[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Heroes For Low MMR

Dota has a vast hero pool of powerful heroes capable of ranging in various roles and abilities. The way the heroes are designed ensures that they can be played by both new and experienced players. Although the playstyle may vary, some heroes can be played in the low MMR trenches as they are extremely powerful in such brackets. The same heroes also do wonders in an experienced player's hand in a much more complex MMR bracket. This is the beauty of Dota! 

In this article, we bring you the Best 15 Heroes For Low MMR. These heroes are brilliant in the low MMR bracket due to their reliability, abilities, and most importantly, their ease of play.


What are the advantages of these heroes?

  • The heroes mentioned in this list are beginner-friendly and easy to play, hence they can fit well in the low MMR bracket.
  • Along with ease of play, the heroes are also relevant to the current meta and have been listed due to the buffs received by them.


15. Huskar


The ferocious hunter Huskar leaves no stone unturned. His crazy damage potential is unmatched in the low MMR trenches. He is perfect for lane dominance and early-game aggression. Huskar fares well against pretty much all heroes as they stand no chance even in a 1v5 matchup if the former has the right set of items. Most heroes can’t simply deal with the overwhelming amount of damage being dished out by the harrowing Huskar.

Huskar is known to initiate a teamfight, hence he builds items that allow him to start and sustain team fights. Killing Roshan and procuring the Aegis is the right step before engaging in a teamfight if you’re playing Huskar! Huskar can quickly mow down Roshan with his Burning Spears ability that does great damage over time, this combined with his immense attack speed with his passive makes it easy for him to bring the mighty beast down. Huskar can also use lifesteal items to sustain himself in the Roshpit.

Why is Huskar a great low MMR hero?

  • Huskar is a durable and tanky hero due to his armor and Berserker's Blood, making him stand his ground in extended fights, which also makes him a perfect fit for the low MMR pool
  • Huskar relies more on levels than items to be a resilient hero, something which is a great quality for the low MMR pool as the players generally lack the farming skills to acquire items quickly



14. Lich

Lich, the ice-cold wizard can frostbite even the hottest heroes in the current meta. His chilling win rate is unmatched by any other support hero in the Herald to Archon brackets! Lich is a high-priority support hero in the game, his immense DPS can never go unnoticed. He is very irritating in the laning phase, pushing the enemies out of the lane and not leaving them any farm. He can farm quite easily with his AoE skills without taking much damage due to his frost armor.

The unique selling point behind picking Lich in the low MMR brackets is primarily his ease of play. Agreed that he has a lot of active spells but there is no complexity in them, he can deal significant amounts of damage in a fight and eventually acquire items that can further supplement his ability to kill and safeguard the game for his team.

Why is Lich a great low MMR hero?

  • Lich has multiple AoE spells which help him deal high damage right from the laning phase, which makes him an active and powerful support hero in the low MMR brackets.
  • Lich also has immense crowd control potential with the help of Chain Frost and Ice Spire, which deal the majority of his damage while slowing and tormenting his enemies.



13. Spirit Breaker

Ferocious heroes like Spirit Breaker, pose a significant threat to squishy counterparts due to their lack of armor and HP. In a low MMR bracket, the relentless assault of Spirit Breaker can be extremely challenging, as the impact feels akin to being struck by a truck. Beyond the raw damage output, Spirit Breaker's global presence with abilities like Charge of Darkness forces heroes to remain cautious, limiting their farming locations to secure areas on the map. Unlike some heroes on this list, Spirit Breaker has an innate ability that helps him initiate, while the others have to rely on items.

While some heroes may opt to purchase Black King Bar for spell immunity, it proves ineffective against Spirit Breaker's bashes and Nether Strike, which can bypass such defenses. Although Spirit Breaker may face difficulties in the late game as other heroes catch up in terms of the farm, his primary role revolves around ganking high-priority targets or providing vision for allies to initiate ganks. This constant disruption and interference can greatly hinder heroes from playing to their full potential and negatively impact their overall game performance.

Why is Spirit Breaker a great low MMR hero?

  • Spirit Breaker relies greatly on his Charge of Darkness to contribute in a teamfight, while his other spells are highly supplementary, which makes him a decent pick if you are in the Herald to Archon pool.
  • In the low MMR pool, players generally would not counter a support Spirit Breaker, hence making him an excellent force that remains unpunished in most games



12. Razor

Many strong heroes fare well in the low MMR pool, but Razor takes the cake for being the best in the current (no pun intended) meta. Razor is famous for being a beginner-friendly counter-pick to squishy and melee heroes as he can harass them by stealing their damage and bullying them out of the lane, and there are no exceptions to this. Static Link ruins the enemy laning phase as their attack damage is constantly being stolen by Razor, which is hard to escape from as he has a high movement speed to maintain in the radius. 

