to withstand enemy spellcasting and outmaneuver his opponents in engagements. It's like he has this shield that protects him from harm and empowers him to dominate the battlefield.
  • Due to his skill-intensive playstyle, Void Spirit must use his abilities precisely. Expert players who can successfully combine their skills into a chain make the opposition team's life miserable. Void Spirit players have exceptional control and may take their team to victory on their own thanks to their high burst damage output.


3. Phantom Lancer

A agility-based hero who excels at overwhelming enemies with illusions. He can create multiple copies of himself, confusing opponents and dealing significant damage. Phantom Lancer's illusions can also generate even more illusions, making him a difficult hero to target and eliminate. With his ability to swarm the battlefield with illusions, he excels at split-pushing and overwhelming opponents in team fights.

What Makes Phantom Lancer OP:

  • A hero who gains great satisfaction from deceiving and overwhelming his enemies. His ability to produce a large number of damaging illusions that spread confusion and havoc across the battlefield. He swarms his adversaries like some sort of ghost army, making it difficult to tell the actual hero from the imposters.
  • Phantom Lancer is particularly overpowered due to his skill in splitting push. He can pressure numerous lanes at once with his illusions, making the other team react and defend. He seems to be this unrelenting force, constantly pushing the envelope and depleting the enemy's supplies.
  • Another reason Phantom Lancer is considered overpowered is his versatility in itemization. Skilled players can adapt their build to match the needs of the game. They can choose offensive items like Diffusal Blade to boost their damage output or defensive options like Heart of Tarrasque to increase survivability. This adaptability allows him to remain a significant threat in various situations.


2. Anti-Mage

A agility-based hero known for his unparalleled ability to counter spellcasters. He can passively burn mana from enemies with each attack, making them weaker and more vulnerable. Anti-Mage can also blink across short distances, allowing him to quickly engage or disengage from fights. With his spell resistance and ability to rapidly farm gold, he becomes a late-game powerhouse capable of dealing massive damage.

What Makes Anti-mage OP:

  • Anti-Mage has exceptional mobility because of his Blink power, which enables him to join or leave engagements at any time. This gives him an advantage in placement and survival, making him very elusive and challenging to catch. He seems to be this elusive presence who is always where he wants to be and makes it difficult for adversaries to contain him.
  • Itemization is crucial for Anti-Mage's success. Items like Battle Fury and Manta Style enhance his farming speed, damage output, and split-pushing capabilities. These items accelerate his farm, increase his damage potential, and offer better map control. It's like he's this item-dependent hero, utilizing the right items to reach his peak potential.
  • Anti-Mage's late-game scaling is exceptional. With his high attack speed, damage, and spell resistance from Spell Shield, he becomes a fearsome carry. He can quickly dispatch enemy heroes, especially those reliant on spellcasting, and become an unstoppable force in team fights.


1. Faceless Void

A melee carry hero who controls time and can manipulate the flow of battles. He can freeze enemies in a localized time field, preventing them from acting or using abilities. Faceless Void's ultimate ability allows him to jump forward in time, damaging and disabling enemies in a large area. With his ability to control time and deal heavy damage, he is a formidable force in team fights and can single-handedly turn the tide of battle.

What Makes Faceless Void OP:

Faceless Void's ultimate ability, Chronosphere, is one of the most powerful team-fight tools in the game. It freezes all units caught inside, allowing Faceless Void and his allies to freely attack while enemies are unable to respond. This level of control can turn the tides of battles and secure crucial kills.

Faceless Void's late-game dominance stems from his scaling potential. With the right itemization, like Mask of Madness and Daedalus, he can deal massive damage and survive in prolonged engagements. His Time Lock passive adds extra damage and stun, making him a formidable carry as the game progresses.

Item choices are critical for Faceless Void's success. Items like Butterfly and Aghanim's Scepter enhance his damage, attack speed, and control. Optimal itemization amplifies his strengths and makes him an overwhelming presence on the battlefield.


In conclusion, Dota 2 is a dynamic, ever-changing game, and the meta is always changing as a result of patch updates. The top 15 heroes with the most overpowering abilities may change over time as game developers balance and adjust the gameplay to maintain fairness and variety. Players must keep up with the most recent patch updates and modify their plans as necessary if they want to thrive in Dota 2. The secret to winning the game and taking advantage of the depth and complexity that Dota 2 has to offer is to embrace the challenge of learning many heroes and comprehending the changing meta.

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