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Dota 2 has an avid gaming community with an average active population... Read More
DOTA 2 Lifesteal items ranked from good to the best 2022.
Self-sustainability is one of the biggest priorities for a player who... Read More
DOTA 2 Slardar 2022, Slardar pro builds 2022, DOTA 2 pro builds
The deep ones return me to duty, and this time, we are going to... Read More
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None stand a chance against the Wraith King! He resurrects from his... Read More
Lanaya the Templar Assassin, the guardian of the Temple’s secrets, is... Read More
Nature’s Prophet is pretty much the embodiment of a great ganker! His... Read More
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Most people shy away from Morphling due to the complex nature of his... Read More
Slark is one of the stealthiest and most deadly carry heroes in the... Read More
Luna the Moon rider is essentially one of the best carries in the... Read More
Medusa, the serpentine warrior is quite hard to play against, her... Read More
Everyone can play Juggernaut, but there are very few people who have... Read More
Mars, the first son of heaven, is somewhat of a new addition to the... Read More
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DOTA 2: How To Stop Canceling TP
Teleporting is one of DOTA 2’s most important modes of travel. The... Read More
DOTA 2: How To Boost Your MMR
Matchmaking Rating, or MMR, is DOTA 2’s way of ranking players based... Read More
DOTA 2: How To Buy Items Fast Using Quick Buy
DOTA 2's got no shortage of things to click, look at, and keep track... Read More
DOTA 2: How To Block Neutral Camps
You can block Neutral Camps in DOTA 2. This temporarily stops... Read More
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