Not only that but the mid and late-game can also turn nightmarish for squishy heroes and supports if they fail their laning phase, lagging behind Razor, which is bound to happen. Razor can also be picked as a flexible core hero, meaning he can be played in all three core roles without any issues in the low MMR pool. Though Razor can get out-farmed in the mid and late game, he still has the range and movement speed advantage which makes enemy efforts quite futile in teamfights.

Why is Razor the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Razor has impressive attack damage and speed right from the laning phase, which is further amplified by his Static Link, making him a menace against squishy heroes.
  • His ultimate can be used as a crowd control spell, which discourages enemies from chasing him further or engaging in teamfights.
  • Regardless of your farming abilities, Razor fares well due to his reliability being more on levels as opposed to items, making him a perfect fit for players that lack the mechanical skills of last hitting. 


11. Zeus


Zeus, the almighty is quite undoubtedly one of the greatest bust damage-dealing heroes and a counter-pick to squishy magic resistance heroes. In the lower MMR brackets, Zeus fares extremely well if he is laning against certain heroes as he can smite them down in the early game as soon as he reaches level six. This allows him to gank other lanes without even being there! Zeus is also an excellent farmer which allows him to acquire multiple items which help him further dominate the game. The game gets slightly icky if the enemies get magic resistance items but as long as Zeus is in the backlines, he can pump out enough damage to turn the tides in his favor. 

If the Zeus manages to acquire items like Aether Lens and Veil of Discord quickly in the game, then the squishy mid heroes can’t handle the burst magical damage, which proves to be extremely lethal. Ideally, most heroes do not want to build a BKB, but facing a magical Zeus will force them to opt for it, slowing down their progress on other more useful items, which can give his carry an edge over them in the late game. The late game is where Zeus is known to shine bright like a star.

Why is Zeus a great low MMR hero? 

  • Zeus' abilities deal high amounts of burst magical damage right off the bat, making him a powerful mid-hero in the lower brackets.
  • The hero is picked massively in the low MMR pools due to its ease of play and low complexity, agreed that Zeus has multiple spells but they aren't skill shots.
  • Zeus deals immense AoE damage and has commendable global potential, which further increases his threat level.


10. Ursa

The incredible Ursa is one of the most played carry heroes in the game right from the Herald bracket to the Immortal Bracket. He is known for his ability to fight smoothly and slay both Roshan and Tormentor alone. He can also rip through squishy heroes within no time! His Fury Swipes stack up quickly, combined with his second spell, Overpower, make him deal high amounts of physical damage right from the early game. Ursa’s ultimate, Enrage, makes him take less damage from enemy damage, making him invulnerable in teamfights.

Ursa is infamously known as a great team fighter, due to his ability to hold his ground against multiple heroes at once. Apart from Roshan, this added lifesteal allows him to sustain in lane and turn around a fight swiftly coupled with his ultimate. Ursa is the undefeated champion of the low MMR trenches due to his ability to hold his ground well and engage in teamfights relying mostly on just levels. This makes it easy for inexperienced players that lack farming skills to master this beast.

Why is Ursa a great low MMR hero? 

  • Ursa can stand his ground against multiple enemies, making him a resilient carry hero, thanks to his lifesteal and immense damage, which makes him a great fit for the low MMR brackets.
  • Ursa can also dispel certain spells and solo Roshan and the Tormentor, which makes him a formidable hero right from the early game. 



9. Bloodseeker

If you're a low MMR player, then Bloodseeker just may be the right hero for you! The vicious hero is known for his mania and vigor. Bloodseeker is one of those beginner-friendly heroes who can effortlessly jungle or lane, as he is blessed with high base armor as well as high attack speed. His passive sustains him in the lane, allowing him to play aggressively. He can gank other lanes with the availability of his ultimate, often removing heroes from a team fight. 

In the current meta, Bloodseeker is highly relevant right from the laning phase as his damage is significant enough to deal some serious damage right from the get-go. If combined with solid laning support, there is no way the enemy heroes get a chance to escape alive in the initial stages of the game. Even if the game does not go well for Bloodseeker, he can always retreat to the jungle where he can farm and sustain himself quite effortlessly with his spells, making him a top-priority pick for low MMR or new players.

What Makes Bloodseeker a great hero for a low MMR pool?

  • Rupture deals massive damage and acts as a crowd control spell, which can be used by new or inexperienced players to start a fight or even remove certain heroes from it.
  • Blood Rite deals significant AoE damage and also silences his enemies, which ensures Bloodseeker can do the most out of the time his enemies are disabled. 
  • Bloodseeker fares well right from the laning stage, his high physical damage and HP gain ensure he is sustained well through the early game.



