Dota 2 How To Turn Off New Player Mode

How To Turn Off New Player Mode

New player mode was introduced in the mid 2021 and is as the name suggests for the new players to experience the game for themselves, with limited hero pool and new shop layout it is easier than ever for the new players to get in the nitty and gritty of the game.

New player mode gives the new players easier heroes in the game, they can either play against bots or other new players.

There are also tips and tricks displayed during gameplay that can help new players. You can turn it off by simply selecting the ranked matchmaking or normal matchmaking like All pick or something else.

How it Works:

  • When you click on the find match icon there are a bunch of options available to you, however now instead of your routine option it displays the new player mode, you can simply change this by selecting the rank or normal matchmaking modes.


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