8. Wraith King

None stand a chance against the Wraith King! He resurrects from his shattered bones and comes back with a vengeance. Wraith King is a great addition to your team if you're a new player or want to expand your hero pool. He is known to farm quickly with the addition of the skeletons, which allows him to split push, he is also durable in fights due to his ultimate which brings him back to life. The selling point of this hero is that he has only two active spells, making the game easier for new or inexperienced players to try him out.

Wraith King is a dominant carry hero in the low MMR pools as most players do not know how to counter him well enough. He can sustain well through the game and stand his ground against multiple heroes due to his lifesteal and also if he has the right items. The ease of play of this hero and the damage output dealt by him makes him one of the easiest heroes to play while also being highly powerful and dominant in the current patch.

What Makes Wraith King a great hero for a low MMR pool?

  • Wraith King has only two active spells, which means that he is a relatively easy hero to play and master if you are in the lower MMR brackets.
  • Wraith King also deals high damage with his crit while also sustaining himself in a long fight thanks to his lifesteal.
  • The hero is also an exceptional pusher, as he can easily split-push with his skeletons and get the job done for his team within no time. Generally, players in the low MMR pool aren't aware of split-pushing and rat tactics.



7. Lion

In the current meta, the Mighty Lion is picked both in the high and low MMR brackets. He works in every single skill bracket. Lion has multiple spells which can be used to disable his enemies while allowing him to deal damage to them at the same time. He is strong right from the early game as his lockdown followed by some damage from his team can neutralize enemies. Beginners or low MMR players benefit highly from Lion as his spell damage his ultimate immense and obliterate enemies within no time.

Lion is known to be a dominant force in the trenches as his pick rate soars in those brackets. He also drains their mana, turns them into powerless frogs, and all in all, makes them highly useless. Lion also has very lethal nuke damage with his Finger of Death ultimate, which can further be amplified with the number of kills he gets with it, allowing a possibility of one-shotting his foes in the later stages of the game. Most heroes are essentially melee or ranged creep against Lion if they do not have a good start in the game.

Why is Lion the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Lion is a high burst damage-dealing support hero, his abilities help him deal high damage and neutralize enemies in no time, the ease of play on this hero is incredible. 
  • Lion also has multiple disables, which helps him remove enemies from a fight, which is more easy to do in low MMR pools as players aren't always so aware of their positioning.


6. Juggernaut

Juggernaut, the masked Samurai is a deadly hero that is best left untamed. In the low MMR pool, Juggernaut fares exceptionally well against most heroes, and most enemies are undoubtedly squishy even in the late game. One single Omnislash is all it takes for Juggernaut to demolish low HP heroes and feeble supports. On top of that, he also fares well against the mightiest of opponents in the laning stage, as he can essentially dodge the magic damage by just using Blade Fury which makes him immune to magic damage.

Juggernaut can also control the tempo with his ultimate. He can also farm quickly and be more dominant in the mid and late games, whereas most enemies fall off after the mid-game. He is also known as one of the most flexible heroes in the game in terms of item and skill builds, allowing him to alter his builds accordingly. The matchup is seldom in the favor of low HP heroes. 

Why is Juggernaut the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Juggernaut has incredible lane dominance and can pressurize his enemies out of the lanes easily.
  • Juggernaut has massive physical damage-dealing potential with the help of his ultimate, which makes him a powerful force even if you're new to the hero or inexperienced with him.
  • Juggernaut also farms very quickly and can also participate in teamfights effortlessly right from the early game, making it easy for him to rotate and get kills, especially in the lower brackets. 


5. Bristleback

Bristleback is an exceptional hero if you're in the Herald to Archon MMR range. The grumpy porcupine can just keep on disrupting his lane by constantly harassing other heroes without much retaliation due to his high armor and tanky nature. Enemies virtually do zero damage to Bristleback as has decent HP and armor along with decent armor reduction, while most heroes have low armor as they lane against this raging porcupine. He also farms exceptionally and does a great deal of damage to squishy heroes right from the early game, while they need more levels to prove any useful against him.

There are many reasons why Bristleback has quite literally been a thorn in the side of most heroes in the current meta. The hero takes virtually no damage while dealing quite a ton of damage in return to him. He is an obnoxious laner, but he is quite the fun hero to play since all he does is spam his spells without thinking too much, which he can do effortlessly as he is backed by his insanely high armor, which makes him such a delight for new players to pick. He makes them feel invincible!

Why is Bristleback the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Bristleback is highly tanky with his passive, which ensures he does not take much damage while allowing him to freely frontline and soak up damage for his allies.
  • Bristleback has only two active spells, making him an effective hero if you're a new or inexperienced player. The ease of play and reliability of this hero explains his high pick rate in the lower MMR trenches.


4. Sven

The rogue knight Sven is known to be one of the best carry heroes in the game for low-tier players and beginners alike. There are various reasons why Sven is ranked so high on this list. He has it all, AoE stun, ease of farming, movement speed, and double damage with the help of his ultimate. Sven is capable of dominating the battlefield all by himself! The items only supplement his abilities and enhance his presence during team fights. His spells are reliable and easy to use, which explains his high pick rate.

Players in the lower brackets benefit from playing Sven as he is their gateway to picking other carry heroes. They can also learn the farm dynamics and patterns if they master Sven. There are various reasons why Sven is ranked so high on this list, the primary reason is his ability to deal immense damage and devastate his opponents within no time. His reliability is also a primary reason for his relevance in the game, as he does not fall off in the later stages of the game.

Why is Sven the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Sven is a high-damage dealing carry hero, who hits like a truck with the help of his ultimate, which further means that he is more level reliant as a carry hero.
  • Sven also has immense armor and HP, which ensures that he isn't a victim of ganks or harassment in the early game, which explains why he is picked so much by players in lower brackets or beginners.
  • Sven is a late-game hero, meaning even if his early game was shaky, he can recover and wreak havoc in the late game with his mighty AoE cleave damage.


3. Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is the perfect hero if you're stuck in the low MMR trenches. She is an immensely popular support hero who can be picked in tandem with any carry hero and nine out of the ten times their lane combo will be victorious. She has all the qualities that players in the low brackets hate! Everything from decent AoE damage to lockdown, there are various ways to dominate the low magic-resistant heroes. Often, laning is a nightmare for her opponents as they are subjected to constant harassment, shoving them out of the lane. Crystal Maiden does her best when she has levels, making her more relevant as she can participate in teamfights.

Crystal Maiden is by far, one of the least complex support heroes in the game, which explains her high pick rate by beginners and low-skilled players, she can easily catch her enemies off-guard with her Frostbite and unleash her Frost Nova on them. She is an exceptional laner, a dominant fighter, and all in all a great way to counter multiple heroes at once with her intense AoE damage. Her toolkit is highly lethal, it does not fall off no matter how late you are in the game. All it takes is one spell to catch unsuspecting enemies off-guard.

Why is Crystal Maiden the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Just like other heroes mentioned on this list, Crystal Maiden is extremely beginner-friendly due to her ease of play, making her a staple pick in low-skill matchups.
  • Crystal Maiden has immense damage-dealing and lockdown potential with her spells, which makes her a dominant support hero.


2. Drow Ranger

If you are below the Legend medal, then you must have spotted this chilling markswoman in your matches. Drow Ranger's damage is unmatchable by any other carry counterpart in the early game and on top of that, she can penetrate his high base armor with her ultimate. She can deal heavy damage with just a few items in her inventory. Drow can destroy enemies effortlessly with her long-duration silence, which most heroes find hard to negate in the early phases of the game. These are the primary reasons why she is a hot pick in the low MMR pool.

Inexperienced players can’t stand a chance against the Drow as she acquires items and gains levels rapidly. Having a high attack range provides her with an edge over the latter as the enemies can’t close the gap easily due to Gust which also prevents them from using any lethal spells on her. Drow might be a passive laner but her mid-game potential is unparalleled, making her a great tool to clear his illusions as well as decimate poor enemy defenses within no time. Her disables and high damage rank her so high on the list! 

Why is Drow Ranger the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Drow is one of the few carry heroes that have high physical damage output right from the early game.
  • She has immense damage, range, and even a disable spell which make her a balanced hero in the low MMR pool.
  • Generally, players do not counter-pick in the lower brackets, leaving space for Drow to annihilate the game without worrying much about any consequences or counters. 


1. Sniper

Some things never change and it is better if you don't question them. Just like how Sniper has stayed a consistent pick regardless of the patches in the sub-2k MMR pool. Sniper remains a great pick against squishy, melee, or spellcasting heroes. The attack range advantage and high damage output makes it easy for players in the low brackets or new players to fare well in the laning phase and potentially obliterate their enemies with the damage.

In most cases, your Sniper pick remains un-countered in the lower brackets, which ensures that you can have a smooth sail sniping enemy heroes and making them rage quit with this annoyance. The hero is extremely easy to play and does not require any practice to master, which is a rare selling point as other heroes on the list may require some practice or experience to master. The sheer damage and reliability of Sniper in the low MMR trenches have secured him the number-one spot on the list.

Why is Sniper the best hero for low MMR pool?

  • Sniper naturally has a high base attack speed, which makes him a solid carry hero right from the early game in the lower MMR brackets.
  • Sniper is one of those heroes who have the luxury to sit comfortably in the back and deal copious amounts of damage, without being the frontliner thanks to his massive attack range. 
  • Sniper is a late-game hero, meaning that even if you had a rough early game, there is still hope to salvage the game in the later stages.


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